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Bruno Fagali: How To Select A Reliable Attorney

by Chris Holden - April 29th, 2017

Are you researching law firms or attorneys in Brazil? Do you want to hire a competent lawyer to handle your difficult legal situation? If you are serious about retaining a powerful attorney in Brazil, it is imperative to contact Bruno Fagali – one of the most reputable and experienced attorneys in Brazil

Bruno Fagali has been in practice for many years and is well known for advising and representing many different clients in a wide variety of legal matters. His clients include corporate executives, business owners, high-profile individuals and others who are in need of high quality legal service.

Choosing an attorney for a legal matter or for advice is an important decision and should be handled properly. Whether it’s for a business issue or you need a lawyer for personal legal matter, it is extremely important to do your home work before deciding who to choose.

Watch Bruno Fagali YouTube Channel for more information.

With a renowned lawyer like Bruno Fagali by your side, you can rest assured that your case will be addressed by a competent legal professional.


Bruno Fagali is an expert in Regulatory Law, Urban Law, Compliance and Administrative Law. Bruno Fagali has practiced in these areas for many years and his clients rave about the excellent services he has provided to them.

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White Shark Media Prioritizes the Interests of its Clients

by Chris Holden - April 29th, 2017


The reputation of White Shark Media lies in its ability to develop and provide remarkable online marketing solutions that steer businesses of all sizes to their success. On several occasions, this digital marketing hub has emerged as the leading digital firm in the whole of North America. The company has perfected the trick of engineering affordable search marketing programs and offering one of a kind client experience. For many years, many customers have reached out to White Shark Media with compliments, but the firm has tackled several complaints as well. This piece will outline the tactics that White Shark uses to deal with grievances from clients.


  1. Enlightening client about AdWords campaigns


White Shark Media realized that customers could not easily access information about their AdWords campaigns. The digital giant moved with speed and put in place measures to ensure every client knows all the crucial details of his or her campaign.


  1. Optimizing communication


With White Shark Media being a consultancy firm, communication is primarily its main important task. The company introduced scheduled monthly calls, which provides a chance for customers to receive monthly reports as well as go through 30 days results under the guidance of SEM Strategists. A state-of-the-art online conferencing tool dubbed GoToMeeting facilitates the meeting between SEM strategists and clients.


  1. Boosting the performance of current and new AdWords campaigns


White Shark Media concerns itself with the production of well-performing campaigns. The company ensures that its customers are receiving candid feedback on the performance of their campaigns by teaming up each SEM Strategist with a supervisor.


White Shark Media is in the process of adding more solutions to its already existing digital marketing tactics. SEO services are on top of the list of marketing solutions that the firm will introduce. Currently, White Shark assists clients in picking the right SEO firm.

The Lung Institute Helps People With Lung Problems

by Chris Holden - April 27th, 2017

Every medical disease is tough on the people who have the disease and the love ones of the people affected by the disease. No diseases are the same. Each disease has things that it does that impact the people with the disease in various ways. Although no one will say that one disease is tougher than another, there are some diseases that can do more harm to the human body than others. Also, there are some diseases that can cause death while others are not as severe.

For the people that have a disease, the particular disease that they have is the one that is the problem. The medical problems caused by the disease are real and cannot be compared to another disease. One type of disease that many people have to deal with is lung disease. The lungs are an area of the body that is rarely talked about by many people. However, the lungs are one of the most important body parts. Without the lungs or the lungs working properly, it is difficult for people to live on the capabilities of their lungs.

Other means of providing the functions that the lungs provide are needed. Concerning the body, the lungs are what bring air in and out of the body. Without the ability to take in air and exhale air, people cannot live. This is why the lungs are so vital to life. Even a slight reduction in the ability of the lungs to perform can cause severe problems for the human body. In the medical field, there is a constant attempt to find new methods or to improve current methods related to helping people with lung diseases.

An institute that is making end roads with ways of helping people combat lung disease is The Lung Institute. At the Baylor College of Medicine based institution there are numerous medical related activities that go on simultaneously. At any given time, there is medical research being conducted related to the lungs. In addition, The Lung Institute provides medical assistance to people with lung disease and lung problems.

One of the areas of research at The Lung Institute that is receiving attention is the use of stem cells in the treatment of lung diseases. The institute does stem cell research but is actively helping people with stem cell treatments. Visit the testimonials page to learn more.

Lung Institute Social Media Accounts

Yanni Hufnagel is a Rising Star in the World of College Basketball

by Chris Holden - April 26th, 2017

Unlike other people who become wealthy as a result of their academic or professional attainments, the story of Yanni Hufnagel is different. At only 30 years of age, he is set to become a big name in the world of sports in general, but specifically in Basketball. Born and bred in Scarsdale, he started playing for his University side in Cornell from where he graduated. Presently, he is at Harvard, not as a professor, but as an assistant coach. Under his training, and with only four seasons on the bench, the team won the Ivy League last year. This ability means the sky is the limit for this Jewish man, who is touted as one of the brightest upcoming coaches in the country.

The Jewish Coaches Association is keen on having a pedigree of players and coaches similar to NBA, and that is where Yanni Hufnagel comes in. Although in this category there is a difference in expectations because you don’t have to be very tall or athletic-looking to qualify. As long as one displays prowess and promise in sports, one can naturally rise to the top of college basketball. Another star in the same category rising on the horizons is the coach of Memphis University, Josh Pastner who will face his counterpart this Saturday. Known respectively as the most energetic recruiter and the most skilled team-player, theirs will be a fascinating encounter of college games in recent times. During his college days, Yanni Hufnagel was quite a vital player for many college sides.

Yanni Hufnagel has had a long and colorful basketball career spanning many teams of coaching colleges in America. The assisting coach to Nevada men’s Wolf Pack, he was at one time with California Golden Bears, also as an assistant coach, Harvard Crimson, and Vanderbilt Commodores just to name a few. That is why he is believed to be the leading recruiter in the circuit of college basketball games.

Eric Pulier Highlights the Nature of Technological Innovation

by Chris Holden - April 24th, 2017

The tech industry is one of the most important and exciting fields in the modern world. It’s also rapidly becoming a rather confusing one. Various high tech fields are fusing into a unified whole which can be difficult to get a hold of. This is one of the reasons why the leaders in the tech industry are so important. In many ways the lives of men like Eric Pulier define the tech industry better than any textbook. The earliest years of software development and the earliest years of Pulier’s life occur at the same time. He was there to shape and be shaped by it.


One of the most notable things about Pulier is that his entry into software development didn’t come out of academic necessity. In fact, he didn’t even have the chance to take programming classes at the time. In 1984 programming classes were restricted to the occasional university campus. And Pulier himself was only in 4th grade. Despite his age, he was fascinated by computers. That fascination led to self education. And that same drive led him to found a database centered development company by the time he was in high school.


One might imagine that this would lead to a singular focus on software development in college. But in reality, Pulier’s wide range of interests shows just how the modern developer needs to relate to the world. He certainly did place a heavy academic interest in technology. During his time at Harvard he also served as editor of the school’s official paper. This range of interests would be seen throughout his life. Since 4th grade, technology has been a component of Pulier’s life. But at the same time it’s always been balanced by a keen interest in the world at large. Just one example of that can be found in his charitable endeavors. He’s the VP of cloud operations for Painted Turtle, a camp for children who suffer from chronic illness.


All of these example’s from Pulier’s life illustrate one main point. His success in the tech sector hasn’t come from a singular interest in technology. Instead that interest in technology is just one component of a much larger desire to make the world a better place. This is the true face of technological innovation. Not a single technology, but rather the desire of talented people to find ways of using science to improve the world.


Draw My Life by Wengie

by Chris Holden - April 21st, 2017

In the video Draw My Life, Wengie (2016) describes her personal life in her own unique way. Wengie’s parents moved to Australia when she was a little girl. So, she had to live with her grandparents for a few years. After she turned four years old, her grandfather brought her to see her parents in Melbourne. After a few years, she moved to Sydney because her father got a new job.

A lot of things were changed since she moved with her parents. For instances, she did not have friends, and toys to play with. Therefore, she created her own DIY toys, such as princes toys, robots, transformers, and animated turtles. Furthermore, Wengie illustrates her biggest struggles were in school. She was doing very well in academic subjects but not in social skills. As a result, she tried her best to make friends in high school. There were two things are happened during her high school years. First, she created her own website that related to animated drawings. Second, she found out that her mother was pregnant.

Moreover, Wengie states that she had to study hard to get a scholarship because her mother would not pay her tuition. She was doing a good job and got a full scholarship, although accounting was not something that she wanted to study. She was glad that she could help her parents financially. After 4 years, she was graduated and got a job in a big company. She claimed that she was not happy. She said “Creative Accounting is illegal.” She could not express herself in this field then she resigned from that company. After she resigned, she began to look for other opportunity. Finally, she got a new job as a social media consultant. She learned a lot from her new employer. Now, she has a lot of clients, she writes blogs, and makes videos.


Technology and Fashion are Inseparable as Explained by Chris Burch

by Chris Holden - April 20th, 2017

There is a very interesting relationship between the fashion industry and the technological industry. As much as the two industries keep evolving over time, they remain conjoined in such a way that fashion evolves to become fashionable while fashion evolves to become technologically fashionable. Christopher Burch, the founder of Burch Creative Capital, was analyzing the past, the present, and the future trends in the two industries.


Past Trends


The fashionable technology in the 1970s and 80s was the use of boom boxes in carrying, playing, and recording music. Boom boxes were sensational: they came with a handle that made them portable and double cassette decks. The 90s came with a different fashion. The boom boxes were out fashioned by the more personalized and portable Walkman audio players. Fast forward to the 21st; the fashionable music gadgets are the iPods.


Current Trends


Today, fashion designers are adding a pinch of technological innovation to their products. Case in point, two fashion queens, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, recently designed airbags that cyclists wear around the neck for protection in the event of accidents. These airbags are replacing the traditional helmets that are not only bulky but also limiting regarding the area of view. Another example is the use of Frontline Gloves by firefighters to communicate during their firefighting operations. The special gloves were designed by Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon.


The Future


Fashion designers are already making inroads into designing clothing that can tap the kinetic energy and convert it to electrical energy. With such clothing, people will be able to generate enough power to charge devices, such as music players, while running.


About Chis Burch


Chris Burch is an expert and an investor in technology and fashion industries. He was the man behind C. Wonder, an apparel currently owned by Xcel Brands. He is also a partner to Ellen DeGeneres with whom they launched ED by Ellen Degeneres.

Chris is involved in charity. He supports charitable organizations, such as The Henry Street Settlement and The Sumba Foundation among many others.



Highland Capital Appoints Linda Owen To Manage The Company’s Philanthropic Arm

by Chris Holden - April 19th, 2017

Linda Owen is the new charitable giving manager at Highland Capital Management. She has joined James Dondero in his efforts to expand the company’s charitable giving. Linda is a renowned philanthropist. Additionally, she is the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation’s former president. Linda will be charged with the duty of providing the firm’s philanthropic arm with innovative strategies that will enhance its charitable giving. She will work closely with the Dallas Foundation

While announcing her appointment, James Dondero noted that his company had recognized the need of recruiting a professional to take charge of its charitable giving. He posited that such an individual will be able to successfully lead the company’s arm and ensure that its donations have maximum impact. Dondero was pleased with Linda’s acceptance of her new job. In addition, he pointed out at her proven record and knowledge of Dallas. James went on to say that, the philanthropist shares Highland Capital’s vision.

Highland Capital is one of the leading financial donors in Dallas. The company donates more than $3 million every year to various charitable organizations. Mostly, these resources focus on supporting education, health care, veterans, and the Dallas community. Some of the organizations that have benefited from their contributions are the Center for Brain Health, the Dallas Zoo, Uplift Education, The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, and the American Heart Association.

Linda said that she was pleased to join Highland’s charitable organization. She recognized James Dondero’s commitment to charity. She noted that his contributions, through Highland Capital, had positively changed lives in Dallas and beyond. Linda added that she was excited to work alongside James Dondero.

About Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is an asset managing company. It is also fully registered with the SEC. In 1993, James Dondero and Mark Okada founded the company. Under the leadership of Dondero, the company has grown to become one of the largest alternative credit managers globally. Its services include credit hedge funds, distressed and special situation private equity, long-only funds, separate accounts, and collateralized loan obligations. The asset managers have extensive experience in the financial sector. Owing to their success in the market, the company has been able to expand its operations to different countries, including Singapore, Seoul, and Sao Paolo.


The Proactive Life And Career Of Adam Milstein

by Chris Holden - April 18th, 2017

There are different ways to live life. One way is to allow life to just happen and take it as it comes. The other way is to be assertive and proactive and make life happen the way one wants it to happen. Adam Milstein is one of the more proactive people. He does not wait for something to come for him. He understands that not everything that comes is going to be something that he wants. This is why he works diligently towards any goal that he may have for his life, career and philanthropy. Being an active person is one of the best ways to become a very influential person in the Jewish community.


One thing that Adam Milstein does in his career is seek out many different philanthropic organizations. He of course looks at them in order to figure out whether or not they are worth investing in. If the organization aligns with his values, then he will make donations to them. One thing he understands as a philanthropist is that he can’t save the world on his own. He needs assistance. The best way to get assistance is to find other people and organizations that share similar goals.


Adam Milstein has a lot of wisdom that comes with experience. He has always managed to keep busy. One good thing about him is that he has managed to find a way to like every job that he does so that he will be able to use it as experience to help him reach his goals. He is very organized and is willing to take on new projects as long as they are in line with his goals. Being such a proactive person is what allows Adam Milstein to not only be involved in philanthropic activities, but also influence others to do similar things.




Focus on the Greyhound Diaries and Doug Levitt

by Chris Holden - April 14th, 2017

Doug Levitt has travelled over 120,000 miles across the United States aboard Greyhound Buses in 13 years. Doug gets up close and personal with the forgotten underbelly of the American society daily in his part book research part art project. He chose to use this means of transport that is viewed by most Americans as “the last resort.” Doug states that these buses often ferry a lot of ex-offenders as they get bus passes to where they were convicted. He recently met a man who had a swastika tattoo on his arm and they spent the 20-hour journey talking about the prison system. The seat mate explained to Doug how prisoners divide themselves down to racial lines and how they turn into white supremacists fast.

What is The Greyhound Diaries All About?

In 2004, Mr. Levitt who is a former CNN war correspondent, formed part of a team that was encouraging people to register as voters for John Kerry, who was the Democratic presidential nominee then. He boarded these buses and travelled across the U.S. from one undecided town to the other. It was during his travels that he saw something that fascinated him. He managed to met different kinds of people than he had ever met being a broke artist based in LA and having grown up in DC in a middle class family. Doug Levitt sums up his travels in the Greyhound buses as seeing America in the widest ever angle as every strain of the society is found inside the bus. After the elections were over, Doug did not stop traveling with the Greyhound buses. He enjoys sharing the story about his father’s suicide when he was just 16 years old as it has helped him deal with the trauma well.

About Doug Levitt

Doug Levitt is an American writer and singer-songwriter, who is better known for his project “The Greyhound Diaries.” His project has resulted in a number of stories, songs and images of other travelers that he meets on his travels who are struggling to get by. He has been featured on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Billboard, The Wall Street Journal and Reuters. Levitt is an alumni of Cornell University and later enrolled at the London School of Economics where he did his Masters in International Relations.