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How Securus Technology and Other Shareholders are dealing with Contraband Cellphones in Prisons

by Chris Holden - January 17th, 2018

For the past seven years, Robert Johnson has been on a mission that he openly shares with anyone who is willing to care. He says that ensuring that prisoners and inmates don’t access cellphones is his mission in life. He recently told NBC Miami that he has personal reasons why he is so dedicated to this mission. He further said that this is a trend that was started by the prisoners and it’s up to him to end the trend. According to Robert Johnson, it’s a very dangerous situation where inmates can access cellphones as they wish. This is a man who has had firsthand experience dealing with inmates who have access to cellphones. This passion began back in 2010 when he was working for the Lee Correctional Institution that’s located in South Carolina. Mr. Johnson is from Delray Beach and boasts of 15 years of experience when it comes to dealing with inmates and contraband confiscation. Since he was very good at his job, the bad guys decided to retaliate by shooting him while at home. He said that before he was shot, he had managed to intercept a package that was headed to a prison gang. He said that the package was quite huge as it was approximated to be worth around $50,000.


Mr. Johnson said that the incident happened on 5th March 2010. At around 5:30 am in the morning, he was getting ready to go to work when he noticed that there were people trying to enter into his house. He immediately concluded that he was a target of the gang. To ensure that the intruder didn’t go to their bedroom where his wife was sleeping, Mr. Johnson decided to confront the intruder in the hallway. This is where they struggled, and since the intruder was a huge man, he managed to push Mr. Johnson back. The only thing that Mr. Johnson remembers is seen a gun pointed towards him. The rest was history as he woke up on a bathroom floor. He had sustained six gunshots to his chest and stomach. To make the situation worse, Mr. Johnson notes that he was shot from a distance of less than six feet. The doctors at the hospital where Mr. Johnson was taken told his wife that she should brace herself for the worst. They even warned her that survival would be a miracle.


Securus Technologies has been on the forefront of fighting illegal contraband cell phones in prisons. Securus has managed this by introducing a new facility. The wireless containment solution works by blocking illegal network access and giving the authorities additional information about the cellphone.


Securus Technologies chief executive officer and Chairman Richard Smith said that his company was proud of the states that have decided to implement the technology that will keep contraband cell phones away from prisons.


Paul Mampilly Reveals How to Pay Attention to Current Events to Predict Stock Outcomes

by Chris Holden - January 16th, 2018

Every investor who missed out on investing in Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple wishes that they can find the next company that will be as great as them. Paul Mampilly reveals that those industries and companies exist. If you want to invest in the future, listen to his advice. Do not simply read Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal and expect to know what to invest in. You need to pay attention to the world around you and heed the advice of people who are able to make the right analysis. There are so many things that need to be taken into account, including politics and natural disasters. Foreign policy can affect stocks as well. Political hardliners can be good for military contractors, for example. When political turmoil starts to appear, you might need to sell certain stocks. You should also look at rising trends to figure out what will be the next big thing. If you do not have a lot of money for capital investments, you may want to buy public stocks at an IPO. When the stock just went public, it will be pretty cheap. Later on, it may become a lot more expensive, and you will have made a lot of money.

Paul Mampilly says that you have to pay attention to new products and technologies that disrupt previous markets. Take the transportation industry. The advent of the automobile, and the industrial age in general, disrupted how people traveled. There was no longer a need for a horse and buggy. The advent of rails affected how people travel. When planes came around, people stopped using trains to travel across the country. So too, Paul Mampilly says, will the electric car disrupt the current automobile industry. Market disruptions are caused by innovation, meaning when people come up with new brilliant ideas that catch on.

It is also a good idea to invest in startups. Elon Musk has some great startups, such as Tesla. It is a good idea to pay attention to Tesla, according to Paul Mampilly.

Paul Mampilly is an expert investor with twenty five years of experience. He left Wall Street to teach regular people how to make money by investing in stocks. His Profits Unlimited newsletter is received by ninety thousand people who signed up for it.

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Susan McGalla Talking About the Glass Ceiling Problem in the Corporate World

by Chris Holden - January 16th, 2018

Susan McGalla is a familiar name and face in the corporate world of the United States. She has over the years struggled to make it through in a male-dominated corporate world, but thanks to her aura and performance, Susan McGalla has been able to come out on top.

It is for this very reason; she feels that other motivated women should get inspired and follow similar footsteps to achieve their dreams in the corporate world. Susan McGalla has done her BA from Mount Union College and after a few jobs were designated as the President of the famous American Eagle Outfitters Inc. She was even the CEO of Wet Seals Inc for a few years. Both these companies are the top names in the sports and apparel industry.

Susan McGalla also aims to make a difference in the corporate world by uplifting the position of women in the industry. Even though the Glass Ceiling problem still exists, even if many would want to deny it, Susan McGalla says that women should work in the corporate world without giving any heed to the existing problems and prejudices. It would help them get through the initial struggle of getting over that mindset that the road ahead is already rocky and higher positions are out of reach. Susan McGalla believes that if she can do it and outrank men in her competition to achieve what she set out to, then any woman with adequate qualification and motivation can do the same.

Susan McGalla said that the position of the women in the industry could get better if every company appoints mentors who would help dedicated women in their employees to move ahead in the right direction. With some guidance and motivation, women in just about every company would be able to achieve their dreams without any hindrance.

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ClassDojo Sets the Pace For Innovative Classroom Dynamics

by Chris Holden - January 15th, 2018

ClassDojo is an extraordinary app that allows for better communications between teachers, parents, and students on a regular basis. Photos, videos, and messages can be shared over the app network so that everyone can play a part in the education of the students. Staying informed is a large part of the educational process, and ClassDojo offers that opportunity.

ClassDojo is in use in over 180 countries worldwide and is in 98 percent of schools that house kindergarten through eighth-grade classes, and it is translated into over 35 different languages. ClassDojo is the consummate tool for cross-communication in classrooms all over the world.

In the morning, the teacher can check on the message boards assigned to the parents and check to see if anyone will be absent due to an illness or for any other reason. The parents can check teacher’s note to be sure that the student has all of the right equipment for the day.

The students in the class can share their work with their parents during the day through photos, messages, and videos. Grades on quizzes, tests, and projects can be readily available for the parent’s approval. Live classroom sessions can be made available to parents.

Teachers can incentivize the students in real time by giving our pings for “Positive Attention” when listening, and “Active Participation” perks when the student participates in class. This promotes polite participation and active listening skills so the “ping” that the student receives is audible to the rest of the class. Students who misbehave can have points deducted from their totals as well.

The parent’s ability to see what is going on in class helps the parents to reinforce positive results by congratulating their children for their good work in class. This really goes a long way because the child is getting positive vibes from two very strong role models, their parents and the teacher.

The purpose of ClassDojo is to build the soft skills that are hard to measure by conventional means. Persistence, focus, and drive to succeed are very important motives that will help students move forward. The overwhelming success of ClassDojo attests to the continuance by teachers and parents alike with the app over a period of time.

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How George Soros Became A Target Through Being A Philanthropist

by Chris Holden - January 14th, 2018

Billionaire investor George Soros has been donating money for years to a nonprofit he created, Open Societies Foundation. He has accelerated this giving in the last few years. He has donated $18 billion since 2015 and he plans to give more in the next few years. His philanthropy is used to defend human and civil rights as well as promote democracy. The money is used to support nonprofits throughout the world, including in the United States.

George Soros’ philanthropy has been under attack by right-wing conservatives for many years but especially in the last few. They make outlandish claims that he’s behind every liberal movement in the United States. According to them he started both the Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups, for instance. He also orchestrated the NFL protest movement that 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started and he was responsible for funding the Charlottesville white-nationalist rally as a type of false flag operation. When the Alabama Senate race was being held some charged that Soros has given money to the women accusing the Republican Roy Moore of sexually assaulting them when they were teenagers.

Of course George Soros isn’t behind every liberal movement, but that doesn’t stop his detractors from making wild claims. His philanthropy is used to attack him because he supports progressive causes. Due to his recent generosity that philanthropy will likely increase by quite a bit in the coming years. What the right-wing conspiracists don’t like is that his is now the second biggest philanthropy in history, only behind the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Over the years George Soros isn’t the only philanthropist who has come under fire for trying to do good in the world. Back in early 1900’s, for instance, it was progressive who were concerned about the philanthropy of those who owned railroads. They feared that these robber-barons were trying to trying to take over the federal government. In the 1950’s philanthropists were attacked by anti-communists who accused them of being internationalists instead of Americans.

George Soros has long been a champion for progressive politics, capitalism, and the world economy. Another issue is that he is Jewish and so faces more than his share of anti-Semitism. The extreme right-wing that now make up a significant part of the Republican party think that because he’s Jewish he’s part of some vast conspiracy to take over the world. They don’t use his Jewish identity to attack him but instead use dog whistles about it so that everyone knows exactly what they mean without their saying it.

Since George Soros founded the Open Societies Foundation 30 years ago it has given around $14 billion to causes around the world. The very first donation it made took place in 1979. It created a college scholarship fund for black South Africans. Other causes have included supporting liberal European immigration policies and promoting democracy in Eastern Europe after the collapse of Communism. He has set up his foundation to being good work for citizens around the globe for a long time into the future.

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USHEALTH Group Makes Insurance Easier for People

by Chris Holden - January 12th, 2018

USHEALTH Group has always been dedicated to providing insurance options for their customers. They know there were different things they could do and different health insurance options they had to give people. Since USHEALTH Group knew there was a lot of different opportunities in the health care industry, they knew they would be doing things right by giving their customers the best options possible. They also knew things would continue to get better for them if they were giving people the things they needed. It all went back to helping others and giving them the options that would allow them to thrive as insurance salespeople. They know what it takes to give people what they are looking for and they aren’t afraid to show them how things can get better no matter what they do. It is part of how they are running their company in a way that is convenient for them.

Thanks to USHEALTH Group, customers are able to have more options than what they did in the past. They know there will be things that will change just as things have changed before, but they want to be prepared for all of that with the things they are doing to help other customers. Their business continues to get better and they continue to thrive with the things they are doing no matter what is happening to them or what is going on with the communities they are involved with. Follow USHealth Group on Twitter.

For USHEALTH Group, this means they have to try different things. They also have to make sure they are doing things the way that will work best for the customers they have. Health insurance can be difficult for people to deal with and it can be something people are doing to make things better and that’s part of what made it easier for them to try things on their own. It is also part of how they can work to do their best while they are providing new options for the people who they are dedicated to.

Looking at each of these things gives USHEALTH Group the motivation they need to keep working and providing options to their clients. It also allows them the chance to give others what they are looking for even if they have never used the insurance services in the past. By giving customers the best of all the insurance options, USHEALTH Group knows they are prepared to give them what they need and they are able to make sure things are going to continue working for each of the customers they have in their business. It helps them see how things will work better for the people who they are providing a valuable service to.

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Barbara Stokes and GSH Innovate Modular Home Building Construction

by Chris Holden - January 11th, 2018

Barbara Stokes of Green Structure Homes of Alabama has a background that prepared her for her present career. She is the CEO of a company that provides disaster relief construction. Based in Huntsville, the company has recently spurred manufacturing home growth and jobs in Alabama. The effects of construction are also felt in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Minnesota, and Florida. The company builds homes that will help in supporting Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

Green Structure Homes specializes in building residential and commercial structures to withstand the ravishes of a full-on hurricane. The company has built a reputation for building disaster relief structures. They utilize innovative engineering, designs, and installation techniques that save time, money, and manpower. The structures are also environmentally friendly and can quickly be constructed onsite with as little manpower as possible. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara Stokes attended the oldest, private college in Georgia: Mercer University. She received her BS degree in Engineering and Biomedical/Medical Engineering in 2000. Her education offered the perfect platform for what she would choose for a career. Her impressive education also includes studies in manufacturing, management, thermodynamics, property of materials, and structures. She also gained management skills and industry knowledge by having worked at Pisces Corporation.


The NOAA, along with Princeton University, have produced analysis that shows how weather and climate change may affect floods, droughts, hurricanes, and other weather patterns. The organization even predicts that mild weather days will shorten. Knowing how weather will likely change in the near future will affect a complete range of industries including construction, military operations, tourism, travel, agriculture, recreation, and much more. There is, virtually, no human endeavor that is not affected by weather. This knowledge places her company in a position to prepare for what many believe to be inevitable weather events.

Stokes also has a reputation for giving back to the community as well. She finds the time and commitment to donate to several charities, and volunteer work as well for various Alabama communities. Presently, Green Structure Homes continues to work with FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security. They’re helping build innovative modular homes for relieve efforts. Green Structure Homes should complete its contract in 2018. Follow Barbara Stokes on Facebook.

Commercial, Fashionable & Theatrical: Brown Modeling Agency

by Chris Holden - January 8th, 2018

The United States is home to one of the best up-and-coming modeling agencies. This agency just so happens to be a conglomerate of two talent agencies. Located in Austin, Texas, is Brown Modeling Agency, and it has set the industry ablaze with its wide selection of talent. Often referred to as Brown Agency, this company is made-up of Heyman Talent-South and Wilhelmina Austin. When it comes to possessing a wide variety of talent, few talent agencies can match Brown Modeling Agency. Why is this agency so popular? Whether it’s fashion, runway, print, commercial, catalogue, industrial video, conventions, promotional, film or television, this agency has something for everyone.


This field of work can be very demanding and superficial. Brown Modeling Agency does a wonderful job of grooming the individuals to handle any situation such as castings and interviews. There are up to 450 talented individuals here and all of the individuals are trained to be professional. Some of the biggest brands in the world has worked with these extraordinary individuals. This includes:


  • HBO
  • Landshark Beer
  • TNT
  • Louis Vuitton
  • L’oreal
  • Dell
  • Dodge Ram
  • Toyota
  • And numerous others


This short list only scratches the surface. Justin Brown, CEO and founder, has done an amazing job with the company. He has a lot of experience and expertise in the subject at hand. On the other hand, Justin use to model for a living, and he has used his modeling career to pay his way through college. Yes, this was a well-thought-out plan as he majored in business management. Central Texas has never seen anything like this and the agency has satellite offices in the city of Dallas. What more could you ever ask for? Brown Modeling Agency is full-serviced to perfection as it can send its talent to a variety of castings. This is what makes the agency so special, and it can rival many of the larger modeling agencies in other cities. If you’re aspiring to be in this business, just send in a headshot straight to the agency’s official website. You can follow their Instagram page.



Dr. Mark McKenna’s Rise to Stardom in the Medical World & Philanthropy

by Chris Holden - January 6th, 2018

Dr. Mark McKenna is the CEO and founder of OVME. He is also a licensed medical doctor of surgery and medicine by the Florida and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners. Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Dr. Mark McKenna graduated from the Tulane University Medical School. After graduating, he started practicing medicine with his father and started launching McKenna Venture Investments at the same time. This is a boutique real estate development organization.

His Professional History

Dr. Mark McKenna also went on to launch/acquire other ventures over the years, including Uptown Title, Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending. His portfolio of organizations would grow to have more than 50 employees and provide design-build and turnkey services in real estate closing and finance.

When Hurricane Harvey New Orleans occurred in 2005, most of Dr. McKenna’s business aspects were destroyed. Thus, he relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in November 2007 after he assisted in the redevelopment of low to moderate income homes in New Orleans.

Dr. Mark McKenna began an aesthetic and wellness based medical practice called ShapeMed in November 2007; however, this business was sold in November 2014 to the Life Time Fitness Inc. (NYSE – LTM). Dr. McKenna has also served as Life Time Fitness national medical director until July 2016 and became the founder/CEO in July 2017 of OVME, a technology-enabled, consumer-facing, and medically aesthetic firm which is reinventing elective healthcare.

His Personal Life

Dr. Mark McKenna’s wife is named Gianine McKenna. They have a daughter named
Milana Elle. He also has a pet named Ryder, a four-year-old Pomeranian. He previously was an executive board member of the New Orleans Industrial Development Board and the New Orleans Jazz Festival. Additionally, he is an executive board member of the New Orleans Jazz Festival and the New Orleans Industrial Development Board.

Dr. McKenna recently did an interview with In the interview, they asked him questions about how he’s gotten his business name idea, what is his typical day like, what software works the best for him and his business, etc.

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Paul Mampilly On Bitcoin And The Cryptocurrency Craze

by Chris Holden - January 5th, 2018

Bitcoin has been the biggest financial story of 2017 and probably one of the top general news stories of the past decade. With all the noise around cryptocurrencies, there is much confusion about what to make about this new financial asset. Former hedge fund manager Paul Mampilly recently gave his thoughts on bitcoin and the emerging world of cryptocurrencies.

First of all, Mr. Mampilly believes that the cryptocurrency bubble of about to burst. While Paul Mampilly does not set a specific timeframe as to when the cryptocurrency world will come crashing down, he is adamant that many people will lose their money. As an example, Mr. Mampilly points to the tech stock craze of 1999. Even though there were investors making a 1000% return on their stock picks, these investors were unwilling to cash their gains. Mr. Mampilly himself sold all of his stocks in 1999 and continued to see the market continue its gains. However, his timing allowed Mr. Mampilly to lock in gains and not lose a dime during the tech crash of 2000.

Paul Mampilly believes that cryptocurrency is in a bubble for two main reasons. The first being is that the price of the flagship cryptocurrency, bitcoin, has risen over 1800% in 2018 alone. Secondly, Mr. Mampilly points out that people have become emotionally attached to their investment, something that can spell disaster for people who will be unwilling to sell until it is too late.

Mr. Mampilly began his financial career at Deutch Bank in 1991. From the beginning, Mr. Mampilly managed accounts worth millions of dollars. In addition to his work at Deutch Bank, Mr. Mampilly also managed accounts for the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Mr. Mampilly’s career in the hedge fund world began when he was recruited by the Kinetics International Fund. At Kinetics, Mr. Mampilly help steer the $6 billion dollar hedge funds to huge gains including an investment in Sarepta Therapeutics which led to a 2000% return. Mr. Mampilly also invested in Netflix in 2008 which also led to a very favorable return for the hedge fund leader.

Today, Paul Mampilly is retired from the hedge fund world however, he continues to share his financial insights on various media outlets.

Investor Paul Mampilly Predicts the Future for Large Returns