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Jose Borghi: The Ultimate Leader of Advertising

by Chris Holden - December 5th, 2016

Jose Borghi has rightfully gained a great reputation as being the ultimate leader in the advertising industry of Brazil. First of all, he has acquired decades of experience within the industry contributing to the success of many companies. Before finding the agency, Mullen Lowe, the different companies he worked for included Ogilvy, DM9/DDB, FCB, Leo Burnett, and FCB. Additionally, he earned a degree in advertising when he graduated from the PUC Campinas.

His Company’s Great Success

Borghi founded his organization along with his business partner, Erh Ray. The company was originally called Borghi Lowe. This company has became a great success that is known as one of the most influential within advertising for Brazil and internationally. As a matter of fact, it has become such a great success that it has merged with another gigantic mogul, Lowe & Partners and the Group Mullen. And as a result, the conglomerate is now called Mullen Lowe, and Borghi is now the co-CEO along with André Gomes.

Valuable Life Lessons from Borghi

Borghi knew early on in life what he wanted to do for a career. He also knew that nothing will be given to him. He knew that success just doesn’t happen through fate or luck but through hard work and perseverance. Jose Borghi and his partner did everything starting out. They did the planning, creating, media, and coffee. He also stated that they had no bank backing them, no investor, and no Godfather. They started from scratch into what is now an advertising mogul that is the envy of others.

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Recognitions and Awards

And furthermore, Jose Borghi’s success speaks in more ways than one. He has been recognized by prestigious organizations on and was awarded accordingly. His agency was behind recognizable campaigns, such as review concepts Carlinhos, Fiat, Honda, and other big enterprises in which received awards in Brazil and abroad. Other awards earned included paints, Arcor, ITA, American Express, BankBoston, Alpargatas, America Online, Antarctica, Asia Motors, Grupo Folha, Bunge Group, Electrolux, Proctor, Unilever, Editora Globo, Delta Airlines, and others. The most notable awards included 11 New York Festival Awards, 10 awards from The One Show, 7 London Festival awards, and 14 awards from Cannes Lions. Borghi was even awarded the Clios Advertising Awards last spring, and Jose Borghi was awarded the “Advertiser of the Year” award in 2009 by the APP on

The Magic Of Wen By Chaz

by Chris Holden - November 29th, 2016

Chaz Dean ( has a long history in the spot light for the magic he does with his hair care. He has worked with Hollywood celebrities for years and has built an empire off his hair stylist careers. Among his great assortment of shampoos and conditioners you can find WEN By Chaz. Keeping in mind those of us with dry, thin hair Chaz Dean designed Wen the goal of moisturizing and thickening hair with stunning results. Those who have used his hair care products find the fast action of Wen By Chaz amazing. Miracles like this don’t come around very often.

Over the course of a week the results of Wen By Chaz are easily witnessed. At the start of the week this woman’s hair was simply dry and thin. Her hair became stronger with each passing day. By the middle of the week it was clear that hair was now moist and somewhat more thick. The hair grew stronger towards the end of the week until it reached its full healthy vigor. Needless to say the woman was satisfied with the results. This kind of hair care is usually reserved for celebrities with amazing fortunes in their bank accounts, but you can have Wen By Chaz all for yourself whenever you want. The magic Chaz Dean has discovered the course his career is in every bottle of Wen By Chaz.

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Markus Rothkranz and His Wife Cara Share Their Vegan Crepe Recipe

by Chris Holden - November 28th, 2016

Markus Rothkranz has written an entire book filled with raw vegan food recipes. He also highlights many of his favorite recipes on his YouTube channel. He often suggests eating foods found in their natural state. He claims that your body will naturally heal itself when you eat these wild plant foods.

His wife recently posted an interesting recipe for crepes on their YouTube channel. She came up with this recipe because crepes were one of Markus’ favorite foods before he adapted to a raw vegan lifestyle. The recipe is fairly simple, but it requires a bit of effort. Creating raw food versions of cooked foods usually requires a bit of ingenuity. Her recipe does not contain any eggs or dairy.

The main ingredients include coconut meat, cashews, strawberries and vanilla. She also uses a sweetener. She recommends Markus’ own brand of sweetener, but you can also use maple syrup.

She starts by putting some items in a blender. She adds the coconut meat, sweetener and coconut water to the blender. She notes that you only add a small amount of coconut water. She pours the mixture onto some dehydrator sheets. They use dehydrators a lot because they dry food out without cooking it. She then uses a spatula to flatten and form the crepe. She puts the crepe into the dehydrator for one hour. She then flips the crepe over. It may be difficult to peel the crepe from the surface of the dehydrator sheet.

She also makes whipped cream for the crepes. She adds nuts to the blender. She also adds a small amount of maple syrup, but she recommends using any sweetener. She then adds a small amount of vanilla extract and coconut water. She adds fruit to the crepe. She then folds the crepe over. The recipe is completed by adding a side of whipped cream.

Markus and his wife Cara take pride in creating all kinds of interesting raw food recipes. Markus’ cookbook is called Love on a Plate: The Gourmet UnCookBook. It contains many interesting recipes that are similar to this one.

Bob Reina Offers Incredible Incentives to Talk Fusion Associates

by Chris Holden - November 25th, 2016

Talk Fusion is a video company that produces an excellent state-of-the-art product that offers incredible results. With this attitude, Talk Fusion has become one of the leading video communication companies around the world.


Bob Reina is the founder and acting CEO, and he often brings up this statement,

” with greater success comes greater responsibility.” He uses this both within the company and when reaching outside to deserving people. Mr. Reina is known for his philanthropic actions, and on November 7th, he announced an enticing offer to promote the company and benefit the associates and clients.


Amazing Incentives Inspire Associates to Be Their Best


An all expense paid trip to Milan, Italy was announced as an incentive for the Independent Associates. Mr. Reina was excited to announce Destination: Milan in his commitment to giving his

customers and associates the very best. He offers an unmatched business opportunity with award-winning prizes and incentives because he believes in people.


H also offered an in-house incentive for his experienced team members that provided a complete All-in-One package free to the non-profit organization of their choice.


Mr. Reina has made it a tradition to host two sensational get-a-way trips a year. This year, winners also had the destinations of Maui, Hawaii as an awarded trip. Talk Fusion is an exceptional, innovative way to becoming financially free as well winning aditional fantastic trips and prizes that Bob Reina consistently offers.


If you have not been introduced to this amazing, dedicated video company, Mr. Reina is offering a free trial of the All-in-One Solutions Packages for one month. The trial registration does not require a credit card; Reina wants to make it easy, so you enter with only an email address. Experience for yourself the clear HD video communication that Talk Fusion produces


Bob Reina loves to make dreams become a reality for people. He also believes that those who work hard should be rewarded so that they can live the lifestyle that they desire. He regularly donates to children in an Indonesian orphanage and last year he made the largest donation ever to the Tampa Bay Humane Society with $1 million to build an animal shelter.

Adam Milstein; pro-Israel activist

by Chris Holden - November 18th, 2016

Adam Milstein is an active Israel-American philanthropist, and he is also the chairman of Israel-American council. Adam is also a successful real estate entrepreneur; he also serves as the president of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation where he is a co-founder. Milstein is also a board of member of various organizations including Standwithus, Jewish founder network, Israel on campus coalition, Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel and Hasbara Fellowships just to mention a few.

Adam Milstein alongside his wife Gila Milstein established Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which serves in the provision of charitable and philanthropic events and projects to a vast range of organizations which seeks to strengthen the Jewish people, the state of Israel at large and also the United States – Israel relationship.

Adam and his wife Gila also founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America; it is an organization that helps in the provision of free monthly books in Hebrew which consist of Jewish teachings. The project offers lessons to more than 1500 Israel-Jewish families living in the United States.

Milstein philanthropic life services include fund raising for supporting programs for Jewish education, partnership development and consultation services, Jewish continuity and also pro-Israel advocacy. Adam’s philosophy of philanthropy consists of three different unique principles.- Active philanthropy, where Milstein family foundation and the associates invest quality time and expertise in all the programs, projects, associations and organizations that they support.

– Life path impact, Milstein seeks funds and develops organizations that continue to engage and involve the targeted population through various stages of life including establishing tailored programs for childhood, adolescence and different phases of adulthood life. Such organizations are expected to broad and continuous support with the target audience.

– Philanthropy synergy, Milstein provides funds and also guidance to help philanthropic foundations to amplify their impact by establishing a programmatic partnership and synergies with various nonprofit organizations working towards the same objectives and achievements.Adam was born in Haifa, Israel. Currently, he lives with his wife Gila in California. Milstein and Gila have three children and three grandchildren. He is a graduate of University of Southern California where he achieved a degree in Business Administration.

The Success of Goettl

by Chris Holden - November 16th, 2016

Goettl is a Phoenix-based company that has over 70 years of tradition in supplying the best air conditioning and heating services to customers in need during the hot and scorching summers as well as during the cold and windy blizzards. Goettl is a company that prides itself for being a company that is focused on the community and focused on becoming a part of the community. Goettl is an example that traditional companies can change and modernize over the years and that the age of the company is no barrier when it comes to ingenuity as well as the leadership into the future.

Despite the 70 years of tradition that Goettl has under its wing, the reputation of the company has been exponentially rising thanks to Ken Goodrich’s role within Goettl. Ken Goodrich is what is known as a serial entrepreneur where he purchases company with potential in order to fix them for the future. Ken Goodrich is known for his eye in business as well as for his expertise. Mr. Goodrich’s decision to remodel Goettl came from his memories of when his father specialized in air conditioning and heating – see this YouTube Video. Mr. Goodrich looked at Goettl with potential in order to make the company a leading company that specializes in home repairs that is the best on the West Coast.

Ever since Ken Goodrich became a part of Goettl, the company has undergone a significant improvement and is currently one of the most sought after companies on the West Coast. Goettl is now known for their customer service as well as the quality repairs and improvements that are made for each of the client without breaking the bank in the process. Thanks to Ken Goodrich, Goettl is a company that will truly be able to thrive into the future. With excellent employees that are dedicated to their job, their is even a no charge followup inspection that makes sure that Goettl did the best job that they could do.

Ken Goodrich played a major role in renovating Goettl for the future. Goettl is now though of as part of the West Coast community. In recent news, Goettl even showed its dedication to members of the community when one elderly woman in particular was at risk from the heat due to her broken AC unit in the summer. Thanks to Goettl, the air AC Unit was replaced with a new system that was free of charge.

Todd Lubar Success in Business

by Chris Holden - November 13th, 2016

Todd Lubar is one of the most influential people in the real estate industry. He joined the industry over twenty years ago when he realized that he had an exceptional desire to help people and a great passion for the real estate business. With this motivation, the successful businessman ventured into the competitive industry, and his first foray was a loan originator with a firm called Crestar Mortgage Corporation.

After four years, the businessman took an important step in advancing his business by getting an equity position with a renowned institution in the company, known as Legacy Financial Group. The decision to join this company afforded the businessman several opportunities. First of all, he was able to expand his lending abilities, and this enabled him to broker loans to investors in a bigger bracket. The opportunity also allowed him to lend money to people as a direct Mortgage Bank.

Todd Lubar took his business to an advanced level in the year 2002 when he founded Legendary Properties, a residential development company that has been very successful in the market. This advancement led to the facilitation of fast progression in rehabilitation, purchasing, selling and profiting of many family properties in the country. The successful entrepreneur managed to establish many networks with professionals in the industry to produce high-quality products in a short duration.

The businessman has done very well since then, and today, Todd Lubar is considered to be one of the most influential businessmen and reputable individuals in the industry. The mortgage industry went through several great changes in the year 2007 and 2008, and this made Todd to get involved in other areas of business.

He first ventured into commercial demolition, and this made him acquire some big contracts from some of the most reputable contractors in the United States. Lubar was also able to join the Automotive Scarp Metal recycling business, and this made his organization to be traded in the public market. Today, the successful entrepreneur continues to excel in different areas of business, and he is considered to be a motivation to other upcoming entrepreneurs around the globe. He has also earned himself a lot of wealth in the past.

Josh Verne Understands How To Succeed In Life And Business

by Chris Holden - November 10th, 2016

For men who are looking for the secret to having a rewarding and successful personal and business life, there are a couple of secrets that they should know. It turns out these aren’t secrets at all but are things that should be common knowledge though sometimes fall short of that.


Josh Verne, a man who knows something about balancing a successful work and home life was recently interviewed for a podcast on the Knowledge For Men network and he talked about the secrets to success in all things. One of the top things Verne talked about was the fact that whether it comes to your home life, or your company it’s important to “be a leader, not a boss.”


The message behind this is that you should be running your business not just by giving orders but by making yourself someone people want to follow. Verne also talked about the fact that when you are negotiating something with another party, everything should be worked out with the goal of being win-win. This is because Verne believes that someone going in to take the other guy is going to lose. Verne added that no matter how bleak a situation looks, there is a way to create a win for everybody.


For those who don’t know who Verne is, it turns out he is a CEO who is uniquely qualified to talk on a subject like this. Verne is the leader of a company known as This company is one that promotes financial wellness while also enableing individuals to make what they see as life purchases by using hassle free direct deductions from their paycheck.


Verne is someone who has basically formed an entire company that is based on helping people better juggle their personal and professional life through this process. Verne clearly understands that it can be hard to pay bills from time to time because it always feels like the money should be slated for something else. Verne started the company in 2012 and since that time, he has seen it grow into one of the top e-commerce firms in an area that is still growing.



How Sweet Almond Oil Can Transform Your Hair

by Chris Holden - November 10th, 2016

It is so secret that oils provide many benefits to your hair. They can moisturize and restore many different types of hair. Sweet almond oil is especially useful. It has several key nutrients that can provide deep penetrating nourishment. This article will discuss why sweet almond oil is so powerful and how you can incorporate it into your daily hair care routine.

Sweet almond oil is rich in Vitamin E, fatty acids, amino acids and several minerals. The amino acids especially are the building blocka for hair. Sweet almond oil can repair severely damaged from heating styling, bleach and other factors. It makes an excellent hair mask. See,

Including sweet almond oil into your daily hair care routine is fairly easy. Applying it directly to your hair may be messy but you can consider a product that you can use everyday right in your shower.

Wen by Chaz offers an intensive hair treatment mask that can be used rigt in the shower. The Wen Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment is a hassle-free deep conditioner that uses he power of sweet almond oil. It can add body and shine. You hair will become softer that ever just after one use. A treatment can be done as frequently as you like. It also uses all natural shea butter for added moisture.

Wen products have several additional benefits. They are made without sulfates that strip your hair of natural oils. Instead, Wen uses a combination of extracts and herbal botanical that cleanse and transform the hair after each use. Wen products can be used on all hair types, including African American. The products were created by a Los Angeles stylist by the name of Chaz Dean. Women from all over the world have been able to achieve the hair of their dreams with his products. Visit the Wen channel on YouTube and the official Facebook page to learn more.


 Improving Facilities to Serve Customers Best-Equity First Holdings

by Chris Holden - November 9th, 2016

A leader in the financial industry and a global lender in alternative shareholder financing solutions, Equity First Holdings, has successfully and fully completed a deal with Andrew Newland who is Chief Executive Officer of ANGLE plc. Andrew had given the financial company $1.35 million as collateral that was used in a financial transaction.

Equity First Holdings made the sales in October 2014 which was their first operation to be conducted in the United Kingdom when it was acquiring the Meridian Equity Partners Limited. After Equity First Holdings had acquired Meridian Equity Partners Limited, it renamed the company to Equity First (London) Limited. The company is authorized and already regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom, and it is registered under number 605564. The Chief Executive Officer of Equity First Holdings mentioned that offering collateral for their clients is a business to them, he did not forget to mention that Equity First Holdings has completed more than 700 transactions and they have an excellent reputation in the return of their clients collateral when the period matures and during repayment time.

Equity First Holdings is well known financial institution for the provision of security centered loaning services for both corporate and private investors. Equity First Holdings was founded in 2002. The primary purpose of establishing the financial service institution was to offer a substitute financial resolution to clients as well as the supply of capital to its customers besides publicly transacted stock to assist their borrowers in meeting their individual as well as their professional goals.

Since the establishment of Equity First Holdings, it has been experiencing tremendous growth of about 30% yearly. The Company’s Chief Executive Officer Al Christy said the financial institution is proud of their progress in the financial market as it has been expanding their team to offer the best and the unique products in the financial industry. Equity First Holding’s Headquarters is located in Indianapolis, India. The company’s expansion project has seen EFH extend their services to more countries and continents including Asia, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Perth, Sydney, Bangkok, Australia, London as well as the United States. The Firm serves leading investments banks, top law companies that include international and local authorities, as well as great custodian banks.

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