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Brazilian Lawyers: RT

by Chris Holden - July 31st, 2015

If you are dealing with a legal issue in Brazil, you need to hire a Brazilian lawyer. That lawyer will then review your case and advise you of the proper way to approach it. If the lawyer’s approach or strategies are acceptable to you, you can go ahead and sign a retainer agreement.

The type of issue you are facing will determine the type of lawyer you will need. For example, business lawyers handle issues related to business and corporate law. Be sure to do your home work before contacting lawyers in Brazil.

Every area has some kind of agency or organization that is responsible for licensing lawyers and other legal professionals that practice in the area. Find out about the governing agency or organization in Brazil and perform the necessary investigation, to be sure that the lawyer has valid credentials and licenses.

There are several ways to find Brazilian lawyers, including Internet search, but it is important to keep in mind that not all lawyers you will find will be a good fit for your situation. Also be aware that not all Brazilian lawyers are created equal. It is absolutely necessary that you choose a lawyer who is well experienced, and who has a track record of obtaining successful result for clients.

Visit the website of any lawyer you’re considering, and look around. Pay particular attention to the lawyer’s educational background and certifications. Find out if he or she belongs to any professional association as this is a good sign that the lawyer is recognized in the industry.

Set up a consultation with the lawyer, to go over the details of your case, and to discuss other relevant issues, including fees and expected outcome of the case. Make sure you have a list of question that you have, and other concerns you want to present to the lawyer.

Once you have a competent lawyer on your side, you will rest assured that you will receive proper guidance, advice, and effective representation. So choose wisely for best results.

Ricardo Tosto is a reputable lawyer in Brazil who focuses on business litigation and corporate law. Ricardo Tosto strives to always advocate persuasively for his clients’ cause and ensures his clients’ satisfaction. He has extensive experience in representing clients, from public figures to multinational corporations. He has also represented politicians, the government sector, and other high profile individuals who are facing difficult legal situations.

Qnet Planting Roots in India

by Chris Holden - July 30th, 2015

Qnet, written about by, is a widely known international e-commerce company with a hand in multiple types of products. Established in 1998, Qnet has grown exponentially in the past decade, the Hong Kong based company now has multiple offices scattered across Asia. Qnet is known for its innovative business tactics and focus on teamwork, they prefer to build the company up as a whole rather than focus on individual success. Their current endeavor is production in India, which they already have an office set up but wish to expand. In 2013 at their five day convention, Vcon, the Indian representatives in the audience were up to eighty percent which is the highest it’s ever been.

India’s laws involving direct sale have made it tough for foreign companies to set up base in India, however Qnet is willing to look the challenge head on. They have already started manufacturing their watches in India and plan on beginning production of their energy drink too. The initial goal is to switch over production completely to India which will give them a cost revenue of eight to twelve percent. In addition to creating more job opportunities in India, they have offered a platform to anyone who believes they have a unique and solid idea to sell to their customers, with full intention to back the product or idea. Qnet has always been avid about helping people reach their goals, using their company as a jumping off point to find new and promising entrepreneurs to guide into the business world.

Although there has been skepticism because of recent accusations, Qnet still remains a prominent standing in the business world. Their dealings and business plans are completely transparent and the current laws in India do not reflect the current business world well. Qnet has complied with all of the current legislature in India, paid needed taxes and withheld their end of the legal bargain. The lack of clear policies and existence of fraudulent companies often damages the reputation of large business, and Qnet has received some unsolicited backlash because of it.

Qnet has always worked within the laws, giving Indian legislature detailed business plans and contracts containing over 25,000 pages, sighting their company has always worked within the law. . All allegations have been proven to be just that, attacks with out any factual evidence while their business plan has provided nothing but opportunities for employment and advancement in India. Qnet has bounced back since the media-centered attacks in 2013 and still remains in strong standing with India’s support of their company. Spokesperson for QNet India, Ajay Chanam, remains firm that Qnet will remain a well respected company and is very confident people will soon realize Qnet’s relenting honesty.

Brad Reifler Boasts a Proven Record of Success

by Chris Holden - July 29th, 2015

As a successful serial entrepreneur, Brad Reifler has started many successful businesses, and learned a lot on the way. Since the beginning of his career in the 1980s, he has built a long record of successful investments and businesses.

Although Brad has started many successful companies during his career, he is most known for being the founder and chief executive of Forefront Capital. Brad has also started well known businesses such as Pali Capital and Reifler Trading Company, and he has served in various roles for companies like Refco, Genesis Securities, and and European Investment Bank.

Reuters had a story that in his current role with Forefront Capital, Brad has worked hard to set the company apart from its competition. Reifler worked hard to build a strong team at Forefront that includes experienced Wall Street professionals that could attract business leaders to use the Forefront platform. Members of the team include leadership members within Fortune 100 and 500 companies and an individuals who have won prestigious economics and finance related awards.

Brad earned his Bachelor’s degree in economics and political science in 1980 from Bowdin University. He has served as the Chief Executive Officer for many different companies including Forefront Capital Management and Pali Capital.

Although Brad Reifler has already accomplished much in his career, he has a bright future ahead of him. He will continue to build his skill set and develop lasting relationships with clients so he can grow even more in his career.

Joseph Bismark looks for success in a spiritual way

by Chris Holden - July 24th, 2015


Reading the blog Citizen Shame I was struck by the work and lifestyle approach undertaken by QI managing Director Joseph Bismark. The subject of the life and experiences of an executive at a multi level marketing company may not seem like the most entertaining, but the use of his spiritual training to make sure the work of QI was grounded in everyday life is something I found easy to relate to.

Bismarck has always felt a longing to be involved in the spiritual and faith based side of life and embarked on a period of training as a monk at the age of nine and moved himself to the seclusion of the mountainous regions of the Philippines. This exploration of his spiritual side made it simple for Bismark to bring his faith based approach to his business life when he and Vijay Eswaran founded QI. Eswaran is often seen as the public face of QI, but the influence of Bismarck is easy for all to see in the shape of the environmental and social conscience the company exhibits. 

Amongst the areas I can see the influence of Joseph Bismark is in the addition of solar panels to a resort area owned and operated by QI. Bismark’s brand of social awareness is also easy to spot in the Rhythm foundation QI operates that places an emphasis on the development of education for young people to give them the best opportunities for success in the future.

The Power of Your Brain for Your Health

by Chris Holden - July 23rd, 2015

Dr. Daniel Amen is a renowned psychiatrist who says that “When your brain works right you work right.” His work heavily reflects this statement, and any digging around into the realm of psychiatry will likely make you a firm believer in the power of your own brain.

A healthy brain is the first step to a healthy body, but American society tends to focus on the health of the physical body alone. We overlook the strong connections that our mind and body have. You’ve probably heard that stress can make you sick, and that’s because our minds and bodies are inextricably linked. The stress in your mind easily transfers to many physical manifestations like increased heart rate, loss of appetite, and many people’s favorite thing to loath, weight gain.

True, the perfect degree of health and the perfect body does not equate with pure joy. A lot of us assume that we can be happy by striving for tangible goals, but what really levels out happiness is a strong mind, and any physical benefits that come with it are a welcomed positive side effect.

Deeply entrenched cultural beliefs probably make many of us skeptics. We probably struggle to believe that the mind holds any power over our body, but Dr. Daniel Amen would point any weary people to the benefits of a healthy mind. He is invested in psychiatry and for him it is clearly more than a career, it is a passion that sparked his active participation in life. He is a member of the American Psychiatric Association, and heads the research about how to rehabilitate football players who have experienced brain injury. His investment in rehabilitation shows his investment in producing quality work that not only benefits many people now, but creates a foundation for research and understanding in the future.

Eric Pulier- The Businessman and The Person

by Chris Holden - July 22nd, 2015

Eric Pulier is a 48 years old man who has accomplished a lot in his business career, not only did he start up his own company that he now runs, but he sits on the board of directors for several different businesses in various other areas of business. He is also V.P. and the General Manager of another company in the computer science field that is responsible for creating the software for “the cloud” to outside markets and also started another company by the name of Desktone. He has started over fifteen different companies in total during his career. He currently has an office in Santa Monica; CA. in the corporate headquarters of his company-ServiceMesh, Inc. that creates software and sells software services. He is also big on working with many different charities and donates to many charities including a charity for a camp for very ill children called the Painted Turtle which he also sit on the Board of Directors for. He also built a private social network for seriously sick children to chat, talk, and discuss their issues with other sick children all over the world.

Mr. Pulier was programming computers by the age of nine years old and started his own computer company with a database at seventeen years old, while still in high school. He attended and earned his college degree in three different areas from Harvard and graduated first in his class before he entered into the business arena in 1988, he also took classes at MIT during his time at Harvard. He was born in New Jersey but soon moved to California after graduating college to start his own business in technology. He was asked by a presidential committee to create a exhibit to explain the newest technological advancements in all the important areas going the 20th century into the 21st century by President Clinton; it was so successful that he was asked to be a part of an initiative to advise them on the newest in medical advancements with the use of technology.

Mr. Pulier is considered to be the utmost authority and most successful businessman for technology related to business and government. He is responsible for developing the technology to be able to communicate from one computer to another for educational purposes and for people without the motor skills to use a keyboard to be able to use a device to communicate through a computer to communicate and to take tests with. All of the businesses Mr. Pulier has started have all been financially supported by the biggest financing companies for new businesses in the world. He has started businesses in computer hardware and software, and media development. He also has written books about his business endeavors and is a famous public speaker who speaks to businesses and conferences about the newest developments in hardware and software business all over the world.

Eric Pulier, who’s Twitter profile is linked, lives in California with his four children, he is very involved in their lives and spends lots of time with them in everything that they do.

Have We Been Catfished?

by Chris Holden - July 20th, 2015

For centuries people have claimed that they have seen the Loch Ness monster in Scotland. It is believed to be a dinosaur like creature and there are even photos of its head coming out of the water. Critics have said the photo was doctored and this legendary monster goes along the lines of Bigfoot or the Abominable Snowman. So after all these years of hype, have we been fooled?

It appears that “Old Nessie” may be nothing more than a catfish! She’s a catfish of epic proportions, but nevertheless a catfish. Steve Feltham is a scientist who has been following these stories for more than 25 years. He has watched, waited and studied trying to solve the monster mystery. What he did find was that he believes this was a Wels-Catfish. He stated that these fish have the ability to get up to 13 feet in length and can weigh up to 800 lbs. They also have the ability to live for decades. Susan McGalla funded Steve Feltham’s studies.

Though these types of catfish are not known to be in the area, during the 19th century it is possible that it was brought in through sport fishing. The rumors started about this beast in 1933. Shortly after this there were photos released of people seeing it. From what Feltham can recall, he believes that this fish and his rounded body is nothing more than an overgrown catfish. Could this be the end to an age-old mystery?

Update: “Gone Girl” Kidnapping was Real

by Chris Holden - July 15th, 2015

A few months ago Denise Huskins was forcibly kidnapped from the home that she shared with her boyfriend Aaron Quinn. Or at least that is what the couple claimed. Denise was found just two short days later near Huntington Beach, California- which is where her parents live. Based on the couple’s story, police started calling her kidnapping a hoax and compared it to Gillian Flynn’s novel, “Gone Girl”. Well, it turns out that the police had it all wrong.

According to the story on The Daily Mail, the kidnapping was real and the couple were telling the truth. It was found that Matthew Muller, a former Marine, is the one responsible for Denise’s kidnapping. He broke into the couple’s home while they slept and tied Aaron’s wrist together with zip-ties. He then blindfolded Aaron and put him in a closet. He left the home with Denise in tow. Police later found strands of Denise’s hair in Muller’s car and on a pair of goggles he used to blindfold her with.

Authorities who called the kidnapping a hoax have yet to apologize for their accusations and arresting Denise for the crime. Dr Jennifer Walden is aware that Denise and Aaron have not made any public statements since the arrest of Muller.

The Art of Investing Wisely

by Chris Holden - July 14th, 2015

Investing can be a frustrating thing is one does not know what to invest in. There are a lot of things in the world that a person can put their money into, but it is always going to be better to look at all the opportunities that are available before any investing is done.

It starts with the 401K for anyone that has a job that offers this. Some people overlook what the 401K can do and fail to really look at what this plan provides. In many cases the company will match the investment up to a certain percentage. Employees must take advantage of this because those that fail to do so are giving up free money that is offered by the employer. When a 401K plan is chosen it is up to the investor to decide if they are planning to go moderate or risky with their investment choices. The younger investor that is under 30 can take the risk because they will have more time to recover even if their risky portfolio doesn’t provide the return they desired. An older person, on the other hand, will have to consider an investment that is more moderate because they cannot afford to lose a lot of money with the high risk investments.

This same principle that is used to measure investing with the 401K should also be implemented with mutual funds or stocks investments. When people make investments in mutual funds they are naturally playing it safer than a person that invests in stocks, but there is still some level of risk involved. With mutual funds this is a great go-between for those that are tired of the dismal rates from certificates of deposit but not quite ready to invest in stocks. A mutual fund may provide a return on investment that is 4 or 5 times more than a CD, but it may only be half the return on investment that stocks may bring. That is why some people choose to take the risk and earn more with the stocks.

It isn’t always a guarantee that a group of stocks will provide large sums of money to those that invest, just ask Brazilian finance wiz Igor Cornelsen. That is why it makes sense to spread out investments. It may seem like the golden egg of investments lies in technology stocks, but every stock – at some point in time – experiences a downward spiral. That is why a diverse portfolio is going to make more logical sense. There are people that are interested in investing in stocks like the S&P 500. This is a collection of different stocks. It allows a person that is unsure of what to invest in to build a diverse portfolio.

Trump Hacked

by Chris Holden - July 2nd, 2015

Since Donald Trump announced his bid for the Presidency, he has had what seems like bad luck. The first bad omen was when NBC cut Trump because of what was claimed as racist comments by the mega-millionaire. Trump had stated some words about immigration that cut deep into perceptions. Other top brands sought to distance themselves from Mr Trump because of his statements too. Macy’s department stores stated they completely disagreed with Trump.

All of that wasn’t the end of the bad luck for Donald. It seems like a large amount of his high scale hotels and resorts have been hacked. An entity was able to break into the Trump credit card system and steal information of clients and customers. Trump’s hotels don’t seem to be the only victim…JP Morgan, Home Depot, and others may have been hacked by the same source.

Just recently, President Obama signed an Executive Order that mandates the use of a new secure system called chip and pin technology reports Shaygan Kheradpir.

We all now wonder if this was an attempt to stop Trump’s Presidential bid in its tracks.