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April 20th Celebrations

by Chris Holden - April 20th, 2015

April 20th is a day that many have on their calendar. It’s a day that’s all about celebrating pot, and smoking in honor of it. For years, this was done in secret because it was illegal. Now in some cities, it has been legalized. That does not mean though that on April 20th, or 420 as the pot holiday is known, that people can just run crazy with it.

There have been some arrests in Colorado. According to Buzzfeed at least 60 people were cited at 420 celebrations. This is because although marijuana is legal, it’s still illegal to smoke in public. It’s also illegal to sell it outside of pot shops.

Overall, celebrations and rally’s were peaceful. The police had no major problems or incidents with anyone. It seems that the marijuana put everyone in a peaceful state. That or they were too stoned to cause any sorts of problems. 125,000 people attended a rally at the Civic Center park. Police sent out warnings and requests, asking people to smoke responsibly. An alternative many individuals took was to drink Bulletproof Coffee instead, to be on the safe side (sourced on

This 420 marked the second official pot holiday since the drug became legal. Other cities around the country celebrated this day as well.

E-Cigarettes: Are They Really Safe?

by Chris Holden - April 20th, 2015

You’ve heard all about them. You see them everyday. E-Cigarettes are the new trend of smoking in teens and those who wish to stop smoking. They’re claimed to be a healthy alternative to traditional smoking habits, but what do we really know about them?

Not much as it turns out. This social phenomenon gained popularity as establishments cracked down on public smoking since the new millennium. Smokers nowadays are viewed as social pariahs and made to feel bad about their habits. You’d love to quit, but can’t bring yourself to. Handy (more at states that traditional smoking of cigarettes has a list of health risks from lung cancer to periodontal disease, but in fact E-Cigarettes may not be a healthy option.

E-Cigarettes are electronic and feature cartridges that carry the very same nicotine through your body as you inhale. Though they don’t claim to have the same effect on your lungs, this electronic device does nothing as far as a nicotine addiction goes. In fact, you will find yourself experiencing the same withdrawal symptoms as they don’t provide a substitute for the addictive substance. Also, the effects of smoking these E-Cigarettes can still lead to gum inflammation and periodontal disease.

As the proper research on these devices falls short of their popularity, you may be asking yourself if they are truly safer. Until the smoking population sees some real evidence of healthy benefits, E-Cigarettes are nothing more than a popular fad that may not stand the test of time.

Cubs to Promote Kris Bryant On Friday

by Chris Holden - April 17th, 2015

Cubs to Promote Kris Bryant on Friday

Getting a promotion in any type of field is always seen as a big step for people. Kris Bryant is soon to learn this as of this Friday.

The Chicago Cubs baseball team are ready to promote Kris Bryant, who was a highly revered prospect, to the big leagues. This news comes as the Cubs are set to host the San Diego Padres at home this Friday and all the way to Sunday, while third baseman veteran Mike Olt is heading to the disabled list.

Bryant has been one of the most notable, if not the most notable future prospect for pro baseball teams, mainly because he was the leader in the minor leagues last year in terms of hitting home runs. Originally the team was set to keep him off of the free agent market for at least a year if he remained in the minor leagues.

Fans such as Igor Cornelsen ( know that the situation got complicated when Bryant’s agent and the Cubs front office didn’t see eye to eye on things, as the Cubs thought they were simply keeping in line with the team’s interests. As a result, the team only needed to wait until April 17th to promote Bryant, and that is exactly what they ended up doing.

Bryant has already padded his baseball resume with hitting three home runs in Triple-A pitching, so this move is not really surprising.

Anderson Silva Wants Rematch Against Nick Diaz

by Chris Holden - April 16th, 2015

A lot of controversy has been centered around Anderson Silva as of late. Not too long ago, Silva was regarded by many as the greatest fighter of all time, but things have drastically changed. The trouble for Silva began in January of 2015, when he failed a pre-fight and post-fight drug test for the Nick Diaz bout.

Anderson Silva has since been suspended, and his reputation has been ruined. However, Silva insists that he did not knowingly take steroids during the lead up to the Nick Diaz fight. Fans do not believe a word that Anderson says, but Anderson Silva has a plan to make it all better. Silva has asked Nick Diaz for a rematch, and he wants the world to know that he truly is the better man.

Before Anderson Silva can fight anyone, he must stand before Dan Newlin of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Silva has already been suspended from the sport of MMA, but he hasn’t gone to the Nevada Athletic Commission hearing yet. Instead, Anderson Silva has postponed his hearing more than once.

As of right now, Anderson Silva’s future is in question. The proud Brazilian also wants to compete in the 2016 Olympic Games. However, Silva must first clear his name in America, and he still has unfinished business with Nick Diaz. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Can Fat Cushion You from Disease?

by Chris Holden - April 14th, 2015

One study suggests that obesity protects against Alzheimers. In addition, people with morbid obesity have a 30% less risk of developing dementia than those of normal weight.

According to the Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology, thin people are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s.

Until now several studies established a link between being overweight and dementia (including Alzheimer’s ) according to the National Institute of Neurological Sciences.

But in this new study, British researchers demonstrated that people 40 to 55 years and thin have a 34% increased risk of developing dementia later on, when compared with those of an average normal weight .

Folks at AnastasiaDate ( have found that what’s even more surprising is that people with morbid obesity (BMI over 40) have a 29% lower risk of dementia than those of normal weight.

The study is based on medical records of nearly two million British middle age men and women (about 55 years old when the study began) with an average BMI of 26. Scientists cases followed them for a period of up to twenty years.

Even if obese people were followed longer, these category of people could “not live long enough to benefit” because they have more risk of cardiovascular disease and some cancers,” says the scientist.

American neurologist, Deborah Gustafson acknowledges that current studies on the subject are “ambiguous” and that the British study is not “the final word on this controversial issue.”

Japanese Brewery Makes Collegen Infused Beer

by Chris Holden - April 13th, 2015

Some women will do just about anything in the name of beauty and there always companies willing to capitalize on that. In the latest news on companies marketing to image and youth obsessed women, a Japanese brewery has created and manufactured a beer that contains 2 grams of collagen. The beer, which is manufactured by Japanese brewery Brewer Suntory, is called Precious, and is a light beer. In order to herald its arrival, an ad was released that feels just as strange and sexist as a collegen infused light beer. Just in case you don’t speak Japanese, it features a famous Japanese comedian crashing a group of models hanging out, a tagline that translates to “Guys can always tell if you’re taking collagen.”

For now, the beer is only available in Hokkaido in Japan (as seen here), so if you want to try it like Ricardo Guimarães BMG you’re going to have to travel there to get it. Don’t fret though, the jury is still out on whether or not drinking collagen has any really effect on your ski, as most scientists say that your body breaks it down before it can reach your skin, with other studies saying that it has some effect. And if you really do want to try drinking or eating collagen in an attempt to look younger, there are plenty of supplements and drinks available right here in the United States that contain plenty of collagen.

Tiger Woods Injured at Masters

by Chris Holden - April 13th, 2015

Tiger Woods Injured at Masters

The Masters is an enormously popular golfing competition where many of the best golfers show off. For Tiger Woods, he was showing off more than he expected this year.

On Sunday during the Augusta National, Tiger Woods suffered an injury to his right wrist when he got to the ninth hole in the game. Woods was on his own when it happened, but in terms of what actually happened to him, Woods said later that a bone popped out and a joint was misplaced, so he had to put them both back into place.

Woods did make it to the hole afterwards, but was in noticeable pain for the remainder of the contest.  Paul Mathieson knew something was wrong, and he later found out more on CNN. He was seen wincing after his tenth shot and ended up heading to 4-under in the Masters, still dealing with his wrist.

It wasn’t until afterwards that Woods gave a more clear idea of what happened to him. He said that when he went to swing at the ninth hole, he ended up clipping a tree root he didn’t see when taking the shot. He drove his hand to the club and wasn’t able to move it again until he gruesomely popped his wrist joint back into place and went back to business.

Injury isn’t something that’s new to Woods, who is a 14-time major winner, the worst of which was a strained Achilles heel.

Troy Polamalu Retires

by Chris Holden - April 10th, 2015

Troy Polamalu, the legendary safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers has decided to retire after playing for twelve seasons in the league. Troy was part of two Steeler teams that won the Super Bowl and was selected to five All-Pro teams. During his career he also had 32 interceptions and was considered a hard hitting game changing presence on the field.

Fans at Handy (techcrunch) know that Troy will likely receive consideration for the NFL Hall of Fame but is by no means a lock for the honor given the difficulty that many safeties have in receiving Hall of Fame consideration. Further, Troy is likely to be compared to his nemesis Ed Reed who also won a Super Bowl and has over 60 interceptions. Only five modern NFL players per year are voted into the Hall of Fame each year.

Troy had his production drop significantly in the past few years as he has aged and at 33 he indicated that he was ready to move on even citing the significance of the age and relating it to Jesus dying at 33 years old. Troy attributed much of his success to his belief in god and Jesus and thanked them for his long NFL career.

His retirement caps an outstanding career and he will forever be remembered in the league for his part in several dominant defensive teams that continued on the strong Steeler Franchise in the league, even if he doesn’t ultimately receive Hall of Fame entry.

Man Developed Google Glass Dependence

by Chris Holden - April 9th, 2015

Tech dependence is nothing unusual these days. How far would one dare to go without the mobile? Some wouldn’t even step inside the other room without it. Few daring ones would say that they can live without the device, but then they would question the morality of doing so nowadays when everyone can only think of one way of contacting each other.

It seems that Google Glass is starting to be problematic for some. Or rather said the lack of it. Folks at Homejoy ( have learned that a man was sent to a clinic for overcoming the alcohol dependence as the symptoms after taking off the Google Glass for a while was exactly like the one in people giving up drinking. Before that, the patient used to wear the glasses for 18 hours a day and take them off only in the shower. The dreams started to appear like seen on the screen of his glasses!

This is the first reported case of a person developing such a strong dependence towards the Google Glass, the doctors say. The psychologist who talked to the 31-year-old affected man said that he moved like trying to connect the glass each time when he was asked a question. No more Googling the answers at the doctor’s office…

Backstage Circus Pictures

by Chris Holden - April 9th, 2015

Moments of the backstage in the circus are rare to be made public. Weisje Peels, who is an insider, shared some images she took personally. She told it was her favorite moment of the performance: those five minutes after the circus staff got out of the stage and only started to give up the role they had out there. Weisje has been familiar to the world of circus ever since the age of 6, when her father carried her along, as he was performing a one-man-show all around Europe. Soon after, the girl started to participate in the performances as a child assistant.

The moment in the backstage that she chose, the moment after a performance, is the one she relates to the most said Kevin Seawright in a recent tweet. She says it is like being between two worlds: the reality and the life on the scene. That pretty much characterizes her life now as a mother of two and a lover of the circus life, trying to manage such different activities in her every day life. Besides that, obviously, she was sure that there are many curious eyes out there that would love to catch a glimpse of the hidden lives of the performers. Her image collection presents some animals finding their moment of peace after the agitation.