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Talkspace is Against COVID-19 Related Prejudices and Discrimination

by Chris Holden - July 6th, 2020

In as much as people put the necessary measures to see a better world, it is not always easy because there are very many individuals who are trying to look for bad information and put out there in the world. Talkspace understands that the outbreak of a major pandemic such as coronavirus has significantly exposed the deep rooted problems that millions of people around the world have been hiding inside their hearts. It is a clear demonstration that millions of people have been exposed as racist and xenophobic in nature.

Talkspace has learned that there are very many individuals who are associating the prevalence of coronavirus with Chinese and other people from the Asia region. This is a widespread perspective that is actually being shared by millions of people around the world. However, this is not the right perspective and it should not be certainly used to distract the truth of the matter. A disease can emerge from any part of the world. Visit talkspace on Instagram for updates.

However, health experts have noted that any person in the world can be affected by the illness and any country in the world can be the source of any virus that can wipe out the population of the world. As such, associating the virus with any person or country does not only portray ignorance but it somehow echoes the racist nature of many people.

Therefore, Talkspace is working on a program that will help people from desisting from sentiments or perspectives that associate the disease with the common challenges that people are experiencing in the world today. This is not the best time to allocate blames and associate illnesses with people or countries. Instead, it is high time for human race to come together and pull all the resources necessary to fight the challenge at hand without discriminating.

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What Can We Learn From Igor Cornelsen?

by Chris Holden - July 5th, 2020

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian native who was born in 1947 in Curitiba. Igor joined the Federal University of Parana in 1965 to pursue engineering. After two years, Igor decided to pursue economics. He graduated in 1970 and got a job in an investment bank. In 1974 he was promoted to join the board of directors of Multibanco. In 1976 he was appointed to become CEO. He served as CEO for two years and left when the firm was taken over by the Bank of America.

To learn more about Igor Cornelsen view his Crunchbase profile.

Igor’s next endeavor was to join Unibanco. He worked in this firm until 1985. He moved on to work at Libra Bank PLC, which brought him many opportunities. He invested in American companies, and for the first time, he was involved in the U.S stock market. It was not long before he joined the board of directors for the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank.

In 1995 Igor started his investment firm offering the same services as he did for the London Merchant Bank. He currently works at Bainbridge Group as an investor. His work involves investing in the stock market, foreign exchange, and product investment. Mr. Igor Cornelsen attributes his marketplace triumphs to the experience he gained over the years. He keeps up with the current trends by studying markets and following investment news. Mr. Igor has his interest glued on developing economies. According to him, growth can only be achieved if one is willing to keep on learning.

He associates his ability to be productive as a derivative of sourcing information from Reuters. He claims that Reuters is a good source of investment ideas. He highly believes in facts as opposed to opinions. As long as Igor Cornelsen keeps on following his investing principles, he will continue to be a fountain of financial wisdom. READ:

The Building Blocks Of A Papa John’s Legacy- Steve Ritchie

by Chris Holden - June 22nd, 2020

For the last twenty years, Papa John’s has continued to offer its customer world-class services and services. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, the company has retained the first position on customer satisfaction for over sixteen years since it was founded.

Papa John’s is based in Kentucky, and over the last two decades, the company has grown to be a leader in the pizza delivery industry. The popularity of Papa John’s has seen it grow into one of the top three pizza company across the globe. To learn more about Steve Ritchie, view his Crunchbase profile.

Steve Ritchie has been at the company since ’96. For the last decade, he has been of significant impact on the growth scale of the company. Starting as a representative in the customer service, Steve Ritchie has carved out his name in the industry with his exceptional leadership skills and dedication to the company. At the mark of a decade on his career, Steve owned and was operating a Papa John’s franchise.

His remarkable expertise at operational leadership saw him promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2014, and further up to President in 2015.

Other than working at customer service, Steve has worked through positions such as delivery, director of operations, and store general manager. With this kind of experience, Steve Ritchie stands out as the best candidate to propel Papa John’s towards further growth.

The company has well over 120000 employees across the corporate and all franchisees, and the company leaders believe that Steve Ritchie has the professional skill and experience to bring the attention back to the light.

According to Steve, the company holds limitless growth employees who are keen on what they want to achieve, put in the necessary work, and remain diligent and dedicated. For example, a significant percentage of the restaurant managers at Papa John’s have worked at hourly rates before being promoted. Therefore, the company pools and grooms future leaders from within. Connect:



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Article Title: The Successful Career of Steve Ritchie at Papa John’s


Papa John’s is America’s popular pizza powerhouse recognized for its excellent customer service. The company ensures that it takes care of customer’s needs based on the feedback on the quality of service. Over the years, Papa John’s has nurtured several talents, allowing young people to rise to the corporate level. One of the few individuals, Steve Ritchie, has earned admiration from his colleagues by building himself to become the top leaders of the pizza empire and the hotel industry at large.


The Start of His Career at Papa John’s


Steve Ritchie joined Papa John’s in 1996, where he served as the company’s customer service representative. At the time, he was receiving a salary of $6 per hour. After a decade, he became the owner and operator of Papa John’s franchise, which gave him the opportunity to lead in different capacities. In 2014, he was promoted as the Chief Operating Officer (COO), adding an advantage to his succession plan for the company’s Presidential position in 2015.


His Appointment as the Company CEO


Steve Ritchie was appointed Papa John’s CEO in 2017 when the company was facing tough times with negative media coverage. Through his knowledge and skills, the exemplary leader was able to retain the existing customers and even attract new markets globally. Since then, things have changed for the better with the company’s sales improving by the day.


Steve is a transformative leader who believes in giving everybody a chance to lead. In a statement that he made, he acknowledged that through team efforts, Papa John’s would continue to offer world-class experiences that customers expect. He also noted that the future leaders of the company are the current employees currently serving its 5,000 stores worldwide today. The CEO believes that he will continue to steer the company to greater heights. More Business News at

What Boris Ivanov Achieved at Gazprom

by Chris Holden - May 19th, 2020

The business sector is full of many potential business people. The aggressiveness is what makes them unique in their industries and niches. As for many industries, there is a need to have proper training and skills that are requisite for one’s growth. Boris Ivanov is one business individual who has a lot of expertise in the energy industry. His international relations skills have enabled him to become a very successful business. Boris is the founder and the executive director of GPB Global Resources. He possesses a wide range of experience in oil and gas exploration.

Boris Ivanov lives in Monaco, Netherlands, together with his wife and their three children. He has always worked towards ensuring and enhancing the growth of the company. This achievement has been through the identification of new oil reserves every day. The company is also famous for its ability to offer consultation services to other firms in the oil and gas industry. They have also been known for acquiring already ongoing works in the exploration sectors. Learn more about Boris Ivanov at Crunchbase.


Boris Ivanov is from a very successful family. Both of his parents were very aggressive researchers who focused on changing the lives of many people. He grew up loving martial arts and other staff in his childhood. While living in Moscow, Russia, the prominent business personnel was able to master the skills of growing in his career. While in high school, he was outstanding in arts and decided to join the Moscow Institute of International Relations for a degree in International Relations.

Boris Ivanov graduated from the campus in 1980. He was fortunate to join the Soviet Union as a diplomat. His main work was to ensure that he succeeded in his career and thus decided to make sure that he was committed to nothing else but pursuant for success alone. Follow Boris Ivanov on Twitter.


After working for the ministry for one decade, he decided to venture into new things and joined the Gazprom, which exposed him to the oil industry. He was the man behind the successful expansion of the company by helping them move across other borders in search of oil reserves. The Russian oil and gas leader has been known for its commitment to achieving success.




Fortress Investment Group Involvements of American Private Equity Investor and Businessman, Wes Edens

by Chris Holden - May 17th, 2020


In the financial community, Wes Edens is among the most reputable investors. Working in high positions with different companies, he saw the private equity investor co-founding Fortress Investment Group in New York. In at least two decades, Edens has aided in the growth of a developing asset management firm that is exceptionally respected around the world. Learn more about Wes Edens at Linkedin.


Together with his sound position as among the most prominent entrepreneurs in the financial sector, Wes Edens has had an interest in professional sports. For instance, he helped start the Milwaukee Bucks, a National Basketball Association, in addition to the soccer group in the renowned English Premier League. Prior to the beginning of his vocation, Wes Edens attained his scholastic foundation from Oregon State University. While studying at Oregon State University, he pursued a BA in Finance.


His educational background is part of the numerous variables that have formed his professional way and established a robust framework for his monetary pursuits. After finishing college, Edens secured his first job with California Savings and Loan. After gaining experience, he went on to offer services to other well-known big organizations that are situated in New York.

Before operating for Lehman Brothers, he went through certain years at Smith Barney, and while giving services in those organizations, he built his expertise in a big way. He engaged with clients and tackled different kinds of assignments related to commercial properties. During his residency at Lehman Brothers, from around 1987 to 1993, Edens worked as both managing director and partner. Wes Edens kept on working at BlackRock Financial Management, a global asset management firm situated in New York.

In 1998, Wes Edens united with Peter Briger and Randal Nardone to start Fortress Investment Group, one of the reputable firms in the financial industry. Presently, Edens plays the role of chairman in the organization and proceeds to head the Board of Directors. Read more about Wes Edens at


Besides, he’s the leader of the FIG private equity aspect. He spearheads the organization in putting resources into different sectors, including logistics, transportation, technology, real estate, and energy. With vast experience in the industry and his service to different high-level firms, Edens is today one of the influential pioneers in the financial sector.

TJ Maloney Combines His Investment, M&A And Legal Expertise In NYC

by Chris Holden - December 16th, 2019

TJ Maloney serves as the chairman and chief executive officer of Lincolnshire Management. Lincolnshire is a private equity firm with headquarters in New York, New York. The firm has a primary focus on growing companies in the middle markets.

TJ Maloney earned a bachelor’s degree at Boston College. He studied law at Fordham University Law School. TJ Maloney graduated from Fordham with a Juris Doctorate and started his career as a lawyer in New York City. He practiced law and specialized in mergers and acquisitions and also in the area of securities law. TJ Maloney joined Lincolnshire Management in 1993 as a managing director. He was recognized for his exemplary work and accomplishments at the firm. Maloney was later promoted into his leadership position as president and CEO at Lincolnshire Management.

The organization has taken part in numerous significant transactions over the years. TJ Maloney has played a leading role for the firm for such acquisitions as True Temper, True Sports and Accra Shafts. Lincolnshire works with organizations in all industries. Accra Shafts is a leading company that manufactures golf shafts. In a strategic effort to unify multiple brands, True Sports acquired Accra. The announcement of the completion of the deal was made in July of 2019 by Truw Sports as the parent company. The transaction included both the acquisition of Accra as well as its parent company Premium Golf Management Co.

The organizations distribute a wide range of sporting equipment. The sporting goods are used by beginners and professionals in multiple sports. The equipment is widely used in baseball, lacrosse, hockey, golf, and ice skating. The companies bring together many decades of expertise serving the needs of the sporting goods industry. As the industry continues to reflect a positive rate of growth, the leadership team determined that timing of the unification of these premium brands was right for the acquisition activity to occur.

Read more about TJ Maloney here

Michael Nierenberg, Finance Executive Extraordinaire

by Chris Holden - December 11th, 2019

Based out of offices in New York City, New Residential Investment Corp. is the brainchild of Michael Nierenberg a financial executive with few peers. Michael Nierenberg is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & President of New Residential Investment Corp. He has over two decades of experience in the financial industry and his experience has been integral to the success of this growing financial concern. Visit Daily Forex Report to know more about Michael Nierenebrg.

New Residential Investment Corp. is a leading provider of capital and services to the mortgage and financial services industry. Before Michael Nierenberg founded this company he spent over two decades working in some of New York City’s most well known financial firms. He worked at Bear Sterns for fourteen years in different senior leadership capacities and was eventually named to the Board of Directors. He then took positions at J.P. Morgan and Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he worked with their securitized products. Read more at about Michael Nierenebrg.

In addition to his prominence in the financial industry, Michael Nierenberg is the President of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation.


How Omar Boraie and His Sons Changed Newark

by Chris Holden - December 6th, 2019

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most recognizable figures in modern sports. The former NBA legend has switched career paths to pursue the life of a sports commentator and entrepreneur. Shaq has a long track record of making business investments that many other basketball players would never think of, such as owning 27 different Five Guys Burgers and Fries franchises. His most recent investment includes the opening of an $80 million luxury apartment building in his hometown of Newark. The building is 22 stories and is only a few minutes away from the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and the newly renovated Hahne & Co. Building. Shaq plans on the building going down as one of the most historic buildings in Newark as well as one of the most beautiful buildings in the city as well. The building plans on opening its doors in the upcoming summer months but has already been 60% leased out according to Wasseem Boraie.

None of this would be possible with the help of Boraie Development and their dedication to bringing something special to the city of Newark. The group of developers consists of Omar Boraie and his two sons, Sam and Wasseem. They originally came to the city in 2006 with the goal of becoming the biggest developers in the city. Over a decade later, they’re responsible for the creation of one of the city’s newest and most popular buildings. Leslie Anderson, the CEO of the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority, says that he loved working alongside the Boraie family and admires the passion they have for delivering quality work.

Fortress Investment Group Dissolved into SBG but Lives On, Somehow

by Chris Holden - December 3rd, 2019

Fortress Investment Group is an investment fund manager and advisor based in New York. The firm has a bias for asset management solutions and funding of startups. Fortress commands assets to the tune of $36.1. It is highly diverse in terms of its investment portfolio and business focus. Fortress is in control of assets of over 1,750 organizations, investors, and private individuals. The clients span a range of niche areas including private equity strategies for investment, real estate, and credit. Fortress has been acquired by Softbank. Investment pundits and Fortress clients must be scratching their heads about the deal.

The Rationale According to Softbank

According to the management at SoftBank, the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group is a valuable addition to its portfolio. Fortress Investment Group LLC comes with its expertise in investment strategies that work. In the arrangement, it has been disclosed that Fortress will continue to operate semi-independently. SoftBank Group will henceforth own the whole array of the Fortress assets following the successful completion of the acquisition process. It is reported that SBG complied with all the requirements of the acquisition including approval by the shareholders of Fortress. All regulatory requirements and approvals have been met. The purchase of Fortress cost SBG $ 3.3 billion. Now SBG is the owner of the shares of Fortress on NYSE.

The Acquisition Details Revealed

Details of the deal show that each of the Fortress Investment Group Class A shares will be converted to cash at the rate of $8.08 per share. The proceeds of the merger will be spread out based on the payment procedures set out by the Fortress Definitive Proxy and the agreement of the merger. The common stock of Fortress has since been removed from the NYSE.  It was pointed out that the financial report of Fortress would be incorporated at the end of December 2017 results. The impact of the acquisition will be revealed to shareholders in due course as the need arises.

Further details indicate that although Fortress has been fully bought, it will continue to operate but under the auspices of SBG. It will operate as an independent investment entity owned by SBG. It was also disclosed that the Fortress Chiefs in New York will continue to run the business. They will retain the business model that has made Fortress so attractive.

How Fortress nearly stopped the 2010 Winter Olympics

Like all major events, the Winter Olympics of 2010 held in Canada was driven by some big corporate player’s monies. It came as a surprise as Fortress wrote a demand letter to the Canadian authorities to pay up for the use of the British Columbia Ski Resort owned by Fortress. Fortress wrote a demand letter asking to be paid $ 90 million. It was an interesting turn of events because Fortress was demanding for a settlement of an anticipated debt. Fortress threatened that the Alpine events will not proceed unless the payment is made to their accounts prior to the commencement of the games. Another resort to be used for the Olympics called the Whistler Blackcomb is an Intrawest property but Fortress bought it in a buyout that was leveraged owing to a debt. It was reported that Intrawest had defaulted to the tune of over $500. The fortress was just moving in to rescue Intrawest by paying its debts for the short term. Learn More:

Bhanu Choudhrie A Leading Entrepreneur in Multiple Sectors

by Chris Holden - December 2nd, 2019

Bhanu Choudhrie is an Indian – British businessman born in New Delhi in June 1978. He studied International Business and Marketing from the University of Boston and later moved to the United Kingdom for business.

He is the founder of a family-based enterprise known as the C &C Alpha Group, which owes its establishment in 2003. The company deals in investment in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, baking, and hospitality, among others. He is also known for sitting in a various board for many banking organization encompassing Atlantic Cost Financial Corporation and Customer’s Bank in London. View Bhanu Choudhrie’s profile at Linkedin.

He was named as the businessman of the year, which conducted by the Asian vice political and public life award. He is the director of the family-based firm, which is providing an outstanding behind the scene into one of the large family-based businesses in London, Britain. This company is known for serving a group of individual investors who are active in the business of capital funding ventures for three decades.

The company managed by Bhanu Choudhrie has its head office in London has had a global outreach and is primarily focusing on six sectors, including agriculture, real estate, healthcare, among others. Besides, it has a division for consultation, which offers mostly advisory services to private investors.

Bhanu Choudhrie has also been engaged in the liquid asset through water desalination, the firm ins owning and operating Seawater Reserves Osmosis Desalinisation pant. This plant is generating 0.5 million gallons of water made available over a day, having the exclusive rights in supplying desalinated water to the Hamriya Free Trade Zone Authority. He plans to increase the capacity of the pant to 2million per day due to the scorching demand.

Besides, Bhanu Choudhrie has seen the founding of aviation with a particular interest in the UAE. This aviation division of the group is tasked with training pilots for short-haul airlines and supplies most of the pilots to the airlines in the region. The aviation school has increased an exponential growth in tandem with expanding global air traffic. Visit: