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DeVos May Act Gentle, but She Fights for Parents’ Education Rights

by Chris Holden - March 18th, 2019

While Betsy DeVos may look like a cordial academic on the surface, she’s a political fighter when she has to be. She earned a reputation as a relentless individual when she held the center seat in Michigan Republican Party. Perhaps more importantly, though, she earned a healthy amount of admiration in the process.


For over 30 years, DeVos struggled to expand charter schools and the use of vouchers in her home state. This finally came to fruition in some form as her particular brand of charter schools started to take off before her pronouncement as national education secretary.


What few people realize, however, is how deep-seated her need to affect positive change really is.


The History of DeVos’ Educational Convictions


Having been raised in the Christian Reformed Church in the city of Holland, DeVos’ experiences mirrored those of many immigrants and first-generation Americans living in Michigan. As the name suggests, Holland has cultural ties to the Netherlands. Reformed communities once fought in the old country to ensure that they would have the right to send their children to parochial schools.


Many people from these communities fled to the United States in the hopes of maintaining their traditional way of life. By the time DeVos earned her BA from Calvin College, she had been exposed to countless stories of how governmental authorities had limited parents’ choices.


She was also deeply influenced by Abraham Kuyper, a neo-Calvinist scholar who is still widely read at her alma mater. However, not everyone has been enamored with where she stands and DeVos has been more than willing to fight back.


The Decimation of Public Education?


Opponents have long criticized DeVos’ policies as contributing to what they call the decimation of the public education sector. There are those who feel that her insistence on a lack of regulation fosters an environment where people are free to create relatively low-rent schools that do little to benefit future professionals.


One Wayne State University professor went so far as to say that DeVos promoted policies that harmed Detroit’s public school system. Judging by her seemingly polite personality, one might have assumed that she would have backed down and agreed to some kind of new restraint that would assuage critics and preserve her public image.


Nothing could be further from the truth.


DeVos Continues to Fight for Family Rights


In fact, she’s refused to bow to naysayers and pressure groups. DeVos continued to rally for the right of parents to have a say in where their children go to school right up until her appointment as education secretary on the national level. Whether your agree with her positions or support a firm regulatory grip on public schools, you have to respect the fact that DeVos won’t give up fighting for what she believes is right.


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Mike Nierenberg’s career

by Chris Holden - March 16th, 2019

Mike Nierenberg is 56 years old, and he is the managing director of Fortress. Mike has been chairman of the board at New Residential Investment since May 2016 and a Board of Directors member since November 2013. Mike was also named the CEO and President of New Residential Investment November the same year. Mike Nierenberg was also the managing director of Global Mortgages and Securitized Products at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and his primary role is sales and all trading activities before he became the CEO of New Residential Investment. Mike went to Bank of America Merrill Lynch in November 2008 after he left JP Morgan.

Before Mike left JP Morgan, he had several senior positions during the years he worked at Bear Stearns; Mike was also the head of structured products mortgage security back up, he was also the head of exchange and interest rates. Mike Nierenberg was a Board of Directors member at Bear Stearn’s from 2006 to 2008. Mike Nierenberg worked for seven years at Lehman Brothers before he joined Bear Stearns. At Lehman Brothers, Mike helped grow the company in the rate of the mortgage business. Due to his experience, Mike got appointed as the director by members of the board of Bear Stearns. As of June 2018, Mike Nierenberg’s net worth was estimated to be $43.8 million.

Mike has been the president of New Residential Investment from 2016 to date. New Residential Investment has five older and two younger executives with the oldest being 70 years and the president of directors. Mike owns over 1.7 million units of New Residential Investment worth over $43.8 million. Since 2016, Mike has made over three trades of New Residential Investment. The largest trade Mike has made so far was in June 2018 where he exercised $1.7 units of New Residential Investment worth $25 million.

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Edwin Miranda

by Chris Holden - March 16th, 2019

The “Magic Mike” of Marketing Terms That Everyone Consultant Should Know: By Edwin Miranda

I use Magic Mike as an illustrative detail because a lot of people took notice when that movie came out. There were a lot of women and gay men heading to the theaters. Who did not want to see a movie with hot men taking their clothes off? Think of your marketing campaign in vein of Magic Mike. You need a selling point that will be the equivalent of hot guys taking their clothes off. Edwin Miranda has a few simple suggestions on how you can make the client sit up and take notice of what you have to offer.


People like to talk about themselves, according to Edwin Miranda. There are a lot of people who like to make everything about them. Why not use the equivalent of that in a campaign? The client wants something that relates to them, according to Edwin Miranda. Take their interests and create a mock-up of the desired outcome.


Your client needs a reason to accept your proposal, according to Edwin Miranda. Hot guys taking their clothes off was enough incentive for people to see Magic Mike. There might not have been a lot of depth or substance to that movie, but for some people that is all it takes.


History shows us that we cannot guarantee anything in life. However, you do need to provide enough of a guarantee for the client to accept campaign pitch. You can try to include something free. You should never underestimate the value of “free.” Your client wants to hear they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by accepting your offer. Can you provide that for them?

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Felipe Montoro Jens Views on Productivity and Education in Finance World

by Chris Holden - March 16th, 2019

Felipe Montoro Jens is one of the most versatile finance experts in the world. He has a deep understanding of finance in the world of infrastructure, and this understanding makes him an important person in the development debate in Brazil. Although he has worked with different private companies in this part of the world, his contribution to mega projects discourse in Brazil has been a game changer. In addition to contributing to different governmental forums in this part of the world, the Brazilian government, through the ministry involved in infrastructure has used him in different researches involving public projects. Visit on his twitter account for updates.

Two factors make Felipe Montoro Jens an incredible analyst and an infrastructure expert. First, he is a well-educated professional. His education helps him to do researches involving finances and the impact of the projects on the people of Brazil. His degree in Spanish and History has also helped him to defy all the language barriers when analyzing government projects. The Oregon University graduate has a background in business administration. According to him, this vast educational background makes him objective in all his speeches on national projects and in providing solutions. Although he is a Brazilian, he has been fortunate to study in both the USA and in his native country.

Felipe Montoro Jens believes that apart from having the right foundation in education, personal development depends on one’s ability to dictate their daily routines. Jens points out that he is a morning person and putting most of his work schedule in the morning helps him in being productive. Apart from handling all his professional obligations in the morning, Felipe Montoro Jens uses his morning schedule to work out and at least have breakfast with his family. In the age of social media, he believes that being on social media during office hours can negatively affect one’s productivity. Read more:

Why Jason Hope Gives to Anti-Aging Research

by Chris Holden - March 12th, 2019

The SENS Foundation is being supported by an entrepreneur that is passionate about slowing down the aging process or reversing it altogether. Jason Hope, an entrepreneur from Scottsdale, Arizona, is a generous giver for the cause and has been for many years. This is because he is passionate about the diseases that affect the lives of aged adults.

One of the basic foundations of his reason for putting money into this cause is his belief that aging can be halted at its source. He feels that if we can find ways to reduce the impact of aging on the human mind and body, then the neurological diseases that impact the lives of aged adults will be reduced.

Each year the SENS Foundation holds a conference where leaders in anti-aging research and those who are pioneers in slowing down the aging process can come together to exchange ideas and discuss future research. The Co-Founder of the SENS Foundation, Aubrey de Grey, is grateful for the contributions made by Jason Hope and many others that have shown their generosity.

Early in 2010, Jason Hope donated a half million to the research for anti-aging. His passion behind finding new and better ways to deal with aging takes a more holistic approach. It is his belief that it’s best to find a way to prevent aging, rather than place individuals on medications for these neurological diseases that may have harmful side effects.

Although Jason Hope is not a scientist, he is an entrepreneur and philanthropist born and raised in Tempe, Arizona. He studied Finance and went onto later earn his MBA at the W.P. Carey School of Business. His success developed rapidly, and it didn’t take long for him to gain notoriety at an international level.

In addition to his interest in anti-aging, he is also interested in studying the various aspects of technology and how it is being used in several different fields. IoT Futurist Jason Hope Parallels Challenges of Cryptocurrency and IOT as Industry Values Rise

Yanni Hufnagel Has Worked with Some of the Biggest Stars in College Basketball

by Chris Holden - March 10th, 2019

Yanni Hufnagel has a long history in the world of basketball. From a young age, he played a variety of sports. His parents, Joni and Thierry Hufnagel, raised Yanni and his brother, Alec, in Scarsdale, New York. He played lacrosse in school along with his brother, and he went on to play at the college level for Pennsylvania State University. Yanni later transferred to Cornell where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Labor Relations.

He also played basketball at high school but he was cut from the team. He did not leave the world of basketball, and he began commentating for his high school team, the Raiders, on a local cable TV station. As well as coaching with a variety of team including UNR, UC Berkeley, Vanderbilt, and Harvard he became know for his ability to recruit players to his colleges. Yanni Hufnagel has coached for many different colleges. He started with Oklahoma University, but he then moved to Harvard where he received the highest praise. He was voted most likely to succeed due to his ability to recruit the top players. In his time in college basketball he has worked with many players who would go on to play in the NBA including Blake Griffin and Jeremy Lin.

One of the highlights from Yanni’s career with Harvard was it win over New Mexico in the 2013 NCAA tournament. After his enormous success, he took the role as assistant coach with the Vanderbilt Commodores. His stay at Vanderbilt only lasted one year after which he took on the same role at UC Berkeley. His latest role was at the University of Nevada, Reno. His time in college basketball will be remembered for the many players that he attracted to the colleges and his ability to turn them into NBA players. For more details you can visit


“Defending Against Burnout and Retaining Good Employees “

by Chris Holden - March 7th, 2019

Burnout is a major issue in today’s work environment. It is fueled in part by the pervasiveness of electronics that keep us connected almost constantly. Employees compare themselves and their functions to others. Work is never more than a text or message or post away.


Keeping employees and helping them see their successes reflects on you as a leader. When your workers are functioning at their peak, your company operates more smoothly as well. Retention eliminates the steps of retraining new employees. Preventing burnout is in the favor of management and employees alike.


Paul Saunders recently shared some insights on reducing burnout at work. He is a co-founder and principal officer of James River Capital Corporation. James River Capital offers an array of investment advisory services in the United States. The company provides commodity trading, investment management, and other related services.


Mr. Saunders advises that management should pay attention to warning signs of burnout, and address those signs effectively, before burnout costs the company valued employees. It is beneficial to both leadership and workers alike. He labels and addresses several contributing factors to stress and burnout.


A major factor that causes stress is a loss of control. Rigid time management practices create feelings of hopelessness and frustration. Employees benefit from flexible work situations and from taking a few minutes daily to plan for their goals. It puts them back in control of their time. Leadership should communicate the idea that managing the day is part of being in control of their work. Employees benefit from taking a few minutes daily to set goals and plan their day.


Negative feelings about the workplace develop when it seems there is a lack of transparency from management . Management needs to communicate reasons behind decisions openly. This includes explaining promotions that are awarded and compensation that is given for any particular job.


Stressed employees demonstrate a shift in attitude. Management should encourage disconnecting from work during down time. Employees benefit and are less likely to burn out when they have hobbies and leisure activities away from work. It adds value to the entire purpose of their life and work.


A serious and detrimental aspect of approaching burnout is that the stressed employee begins to exhibit a loss of confidence. The endangered employee begins to second guess the quality of their decisions and work. They contribute less to the team effort of the company and disengage from the process. Management can give them tools to get back on track. An alert leader will assist in helping them set both personal and professional goals that are achievable and reflect their contribution.


Preventing burnout is a strong leadership commitment. Learn more:


Serge Belamant, the Inventor of Block Chain Technology

by Chris Holden - March 5th, 2019

Serge Belamant is not only an entrepreneur but also a computer scientist who has his birth roots back in France. The success of various modern technologies such as cryptocurrencies is attributed to his groundbreaking invention of blockchain technology. It has provided a means through which various institutions can carry out transactions in not only a quick manner but also in a secure manner. Visit

However, despite being born in France, Belamant moved to South Africa at the age of fourteen together with his family. This meant that Serge Belamant was required to be conversant in English and no sooner had he learned the language than he got enrolled into one of the high schools situated in Johannesburg. Within high school, his excellence was visible through his exemplary classwork, co-curricular activities and not forgetting chess, whereby he took part in a number of chess championships.

He joined a university in Johannesburg to study engineering after high school. However, after two years he changed from engineering to pursue a course in computer science together with applied mathematics. Belamant decided to start working while he was 22 years old. Within no time, he got employed and held various positions such as an analyst within huge companies such as IBM.

His skills saw him develop many applications within the various companies that he worked for while also inventing various multiplex computer models that were aimed at various research projects by CSIR. This saw him bag various positions such as the head of the computer wing for planning road projects within various areas in South Africa. This was a ground break to the use of computers in carrying out analysis of road connections.

Within the many companies and projects that he has worked for in the past, Serge Belamant is accredited for inventing VIB networks and new switching systems for both RSA banks and SASWITCH. He later came up with his own business, Net1 Technologies, in which he came up with the FTS and UEPS technology that was used by Visa. While living in the United States, he merged the UEPS and FTS technology so as to come up with the COPAC technology. He invented the blockchain technology while in Net1 Technologies which came as a major boost to the banking industry and application of cryptocurrency.Read more on

Through securing a number of patents, Serge Belamant has succeeded in protecting most of his innovations, including the blockchain technology.


Sussex Healthcare Continues to Lead in Healthcare

by Chris Holden - March 5th, 2019

Sussex Healthcare has been fortunate to register so much progress from the time it started to serve its clients. The founders of Sussex are focused personalities who do not like to compromise when it comes to service delivery. There are many healthcare companies that offer care to senior adults, and this makes the competition in the market tough. To retain its position in the market, Sussex Healthcare professionals have been working with their employees, customers and any other interested stakeholders. The company is always looking for the most effective ways to improve its services and at the same time make the residents have nothing but a great experience. A report from the company shows some of the reasons why many people prefer to use the company services. Read more on

The company management is out of this world. Recently, the managing team has been focusing on strategizing on how they can forge ahead and make the future bright for all the customers. The team understands that customers who live in the facility are in search of high quality and affordable services. Sometimes, achieving this goal can become a tough challenge for any company management. The cost of running a facility such as Sussex Healthcare is very high, keeping in mind the cost of living. The organization wants to focus on all the areas that important in the lives of the residents.

Communication, according to Sussex Healthcare, is one of the subjects that are given utmost importance. Successful companies in the global market have invested in the best communication platforms, and they are reaping big profits each day. Sussex Healthcare is offering its customers the best communication in any steps they take on their way to improving their services. The residents can communicate adequately about their health or any other change they would like to have in the organization. The management, on the other hand, takes all the communication from their residents seriously. When any customer needs some changes to be made so that they can have a great experience, they can always rely on the platforms that have been introduced by the leadership of the healthcare company.

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An Experienced Mental Therapist: Oren Frank

by Chris Holden - March 4th, 2019

Oren Frank is the CEO and co-founder of Talkspace. Talkspace is an online therapy that focuses on making Psychotherapy cheap and accessible for the many people that need it in the world. The firm under his leadership since 2012 has helped prevent barriers to outpatient mental health. Talkspace have had more than 350, 000 clients.

Oren Frank went to Leicester Polytechnic. In 2001 he was the regional creative director at EMEA. In 2003 he moved on to work with the WorldGroup Israel as the CEO. He became the chairman of McCann Digital in 2005, and on January 2008 he went to become the Global Chief Creative Officer. In March of 2008, he became a writer, Columnist, Blogger of The Marker, AdAge, and HuffPo for about 6 years. Amid his service, he moved on to start his own company in 2012 Talkspace. Read more about Oren Frank at

Oren Frank’s Talkspace provides therapy via video chat and has recently brought a medical officer Neil Leibowitz to help. He also saw this as a chance to familiarize with the product, the team and to increase ways in which people can get mental therapy. It charges $79 a week for talking to a therapist online and $ 49 for messaging services. Its customers as of February 2018 hit 1 million generating million-dollar revenue. Through his leadership, Talkspace is concentrating on mental health as about 10 % of its clients test the services mostly by the messaging.

Oren Frank is also is focusing on making therapy more and more affordable and accessible for any client that can get an internet connection. He opts to change the situation where people in rural areas find it hard to get a mental therapist. For its effective work, the clients in this platform are even paying for Talkspace’s services. He believes in the use of innovation and technology to solve the problems that are encountered by people.