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Facts About Citadel LLC And Kenneth Griffin

by Chris Holden - August 28th, 2015

Citadel LLC is a global financial institution that was founded in 1990 by Ken Griffin. It is one of the world’s largest asset management companies with a portfolio of more than $26 billion in assets. It is the parent company to Citadel Securities that is a leading market maker specializing in trading products like equity options, equities, and interest rate swaps for both institutional and retail clients.

With its headquarters in Chicago, the company offers employment to over 1400 employees. For not less than 20 years, Citadel has managed assets for many of the world’s leading institutional investors spreading throughout North America, Asia, and Europe. It is ranked the eleventh largest hedge fund manager and the second largest multi-strategy hedge fund in the world as of May 2015. This company manages funds within five different investment strategies including credit, quantitative strategies, fixed incomes, commodities, and equities. This firm is recognized globally for its strong risk management culture, technology and state-of-the-art technology.

In 2014, Citadel made a big stride by becoming the first foreign hedge fund to have a successful yuan fundraising that allowed Chinese investors to make investments in overseas hedge funds. Citadel Securities was established in 2002 becoming a leading market maker by providing trade execution and liquidity to both institutional and retail clients. The company’s automation has been very instrumental in allowing better trading with tighter spreads and lower costs. Citadel Securities earned the best company rating from Barron’s for providing investors with price improvements when they trade in S&P 500 and non-S&P shares.

The company is held responsible for making markets in more than 7,000 U.S listed securities. It also makes markets for about 18,000 OTC securities globally. In the U.S alone, Citadel Securities executes about 20% of the listed equity options. Citadel Securities execute about 13% of the U.S consolidated volume in equities as well as 28% of U.S retail equities volume.

Citadel Technology is also a branch of Citadel LLC. It was established in 2009, and it offers investment technology management solutions to a broad range of funds and firms. The company partnered with REDI in 2013 to combine REDI’s execution management capabilities with its order management system.

Ken Griffin is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Citadel LLC. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Harvard University. He is deeply involved in philanthropic educational causes that are aimed at improving the community. He also sits on the Board of Directors of The Chicago Public Education Fund.

Mr. Griffin is also an avid supporter of his former university Harvard and has also contributed towards Lurie Children’s Hospital and the University of Chicago. He is an exemplary and successful individual who uses his hard-earned money and precious time to give back to society. He actively participates in Chicago’s civic and cultural institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Chicago Art Institute.

Animal Activism and the Role of Keith Mann

by Chris Holden - August 26th, 2015

The animal rights or animal liberation movement was started in England during the 1970s. It began as a social movement mainly propagated by professionals who believed that cruelty to animals should be ended for legal and moral reasons. They believe an end should come to using animals in research, food, clothing and in the entertainment world. The movement believes animals have the right to humane treatment and should be treated with the same consideration as humans under the law.

Soon, the animal activists in the U.S. and Britan became vocal for the moral rights of all animals. With their roots deep in lawyers, doctors, philosophers and other professionals, they developed powerful arguments to support their public viewpoints.

Keith Mann and HIs First Acts of Animal Liberation

Keith Mann of animalliberationfont grew up with the awareness of the unrelenting exploitation of animals. When he was only 10, he recalls walking home from school every day past a herd of crying cattle who had been crying out all day long because their calves were taken from them. Keith couldn’t do anything, and the memory remained.

The first time he took action, he removed a rabbit from captivity that was encaged by his home. This situation changed Keith’s view of theft forever; he now saw himself as a “proud ALF activist.”

Mr. Keith Mann has been arrested and convicted for things that he did not do, falling off a roof, been shot at, punched, spit on and chased by men with spades. In prison, he often went without food because of the animal products involved; he truly believes in the cause.

Popularity Came After Keith Mann is Sentenced

The incident that brought the ALF and Mr. Mann into the media was Mann’s arrest on October 15, 1991. Channel 4 reported that the activists were protesting the inhumane treatment of chickens. Mr. Mann said that they wanted to perform an act that would stop them from continuing to harm the birds and setting fire to the lorries would cost the owners money and stop them from harming the chickens that night.

For this strategy, he was arrested. After escaping and being returned to jail In 1994, Mr. Mann went to court and was sentenced to 14 years in prison, which his lawyer appealed and had reduced to 11 years for the 21 offenses that were committed.

After Prison

Mann’s release from prison did not change his direction or determination. Keith Mann is aggressive and dedicated to animal activism. His beliefs, and those of the animal liberation party, are explained in his book, “From Dusk to Dawn” published in 2007. The animal activists agree and unite with his opinions and actions. Liberating neglected, abused and misused animals is the focus and goal of ALF and is totally endorsed in his book.

Vijay Eswaran, Business and Philanthropy

by Chris Holden - August 26th, 2015

The world is becoming increasingly more global. It is not unusual for a single person in business to have an effect on the financial world of multiple continents. Vijay Eswaran is one of these people.

Mr. Eswaran was born in Malaysia and graduated from the London School of Economics, one of the most prestigious universities in the world, in 1984. After working a series of jobs in Europe he went to the United States and received his MBA from Southern Illinois University. He then worked for companies, such as IBM, in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia, before returning to Asia.

Upon his return to Asia in 1998 he founded, along with several other people, a selling and trading company that would eventually become the QI Group. It grew rapidly and now has offices throughout Asia and the Middle East. He currently serves as the executive chairman of the company. Vijay Eswaran is a well known businessman and executive.

Our world faces many challenges and it is important for those with influence to use it in a positive manner. Mr. Eswaran has shown an interest in not only improving his own life but also the lives of those around him. He has donated large sums of money to a variety of causes, including disaster relief and public health care, especially for impoverished children. His efforts in philanthropy have been widely recognized, perhaps most notably in 2011 when Forbes Asia honored him as one of their 48 “Heroes of Philanthropy.” He has also received a lifetime achievement award by the Asian Strategic Leadership Institute for his philanthropic efforts.

Mr. Eswaran has shown good business sense through his creation of a successful multi-national company. He has also demonstrated an interest in those around him who are less fortunate. Perhaps Mr. Eswaran can serve as a model for others to be successful in both the areas of business and philanthropy.

Wall Street Reporter Interviewed Brian Bonar of Imaging Technologies

by Chris Holden - August 22nd, 2015

Imaging Technologies (ITEC) is a leader in servicing the need for expert digital image processing software, especially in the area of color management software. CEO Brian Bonar has lead ITEC to become a major service provider of digital imaging integration and services with imaging hardware. Mr. Bonar’s interview by has been featured on their site. In the interview, He talked about ITEC’s strategies in business, such as the internal uses of acquisitions the company has recently made. Brian Bonar was discussed by PRNewsWire.

Brian Bonar has made some major changes in the company in the last year. For one thing, he has transformed the company from a manufacturing and development focus to a marketing and services company. The new business plan emphasizes how ITEC will build on its expert imaging services and products, combining those with acquisitions that provide a strategic base to growing in the imaging products and services arena.

To accelerate this planned growth, ITEC has determined to serve a specific target market, of client companies of small to medium size, with particular administrative services. Mr. Bonar explained, “In order to capitalize on our existing systems integration expertise, ITEC has embarked on an expansion program to provide more services to help with tasks that have negatively impacted the business operations of our existing and potential customers. To this end, we have begun a program of strategic acquisitions in personnel and employment practice management. We believe that there is considerable synergy between providing office systems solutions with administrative services.”

ITEC has acquired SoureOne Group, Inc., a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) based in the state of Virginia. They provide small and medium-sized companies with HR and payroll services. The PEO industry is already quite large and is growing, enabling ITEC to sell their office services and products to a much larger market. “We expect this acquisition to add approximately $40 million in additional revenues in our current fiscal year,” stated Mr. Bonar. ITEC offers an array of products integration, such as software, copiers, printers, and plotters, all networked into a unified solution for their client companies. Their ColorBlind(C) software suite has won awards for enabling users to produce consistent-looking, accurate images across many different software and hardware platforms.

BRL TRUST Investment

by Chris Holden - August 21st, 2015

BRL Trust is a Brazil based investment company, founded in 2005 by Maurice Ribiero. It started off their activities by providing trust services in private loans but by the end of that year, it was already in charge of over 100 loans. According to the Anbima ranking, BRL Trust Investment is considered as the largest independent administrator of investment funds in Brazil.

The BRL Trust Investments firm operates on the following mission and values. Its mission is to meet the demands of their customers in a safe, efficient and transparent way, through a skilled and experienced team. It values ethics in all situations, respecting the national legal system and keeping the interests of clients above personal.
This company has its operations narrowed to five critical activities. It offers services to both individuals as well institutional clients. They include:
• FIDUCIARY SERVICES- BRL Trust Investment offers innovative services that ensure safety and reliability demanded by investors. Their state of the art processes are the best among the leaders in the investment industry.
• FUND ADMINISTRATION- since the BRL Trust Investments has been authorized by the securities commission; it participates in innovative and structured transactions.
• CONTROLLING AND CUSTODY OF FUNDS- BRL Trust Investments provides customer solutions of custody and controlling services to Investments funds. Some of the custodial services include custody of assets and cash settlement, while some of the controlling services include asset pricing and taxes control.
• ASSET MANAGEMENT- BRL Trust Investments helps sole proprietors and organizations sectors, through asset management hence helping them meet their customers’ expectations.
• ASSET UNDERWRITING- BRL Trust Investment underwrites securities services in capital market, looking for the best option to a qualified investor and considering one’s risk profile.

The key to the company’s past and current success is patience and specialization. It also has experienced work staff and employees who are the crowning glory of its success. They ensure that their priority is to provide transparent services to their customers and thus has elevated it to great levels. It offers a diversification that most investors look to benefit from, thus attracting interest. This investment firm manages 126 investment funds with a total equity of $22.02 billion. It monitors more than 300 international companies and supports a portfolio of over 20,000 customers. The purpose of BRL Trust is to gain the best rate of return on all portfolio investments that have been placed into their professional management. Staying on top of the international investments may prove to be difficult for an investor. Check out their article on

BRL Trust today has led to trust in private loan services thus securing a world position, especially after the end of the 2014 World Cup since it was the general manager to loan Corinthians Arena.

Visual Effects Recreate Reality in Today’s Film and Other Media

by Chris Holden - August 20th, 2015

The creators of visual effects have had an enormous impact not only on the movie industry but on the way television shows, television advertisements, stage performances, music videos and other media are presented to audiences. Though the movie industry is the biggest user of visual effects, the technology allows creators to use computer-generated visual effects seen in some of the popular television series seen today. Visual effects have been used since the early 1960s. Throughout the years, the technology has become more sophisticated and is now a vital part of recreating reality. It is through these computer-generated images that blockbusters were created on film in titles including Gravity, Avatar and the popular Harry Potter films. The ability to manipulate images has become so close to reality that industry insiders are said to have difficulty distinguishing reality and digital imagery.

As for the music industry, digitally-manipulated images have allowed industry leaders in holography to create holographic images of late entertainers like Tupac Shakur at Coachella and Michael Jackson at the Billboard Music Awards. These images were so realistic that they roused genuine emotion from fans that adored these entertainers. A pioneer in holography, Pulse Evolution Corporation, led by John Textor, is responsible for both universally recognized holographic performances. The company’s resume includes digital productions in movie titles such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Transformers and Thor. According to a popular online magazine, John Textor has been approached by estates and promoters showing interest in creating digital concerts and hints that those performers could include Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Bob Marley. (della Calla, May 2014) The creation of the virtual Michael Jackson performance wa in itself a sensation, and John Textor’s company utilized the nearly 150 year old spectral illusion known as Pepper’s Ghost to bring the late entertainer to the stage. From its humble beginnings, John Textor’s company garnered a reputation as the “gold standard of human animation.” (PRNewswire, May 2015)

On you can see that visual effects technology is readily available to filmmakers and allows directors to bring their visions to fruition by creating powerful illusions of reality for audiences. The success of these illusions has also become a powerful marketing tool that drives consumers to view these productions. Visual effects are helpful in other ways for filmmakers and are helpful in reducing the costs of travel, creating backdrops and realistic locations with the use of green screens and are responsible for reducing risks of harm to actors preventing requirements to perform difficult and often impossible stunts. The life-like creature King Kong, the introduction of color in the Wizard of Oz, George Lucas’ Star Wars and films like The Pirates of the Caribbean were created using visual effects. As visual effects creators continue to strive to top their last big production, they also understand that audiences expect to be blown away every time.

Get Justice With Dan Newlin

by Chris Holden - August 20th, 2015

The legal system is highly complicated and complex. Yet, many people will need to within this system during the course of their lifetime. This may be due to multiple reasons including an accident of any kind as well as a problem such as an employer’s failure to comply with safety or other important laws. The American legal system allows anyone who is working with the system to seek representation for their needs. An effective lawyer can help anyone make sure that their voice is heard when they are in this system. The lawyer can also make sure that any financial losses they have suffered as a result of such issues are addressed at times and in full accordance with all laws. The result of effective legal counsel can be the difference between a client who can pay all of their bills and one may face an inability to do so.

Many clients have turned to attorney Dan Newlin for help as they attempt to figure out the legal system. Newlin has been effectively practiing law for many years. During this time, he has won impressive judgments for many of his clients, enabling them to make sure that are effectively compensated for any financial problems they may have suffered. Mr. Newlin has offices in both Orlando, Florida and Chicago, Illinois. He and his team of attornies have spent a long time assisting clients who need their help in the aftermath of a problem such an unexpected accident or an employer who cheated them out of funds they have earned. Mr. Newlin and his team of experts have also helped clients with problems that have resulted from many other issues such as medical malpractice that may have injured themselves or a beloved family member. Working closely with his clients means that Newlin and his staff closely listen to their client’s concerns and work to address them as effectively as possible. Here, Dan Newlin was discussed by PRNewsWire.

Mr. Newlin has an extensive background in many area of law enforcement. As a police officer, he helped people directly. Since then, he has continued to provide assistance for those who are in need of his services. His work as an attorney has continued to provide his client with access to excellent legal services and insured them of the possibility that they will always get the kind legal representation that they need. Clients can be reassured that Mr. Newlin and has team will be on hand during all stages of any legal battle. Those who seek out his advice and the advice of the lawyers on his team can rest easy knowing they have what they need to get exactly what is rightfully theirs under the American legal justice system.

About Spinal Surgery and Centers

by Chris Holden - August 19th, 2015

Lower back pain can cause the need for spinal surgery. There are surgeries that can address problems that arise from this type of health problem. Many take place at spinal surgery centers.

Spondylolysis is one cause of back pain. It stems from a stress fracture in the vertebra in the spinal column. The stress fracture progressively gets worst. The vertebra weakens until it shifts out of place. The condition that results from this is called spondylolisthesis.

Sometimes the condition is the result of sports participation that puts undue stress on the lower back. Trauma or heredity may also be the cause.

Symptoms can sometimes be deceiving for some sufferers of the condition. It can seem like a muscle sprain initially. If the condition continues to get worst it can lead to the vertebra pressing on the nerves, which brings about pain, and weakness and tingling in the legs. When it gets to this point surgery will be necessary.

Spinal fusions are used to treat several types of injuries to vertebra. The surgery may also remedy protrusion and degeneration of the disk between the vertebra. Abnormal spinal curvatures, and weakness caused by infection or tumors can also be covered by spine fusion surgery.

The approaches to spinal fusion surgery may vary. But they all involve adding a bone graft to the location of the spine that is the cause of the problem. The purpose of the procedure is to stop motion in the affected area. Sometimes metal rods and screws are used to control motion and allow the bony fusion to form. The surgery can cause reduction in the flexibility of the spine. But in some cases there is an increased flexibility due to the absence of pain and spasm.

When it comes to new age back pain surgery, North American Spine, a Dallas-based spinal surgery center, is among the leaders in the industry. They are the exclusive providers of the Accurascope Procedure for sufferers of chronic back pain. More than 8,000 operations have been performed by the board certified physicians at the center. The Accurascope Procedure has a 82% success rate. It also is able to save patients an average of 23.000 dollars when compared to other types of back pain surgery.

By using small incisions combined with state of the art visualization, a minimally invasive operation can be performed successfully.

A more traditional form of surgery connected to spine fusion centers are bone grafts. The grafts are designed to allow bone to heal, and to support the skeleton by bridging the gaps between two bones.

Bone can be transferred from a patient’s body and used to replace bone removed during surgery. It can take months for the new bone to completely fuse. Using bone from someone else as a replacement is called allograft. The advantage is that if more bone is needed than available from the patient’s body allograft can fill in and do the job.

Computer Service Corporation’s Success with Eric Puller as the Vice President and Cloud Manager

by Chris Holden - August 19th, 2015

The modern world of Information Technology (IT) sometimes falls into disarray when it fails to operate correctly. From a small business that relies on the internet for sales, profits and revenue to a student behind a laptop working on a school assignment, these technological marvels are integral in our everyday lives.

As expected of anything else, a simple IT glitch can pose an adverse impact on business. There are institutions, spread across the world that specialize in this kind of support. While some focus on installations, repairs, and networks, other firms offer everything that entails IT computer services and solutions.

Here, we highlight the profile of Computer Services Corporation, a leading IT solutions company based in the United States.

Computer Services Corporation (CSC)

Founded in 1959 by Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jones, Computer Services Corporation (CSC) is a US-based multinational corporation specializing in the provision of IT and Professional services. The company that initially began with providing programming tools, like compiler and assembling software, is headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia.

The global frontrunner of next-generation IT services and solutions is driven with a mission to enable superior yields on its clients’ technology investments through top-notch industry solutions, global scale, and domain expertise.

Solutions provided at CSC

With approximately 74,000 employees spread across 70 countries, CSC draws clients from a wide range of sectors that include the U.S. federal government, commercial enterprises, local as well as non-U.S. Government agencies.

The company offers a wide range of services that include the following:

Big Data and Analytics
Application Services
Business and Technology Consulting
Cyber Security
Cloud Solutions and Services
Industry Software and Solutions
Managed services and outsourcing
Infrastructure Services
Mobility solutions

The company’s growing success is attributed to various factors including having a team of skilled and dedicated employees like Eric Pulier. Check out Eric Pulier’s article on Wikipedia.

Eric Pulier

A renowned entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist, Eric Pulier grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey. While he started programming computers while in fourth grade, he initiated studies at Harvard University in 1984, majoring in English and literature. He also took classes at the neighboring MIT. In 1988, he graduated with distinction.

The Co-founder, Board Chairman, and CEO of ServiceMesh Inc. has worked with several leading IT Corporations at senior positions, significantly contributing to their success. At CSC, he was the Vice President and General Manager of Cloud.

He directed CSC’s development and delivery of cloud offerings that allow corporations to provide IT-as-a-service from internal and external suppliers, dramatically increasing efficiency and minimizing costs.


It is apparent that skilled and dedicated employees like Eric Pulier play a part in steering a company towards much-desired success. CSC reported $12.6 billion for the year ended January 2, 2015.


by Chris Holden - August 19th, 2015

Engineer and entrepreneur Fersen Lamas Lambranho was born in Rio de Janeiro on October 11, 1961. He is currently a member and Chairman of the board of GP enterprises. He joined GP in 1998 and became a managing director in 1999. In 2003 he and Antonio Bonchristiano assumed leadership and acquired 100% control of GP the following year. The firm has been able to raise more money for private equity funds and has expanded into real estate and infastructure investments since coming under control of the current partnership.

Fersen Lambranho

Lambranho received a bachelor degree in civil engineering from Universidad Federal de Rio de Janeiro and his M.Sc. degree in business administration comes from COPPEAD-UFRJ. He also completed the owner president management program at Harvard Business School.

Lambranho previously served as a member on several boards including Farmasa, Estácio, San Antonio, Allis, Tele Norte Leste Participações, São Carlos Empreendimentos e Participações, Shoptime, BR Properties, Shoptime and

Fersen Lambranho

In addition to the boards of GP and Magnesita S.A., he currently serves on the boards of Centauro, BHG, BRZ Investmentos.

He previously served as Chairman of the boards of Oi, Contax, Gafisa and ABC Supermercados and is a director at COPPEAD Graduate School of Business.

Fersen Lambranho and his wife Paloma Lambranho co-founded Patronos de Pinacoteca da Estado de São Paulo which contributes to the expansion of contemporary Brazilian art. The museum also offers lectures and educational courses about art. Lambranho also serves on the board of the non-profits Fundação Bienalde de São Paulo and COPPEAD-UFRJ and is a committee member of Premio IP Capital Partners de Arte (PIPA) 2014. He is a mentor in Endeavor, a non-profit organization which supports and encourages new entrepreneurs in over twenty countries.

Fersen Lambranho

The ambitious Lambranho has over twenty years of management and board experience in a variety of industries such as mining, real estate, financial services, and retail.

GP Investments, the Hamilton, Bermuda based company with which Lambranho is heavily involved, is a leading alternative investment firm that specializes in private equity funds. Founded in 1993, the firm reaches across fifteen industries in fifty countries and has raised over $5 billion from investors worldwide. GP mainly invests in industries based in Latin America, especially Brazil. Some of it’s most notable investments are Brazilian Hospitality Group, Magnesita, San Antonio, Centauro, APEN, and Beleza Natural.