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Eric Pulier a Passionate Entreprenuer

by Chris Holden - October 10th, 2015

Computer Science Corporation (CSC) is an American company that possesses or controls the production services or goods in one or more nations other than their homeland. Its headquarters is in the state of Virginal, but it has locations in over 70 countries. Over 90,000 employees help the CSC to provide information technology and professional services to such entities as the local, state, and U.S. federal government. They also provide services to non-U.S. government agencies.

Like other corporations, the Computer Sciences Corporation has a small and humble beginning. CSC was developed in Los Angeles in April of 1959. Founded by Roy Nutt and Fletcher John, the Computer Sciences Corporation was originally created to provide programming tools. Such tools included the compiler and assembling software.

As time progressed CSC grew and expanded the services that it provided. By the 1960s CSC was providing software writing services to major companies such as Honeywell, which helped to continue to gain momentum in the software field. Their expertise allowed them to lock in their first contract with NASA.

The increase of clientele and services offered to allow the Computer Science Corporation to become the largest software company located in the United States by the year 1963. They also were noted as being the first software company to be on the American Stock Exchange. The 60s continued to be a great decade for CSC as they were expanded operations to other countries such as the UK, Canada, Spain, Brazil, the Netherlands, and even India.

By the 1970s and 80s the Computer Science Corporation would continue to grow and acquire contracts from different companies. No longer confined to servicing companies in the United States; CSC obtained contracts for Europe and Australia, where they provided services to the Finance and Defense industry.

Continual expansion has allowed CSC to be a Fortune 500 company since the year 1995. In 2012, CSC reached 162 on the list.

The innovation of CSC and other individuals such as Eric Pulier has helped companies to become more efficient and productive. Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur who started his journey as a computer programmer.

Pulier began his computer programming journey in fourth grade. This passion and hobby lead to him starting his own company while he was in high school. While in high school Pulier created a database company. Once he graduated high school Pulier, attended Harvard University, where he majored in American Literature and English. He also took courses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

After graduating from college, Pulier again took an on an entrepreneur role in starting the company People Doing Things (PDT) in 1991. In 1994, he founded interactive agency Digital Evolution that eventually merged with US interactive LLC in 1998.

Mr. James Dondero and Highland Capital Management

by Chris Holden - October 10th, 2015

Mr. Jim Dondero is an American business executive who is best known for co-founding Highland Capital Management, which was founded in 1993. Highland Capital has offices in five locations around the world, including Dallas, New York, Singapore, Sao Paulo, and Seoul. Highland is a private equity investment firm that focuses on the collateralized loan obligation market, which is essentially investments in lots of securitizations. Today, Highland Capital Management oversees the operations and handling of more than $21 billion worth of assets

Mr. James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia in 1984 with a double major in Finance and Accounting, a popular combination. After graduating, he started to work for American Express in managing fixed income funds. Dondero stayed there until 1989, when he was appointed to work as the Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life GIC, and stayed there for three years, until Mr. Dondero decided branching off and co-founding Highland Capital Management was the best thing for him to do.

Mr. Dondero is viewed as one of the top business executives in the private equity and CLO industries, and serves as a member of the board of directors for many companies, despite having to manage Highland Capital Management. He is currently the Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holding, NexBank Capital, HCM Acquisition Company, and the Director of MGM Holdings, Safety-Kleen, Inc., NeighborCare, and the American Banknote Corporation.

Mr. James Dondero’s most recent appointment to a board of directors was when he was named the Chairman of the Board of Directors for NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc. NexPoint is a large company that is involved in the real estate industry, and has a lot to do with credit sales. Most people who purchase homes are not doing so with cash. NexPoint decided to seek out Mr. James Dondero because of his lengthy history with credit, and people not paying their money back. After all, Highland Capital Management deals primarily with securitizations of loans, which is basically the conglomeration of multiple loans into one package.

Mr. Dondero also has the earned the certifications of Certified Management Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst, which can only be earned through learning the trades of Accounting and Finance, studying up on them, and taking the proper tests to achieve those certifications. Neither a CMA or CFA is easy to achieve, especially not both of them together.

Highland Capital Management is the recipient of multiple awards from accrediting institutions. More information about Highland Capital can be found on their official website,, along with contact information, in the event that you might want Highland Capital to handle your investments. You can’t really go wrong with a company like Highland to invest your money, with someone like Mr. James Dondero in control of the company.

U.K. To Receive FreedomPop 4G Launch

by Chris Holden - October 9th, 2015

FreedomPop has been a company in ascension since they were first established back in 2011. The freemium based telecom company has been pushed along by a motivated CEO in Stephen Stokols and they’ve also gained attention thanks to a market that is currently in flux. Companies like AT&T and Comcast are battling to get control over as big a market share as possible and it has made successful telecom start ups like FreedomPop even more desirable. Now the team at FreedomPop is setting their sights on the first phase of their venture capital backed global expansion and they’ll begin in the U.K., as reported by The Telegraph.

For the past six months or so the team at FreedomPop has been fending off rumors that they were engaged in serious discussion with a popular telecom company on for an M&A agreement. FreedomPop was in the right economic climate to sell and nobody would have been surprised if they had done so. However, CEO Stokols turned down a $450 million offer in order to focus instead on raising more capital in order to launch a global expansion. Since that decision we have seen FreedomPop dip their toes into both the U.K. and Southeast Asia. The big expansion, and closest one in the timeline, will begin in the United Kingdom with some serious weight.

Studies done by FreedomPop have revealed that an estimated 250,000 Britons are interested in the freemium phone carrier. Stokols has gone on record as stating that the company would only need to see 50,000 of those subscribers in order to become ‘cash flow positive’. This means that FreedomPop has a ton of wiggle room as they set up themselves for the long run in the United Kingdom. Britons who are interested in getting involved with FreedomPop can register online however they should know that there will be limited registration for the first couple of months in order to moderate growth.

The basic FreedomPop plan that will be launching includes 200 minutes of talk, 200 MB of data, and 200 total text messages. This will be a SIM card launch but there will eventually be hardware released in the future. This basic plan only costs users the tiny start up fee and after that their services are completely free. The 200/200/200 data plan is comparable to a basic cell plan in the current paid U.K. marketplace.

Keyword Density On A Website

by Chris Holden - October 9th, 2015
It’s not uncommon for somebody to build a website and place a ton of keywords throughout the page with high hopes that the page is going to rank high on Google. That doesn’t always work out in that way. In fact, sometimes abusing your website with keywords all throughout the pages will not do any good to you in any way or form. It can be quite useless at times to put your keyword everywhere since Google wants to see if your content in itself is about the keyword.

Most people seem to forget that Google is very good at analyzing content. Not only that, but they work hard at having people manually check different aspects of websites to see if they comply with the latest algorithms. They work hard at working with only the best in the business today, and you’ll be shocked so what companies like White Shark Media can provide for you.

Who Is White Shark Media?

This company provides SEO services and free information to website owners to get their site ranking high. They have a team of experts working on their clients’ sites to help them rank higher on Google and also reach a more targeted audience. SEO is a very tricky part of Internet marketing. It’s all about properly creating content that people want to read and also comply with what Google wants from you, which isn’t always that easy to do.

One thing worth mentioning is that Google does not care so much about keyword density as much as they care about real information and content related to your specific niche. The best way they can check to see if your site is really providing helpful information is by having a good amount of articles that have more than a thousand words long and keywords and phrases that are similar to your main keyword. Anything that is long tail and has certain words from your key phrases is all Google needs to see that your content fits their criteria and what they want ranking at the very top.

Google may be tough to deal with, but they only do so in order to rank the most informational websites out there. This is why so many sites with multiple pages and great content are great at ranking high because it helps readers in so many unique ways to get the information that they want to read online.

Source: White Shark Media Blog

Atlanta Hawks Former Governor Bruce Levenson Accepts Tony Ressler’s Bid For NBA Team

by Chris Holden - October 6th, 2015

A devoted Jew, distinguished entrepreneur and a former governing body of a high-profile NBA team, Bruce Levenson leads as an example. Earlier this year, he secured a generous fortune after selling the renowned Atlanta Hawks, LLC NBA team and its properties. Tony Ressler, a high-profile American billionaire was the successful bidder of a prolonged, yet competitive auction. Before the auditioning of the team, media giants, including Forbes estimated its potential net worth. However, Levenson received a far healthier profit, particularly 27% greater than what economists quoted. Indeed, it was surely a monumental event and he’s satisfied with the out-turn a source confirmed.

Besides governing the team, Levenson is interestingly involved in numerous philanthropic endeavors. He’s also a co-founding father of UCG (United Communications Group), which he co-owns with longtime business partner Ed Peskowitz. Levenson secured the Atlanta Hawks team back in 2004 and governed the core happenings. As governor, he also managed all Atlanta Hawks assets, including the popular Philips Arena.

Levenson established UCG back in 1977, and it’s still advancing products, services, and initiatives. It’s widely recognized as a company of prestige. In the early years of inception, Mr. Peskowitz, and Mr. Levenson published an inspirational newsletter, which highlighted monumental oil industry developments. It embarked on other noted projects of a similar nature and developed a database, namely the OPIS or Oil Price Information Service. This was merely one of numerous, endeavors it embarked on and it soon developed several other information-focused databases. UCG focuses on a mixed group of industries ranging from banking, technology development, news/healthcare analysis, telecommunications to mortgage, etc. Its newly developed GasBuddy app has attracted consumers and investors alike. It’s a specialized mobile information service, particularly delivering up-to-the-minute local gas price quotes to motorists. Levenson plays an all-important role in the enterprise’s core operations.

Remarkably, Levenson balances the duties of being an amazing leader, involved father, philanthropist, and husband. He’s a graduate of the renowned law school, American University, and the celebrated St. Louis-based, Washington University. He committed to night-schooling and worked as a journalist at the media giant, Washington Star. Mr. Levenson has extensive industry experience since he’s held all-important positions in global and national commerce, including TechTarget. There he severed the board of directors and was a founding partner.

Levenson was an advisor to BIA Digital Partners, a privately held equity manager. He’s a constant supporter of numerous philanthropic endeavors, including Washington, D.C.’s own Community Foundation and the Hoop Dreams Foundation. In addition, Levenson wrote the honorable Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister in 2013. He was among over 100 distinguished American Jews who embarked on this endeavor. Among other philanthropic endeavors he’s supported over the years, includes the U.S. Holocaust Museum. His efforts to improve the quality of life for inner-city youths is another remarkable intervention. Through the museum’s popular Bringing the Lessons Home Program, Levenson continues his mission for change. His mother-in-law survived the Holocaust invasion and it inspired him to embark on support efforts. He’s supported a number of charitable events, including the Jewish Federation, the Seeds of Peace, BBYO, the SEED-Foundation and others.

Doe Deere, The Pioneer of Make-up for the Unique Trendsetters.

by Chris Holden - September 25th, 2015

The world of cosmetics has made leaps and bounds when it comes to the types of products that are on the market today. Some cosmetic companies only appeal to the traditional individuals that are not concerned about making a statement. Doe Deere has given the shy teenager the opportunity to wear shades of lipstick or eye shadow that reflects the outgoing person that is inside. Doe Deere of ideamensch is the founder of the company, Lime Crime Cosmetics. Her vivid imagination and talent comes to light through the colors of the different products that are available.

Having the courage to follow her dreams, Doe Deere has the heart of a true visionary in the cosmetic industry. By utilizing the power of the internet, Lime Crime has successfully mastered the art of marketing their products which has made the company successful. She has made available numerous tutorials that give instructions as to how to achieve certain looks. For the person that is not quite familiar with the correct application of makeup, the tutorials are valuable reference tools.

Daring to go into uncharted waters to produce a product that can be worn by all skin tones took a tremendous amount of courage. Countless hours of research and testing products has yielded superior cosmetics. Most companies only offer shades of cosmetics to a select range of skin colors. Doe Deere has taken into consideration the vibrant hues of skin color and has developed a well defined color palate that everyone can use. Lime Crime has risen to one of the top companies that offer innovative products that are visually attractive, especially to teenagers.

The quality of the line of makeup is top notch. Words like bold and vivid are used when describing the products that are available. The unique packaging will captivate the attention of individuals that are looking for something different. Her talents shine through when naming the colors of lipsticks like, My Beautiful Rocket, Utopia or Poison Berry. The lipsticks are very pigmented and come in pastel, bold and creamy finishes.

Everyone that wears lipstick is aware of the numerous times it needs to be touched up. Many brands only last a few hours even though they claim to be long-wearing. Doe Deere has made available lipsticks that will look fresh along with not drying the lips. Due to the rich pigmentation, the brand Lime Crime stands out from the rest. One application of lipstick will go a long way.

When it comes to eyeliners, she has cornered the market by offering them in unusual colors. The eyeliners are matte which make the colors so bold and beautiful. It is a colorful array of nail polishes and eye shadows that will enchant and delight those that wear them.

When looking for a new and fresh way to express uniqueness, Lime Crime Cosmetics offers the color palette that is needed to achieve the desired look. Doe Deere has created makeup to stimulate the imagination and give all the opportunity to become a makeup artist.

New York’s Thriving Real Estate Economy For The Chinese

by Chris Holden - September 24th, 2015

This is a summary of an article that originally appeared on a website known as The Real Deal. In summary, Chinese real estate buyers are recognizing the value of NYC apartments for sale and real estate and are increasing their patronizing of the market. In some cities, demand for real estate diminishes during financially bad times, while in New York City the demand for it is constant. Douglas Elliman broker Fredrik Eklund says that he wants his clients to think that they have not truly made it in their life until they own w New York City apartment. According to Eklund, there is a “third new development Wave” of developers creating buildings with desirable amenities and hotel living up high in the sky. Founder and CEO of Simon Baron Development, Jonathan Simon, put an emphasis on safety being a key factor in New York’s appeal. He says that it is the safest city in America and that the place has been cleaned a great deal. President of Halstead Property Development Marketing Stephen Kliegerman tells us that Chinese buyers are keeping their minds open to opportunities outside Manhattan, with considerations in Downtown Brooklyn, Harlem, and other areas of New York City. Town Residential CEO Andrew Heiberger says that Brooklyn should not be just a borough, but that it should be the “next great city.” He tells us that most Chinese real estate clients are price-point sensitive and are only looking for $800,000 to $2 million apartments. Kliegerman also says that foreign buyers find it difficult to obtain financing, so they need to show up with plenty of cash reserves. On the other hand, Hielberger also says that New York City brokerages are much more transparent and regulated than Chinese ones. The Real Estate Board of New York and the New York Attorney General’s Office help ensure that rules are obeyed and therefore offer great protection for consumers. These panelists then went from being professionals to talking about more personal matters, such as their own dream homes in New York City. Kliegerman, for example, would like to live in Downtown Brooklyn.

Lastly, this article will briefly discuss Town Residential. Town Residential is a luxury real estate firm of New York, was founded by CEO and co-chairman Andrew Heilberger, and Joseph Sitt co-chairs the firm. It is a crucial part of New York’s real estate landscape. The firm specializes in luxury real estate. It has established a new standard of excellence within the real estate industry. The firm is run by a team of professionals who have unsurpassed knowledge and experience in the industry. It has won many accolades for its role in residential real estate.

Shaygan Kheradpir, The Creative Mind Behind Successful Products

by Chris Holden - September 23rd, 2015

Shaygan Kheradpir is a well-known business expert and technology executive. Shaygan Kheradpir is a graduate of electrical and electronic engineering from the respected Cornell University. Kheradpir attained his bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in engineering from the same institution as he specialized in the area of control systems. Kheradpir was born in London but raised in Iran. He went to Aiglon College in Switzerland for his high school education before moving to the United States for his university education.

Shaygan Kheradpir has an experience of more than 30 years working in finance and technology sectors. He has built a reputation around his name for developing new products in all the firms he has worked for in the previous years. These products have gone on to be industry leaders. When it comes to delivery of services and enabling things to be done efficiently, Kheradpir has shown that it is possible to achieve them within a short period. He is considered futuristic in the way he does things, as he believes in his visions and pursues them to fruition. Kheradpir is a great motivator in terms of working with teams and delivering innovative solutions to various organizational problems.

Kheradpir commenced his career at the GTE Labs that are based in Boston. Kheradpir started as a network control, routing, and management officer prior to being promoted to be in charge of the software system. In his position as a software officer, Kheradpir assembled an excellent team that helped in the creation of Boston’s initial national network organization called TONICS. This is a network system that integrates switching, transmission, and infrastructure. The innovation facilitated GTE to enhance their business operations into a more efficient network operation for the company. Kheradpir was later transferred to London to improve operational efficiency at the new plant. In London, Kheradpir was innovative and utilized his team of competent professionals to create creative solutions that utilized computer science to cut costs and to woo many consumers.

In 2000, GTE merged with Bell Atlantic, which resulted in the formation of Verizon. After the merger, Kheradpir moved to New York City and worked as the CIO and subsequently as CTO for the company for a period of 11 years. Kheradpir led an information technology team of 7000 personnel to create new products like Verizon One and Iobi. Through his management skills, he was able to cut Verizon’s expenditure by 30%. He achieved this rare feat by outsourcing from India and negotiating with vendors in addition to augmenting the available infrastructure.
Kheradpir also worked at Barclays Banking Group from 2011 to 2013. At Barclays, he was made in charge of operations for the global retail functions. He contributed to the development of Pingit, which is a payment software that uses the mobile platform. He became the Chief Executive Officer of Juniper Networks in 2014 launching an Integrated Operating Plan that bought back stock, increased dividends, and reduced expenses. This was in line with the recommendations of activist investors. The move turned around the fortunes of Juniper Network resulting in good financial performance in the first six months under his management.

Introducing Skout, A New Social Networking And Dating App

by Chris Holden - September 21st, 2015

The Role of Apps and Their Effect on Our Lives Today

Many of us use apps everyday. They give access to services right at our fingertips. Whether it is an application for ordering a pizza, ordering a taxi cab, or finding a nearby restaurant to dine in, apps make it easy for us to find and obtain a wide array of services. The number of apps is staggering and growing. Not only are there apps for our convenience there are applications that helps business owners. There are analytical apps, banking apps, financial apps and shopping apps.

Apps have altered the way we shop, obtain services and work. Social networking and dating applications have changed the way we interact with other people. These new apps allow us to connect with people from all over the globe.

Skout, A New Social Networking Application That Connects People Across the Globe

There are numerous social networking applications available for download for your smartphone or tablet. Many of these apps have global reach and users from all over the world. Such apps can be particularly useful for travelers who are looking to meet a new friend or chat in area they are visiting for the first time.

One such app that a traveler may find useful is Skout on zendesk. Founded in 2007 by Swedes Christian Niklund and Nik Lindstrom, Skout has grown exponentially in popularity and user base. The app was created to expand people’s social circles rapidly according to its founders.

One of Skout’s major highlights is its travel feature. The travel feature allows a user to locate and contact other users in a different city. The purpose of the travel feature was to foster communication and friendship between people in different areas. It was meant to be a new kind of pen pal system.

Users have used Skout’s travel feature in a creative way. Millions of Skout users have utilized the travel feature to take what has been called a “virtual vacation.” In a virtual vacation a person is led through a city that they are interested in by an actual local residing in that city. The user in the other city describes their city and shows the person taking a virtual vacation photos and videos of their home city. Over 10 million Skout users have taken virtual vacations since the inception of the travel feature in 2014.

Another use of Skout is to find contacts in a city that you are traveling to but don’t know anybody there. People have used Skout to find someone to hang out with or have a drink with when traveling to a city they are unfamiliar with. Skout can be incredibly useful and rewarding for the traveler but they must exercise some caution when meeting strangers.

How Skout Works

Teenagers and adults can use Skout, but minors are not allowed to use it. Users can add pictures, chat with each other and respond to other posts. Members get alerted when a new person in their locale has joined and is online. A point system is used in the app. A person must accumulate points by paying to search other cities for contacts and look who checked out their profile.

The Skout Organic Mission

by Chris Holden - September 18th, 2015

Skout Organic is a Portland, Oregon based organic food company. The company is committed to the mission of providing foods that are both healthy and organic, as well as great tasting. The foods are geared toward those individuals who pursue outdoor activities and adventure or need a snack to stave off hunger. It is a healthy snack option that can be enjoyed by family members of all ages.

The company is a family owned business under the direction of the Pastega Family. They are well acquainted with the great outdoors and enjoy the activities of the Oregon coast. The name of the company was inspired by the family’s yellow Labrador. It was the family’s passion for the great outdoors that inspired the creation of foods that embraced the organic environment.

Skout products are made with the finest organic and gluten free ingredients and their products came about after not finding energy and nutrition bars that were not filled with high-fructose corn syrup along with a long list of artificial ingredients. In 2008, the family decided to develop their own trail bars and Skout Trail Bars were the result. The trail snack is vegan and kosher and the ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible.

The trail bars come in a variety of flavors and include chocolate and coconut, blueberry almond, cherry vanilla, apple and cinnamon, and chocolate and peanut butter. The trail bars are chewy and moist with bright flavors coming through the taste profile.
Skout also produces a variety of raw Pumpkin Seeds that are also organic, gluten-free, Kosher and vegan, as well as dairy and soy free. The raw pumpkin seeds are considered a super food that is high in omega-3s, magnesium, iron, zinc and protein and provide the body with healthy fuel.

Skout Organic is also proud to give back to the community. The family looks at their charitable giving as a way to reinforce the community through environmental protection. Enhancing the quality of life of community members creates stronger neighborhoods.

The Pastega family is very fortunate and thankful for the success they have achieved and are committed to helping foster an economy that is sustainable and continues to grow. They are committed to helping protect the environment by promoting environmental stewardship while employing sustainable practices. The company also donates a portion of their proceeds to select humanitarian and environmental charities. They sponsored the Freshwater Trust Portland Triathlon which was named one of the 10 Greenest Races.