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BRLTrust Services

by Chris Holden - March 1st, 2015

When it comes to investing internationally, it is very important to track down the very best International brokerage firms that can assist with these investments. Now, there is no limit to locations around the world for investment options, but when it all comes down to it, one of the best countries to invest in happens to be Brazil, and for those who want to invest in the country of Brazil, BRL Trust is the location to go. Now, it is important to understand why going over to Brazil is such a good idea and what all it is able to do for people, but for the most part, once going over all of this information, it is going to become rather self explanatory.

Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. In fact, it is now the sixth largest economy in the world and the largest in South America. Now, a big reason as to why it is so profitable now is due to its extensive trade pacts with China. China is the largest importer exporter Brazil trades with, so basically where China goes Brazil goes as well. All of this is so very important to consider, especially if there are every any sort of trade embargo laws placed on China from the outside, such as from the United States and from Europe. All of this can impact Brazil, but not as drastically as Brazil. Because Brazil does not feel the impact as heavily, it does make it a worth wild investment opportunity.

For anyone who is looking at investing overseas, Brazil is an excellent location for this kind of a service. There really isn’t anything someone is going to find in Brazil that is not attractive. The property investment opportunities are abundant, so whether they want to focus in on new sectors throughout the country or if they just want to check out regions that are based more on tourist destinations, BRL Trust can help facilitate the investment and help monitor it. After all, an investor is not going to be always able to stand around and monitor the investment on their own. They need someone around who can do this for them. That is why the next time someone is interested in investing overseas on an international market, one of the very best locations to do this is in Brazil, and with the help of BRL Trust.

It’s Official. Marijuana is Legal in Washington, D.C.

by Chris Holden - February 26th, 2015
It is now legal in Washington, D.C. for adults 21 and older to possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana. Although it is still illegal to smoke in public places, on Wednesday night at midnight marijuana became legal in the United States capital.

During the elections in November 2014, nearly 70% of D.C. voters passed Initiative 71 presented by the D.C. Cannabis Campaign. The acceptance of the initiative shocked unsupportive members of Congress. Initiative 71 allows the legal possession of up to 2 ounces of marijuana for adults 21 and older. It also allows adults to grow as many as six marijuana plants in their homes, and consume the drug on private property. Smoking or growing marijuana in public spaces is still illegal.

Those still opposing the newly enacted law in Congress will have 30 days to reject it. This seems likely as Republican members of Congress are still fighting for the law to be struck down. Paul Mathieson knows that they started by adding a provision that states no government funds can be used to enact any law that pertains to the distribution of any schedule 1 substance. Marijuana is currently a Schedule 1 drug.

The new legalization of marijuana in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., is a big statement. As of now, three U.S. states have passed laws that allow adults to possess small amounts of marijuana in their homes. Little by little, we may see other states conceding to the popular opinion that marijuana should be legal.

Create a Wine Collection With the Antique Wine Company

by Chris Holden - February 25th, 2015

Wine is suitable for many occasions. Someone may want to have a glass in order to help bring out the understated flavors in a creamy slice of cheddar, show the fruity undertones of a piece of grilled salmon or compliment a small helping of dark chocolate. When someone has the right wine on hand, it can make dinner party planning that much easier. Having a selection of wines in one’s house allows the person to easily design a menu and then create just the right wine pairing to help bring the entire meal to a complete and satisfying experience for all those who are dining at their tables.

Taking the time to pick out a wine collection is one of the best ways that people can help make sure that they have the right kind of wine on hand at all times. This can be very useful for someone who likes to give last minute dinner parties or someone who finds they have many unexpected guests in any given time frame. The use of the right wines can help make their guests feel at ease and even allow them to relax and enjoy themselves more when they are staying at someone’s house. Those who are able to develop a wine collection will often find that it is of great use to have as much help as possible during this process. A company such at the Antique Wine Company can make this process far easier and allow those who want to have a collection have one that fully suits all of their specific wants.

Based in London, the Antique Wine Company has developed a list of many satisfied customers. Customers have long turned to staffers to help them figure out which kinds of wines will be ideal to have in their collections. Many staffers can help their customers skillfully figure out that a Chardonnay may be just the right wine to have on hand in order to round out a meal. Founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams, the company can also help people pinpoint potential areas in their collections where they may want to bring in other wines to help form a well rounded collection that provides them and their guests with an ideal selection to help fully compliment any meal being served. In this way, the person can take the time they want to develop a wine collection over the years that ideal for their needs.

Over Half The German Population Believe Corporations Have Too Much Political Influence

by Chris Holden - February 25th, 2015

Genuine Democracy Impossible In Germany Thanks To Big Business Political Power

Austria-born Joseph Schumpeter was the chair of the department of economics at the University of Bonn from 1925 to 1932. He fled the country to escape Nazi rule that year and began teaching at Harvard. Schumpeter said that capitalism eventually leads to a form of socialism, and it appears a large number of people in Germany are anxious for that to happen.

Zeca Oliveira of BNY Mellon has heard that almost 33 percent of the population of Germany think capitalism is the cause of hunger and poverty according to a survey. They also feel true democracy is impossible because the current economic system is controlled by the super-rich. The Emnid polling institute for Berlin’s Free University recently published that survey, and it seems to confirm what most Germans have known for some time.

Big business and the super-rich have too much power in a capitalistic society. Germans have been exposed to communism and socialism for years, and there is still a large percentage of Germans that prefer socialism.

They believe the voice of the voters plays a minor role in the election process. They also feel that large scale corporations fuel a petrified form of capitalism. These corporations condone restrictive practices, develop an underhanded method of price fixing, and they pay exclusive attention to conserving existing capital at the expense of the people’s well-being.

Anderson Silva Still In Denial

by Chris Holden - February 24th, 2015

Anderson “The Spider” Silva continues to spew his web of lies. By now, most MMA fans have heard that Anderson Silva failed a post fight drug test for steroids. Silva was long thought of as the best fighter of all time. His recent steroid controversy has destroyed his reputation in the eyes of many.

However, Anderson Silva continues to deny the fact that he was caught using steroids. Silva says that he will not apologize because he did nothing wrong. Anderson believes that what he was taking was perfectly legal. The sad truth is that Anderson did get caught with powerful steroids in his body. I don’t know if Anderson is in denial, or maybe he was being shot up with a needle unbeknownst to him. What I do know is that there is a huge problem here.

Fans like Bernardo Chua ( know that Anderson Silva cannot go around denying the fact that he was caught with steroids in his system. Two separate post fight tests showed that Silva had steroids in his body. The best thing that Anderson can do now is admit it. Come clean Anderson, and walk away from the sport. In truth, most MMA fighters are using steroids, but that does not give Anderson an excuse.

The UFC recently held a press conference, and the president of the UFC told the fighters that steroids will not be tolerated. Anderson Silva has been suspended from the sport of MMA, and his title as the greatest of all time has been revoked. For more information on Anderson Silva, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Texas Doctors Separate Conjoined Baby Girls

by Chris Holden - February 24th, 2015

Two little girls who are just under a year old and were conjoined twins successfully came out of a separation surgery on Tuesday morning.

The doctors and surgeons at the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, TX completed a first of its kind surgery on the girls, Adeline Faith Knatalye Hope Mata, who were joined together at the center mass of their bodies. According to an article found on reddit and written by, the babies shared an intestine, pelvis, lungs, diaphragm, and chest wall. Not only is this operation a huge success for the girls and their families, but for all of the medical world as well. This type of surgery had never been done before and it came out with a happy ending.

There were 12 surgeons, 8 surgical nurses, and 6 anesthesiologists working on the babies during the operation and it took them over 18 hours to separate them. However, Susan McGalla has read that  there was more work to be done than just that, as each girl needed over a total of 23 and 26 hours to be stabilized. Check out more on McGalla at They will be turning one years old next month, but they have never even left the hospital due to their former condition. Experts in the medical field hope that this is a telling sign of where medical advancement will take us, and are optimistic for preforming it again on other twins who might need the same kind of operation.

A New Reason To Fear Tick Bites

by Chris Holden - February 23rd, 2015

A “Bourbon” virus named after a county in Kansas it was first reported in, has researchers clambering to figure out a treatment. They are not 100% sure it is the result of being bitten by a tick, but the patient undergoing tests for disease says he was bitten by them.

Bernardo Chua has heard that the man who contracted the Bourbon disease is 50 years old and relatively healthy. He had been outside working on his property and had been bitten before coming in. When he came into the house he still had a fat tick lodged in his skin. Within days after the bites, he became nauseous, suffered from muscle aches and developed a fever that had him see his doctor.

The man’s doctor prescribed doxycycline which is often used to treat Lyme. On the fourth day after getting bitten, he began going in and out of consciousness and was taken to a hospital. The hospital ran tests to check for Lyme and Rocky Spotted Mountain Fever which came up negative. They also ran tests to check for; fungal infections, tularemia and Q fever- all coming up with negative results. They finally had to contact the CDC .

Erin Staples, official with the CDC explained it took months for them to find this virus belongs to the genus of virus called, Thogotovirses. This news gives people more reasons to be cautious when it comes to tick bites. Basic precautions would be to check yourself carefully for any bites when you have been outdoors, and if bitten to monitor the area carefully for redness or swelling. See a doctor right away if any symptoms occur.

The Horrors of American Health Care

by Chris Holden - February 23rd, 2015

A lot of loopholes exist in the American Affordable Care Act and insurance companies have spent a great deal of time and their customers’ money finding those loopholes so they don’t have to pay out as much for claims.

This past week, Julie Appleby for Kaiser Health News pointed out one of the biggest loopholes:

Insurance companies aren’t required to count patients’ out-of-network payments toward the amount patients must pay before their insurance kicks in. As a result, patients, like Marc Sparks,  covered outside of their networks may still receive huge bills if they haven’t met the out-of-pocket amounts they have agreed to pay stated Worse yet, even if they are covered, they may still have to pay the remaining bill after their insurance pays out even if the hospital, doctor, et cetera has an agreement with the insurance carrier.

The horrible part is that in many cases the billing offices for hospitals, doctors and other healthcare personnel pad their bills to handle the difference between in-network, out-of-network, Medicare, Medicaid and self-pay patients. A patient who sees an in-network doctor might find that his or her insurance was charged as much as three to four times the national average for that same service. Self-pay patients who receive a discount are often receiving a final bill for the national average cost of the service; whereas, the original bill was an example of the inflated invoices that insurance companies receive.

Learning How To Invest In The Stock Market The Right Way

by Chris Holden - February 23rd, 2015

If one is to be smart about their investing, they are going to want to make sure that they get their advice from the experts. If they do not listen to what the experts have to say, then they might as well just throw their money out the window. One expert with a lot of clout on the matter is Igor Cornelsen. He has been well known to possess great investment instincts and has also amassed great wealth for himself.

The first thing that Igor’s story proves is that it is in fact possible to make money in the markets. It is not like gambling or some other situation where the deck is always stacked against you. In this case, the deck can be stacked in your favor if you are serious about your investment opportunities. First though, Cornelsen says that all investors must be serious about the work that they are doing with their investments. He says that they can see great wealth in their portfolio, but they have to treat it seriously.

It is important to realize that Cornelsen himself is a wise money and savvy investor. He has taken a lot of his time to build up the reputation that he has earned. He has amassed great wealth for himself at the same time. However, it was not like it was simply handed to him. He had to work to earn those funds. If this was not the case, then everyone would be rich without effort.

Cornelsen has to assure people that the smartest thing to do is to spread out their investments among a variety of different choices. Diversification is still among the smartest moves that an investor can make. If they do this, they have made sure that any wrong choices that they may have made are reigned in by the fact that they have also made other smart choices. However, when one puts too much money to work in one particular investment, they have taken too large of a risk and are likely carrying too much risk in their portfolio. This is something to be aware of and try to adjust to. The wisest investors will spread out their risk.

Cornelsen finally says that investors should be sure to avoid following the hot or trendy stocks. Investing in this way is lazy and does not involve the kind of homework that is necessary. Sometimes one may get lucky with this type of investment, but more often than not they are simply going to be left carrying the bag.

How Did Bruce Levenson Change The Hawks Culture?

by Chris Holden - February 22nd, 2015

When the Atlanta Spirit LLC group purchased the Atlanta Hawks, they came into the relationship with issues stemming from the separation of the two groups. Bruce Levenson was part of the Washington group, and he picked up the pieces when Steve Belkin tried to steal the franchise. Bruce served on the NBA board of governors, and he was instrumental in helping to turn the franchise around. He signed off on changing the front office and coaching staff. He signed off on moving Joe Johnson out of town, and he was able to bring in some new people to turn the team. When you look at the Hawks, you are seeing the vision of Bruce Levenson and how he was able to make the Hawks business more profitable.

The Players

The team that Bruce helped to put together was made more competitive as he decided to only bring in guys who worked together well. When he put together a team that was more congenial, he was able to create a team that played better together. The culture is one where all the guys get along, and he even works with the players to give them a voice in how the team is run. This is a family in Atlanta, and Bruce includes the fans.

The Experience

The experience that the fans get in Atlanta is one of the best in the NBA. Philips Arena is very clean, and it is a fun place to take the kids. The arena is secure, and it is a fun place for fans to visit. Adults can get fun drinks at the games, and kids have plenty of things to play with at the arena.

When Bruce made these changes to the franchise, he made the Hawks a truly great experience for everyone. That is why he should be lauded as a quality owner.