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Lingerie Can Be Both Sexy and Classy!

by Chris Holden - June 22nd, 2017

News in business just became fun. Honey Birdette, an Australian luxury lingerie manufacturer, recently launched a new lingerie luxury brand in New York drawing in a large female crowd and leaving a smile on men’s faces. This lingerie creation features a combination of pieces appealing to women who prefer a more feminine sexy wear and to women who prefer an edgier piece similar to that of a softer bondage themed night wear. This sexy attire appears to meet the needs of quite a broad crowd.
Honey Birdette was created and founded by Eloise Monaghan with the intent of creating a line that would build relationships. Eloise Monaghan admits the origins of Honey Birdette began while she was enjoying a glass of champagne. While drinking champagne, the name of the company, “Honey Birdette” came to her, and she decided the name was ideal using it for her lingerie line.
Honey Birdette is the first Australian sensuality boutique and was created with the intent of balancing sensuality and class. Eloise Monaghan wanted to create a fun but elegant luxury wear for female buyers. Furthermore, she wanted to create lingerie that will build self- esteem and empower women. Monaghan believes that self- confidence is the root of a passionate relationship. Thus, if her product is able to stimulate feelings of self-confidence it can act as a catalyst for a passionate relationship. The lingerie in Honey Birdette certainly do a wonderful job of accenting female curves and hopefully improving feelings of empowerment. Honey Birdette has been a sexy and exciting business product and appears to improve with the expansion of the market outside of Australia. With business in New York the sensuality brand has a promising future.

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Dr. Imran Haque Knows the Importance of the Doctor-Patient Relationship

by Chris Holden - June 21st, 2017

When considering choosing a primary care physician, it is important to select one that will value the doctor-patient relationship that will often span over a numbers of years, or even an entire lifetime. Dr. Imran Haque is a respected Internist in North Carolina that is renowned for his reputation as a physician that truly values the relationship he develops with his patients.

His patients often come to him from childhood through adulthood and depend on his care for any ailments or illnesses they have over that span of time. Dr. Imran Haque has two offices, located in Asheboro and Ramseur, North Carolina. However, his sterling reputation draws patients in from surrounding countries as well. Dr. Imran Haque also has a wide network of specialists that he works with in cities where his offices is located. His network allows patients that need to see a specialist to receive a referral and get in to the specialist quickly, which is an added benefit.


While Dr. Imran Haque has been treating patients as an Internist for 15 years, he also is certified in some of the latest and greatest specialized treatments. Treatments such as 360 resurfacing, laser body hair removal and body contouring bring patients through his doors from across the middle North Carolina region.

When patients come to him for these specialized services, Dr. Haque is able to perform each procedure within his office, meaning patients that utilize him as a primary care physician have the added benefit of ease of access to these treatments. His offices feature cutting edge technology. Additionally, Dr. Imran Haque offers services to people that are looking for help managing diabetes or their weight.


Being a versatile doctor, Dr. Imran Haque understands the importance of treating the whole person. As for his professional background, Dr. Haque is licensed to practice medicine throughout the state of North Carolina. He attended the University of Virginia Internal Medicine program in Roanoke-Salem. If you are located in or around Asheboro or Ramseur North Carolina and are seeking a primary physician or one of the specialized treatments, Dr. Imran Haque is currently accepting new patients.

Eric Lefkofsky and the Future of Cancer Research

by Chris Holden - June 18th, 2017

Renowned Chicago-based entrepreneur and businessman Eric Lefkofsky has made quite the name for himself over the years. It is estimated that he has earned over $1.79 from his e-commerce startups and his success doesn’t seem to be slowing down. His latest endeavor goes by the name of Tempus.Tempus is a company focused on providing software and technology to the medical industry that will change how doctors approach cancer treatments. The goal of Tempus is to develop a genomic database that will be made up of DNA data from cancer patients that will be accessible by medical professionals for analysis.

The ability to analyze the DNA data of cancer patients with a multitude of different medical history’s, lifestyles, genetic profiles, and diagnoses would allow physicians to better target for cancer treatments. This could in return not only improve the life of cancer patients around the world, it could save lives. A large 20,000-square foot lab will be utilized by Tempus employees and researchers to perform gene-sequencing tests. Needless to say if successful, Tempus could play a firsthand role in changing how we approach cancer research and treatments in general in the future.

Since attending the University of Michigan from 1987-1991 and the University of Michigan Law School from 1991-1994 Eric Lefkofsky has worked in a multitude of positions and launched several different e-commerce startups. One of his most recognized startups goes by the name of Groupon. Lefkofsky stepped down as the CEO of Groupon in 2015 after 8 years to focus his efforts on Tempus. Eric was also the founder of MediaBank and the co-founder of Lightbank.Aside from launching and building startups into successful businesses, Eric and his wife are involved in philanthropic efforts focused towards improving the quality of life for people in our communities around the world. They have also made significant contributions to institutes and foundations who are actively pursuing aggressive research into a multitude of different medical conditions with a focus on cancer.

How a Consultant of Equities First Holdings is Going To Provide You With Everything That You Need To Know About Obtaining Funds Through Loans

by Chris Holden - June 17th, 2017

If you’re seeking to obtain a loan of an amount that is going to potentially help you with your business or personal situation, please feel free to see exactly what Equities First Holdings is offering, as they’re an organization that may be able to provide you with the support that you may be needing to improve your business or personal life.Equities First Holdings is currently offering owners of businesses opportunities of obtaining loans in amounts that they may be able to support their businesses in ways that they may not have even thought of being possible due to lacking the funds that they had possessed on their own.

Equities First Holdings understands that business owners have their own sets of goals that they set in order to make improvements to their businesses and etc. By speaking with one of the help desk’s consultants, you’ll be given a good amount of awareness about what exactly you can expect from them as a lending institution.If you’re currently an owner of a business and you’ve been wanting to make improvements to the assets that you currently own, whether it be buildings, equipment, or land, please feel free to see how you may be able to go about obtaining one of the types of loans that Equities First Holdings offers.

They’re offering a myriad of different loans for people to take advantage of; however, it’s highly recommended for them to ensure that they know exactly how they can go about obtaining them. A consultant of Equities First Holdings is fully aware of the field of finance and can give you details pertaining to the types of loans that you may be seeking. A consultant can set up an appointment for you to speak with a highly qualified expert of finance, or you can contact them during a time that’s convenient for you. Learn More.

Advertisers Like Jose Henrique Borghi

by Chris Holden - June 17th, 2017

For businesses, there needs to be advertising in order to attract customers. However, running a business requires a lot work and attention. Therefore, one is not going to have much time for advertising. This is one of the reasons that there are advertising agencies that are available to handle the advertising for the customer. However, it is not good to just settle for any advertiser. It is important to find someone who is very passionate about his craft. It is this advertiser that can be trusted to bring forth the desired results to the business owner.

One such advertiser who is very good about his craft is Jose Henrique Borghi. He has a lot of passion for advertising. He understands that advertising is one of the few ways that people can make a first impression. The first that one is going to hear about a Ad company or a product is through advertising. Therefore, Jose makes sure that his clients get an attention grabbing and catchy ad. The advertising has to make people want to use the product or get involved with the business in other ways as well. Jose Henrique Borghi uses his creativity to achieve just that and more.

Jose has taken his company, Mullen Lowe and has brought it to greater levels of success because of the creativity and thought processes that have gone into the campaigns that he has created. One thing he does for his clients is ask questions. He gets information about the target audience and what time he intends to show the ad. Therefore, he knows the type of ad campaign to give to his business. Not only will clients be able to reach their customers, but they will also be able to speak to their current state. One of the best things to do is be as relevant as possible.If you want to read more : Click Here.

How Sawyer Howitt is Becoming a Serial Entrepreneur and Financial Investor at a Tender Age

by Chris Holden - June 9th, 2017

Although he is still young and just a senior in the second semester, Sawyer Howitt is now focusing all his internships, efforts and studies on understanding the world of finance and business. What makes him a unique person is the fact that despite his tender age, Sawyer Howitt (@sawyerhowitt) has the incredible ability to understand and interpret the complex operational and financial demands of any business. He drives his work by combining analytics and artistry to understand the specific needs of consumers. Sawyer Howitt also has the innate ability to gain insights into the soul and resonance of a brand and how this impacts on the user.

The scope and breadth of his skills are wide-ranging and diverse, and Sawyer Howitt is talented in interpreting complex spreadsheets, making accurate notes in the major meetings, filing reports and designing presentations with various nuances. There is no responsibility in the corporate world of business that is beyond his scope of understanding. Up to now, Sawyer Howitt has played important roles in several organizations like directing the activities of humanitarian missions and formulating policies for the affirmation of the rights of women. There are quite some well-established companies that are seeking his expertise. The path to a career in entrepreneurship is already set for him. The amount of experience he is getting from the internship is equipping him well for an investment opportunity.

Other areas in which Sawyer Howitt has excelled include mentoring youths facing troubles in life, and leading ethnic groups involved in international studies. To gain more knowledge in customer service he worked at Kure Juice Bar, and he has also held some administrative internship roles. When he is not occupied by any important duties, Sawyer Howitt can be found fishing in the nearby rivers or attend a game by Portland Trail Blazers. At other times he prefers to be on the racquetball court. It is widely believed that he will be a great entrepreneur because of the keen understanding he shows for business transactions. The fact that he is already involved in the activities of prominent organizations means that when he set up his operations, nothing will stop him from succeeding.




Everything you need to know about Beneful Dog Food from Walmart

by Chris Holden - June 8th, 2017

Are you feeding your dog proper food? What foods do you usually feed your dog? When it comes to feeding your dog, food can sometimes be frustrating, but at the same time, you also have to think about the health of your dog. Sometimes your dog may like dog food purely, at times they may like to eat wet food, or it can sometimes be a combination of both, but regardless of what you feed them, you should always make sure that they get the right nutrients they need to stay healthy and fit.

Much like any human, dogs need nutrition since our furry little friends may require more care and maintenance, the ingredients in their food must always be natural and not harmful to their bodies, especially that their stomachs are more sensitive compared to us humans. If you want something that can guarantee the safety of your dog’s health, then you should probably try Beneful dog food.

This brand of dog food can be found in Walmarts and at a very affordable price. Beneful is filled with all natural ingredients, which aid your dog’s digestive system efficiently. You can purchase it at Walmart starting from $13.98 to $26.98 depending on the size of the bag that you buy. It contains omega fatty acids that help support your dog’s skin and make it glossy. The Beneful dog bag comes in different flavors as well, so that means you can choose which one your dog will like best. It supports healthy muscles and contains antioxidants.

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Teachings Of The Kabbalah Center

by Chris Holden - May 29th, 2017

The Kabbalah Center International is an American non-profit organization. The organization has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. However, there are other offices in different parts of Europe, Asia, North America, and South America. The Kabbalah Center International provides Kabbalistic teachings that focus on the Zohar and aim to improve the students’ lives. Most of the teaching is conducted online, through study groups, and regional and city-based centers.

The Kabbalah Center was originally founded in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. However, Rav Phillip Berg founded the organization in the United States in 1965 as The National Research Institute of Kabbalah. After the death of Berg, his wife and children took over as the Directors of the organization. Click Here for Kabbalah news.

The teachings of the Kabbalah touch on different aspects of the world. The Kabbalah Center believes that all religions are branches of the universal wisdom. It is for this reason that the organization believes that religions like Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism resemble their sect. The Kabbalah does not see itself as an alternative to any religion. Instead, it views itself as a supplement to the existing religions. Kabbalah at LinkedIn.

The Kabbalah believes that our five senses only show us one percent of the reality of the world. The remaining 99 percent cannot be revealed through our senses. The Kabbalah also believes that we should be concerned about the relationship we have with the essence of God. They believe the God is beyond human understanding. The Kabbalah Center believes that Judaism has always incorporated astrology into their teachings. Many Jewish scholars studied astrology in the Middle Ages. The Kabbalah tradition teaches its students that cosmic forces have an effect on things that happen in the world.

Yehuda Berg, a former teacher of the Kabbalah International Center, wrote a book on the teachings of sex. In his book, he recommends that men should not masturbate because it is meaningless. He stated that men should not orgasm before the woman because it is a sign of selfishness. Berg also wrote that the essence of God is derived from sex that occurs after midday and Saturday morning. for more.

Lifeline Screening is a Pre-Emptive Strike Against Future Bad Health

by Chris Holden - May 25th, 2017

Unfortunately, we live in a phase where many people forego regular visits to their doctors and consequently don’t maintain their state of good health as they probably should. There are many ailments and diseases where the symptoms are absent of minor at the outset of the disease. Cancer and heart problems are two such examples that have minor beginnings as far as an individual is concerned, but can have catastrophic results later on.

Lifeline Screening is a company that provided diagnostic screenings to determine the current problems that an individual may have regarding significant symptoms that could predict problems. These tests are all FDA approved and can be found in hospitals and stand-alone testing laboratories. They are not normally in doctors offices, so Lifeline is a great way for people to get checked for their current state of health in a relatively inexpensive way.

The tests consist of an ultrasound screening, a finger-stick blood sample, and a limited electrocardiograph. The ultrasound is very similar to the test that is given to a pregnant mother who desires to find out what sex her child is. This can check arteries for blockages, such as the carotid arteries in the neck, the aorta in the abdomen, and bone density which can measure for osteoporosis. Click here to know more.

The finger-stick blood test takes just a few drops of blood from the fatty part of a finger and can develop a complete blood panel that can test for levels of cholesterol, glucose screening which can measure diabetes, and a c-level that can test for cardiovascular disease.

The limited electrocardiograph can detect an irregular heartbeat in an individual, or atrial fibrillation as it is known. This is also called A-Fib, and it can be a very dangerous condition as it can cause blood clots which cause strokes.

People would be wise to seek the results that can be derived from the Lifeline Screening Procedures which can lead to early detection of various conditions that could be problems later on.

Dr. Greg Finch and His Expertise in Major Orthopedic Procedures

by Chris Holden - May 24th, 2017

Dr. Greg Finch, a Queensland-based orthopedic surgeon, is known for his expertise in the major orthopedic procedures. He has greater knowledge and experience in spine surgery, total joint replacement, and total shoulder replacement. Spine surgery is conducted due to various reasons, and the prominent is due to back pain. The spine surgery is highly beneficial for people due to it reduces the back pain, and there are additional benefits such as increased body activity and greater physical efficiency. Spinal Fusion is the most popular spine surgery, and in that, the surgeons connect the vertebra bones to reduce the movements of bones in the spine which translates to less stretching of nerves.


Usually, people who are diagnosed with severe arthritis go for the total joint replacement. It greatly relieves the pain and increases the flexibility of joints. In the procedure, the physicians assess any joints and look for options to replace the damaged joints with plastic and metal parts which exactly look and work like the joints and ensures healthy functioning. In the case of total shoulder replacement, it is providing better relieve from the shoulder pains over time. Similar to joint replacements, here also the damaged bones and cartilages are replaced with plastic and metal parts to work exactly how the shoulder works.


Dr. Greg Finch is highly specialized in multiple types of spine surgeries such as adult deformity, cervical spine surgery along with disc replacement, and minimally invasive spine surgery. He is currently working with The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital located in Queensland, Australia. Greg Finch has more than 15 years of experience in orthopedic surgery and worked with a number of hospitals.


Greg Finch worked with Shriners Hospitals for Children, Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Royal Perth Hospital, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, and more. He is also a member of major spine surgery organizations and orthopedic associations. Dr. Finch completed his MBBS from the University of Auckland and did his FRACS in Orthopedic Surgery from Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.