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Healthcare Investment Titans Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod Reunite Forces

by Chris Holden - August 16th, 2018

Shaking the healthcare investment sector, two industry giants Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbord have reunited forces on a project that is yet to unfold.

Each of these investment professionals has a rich history of credibility in their field. Weisbrod saw his beginnings in academics. Graduating with his BA in Chemistry from Colgate University, he was a persistent student. He went on to earn a PhD in Biochemistry from Princeton University in 1980, but he didn’t stop there. Weisbrod then gained his MBA in Finance from Columbia University in 1986. Backed by an incredible education, he worked with major investment companies, such as Oracle Partners, Harpel Partners, and Merrill Lynch.

Now with over twenty years of academic and professional healthcare investment know-how beneath his belt, Weisbrod went on to co-found the biotechnology investment company Merlin in 1998. The firm was highly successful, as Weisbrod built a team inevitably bound for prosperity. One key player on Weisbrod’s team was Jacob Gottlieb, who worked as portfolio manager in 2000. Merlin saw returns of over one hundred percent in 1999 and 2000, earning the respect in the industry necessary for accruing distinguished clients. Major pension funds, family-run offices, endowments, and those with high net worth saw the growth of Merlin and felt inclined to opt in as clients.

But Weisbrod, ever striving to achieve his greatest in his sector, exceeded his success with Merlin to found Iguana Healthcare Partners. The firm focuses on publically-owned companies in healthcare, with an emphasis on versatility in changing conditions.

Gottlieb, similarly, founded his very own firm after working with Merlin. Gottlieb’s company, Visium Assett Management, grew from a $300 million to $2.5 billion by 2008, and then to $8 billion in 2008. Come 2016, Visium’s monumental success halted, as three executives suffered accusations of insider trading and mismarking. In the wake of resulting FBI and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigations, Gottlieb was never charged and made valiant effort to return all funds to investors. Given both Weisbrod and Gottlieb’s seasoned experience in healthcare investment, their new collaboration is sure to yield incredible progress in the investment world.

How Alex Hern Redefined The Home Buying Experience Online

by Chris Holden - August 14th, 2018

The world of technology has changed a lot over the years, but for the most part still relies on smart minds to figure out how to make the technology work harder for the consumers. Alex Hern is one of these people who has redefined the status quo to make sure that all of his tech products are within the reach of the average consumer. Long before there was Zillow and other online real estate tools Alex Hern had released another website that changed the way that we purchase and find new homes. The internet was still young and the technology was blossoming, thus was born. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

Alex Hern founded this company with the intention of revolutionizing how we find and make new home purchases using the internet. which was founded in 1996 was a revolutionary service and the first of its kind, connecting real estate agents and buyers directly to each other using the internet. featured an intuitive user interface that made it very easy to use and figure out, at a time when most websites were very much in their infancy. Alex Hern perfected the art of designing contemporary web products that connected the user to the product with ease, and this is where his internet companies have become such great investment vehicles for him. Follow Alex Hern on was just the first of many successful online ventures from Alex Hern, and to this day the company has morphed into Zillow which is the company that Alex Hern sold the online real estate website too after successful building it into a pioneering company. Like many of his internet ventures really revolutionized the process of home buyer, and nowadays consumers use the internet for just about every aspect of purchasing a new home for the first time, even down to choosing a realtor.


William Saito Leads the Field in Creating Software for Data Security

by Chris Holden - August 14th, 2018

William Saito was nothing short of being a child prodigy. His life story is compelling as told in the book “An Unprogrammed Life”. It is the captivating tale of a young genius who taught himself the trade and went on to become a serial business success story. He founded numerous successful companies as a result. Now, he continues his own work while helping others to realize their own success.


His success is no mystery, however. At the tender age of 10, a major stock brokerage hired William Saito to program stock algorithms. Imagine, a young man only in the fifth grade with those capabilities. He went on to start and sell three companies to Microsoft. The industry now recognizes him as one of the world’s foremost authorities on data security. His two passions are data security and entrepreneurship.


His areas of expertise include encryption, biometric technology, and authentication. His life mission is to help secure personal and corporate data from those who would steal it. As such, he has worked with anti-crime and anti-terrorist units that cover a number of complex fields. William Saito also worked with the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.K., and Japan.

The biometric software is that which can identify biological traits such as hands geometry, fingerprints, earlobe geometry, and iris and retina markers. The technology can also distinguish voice waves, signatures, and DNA markers. William Saito became a successful programmer in college and created I/Q software capable of integrating biometric data that would lead to such things like fingerprint and eye retina scanners. This type of software is the software utilized in identification recognition systems as well.


Everyone is now aware of the technology that can identify faces in a crowd even in difficult and uncontrolled environments. His book offers some incredible insights into his life and his amazing entrepreneurial abilities. Saito’s life serves as an inspiration to others. One of his most important commitments now is to help those who are just starting out by offering timely advice. He believes that failing fast and early can lay the groundwork for later success.


That is an interesting take on things because most people do not like to fail. He also believes that this feeling results from a societal need to pursue perfection. As a result, all 25 companies that he chose to invest in have been a huge success.

Vijay Eswaran, the motivational speaker

by Chris Holden - August 7th, 2018

Vijay Eswaran is a man of many talents and as a result, standing tall in the crowded market. Vijay Eswaran has not only excelled in being a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist but also a motivational speaker. He is an economist by training enabling him to start up and run a multimillion dollar business enterprise. One of the unique aspects that have given Vijay a competitive edge is his motivational skills. Throughout Asia, Vijay has written several motivational books as well as spoken extensively on critical topics such as leadership, business, life management and personal development. When not actively involved in the managing his global business or offering motivational speeches, he is in South East Asia advocating for improved quality of high education. His work and giving back to the community has seen him receive many awards for entrepreneurship as well as business leadership.


The new book Two Minutes from the Abyss by Vijay Eswaran is out and available online. For the lovers of motivation books, this is a masterpiece that you need to grab and go through each page. The theme of the book is to compel people to live now since tomorrow is not guaranteed. In his new book, Vijay Eswaran talks of the importance of people taking change since it’s the only static aspect in life. One of the biggest lessons from the new book is that tomorrow is not promised and after every second our lives are ending so make most out of it. In addition to the new book, Vijay Eswaran has written other motivation articles such as ways fear drives success, stages of change among others. In the motivation texts, they are written using a language that is easier for all the readers to understand with ease. For instance, in the stages of change, he commences by advising people to attract positive thought because people are like a magnet. Change is bitter and difficult since it’s like going uphill.

Brian Torchin Influences Medical Staffing Through Insight and Business Ethics

by Chris Holden - July 30th, 2018

The problem with the medical field at present has a lot to do with staffing. Currently the staffing market for medicine is in flux, rife with short-term turnovers and staffing shortages. The shortages have a lot to do with the stress inflicted on medial professionals. A causation that Brian Torchin talks about in length. The CEO of HCRC Staffing Solutions has written many articles on the subject, his most recent called, “Medical Mindfulness: Beating Physician Burnout”. But Torchin is not just talking about the troubles with the staffing market, he is also doing something about it, and his example is influencing many others in the market as well. Visit SlideShare to find out more.

Trochin has a Bachelor’s of Exercise Science from University of Delaware. After getting a degree in chiropractic medicine from New York College, Brian Torchin went to work. It was during his tenure in the medical field that Torchin realized how hard it was for medical professionals to find work. As CEO of HCRC Brian Torchin helms a top-level company for the matchmaking of talented doctors, nurses and other practitioners with the high demands for staff in respective medical fields. CNN even went as far as to call Brian Torchin one of the best health recruiters in America. His unothodox tactics have brought great success to not only his company, but the professionals and employers that seek their help.

HCRC uses its own team of medical professionals to consult for employers. The minute they make a request those professionals contact a wide variety of potential candidates, which the personally vet over the phone. This happens right before a generated list of passable candidates is handed back to the employer. It is a quick turnaround and generates a very reliable list. The employers are not charged for any of this until a candidate is hired, so it is in HCRC’s best interest to ensure that those candidates are the best. Read this article:


The Team At Organo Gold Celebrates International Coffee Day With Some Coffee Recipe Ideas

by Chris Holden - July 29th, 2018

Since September 29th is International Coffee Day that is a great day for coffee lovers to indulge in another cup beyond what they usually drink. The first International Coffee Days was celebrated in 2015 and it has become a day where there are special events as well as promotions by coffee retailers. The main reason that the International Coffee Organization created this day, though, was to shine a light on the hardships that coffee growers face. View Organo Gold’s profile on

Organo Gold offers a line of premium coffees along with other beverages and health supplements. While their coffee tastes great as is they created a list of ways to spice up coffee in order to celebrate International Coffee Day. Their first idea they called Iced Orange Creamsicle Coffee. This is a great one to make in the summer and the recipe is started by grating an entire orange peel. You put that at the bottom of your coffee filter, add the grounds, and magic is created.


Pumpkin Spice Coffee is hugely popular around Halloween. However, it can also cost $5 or more at a coffeehouse. The team at Organo Gold says a better idea is to buy a jar of pumpkin spice at the grocery store which costs just a few bucks. The simplest idea is to just shake this over your coffee grounds and then brew them. If you want to get fancy then stick a fresh pumpkin slice in your water before you start boiling it.

The final idea Organo Gold offers up is Cinnamon Mocha. For this you need a packet of hot cocoa mix which you blend into the coffee after you’re brewed it. You then add a bit of milk, cream, or almond milk and either a drop of cinnamon oil or instead two shots of cinnamon syrup. You can use ground cinnamon but it won’t turn out as well. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Herbalife Incorporates Artificial Intelligence into Its Business Practices

by Chris Holden - July 24th, 2018

An article from I Am Herbalife’s website talks about Artificial Intelligence and how it has changed the way consumers are living. Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more popular in the everyday lives of people around the world. The article mentions self-driving cars and purchasing experiences as examples of current Artificial Intelligence.


The article goes on to discuss that Artificial Intelligence is being used more and more by companies as a special “commercial advantage.” A Fortune 500 CEO survey showed that 54% percent of people believed that AI was significant in the future of their companies. The survey also showed that 56% of consumers said that AI would help solve societal problems in health and well-being. Herbalife is committed to applying solutions that are driven by Artificial Intelligence to help to improve their customers’ experiences.


Herbalife wants to set a tool to listen to their customer’s feedback so that the company can make any necessary improvements to their customers experiences. The article mentions that Herbalife wants to use AI to do this. The company believes that this will help make sure that they can be more responsive to the needs of their customers and allow those customers access to answers 24 hours a day.


Herbalife is making use of AI devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home to allow our customers to interact in a more technological way and build their voice. Herbalife wants to use these personal assistant devices to answer frequently asked questions about their products or services and make information more accessible. This strategy will build consumer confidence in the company.


The article discusses that Herbalife stills wants the human element involved in their company business ideas, but plan on using this Artificial Intelligence as a leveraging tool to provide better service to their customers.


Herbalife Nutrition is a company that sells nutritional supplements and personal-care and weight management products. Mark Hughes, Herbalife’s founder, started the nutrition company in 1980 by selling these nutritional products from the trunk of his car. Hughes creation of the Herbalife products came from his mother who died due to an eating disorder. By 1988, Herbalife products were being sold worldwide throughout Mexico, Japan, Israel, Spain, and New Zealand. In 2016, it was reported that the company had an impressive net sales of $4.488 billion and net income of $260.0 million. Herbalife’s headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California. The company is global and operates in 95 countries.

End Citizens United Looks Beyond The Establishment To Halt Big Money In U.S. Politics

by Chris Holden - July 24th, 2018

The traditional PAC, End Citizens United has been working to change the way money is allowed to flow into the campaigns of politicians. Although the PAC was established in 2015 in Washington D.C., the nationwide group has become one of the most important for Democrat’s who are flocking to receive the endorsement of the organization. The PAC reports around 96 percent of Americans now believe money in politics is interfering with the democratic system.

Among those to receive an early endorsement from the PAC is Texas Senate hopeful, Beto O’Rourke who has been working to overcome incumbent Senator Ted Cruz. The work being done by O’Rourke, with the aid of End Citizens United has seen the gap between the pair narrow from a reported 18 point lead for Cruz to just five percent. Beto O’ Rourke is reported by End Citizens United to sit just eight percent behind Cruz in the polls with the University of Texas reporting a narrower five-point lead.

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The meteoric rise of End Citizens United in the last three years comes after the U.S. Supreme Court permitted the influx of funds from billionaire donors and organizations into politics. The Supreme Court decision would become known as Citizens United and saw Republicans including the Koch Brothers permitted to provide billions of dollars in funding for right-wing groups. The majority of research agrees Republicans are the biggest beneficiaries of the Citizens United decision which is why the PAC decided to back Democrats in upcoming elections.

It is shocking to discover the reason behind the main reason behind the influx of funding in U.S. politics was a movie, “Hillary: The Movie.” The Citizens United group provided the funding for the movie and its broadcast but refused to reveal where the funds came from. Although Hillary Clinton lost out on the 2008 nomination for the Presidency to President Obama, the fight over the Citizens United decision of that year continued until 2010 when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United. End Citizens United was established to protect the remaining election finance rules and fight to reverse the Citizens United decision.

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Perseverance and Hard Work are the Basis of Hussain Sajwani’s Success

by Chris Holden - July 23rd, 2018

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most wealthy and powerful men and real estate developers in the world and yet he has managed to maintain a down to earth realness that is not often found in those who are among the highest levels of the worlds elite. This unique trait comes, without a doubt from his early life, where he learned the valuable lessons of fairness, honesty, loyalty, hard work, and perseverance. It’s is the latter two of these traits that have been the foundation of his professional success throughout his entire life.

Sajwani’s life started out humbly. His father ran a small but successful shop where he sold high-end watches, ink pens, and other accessories to businessmen who were at the forefront of the economic boom the middle east was experiencing during the early days of the oil surge of the 60’s and 70’s. It was these men who instilled into young Hussain (@HussainSajwaniOfficial) the desire to have more in his life than the simple existence of a shopkeeper and family man. Gone was the foregone conclusion that he would follow in his father’s footsteps, instead he decided that he wanted to have a professional life. He first attended a medical university on a full government scholarship but found that his heart wasn’t into it. Instead, he returned home and pursued his real passion, real estate development.

Within a few short years, he had formed the first incarnation of what today would be known as the DAMAC Group. Things progressed quickly and soon the company had millions of square feet of high-end real estate under development across all sectors. It would be the beginnings of a highly successful time that would lead to the company being expanded, reorganized, rebranded, and diversified many times over. His expertise and skill in the real estate market would lead him to working with some of the most influential developers all over the world, including Donald Trump, then future president of the united states, to build super luxury properties and ultra exclusive venues catering to the richest and most powerful. Sajwani also was once awarded with the Top Real Estate CEO award.

It was not an easy road, but it was one that he was able to traverse while still maintaining his sense of family, honor, and integrity that he learned while sitting in his father’s shop as a young boy. It was these lessons that have guided him to success and to being among the most respected businessmen in the world. To know more about the man behind DAMAC, visit their website.

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Jeff Aronin’s Desire to Improve Lives

by Chris Holden - July 22nd, 2018

Many people around the world are facing rare diseases in which not too much can be done about it. However, that is all about to change. Jeff Aronin is fighting to help improve the lives of these people that are facing rare diseases.


Jeff Aronin is a Philanthropist and CEO of Paragon Biosciences. The sole purpose of this is to help others live their best lives. This company’s mission is to help people who are struggling with which are very rare and hard to treat. There are only a few treatment options and then there are none at all.


How does Paragon Biosciences go about this process? They create and they also develop medical companies. The intention of this is to also create new prescription medications and treatments. However, the leadership of Paragon Biosciences has been great for the past decade. There have been 13 new medications that were approved by the FDA. It is also noted that the rate of approval can only be rivaled by big pharmaceutical companies.


Jeff Aronin’s business model offers financial and strategic assistance to biotechnology companies that are really striving to create new medication. Paragon works hard to really get to know the needs of the patient. They also work fast for a breakthrough in science, and to help build companies to extend the life of these patients. The company has a really great business plan in which it has helped to get them were they are today.


Jeff Aronin has been in the biotechnology industry for 20 years and he knows how research methods can be complicated, disorders that are very rare, and how to develop new medicines that may help with these rare disorders. He is a great leader and is known for helping others. His leadership skills allows him to find other researchers that care about the lives of others and to help find a cure for rare medical conditions and fatal illnesses.


Jeff Aronin definitely has the proper educational background that is needed to change the lives of others suffering from medical conditions. This is why he decided to create his own company. In the year 2000, he created Ovation Pharmaceuticals to help patients who have critical health conditions.