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Smoking Man Will Appear in X-Files Revival

by Chris Holden - May 28th, 2015

When X-files aired its series finale, fans were fairly certain the mysterious Smoking Man was gone for good. But, Fox has just confirmed, William B. Davis, the Smoking Man, will reprise his role for the 2016 series revival. In addition to adding members of the original cast, David Duchovny has also hinted that the revival isn’t necessarily the end of the franchise. There have been rumors that a second season could be aired after the original revival, and even then – no one is talking about the series being over forever. What we do know about 2016 X-files episodes is that there will a combination of mythology and stand alone episodes. No matter what Fox and the original cast come up with, one thing is certain, everyone will love every minute they get to spend watching Mulder and Scully do their thing on the small screen.

Thanks to Amen Clinic for this awesome Washington Post article that showed me this news.

“The Divergent Series: Allegiant – Part 1″ Begins Filming

by Chris Holden - May 26th, 2015

The box office has seen a recent trend of adaptations from dystopian young adult, or “Y.A,” novels; “The Divergent Series,” “Maze Runner” trilogy, and the final leg of “The Hunger Games” are all testaments of this trend. With the cyclical methodology of these releases comes the announcement that “Allegiant – Part 1″ has begun principal filming in Atlanta and with the same director as Insurgent.

“The Divergent Series” books are set within an alternate Earth whose civilization is split according to rigid personalities. Citizens within this world whom don’t clearly fit within accepted guidelines are branded as “divergent” outcasts. While the last two entries received conflicted reviews from those like Ricardo Tosto and shrinking profits, Lionsgate still believes that the film adaptations are solid earners thanks to cheap production costs and a diehard cadre of fans of the book series.

“Allegiant – Part 1″ is set to debut in March of 2016, with the second half planned to debut one year later.

Kraft Chooses Not to Fight Appeal

by Chris Holden - May 26th, 2015

The confusing scandal continues for the NFL as they make headlines once again for the discipline against the New England Patriots and Tom Brady over the deflation of several balls during the AFC Championship game against the Colts. On Tuesday, Patriots Owner, Robert Kraft, held a news conference to announce that he would not fight the NFL’s harsh punishment against the team. The Patriots will receive the steepest penalty in NFL history by being fined $1 million and stripped of their first-round draft pick in 2016 and fourth-round draft pick in 2017. The move comes days after Kraft vowed to fight the punishment, but was not the first switch in strategy for the owner.

When Ted Wells’ findings were first released, Kraft stated that he would accept whatever penalty the NFL handed down, which is exactly what Ricardo Guimarães BMG thought he would say. However, once the NFL announced the extreme punishment, Kraft recanted and declared the organization would appeal. Now, after speaking behind closed doors with the commissioner, Roger Goodell, the owner has recanted once again during the league’s annual spring meetings. The NFLPA’s Assistant Director of External Affairs, George Atallah, responded swiftly after Kraft’s announcement and assured the public and Patriots Nation that the appeals process will continue. Kraft’s decision to stand down will not affect Tom Brady’s choice to appeal his four-game suspension, but it may be a move in good faith by the owner to Goodell.

Beneful Dog Food

by Chris Holden - May 22nd, 2015

Dogs are family, and that means keeping them safe, happy, and healthy is key. After all that is what people do for their immediate family members, and dogs are no different. Parents wouldn’t just feed their kids just anything without first making sure it was healthy. The same goes for dogs. That’s why Beneful brand dog food exists. It’s designed with ingredients that take care of a pup, and provide everything that they need.

Beneful dog food has the perfect balance of real and wholesome ingredients that are just what a dog needs! They provide the adequate nutrition, and not just that but dogs love the taste of it. Beneful comes in wet or dry dog food depending on what is your pups needs and wants. Beneful has a commitment to quality. This means that they make sure that each type of dog food that goes out is dog food that is simply the best for a persons beloved four legged friend.

Quality assurance is a series of standards and processes put in place to ensure that a product is safe, well-made, high in quality and consistent in its properties. It’s what we do to ensure that when you bring a cat food or dog food home, it’s safe to eat and made with ingredients that live up to our high standards. Beyond that, it ensures the consistency of our pet foods, so that every item will have the flavor your pet has come to love.

Beneful insures that they are only using high quality and nutritious ingredients. They’ve done the studies and they make sure that they meet all industry standards and requirements. Beneful doesn’t leave any type of their dog food unchecked. They ensure that the food is not only fresh, but safe for each and every dog that consumes it.

When it comes to the types of flavors that are provided, they are endless! This Purina-owned brand has the original option for dry dog food which uses real beef! Aside from that they offer others. There is healthy smile, healthy fiesta, healthy growth for puppies, and countless others including wet flavors and dog treats and snacks. It all depends on what the owner is looking for when it comes to their dog. There’s no shortage of options, and there is a Beneful flavor for every pup!

Overall, Beneful is filled with wholesome, healthy, and safe nutrients that dogs know and love. It’s all filled with the ingredients that owners trust and depend on.

Nicki Releases Multiple Videos

by Chris Holden - May 20th, 2015

Nicki has been working hard with a plethora of different videos. She released two this week, and a lot of buzz is circulating about her video with David Guetta called “Hey Mama”. The song has been around a while. Now Nicki is starting the buzz back up with the video for this single.

This is a hot song that Madison Street Capital can see gives Nicki that type of mass appeal. She is always able to get access to a pop and electronic crowd with the help of Guetta. He is the type of person that is able to really help artists – regardless of their genre – because he creates such excellent dance music.

The reality, however, is that working with Nicki is a two-way street. She helps David just as much he as helps her. Anyone that looks at the videos can tell this. It is evident from her pink wig in the video that she is a sight to behold. She is beautiful in this video, and she shines on the song as well. After performing a piece of the track on the Billboard Awards it was time to give the crowd a video for the song. This is another track that fans may be able to hear on the Nick Minaj tour. She is going to do some big things for the summer live, but her videos are the vehicles that keep fans in awe.

Are Gyms Really the Best Option

by Chris Holden - May 18th, 2015

You get up early in the morning only to get into your car and drag yourself to the local gym. You’ve purchased a year’s membership from the gym for a hefty fee and now you feel like you have to go to the gym all the time. There are tons of problems with going to the gym, and one of the main issues is that you are spending more time getting there and paying for the fees than you are actually working out. Also, you might feel uncomfortable doing certain exercises just because of the fact that you are around a lot of people who you do not know.

One of the things a lot of people are doing nowadays is giving up their gym membership and going with their own home exercises instead. Being able to workout in the comforts of home makes it a lot easier for you to find your style and what you like without worrying that people are all around you watching what you are doing. You may even find that you save tons of money on gas and membership fees because you can workout when and where you want without the confines of when the gym is actually opened for you to go to. This is why a lot of people at both VentureBeat and Handy have been making the decision to go home to workout instead of to their local gym for this.

Cop Injured during Boston Marathon Manhunt has Returned to Work

by Chris Holden - May 18th, 2015

Richard Donohue is a transit officer in Boston who was injured during the manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. Officer Donohue was shot by the Tsarnaev brothers during a confrontation with them in Watertown, Massachusetts on April 10, 2013. Donohue was shot in the leg during the shootout and another officer had performed first aid and CPR on the fallen officer until emergency services arrived. Doctors said that he may have bled to death if it wasn’t for the other officer stepping in to help him.

Folks at The Aspire New Brunswick (njbiz) is glad to know officer Donohue is now back to work after healing from his injury. On Friday, Officer Donohue was promoted to sergeant upon his return. His parents were at the ceremony and pinned his new rank to his uniform. When Sgt. Donohue was asked his opinion on the guilty verdict for the surviving Tsarnaev brother, he said that the guilty verdict brings him satisfaction but no happiness.

I understand that the officers find no joy in the verdict. It is a sad case all around and I hope that the victims, families, and officers can find peace within themselves in the future.

For the full story on Sgt. Donohue and his promotion, click the link to read it on

Patients Beware

by Chris Holden - May 18th, 2015

You can manage your medical records, but you will never have ownership. In 2000, a privacy rule allowed patients to obtain a copy of their medical records at a modest fee. The cost helps medical providers to recoup some of the fees for following protected healthcare information to patients.

Access to Medical Patients Help Patients Manage their Health Better

James Dondero even says that research shows that patients, who are actively involved in their treatment plan, have access to their medical information. They are more likely to engage in making better decisions, which leads to the avoidance of medical tests, surgeries, and procedures.

Medical Providers Fear Losing Patients Due to Patient Access

Patients have access to own medical records, poses a threat to medical providers, and hospitals. Restricting patient’s records confine patients to one or one group of physicians. Medical providers compete over patients, and allowing patients access to their medical records gives patients the choice to move their care from one physician to another without penalty.

It is easier for patients to move their care, and choose a doctor of their choice. However, with this freedom, there is an increase of 11 to 13 percent of patients migrating their care. Now patients can access their medical care through an online portal. Whenever they visit their doctor, the information in uploaded to a private medical portal, in which they can access with by creating an online account.

Summer Fashion Choices: Trends 2015

by Chris Holden - May 15th, 2015

For men’s fashion, summer is a time to get out of all those layers and show off a well-worked out body. The fashion motto for men in summer should be to keep it basic and clean. With the sun beating down so hard, cotton and linen are the ideal fabrics to go for because these are breathable and light. The colors tend to lean towards lighter, pastel shades. This year’s spring colors were light blue and deep greens. It seems that these colors are still not done as they are expected to make many appearances in the summer season.

In the following points, model Matt Landis shows the best fashion choices for summer –

Trunks Are Still In Business -
matt landis trunks
It is not just Matt Landis who is rocking these frappuccino Angeleno trunks. The idea is to let the trunks be the hero of the outfit. Since the summer season involves a lot of beach trips, it is important to ensure that the top is easy to take off. A zip front in neutral grey is the ideal combination. Shorts Are Sorted – The color of the shorts was tending towards deep greens and browns in the last season. Here, Matt Landis is wearing olive hoiller shorts.

matt landis olive
People who religiously follow fashion magazines would know that blue and green combination is considered to be as big a faux pas as wearing white after Labour Day. Surprisingly, both these previous sins are now a huge trend. The olive and deeper colored shorts should be paired with something soothing, like a Starlight shirt.Breathable Feet – One way to beat sweaty summer this season is going for footwear that is breathable and comfortable. No one likes restricted feet and men are choosing to go for flip flops and open toed footwear. 

Accessories – Must have male accessories for summer season are always going to be sunglasses and this season is no different. Standard aviators are classic and do the job well enough. Plus, they are versatile enough to go with most outfits as the sun seems unrelenting in its heat. The sweltering heat can also be combated with multi-colored bandanas.

The main thing to remember is comfort as it is the key word this season.

Supernatural Finale Possibilities

by Chris Holden - May 14th, 2015

The promo for next week’s episode of “Supernatural,” titled “Brother’s Keeper,” continues with the main story arc of Sam Winchester trying to save his brother Dean from the Mark of Cain.

According to Bruce Levenson on ESPN, at the beginning of the promo, a bleeding Castiel is shown in a broken mirror. The next image shows Dean breaking the mirror. Sam then blows up verbally at Castiel and says that the only way he feels he can save Dean is by ridding him of the Mark. Castiel then asks Sam about the “consequences” of curing it.

Dean blows up lights in what looks like a Mexican bar and then Death appears. Death tells Dean that he can remove the Mark of Cain, but there’s a condition. The next scenes show Crowley, Castiel and what looks like Crowley’s mom doing a spell and everyone being blown away from the spell bowl. The promo ends with Death, as he mentions the “condition,” walking toward Dean with his Scythe, which is larger then when last seen during Lucifer’s escape. Dean tells Death sarcastically: “That is just fantastic.”

What could the promo be hinting at about the future of Supernatural in Season 11? Death had already asked Dean during the apocalypse to take his job for a day. The promo could suggest that Death is a force possessing a person. This could mean that Dean might be Death’s choice to take over the job.