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George Soros Predicts a Financial Crisis

by Chris Holden - April 28th, 2016

Becoming a billionaire in the modern times is not an easy task. One must ensure that they have invested at least one billion dollars in a profitable business. Getting one billion for investment is a hard task for many on, so people have to look for other ways of earning and becoming successful people. The other way is by watching and carefully doing what the billionaires do. This way, you will make good amounts of money and invest in the right areas, where you earn good profits. These people have good knowledge in investments, and watching them will be of great help.

George Soros is one of the wealthy people should look out for. The Hungarian billionaire who is based in the United States of America is very wealthy, and all the years, he has managed to earn an important place in the hearts of many people due to the decisions he makes in his investments. He is the founder of Open Society, an international organization on that has helped many people from different nations in the world. He is also the founder of the Soros Foundation, one of the most successful companies in the United States.

Recently, during a financial conference, George Soros warned investors about an upcoming financial crisis. He asked all investor to be very keen and make their decisions wisely because a financial crisis that resembled the one that took place over eight years ago might be on the way. Due to the amount of respect and expertise the billionaire has acquired over the years, investors should take the advice seriously.

The 2008 financial crisis on originated from the developed nations then later on spread to the other countries that depended on them for their economic survival. The crisis was so bad, and up to date, some of the countries were not able to fully recover. Since then, many investors have been on the look out to avoid getting the problems experienced during the crisis.

This year, George Soros is warning investors that the financial crisis will not be coming from the developed nations like the United States. According to him, China, a developing country will be the result of the crisis. For some years now, China has been experiencing economic problems, and these problems are being transferred to the rest of the world. The current situation in the country resembles what happened years ago.

The currency of the nation has lost value in the past moths, worsening the situation. The interest rates from China are also negative, and according to the famous billionaire, this will have a serious impact on the economy of the whole world. The country will take several take several years before it can resume its original state. 

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Brian Bonar Surpassing Expectations of San Diego In Escondido

by Chris Holden - April 26th, 2016

Escondido is viewed as the hidden village lots tranquility exists in culture, traditional restaurants, and traditional food. Not until the tranquility changes to surpassed expectation by Brian through Bellamy the four-star hotel in Escondido. Brian has sought popular chefs, experts in what they do, waitresses who can describe the menu of some mushroom or corn soup like engineers and more to the one and only master of France chief art Ponasty.

Ponasty has made Escondido the hidden village his new home; tourists have found a new catch; the location of Bellamy in the large ranch is very catchy too. Food is beyond explanation; the grand cuisine made with French traditions is nothing like any other. Ponasty knows how to make his other chefs deliver the best.

Bellamy has a new face the dessert in the hotel, bistros just the right amount of fat, excellent mushroom ravioli with wine sauce. Ponasty has this made to the great taste and originality. If looking for traditions, warm environment, and originality Bellamy has all these.

Be sure to taste the most admired French delicacies, Ponasty has ensured that with him is the French artistry in cooking. He will make one want to return there all the time; Bellamy certainly is the home based chic in the northern region. It is a great place that has surpassed expectations of all the tourists in San Diego.

Brian Bonar an expert in mergers and acquisition, business development, contract organization and building design is the popular entrepreneur operating majorly in San Diego. He holds a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering and a master in mechanical engineering from Stafford University, he works perfectly as a major team leader and is known for his motivation to all his team personnel.

The San Diego Magazine reporter believes that currently, Bonar works as the chairman and the chief executive officer of Trucept and also a chief executive officer of Dalrada Financial Services. Despite his field of study, he is a strategist in business development, and he founded a company named Bezier Systems in 1991 and AMS Outsourcing.

Bonar has salon worked with imaging technologies as the firms the holder of connecting the Korean and Japanese market to the firm’s printers. IBM was his first company to interact with, and he worked there for a period of 16 years coordinating the outsourcing of motherboard pieces for IBM machines. Many of the people he has worked with recognize him as a great and a persuasive leader.

Brian Bonar believes in making things happen not waiting for them to happen; a trait that has earned him huge success. As a leader, he is a high holder of empathy to his fellow team and a bold decision maker. Bonar has also been recognizing the excellence of his sales and marketing skills. His drive is to innovate, reinvent and focus which definitely has worked very well for him.

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A Major Time Shift Effective in Venezuela on May 1st

by Chris Holden - April 18th, 2016

In order to help Venezuela’s energy needs, President Nicolás Maduro is reversing a legislation enacted by former President Hugo Cháves. President Maduro recently announced that Venezuela will go back to the old time system before former President Cháves turned Venezuela’s clocks back 30 minutes in 2007. Cháves made this change to allow students to go to school with the light out. President Maduro feels reverting back to the old time system can alleviate the country’s energy problems.

This time shift will put Venezuelan time four hours behind GMT.

The main issue with Venezuela’s energy at the moment according to Danilo Diaz has to do with a massive drought in the Guri reservoir. The Guri reservoir is located in Bolívar State on the Caroni River and its dam provides about two-thirds of Venezuela’s energy needs.

Jorge Arreaza, the science minister in Maduro’s cabinet, reasoned that the “…extra half-hour of sunlight will allow a better electricity saving because it is at night when people return from work and schools that they turn on lights and air-conditioning.”

Some people are skeptical that this measure will work to combat the energy problems facing Venezuela at the moment. Many cite a lack of proper governmental planning and overreliance on the Guri Dam for energy needs.

Either way, this time change will go into effect on May 1st. Both citizens and travellers to Venezuela should be aware of this time shift.




Changing the way we view female cosmetic surgery

by Chris Holden - April 17th, 2016

American cosmetic surgeon Jennifer Lee Walden M.D. is helping to change the way female cosmetic surgery is viewed. In a recent talk she discussed three misconceptions about female cosmetic surgery.

In her talk she addressed the fable that men have fueled the demand for cosmetic surgery to make the female body more desirable. When in reality women are the one’s who want to make changes. Women are seeking the procedures not only to look good but to address medical issues they are having.

A second point doctor Jennifer Lee Walden addressed was that women are not being “vain” by seeking cosmetic surgery. The procedures being performed are fixing problems that women have. Beauty is not the only objective.

The last point she touched on was the false idea that women are not concerned with their ability to enjoy sex. When in fact women do care about their ability to have orgasms and perform during sex. They are seeking help to fix any problem they have.

Doctor Jennifer Walden is considered an expert in her field. She has many years of experience and her own private practice in Austin, Texas. She is a native of Austin, Texas where she attended undergraduate school at the University of Texas and medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Doctor Jennifer Walden did her fellowship in New York City at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She spent over seven years on the Upper East Side of New York City before returning home to Austin Texas to start her private practice. In 2014 she opened a satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas.

Among her many accomplishments she serves on the Board of Directors of Modern Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery. Also she is one of the few women who serve on the Board of Directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


Autism Rocks Appoints Two New Members into its Board of Trustees

by Chris Holden - April 17th, 2016

In February 2016, Sanjay Shah announced that he was appointing two new board of trustees’ members for Autism Rocks. The two brothers Pete and Will Best, are expected to bring in new insight into the charity organization. They will be involved in its direct management including musical events, handling funds as well as other affairs concerning the organization. They will be involved in the decision making process of the board. Furthermore, they will be able to give reports on the long term and short term objectives of the organization.

Autism Rocks is based in London. It organizes invitation only live concerts in major cities around the world. It aims to raise awareness for autism globally while raising money for research into the disease through various organizations. The most notable organization that is directly financed by Autism Rocks is ART in Cambridge University.

About the Best Brothers

Pete Best has been a close friend of Sanjay Shah since college. He has an impressive 21 years’ experience working in the financial sector in London. He was the COO of one of largest firms in London, Icap. In 2015, Pete left Icap to pursue other personal interests including health and family matters, London’s startup scene as well as philanthropic causes.

Will Best has a vast career experience in the music industry. While still in college, Will organized popular underground musical events in Manchester. He was once a TV presenter and an advertiser. His connections in the music industry will come in handy for Autism Rocks.

About Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah was born and later raised in London. He started Solo Capital in 2009 and grew it into a profitable company. Today, he owns about 39 companies with Solo Capital being his most profitable venture. The company deals with financial brokerage services and investments in the financial markets.

Shah is also philanthropic. He started and still runs Autism Rocks from London, UK. He has been an avid supporter of research into autism after his own son was diagnosed with the condition in 2011. He aims to help affected families learn how to best care for their autistic kids. Today, Shah lives in Dubai with his family.

Originally reported on PR Newswire.

Autism Rocks Project

by Chris Holden - April 16th, 2016

Sanjay has given hope to many children who are suffering from Autism through the Autism Rocks project. Shah is known by many as the shrewd CEO, who has been able to spearhead the growth of many financial investment companies in London. In the corporate world, little is known about the generosity and good will that has seen Sanjay Shah, take charge as the founder of Autism Rocks.
Sanjay Shah entered the financial investment sector as an employee. He worked for banks as a financial investment officer. Through this time working as an employee, Shah was able to gather much experience that proved beneficial to him later in his career life. PR Newswire has it that Shah has little academic training in finance. How he managed to come out as the most successful man in the entire financial investment industry of UK has often been linked to him having studied a related course. The news in Newswire about Shah having studied Medicine in the university has left many individuals dumb-founded.
He worked in several financial investment banks until the year 2009. It was in this year that he chose to quit employment to start solo Capital Investment Company. From that moment, Shah Has founded many other companies and managed to take them to international levels. His success made him consider venturing in charity organizations. Before founding Autism rocks, Shah had donated money t help various children programs across the world.
In the year 2011, Shah’s son was diagnosed with a condition known as autism. This marked the onset of Autism Rocks. Autism is a relatively an unusual condition that affects the psychological functioning and social appearance of an individual. Shah chose to spend a considerable amount of his money to start an organization that would mobilize the society on this condition and also collect money which would be used to help those who are already diagnosed with the disease.
Autism Rocks is a concert caravan that moves around the world with its primary goal being to spread awareness on autism. Artists and celebrities are used in the campaign. Drake and Snoop Doggy have been the most active in Autism Rocks.

VTA Publications: Publishing For Distance

by Chris Holden - April 14th, 2016

VTA Publications has been around for 4 years now. They publish various distance learning material, in both the physical and digital format. VTA Publications also helps to plan events. They mainly deal with events that have a very unique or niche genre. And not only does VTA plan the event, but they also manage it and a special touch that they bring to their management is their long list of connections. VTA has the ability to find excellent experts and professionals in niche fields and schedule them to perform, teach or speak at a seminar or conference.

There are a multitude of testimonials, both written and in video format, that show how impressed people are with VTA Publications and the courses and events that they offer. There are several pages of written testimonials and a 6 minute long video that interviews several individuals on their experience with the company. The business is located in Norfolk in a registered office and they have a customer service center in Berkshire. More information can be attained by emailing the company through their online contact form or by calling, emailing, or visiting their offices in person.

One of the additional, and free, services that VTA Publications likes to provide its clients is blog posting. Occasionally the firm will put up a new article that includes a few stories and some advice on how to succeed in the world of business. In one recent post, the article discussed the infamous ice hockey story of the 1980 Olympic matchup between American and the Soviet Union. The coach, Herb Brooks, decided to take a unique approach to building a team and look for young men who could play with each other rather than for a group of men who were each the best at their position. However, even this was not enough to make people believe that that United States had a good chance at winning. In fact, they were saying that the U.S. had a 1 in 10 chance of beating the Soviet Union. Brooks chose to look at it differently. He told his players that maybe they only had a 1 in 10 chance of winning but that tonight was that tenth chance where they were going to win. The post suggested that every entrepreneur should think like this because it will help them put in more effort. has more information about VTA Publications and their holdings.

The New Scholarship From Keith Mann

by Chris Holden - April 8th, 2016

Keith Mann is an American businessman and entrepreneur who is the proud owner of the Dynamic Search Partners which is a firm that was established in 2009. Keith Mann has over 15 years of experience within the executive search industry. Not only is Mr. Mann an expert in hedge fund compensation, but he is also an expert in providing the client with the best hiring and staffing strategies. Keith Mann specifically developed Dynamic Search Partners with the intention that is would become the premier search executive firm that is dedicated to only the alternative investment firms. The Dynamic Search Partners is a firm that has spread rapidly to be incorporated in not only the United States, but also Europe and Asia.

With Mann’s success with his investment firm, Keith Mann has become an important member in philanthropy. One of the organizations that receive a large portion of his donations are the education organizations. In recent news, Keith and his wife Keely have created a new scholarship that is awarded to those with professional achievement within the academic world. This award was designed to recognize the new generation of innovative business leaders based that have earned their achievement based upon merit. This new scholarship will partner up with the Uncommon Schools which is a non-profit charter and management organization.

The Uncommon Schools is an organization that is based in New York City that have implemented this scholarship to be awarded to one senior per year based upon academic achievement. The scholarship will specifically go to some of the charter school’s Brooklyn-based locations. Joe Frick, a college counselor for this organization is grateful for this donation and believes that this will assist any low-income family with the hardship of paying for a four-year school.

Those who are interested in earning this scholarship only need to write a 1,000 word essay on how a four-year education would help that individual achieve their goals. As Mann is a strong supporter of education, he has a strong feeling that this scholarship will help identify the leaders of this generation who would not have the funds to attend college.

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GoFundMe Makes Fundraising Easy For Avi Weisfogel

by Chris Holden - April 8th, 2016

GoFundMe helps people raise money online so they do not have to take checks or cash in real life. It is so convenient that people are using it all the time to raise money for their favorite causes, and they have to make sure that they are going to be able to get the money they need in a simple way. Avi Weisfogel took to GoFundMe to make sure that he could raise a lot of money for Operation Smile, and he is sending all the money over for as long as the page can stay open.

Someone who finds the page can give money to it at any time, and Avi Weisfogel makes sure that all that money goes to Operation Smile. The money that goes to the charity pays for all kinds of things that are needed to make the charity run. It cannot run without the money that is needed for equipment, and it needs to keep replenishing all the equipment that is used by dentists like Avi. Check out his educational YouTube video!

They have a lot of people coming to see them at every location, and they have people turning up who are going to need to get as much dental care as they can as fast as they can. This is a very serious matter for some people because they have never had dental care before. They are walking up to Operation Smile trucks looking for help, and they cannot leave until they get that help.

Operation Smile goes with people like Avi Weisfogel to the most remote corners of the world, and they see people who would never have even met a dentist. That is something that these people know they need, and they are going to turn out in droves to make sure that they can get seen. It is a really basic thing that has to happen for these people, and it becomes something that people with Operation Smile get used to. They know that they need more money, and GoFundMe is making it easier for the charity to have millions that can be spent on its core mission.


Talk Fusion Offers Video Marketing and Business Opportunity

by Chris Holden - April 8th, 2016

If you own a business and are interested video marketing, Talk Fusion is now offering a free 30 trial as part of their international campaign. Its free video chat app can be downloaded from Google Play and iTunes and is fast becoming the top communication program throughout the world, ranking #1 in Indonesia, 5 in Japan and 20 in Switzerland. Since the Talk Fusion is compatible with all platforms, Android, Apple, Mac, PCs, tablets and smart phones, and offer a crystal clear quality, everyone who uses it has embraced it wholeheartedly. People around the world are also recognizing it as a great business opportunity by becoming an associate and realizing its pay out potential and the convenience of the Instant Pay Compensation Plan.

If you are a business owner who wants a fast effective way of communicating with current, future and potential customers, video email offers an effective way to tell viewers about your products, services, upcoming events and sales. You can also communicate more effectively with your sales force and others within your business as well as other businesses through video conferencing. Talk Fusion offers a suite of services that will help your business grow, make your services available in a click and make it easier for viewers to engage. Talk Fusion services include video chat, video email, video newsletters and live meetings. There are independent associated in more than 140 countries using direct selling to help you get started right away.

If you are someone who would like to join the Talk Fusion family as a direct selling associate, visit the Talk Fusion blog to learn more about the opportunity. In an interview, Bob Reina, Talk Fusion CEO, said that the people who influence his thinking the most are his associates, whom he communicate regularly with through the Talk Fusion suite of technology products, including video email, live broadcast and meetings, and video chat. The idea for Talk Fusion stem from his efforts to share a small video of a home he was considering through AOL email in 2004. Hoping to get feedback from his family on his choice, he was told by AOL that videos could not be shared through email. After he and a friend, Dr. Jonathan Chen whom he describes as a IT genius, attacked the problem. Video email emerged as the flagship product. Whether wanting to market you current business or wanting to join the direct selling side of the business, Talk Fusion can help you realize your potential.

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