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Sergio Cortes Talks About Impersonating Michael Jackson

by Chris Holden - February 2nd, 2016
Sergio Cortes spoke to R7 about his act impersonating Michael Jackson, and he offers some interesting insights into the mind of an impersonator. Sergio has a personal connection to Michael that other people do not have, and he is a dedicated performer who has chosen to give his best years to a man everyone calls the kind of pop. This article explains how Sergio carries the torch of Michael Jackson after Michael’s death.

#1: Sergio Has Always Been Interested In Michael

Sergio has dressed up as Michael Jackson many times, but he started dressing up as Michael when he was a boy. His interest in Michael began to grow when he was asked to dress up as Michael for a photo shoot, and he decided that he could impersonate Michael as his career. The life of a performer chose Sergio because of his early connection to the name Michael Jackson.

#2: How Does Sergio Look So Much Like Michael

It is a twist of fate that Sergio happens to look so much like Michael Jackson. The appearance is just as important to Sergio as anything else. He wants his fans to feel as if they are looking at Michael Jackson in person, and he believes that his appearance adds something to every performance that cannot be found anywhere else. Even people who get close to Sergio would swear that they are looking at the real Michael Jackson.

#3: The Songs And Dances

Sergio spent his formative years learning all of Michael’s music and dance moves. The music and dance moves go hand-in-hand with Michael, and fans expect to see both when they come to a show. Sergio has perfected the music and dance moves to ensure that each show look authentic, and he gives performances that look as though they have jumped from the reels of Michael’s music videos.

#4: Sergio Believes Michael’s Legacy Is Vital To Entertainment

Sergio is very protective of Michael Jackson’s legacy, and Sergio believes that he is standing on Michael’s legacy when he gives a performance. Michael is the most famous entertainer of all time, and Sergio wants to honor that brilliance in every one of his concerts. Sergio believes that anything less would be disrespectful.

Sergio Cortes is the best impersonator in the world today because of his deep belief in Michael Jackson’s legacy. Sergio works hard to uphold that legacy, and his concerts appear as if Michael is truly on stage.

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Billionaire George Soros Thinks The Next Financial Crisis Has Already Started

by Chris Holden - January 31st, 2016

Most investors that know anything about investing never bet against George Soros. Soros is the hedge fund manager that broke the bank of England in 1992 when he predicted that the pound would have to be devalued. George made a $1 billion on that deal. He has made numerous deals through the years that have put him on the richest people in the world list.

According to a article, a Soros hedge fund produced a 20 percent return every year from 1969 to 2011. The article also said Soros believes a global financial crisis is in motion and there is little anyone can do to stop it.

The current financial crisis will be a repeat of the 2008 meltdown, according to Soros. He doesn’t give specifics as far as how long and how deep the global recession will be, but he is warning investors to stay away from the stock market in 2016. A new Bloomberg report mentions China as the culprit that is spreading deflation to the rest of the world. Soros attended the Economic Summit in Davos, Switzerland recently, and he said China has the reserves and the control to survive the hard economic knocks it will take in 2016, but the rest of the world is not as prepared.

When an interviewer asked Soros if expected the hard knocks, he said he wasn’t expecting them he was observing them. In other words, the global recession is underway. The economic growth that China is reporting is inflated. Rather than the 6.5 percent growth rate figure that has been thrown around by Chinese officials, a 3.5 percent growth rate is more accurate, according to Soros. China also has an unsustainable debt burden, and high capital outlays, and those factors are giving the government daily headaches. China had $843 billion in capital outlays through November 2015.

The slowdown in exports, lower oil prices, and currency manipulation are all contributing factors to the deflation that is on the verge of erupting around the world. World markets are in no position to handle the deflation, and there are no tools to prevent it, according to Soros.

Based on the Chinese situation, the Feds won’t raise interest rates in 2016. Soros said they made a mistake when they raised the rate in December 2015. Soros reemphasized the fact that the stock market is not going to produce decent returns in 2016, and commodities will suffer along with Asian currencies.

Mr. Soros is not the only expert predicting a global economic downturn in 2016. Several economists at the Davos Summit agree with the 85-year-old hedge fund billionaire. It’s not going to be a good year for investors that keep their money in the stock market.

FreedomPop expands to the UK market

by Chris Holden - January 28th, 2016

In 2011, CEO and co-founder Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar started a new low cost mobile phone company named FreedomPop with the goal “that no American is left off the digital grid”. In 2012, the company signed a deal first with Clearwire so they could use the 4G WiMax data network and then with Sprint. These two deals greatly expanded their coverage bringing them closer to their original goal in the U.S. With so much success in the American Market the company made the decision to expand into the U.K. market. With this new direction in mind the company looked to raise the funds and succeeded in raising $50 million. The main investor is not being released as of yet, because the company says there are plans to integrate FreedomPop with another company that they are trying to acquire. In total, FreedomPop has raised $109 million to date.

So far the company has been successful with their launch into the U.K. market, with the company’s introduction of the “free hotspot” and their SIM cards. The initial cost of the free hotspot is $49.99, but after that the hotspot gives you free data in 25 countries. With the service looking to expand to 40 countries before the end of the year. The SIM cards provide free calls and data on a person’s mobile device across multiply regions. So far they have only released a SIM card for the market in Europe, but with only a $10 price tag, the company has already sold out of the SIMs for the moment. FreedomPop also plans to release a SIM for another currently unknown region by the middle of this year.

With their projected models showing that they must have at least a 30% conversion rate to make everything “work”, the company has so far already reached 45% in the U.K. with projections showing them to reach 1 million users in the next 18 – 24 months. If you include their already established clientele in the U.S., they have already reached that 1 million mark.

MarcioAlaor’s Contributions In and Outside BMG Bank

by Chris Holden - January 28th, 2016
Marcio is the current Executive Vice-President of BMG Bank in Brazil. He has introduced as well as supported the implementation of various projects and strategies in the bank and is one of the brains behind the payroll loans initiative. The loans initiative has helped transform the bank and steer it towards being a market leader in the country a glory it once enjoyed a long time ago during its inception. He is also a member of the governing board of the bank that deliberates and initiates development of some of the most crucial decisions affecting BMG group.
Marcio has also been playing a leading role in promoting and coming up with marketing strategies for the bank. He is one of the individuals that came up with the idea that the bank adopts a different approach to its marketing and advertising by taking on sports sponsorship as a way of popularizing the bank. He has also been instrumental in coming up with new and responsive ways through which the bank can reap from this form of advertising by diversifying its sponsorship to not only cover soccer but other sports like volleyball and basketball in not just the men but women categories as well.
However, his influence and contributory role is not just felt within the bank; he has extended it to cover even other areas of the economy. This is especially felt in Antonio De Monte municipality from where he hails from. He has been an ardent supporter of agricultural sector in the municipality that is now taunted as the leading milk producer in the West Mines Gerais region. His support there has been both moral and financial and its fruits are quite visible.
He has received numerous recognition and appreciation for his development inclined goals from different quarters in the country’s leadership as well as in the private sector. For instance, just recently, his promotion of agriculture as a sustainable way of reliance for people in the rural areas was awarded by the Antonio De Monte municipal leadership. During the 33rd Holy Agricultural Exhibition of Antonio De Monte, the food court was renamed Marcio Alaor De Araujo in honor of Marcio’s regular contributions towards the success of the annual trade fair.
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Reputation Management Company Offers a lot to its Clients

by Chris Holden - January 26th, 2016

Status Labs offers a lot of services to its clients which explains why it is so successful as a business. One reason that it is so successful is that it offers services to its clients that help them make a lot of profits with their businesses. They offer a lot of services that are related to reputation management. They are very diligent and willing to work with their customers in order to provide the content that is optimized and can help attract more business to their clients. Status Labs has grown in revenue by more than 900 percent.

Status Labs not only offers what other businesses don’t, but also makes sure that they do a thorough job in serving their clients. Among the clients they serve are small business owners, politicians, celebrities and other types of clients. Among the reasons that clients seek them out include improving their reputation and even just bringing more attention to what they are promoting. Either way, Status Labs provides services that improves the business of their clients. As a result, more clients seek them out and the demand increases for the services offered. Status Labs also helps people learn how to run their own successful campaigns by listing the key elements of a successful campaign.

Due to their successful campaign, Status Labs has grown in its income. In order to satisfy the growing demand for service, Status Labs has begun to add to its company. Clients everywhere are enjoying the benefits that Status Labs has to offer. Among the different things that Status Labs has accomplished was building partnerships and collaborating with other agencies. They continue to grow in revenue throughout the new year. As more clients learn about the miracle Status Labs works for its clients, they will come to experience for themselves what Status Labs has to offer.

Market for Craft Beers; Marcio Alaor BMG

by Chris Holden - January 22nd, 2016
Marcio Alaor, an executive of the Bank BMG, is an economic analyst in Brazil. He has analyzed many economic factors in different parts of the world as the economy of Australia and export and imports of Brazil just to name a few. This article is about craft brewers in the United States as they have grown widely in the market. For this reason, large breweries have made massive investments to acquire the small breweries.
An example of the above is Constellation Brands group (a large producer of alcoholic beverages), announced an investment of 1 billion dollars to buy Ballast Point(small craft brewer), a brand from California notes Marcio Alaor. Another example is Heineken investing in the purchase of 50% of Lagunitas, which is one of the largest craft breweries in the US in small industry category. Blue Point Brewing in New York, Goose Island Brewery in Chicago and also Elysian Brewing in Seattle are an example of large brewers who have invested on the small craft brewers.
The emergence of the craft brewers has acquired 10% of the US market and generating about 100 billion dollars a year not forgetting there was an increase of 18% over the previous year’s data, says Marcio Alaor Banco BMG. These small brewers have emerged, and the public has accepted to cash out on what they have given to the people. The executive of BMG bank notes that there is increasing growth in the strength of the craft industries when the beer industry is in stagnation. It’s an acknowledgement from Brewers Association that these small businesses are estimated to take 20% of the market share by 2020.
For a brewer to rank as a small business on the Brewers Association, they produce 6 million barrels or lower using traditional ingredients majorly and not more than 25% of their investment in the hands of large breweries. As the small brewers are coming up and acquiring their market share, the dominant companies in this industry have reduced in number in the recent past, reports Banco BMG. Marcio Alaor informs that AB-InBev, the world’s largest brewer, bought British brewer SABMiller. After the billion dollar merger, this new company will increase its capacity to produce about 30% of the world’s beer and its name will be Newco. The company will enjoy a large market share of more than 80 countries and about 225 thousand people at work to make this a reality.

$900 Million to Go to Mediocre Republican Candidate

by Chris Holden - January 21st, 2016

Charles Koch, half of the famous Koch Brothers who own and operate Koch Industries, has indicated that he still plans to give $900 million to candidates during the 2016 election cycle but so far hasn’t been pleased with what he has heard from candidates. Charles has hesitated to announce which candidate he is and will be supporting but indicated that as time goes on he will make his announcement.

The leader in the 2016 Republican Primary polls is Donald Trump, the brash billionaire candidate who many considered to be a dark horse candidate but has been sitting on the top of the polls for much of the cycle. Koch has not been pleased with several statements that he made against Muslims including a proposed requirement that they register with authorities. Others have likened this to Nazi Germany but Koch is more concerned with individual freedom than labels. He indicated that when you start taking away freedoms from people you start down a very slippery path that has other repercussions for society and makes it easier to take away freedom for others.

The other conservative republican who Koch spelled out was Ted Cruz of Texas. Koch felt that Cruz’s comment that he would carpet bomb Isis a bit ridiculous as that would only lead to a greater problem and rally more anti-American support in Muslim countries. Koch feels like the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan have only served to drum up more dislike for America and to feed the revolutionaries in those nations as well as terrorist groups around the world.

Charles Koch has an understanding of what feeds revolutionaries and stated his opinion during an interview with the Business Insider, expressing his mild feelings for the Republican candidates. He feels as if he won’t get much of a return on his political donation though he will still donate once he picks a candidate to support which he will announce. Further he believes it takes time to understand the impact a candidate has on a country though he doesn’t think any candidate represents the values he supports.

Koch further thinks that the press vilifies him and the only way he can stick up for himself is by expressing to the world his values. Unfortunately for him it doesn’t seem as if the Republican presidential candidates are listening. And the is $900 million in funding at stake for the politician who aligns with Koch.

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How Homejoy, Inc Suffered A Bankruptcy And How Handy Is Maintaining The Best Quality Service In House Cleaning Services

by Chris Holden - January 21st, 2016

Homejoy, Inc is a housing and repairs startup company that has in the recent past filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The filing in the U.S Bankruptcy Court came after about five months since the company announced through its website’s blog post that it would be closing business. The company was started by siblings Aaron and Adora in 2013, and it allowed home owners to book house repair and cleaning services.

In the initial stages, the company was able to raise not less than $38 million in venture funding capital from investors like Redpoint Ventures, Google Investors as well as First Round Capital. Until July 2015, the company was able to offer $25 an hour house cleaning services to clients in five different countries. Citing reasons for closing business as different unresolved challenges in the house cleaning space, the founders also blamed worker classification lawsuits it had received as also having a big contribution on the same.Homejoy is not the only startup company that has faced similar challenges. Most of the companies are plagued with lawsuits that demand that they reconstruct their contractors as employees that would mean that the labor costs would be driven up to 40% therefore being forced to close business.

Despite Homejoy suffering a bankruptcy, its main competitor Handy Technologies has been able to enjoy all benefits that having a unique service comes accompanied with. In November last year, the company was able to raise not less than $50 million in venture funding from different investors like Highland Capital Partners, Fidelity Management and others. Combined, the company has been able to receive not less than $110 million in funding so far.

Handy is classified by many as the Uber of house cleaning only different in the sense that it does not come accompanied by high fees. Using a mobile phone application, the company allows home owners to book, pay and even tip for house cleaning and repair services.

The company has experienced the growth because it offers very unique services that are of good quality and that are easy to find. On top of that, it has very reliable contractors who are at all times willing to put the extra effort so as to deliver good quality service.

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Avi Weisfogel: GoFundMe

by Chris Holden - January 21st, 2016

Operation Smile was founded in 1982 by Dr. William Magee and his wife to help young children who had deformities such as cleft palates and cleft lips as well as other facial deformities to access surgical services for free. It depends on volunteers and donations from well-wishers.

GoFundMe is a campaign created by Avi Weisfogel to help raise awareness and funds for the operation smile project. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist who has been helping people with dental and sleep issues in his Dental Sleep Masters Seminar in New Jersey. As a philanthropist he chose a path to raise funds to continue the works of Dr. Magee in ensuring that children and young adults continue to receive free surgical correction for facial deformities.

Avi Weisfogel went to Rutgers University where he took a bachelor in psychology and biology and later proceeded to New York College of Dentistry. He has been teaching people on how to solve their sleep and dental problems. He has won the title of best dentist for over five years.

To give back to the society he decided to use his position and influence to create a campaign to help the disadvantaged children of the world to live a better life by getting free surgeries. By using the social platforms on Facebook and Twitter he has called upon many people to participate in the campaign of raising funds and awareness about the problems of children with facial deformities.

Avi Weisfogal is also a talented and passionate businessman who has been very successful in selling appliances relating to dental health. His success in the field made him to be a force in the dentistry field. Drawing inspiration from Dr. Magee he opted to use his profits and name create a worldwide campaign and he name it GoFundMe.

Plastic surgery is an expensive undertaking especially for people in the third world who live in poor conditions. Children born with deformities therefore lack the economic power to have such deformities corrected. Coupled with government’s neglect of such issues in the society the affected have nowhere to run. Operation Smile other than providing free surgeries it works in close collaboration with governments to raise the awareness of the facial deformities and address them as a national problem.

Operation Smile has been a very successful project and today it operates in more than fifty countries and over 200,000 surgeries have conducted under its fund. With the philanthropy of people such as Avi Weisfogal who came up with GoFundMe campaign and the funding of well-wishers the dreams of Dr. Magee can be achieved.

New Yorker Keith Mann Supports His Local Area Police Department

by Chris Holden - January 21st, 2016

Donating money can be an ideal way to help others. In today’s society, many people find that a donation can really make a difference. Many people aim to help provide money to causes they admire and want to help support. In many cases, they often have a personal connection to such causes. Such is the case with a recent effort to show support for local area police officers by philanthropist and businessman Keith Mann. Mann and his wife Keely Mann wanted to show they they support the work of local area New York City police officers as they help combat crime and make life better for all New Yorkers.

To that end, the Manns offered their own personal gesture of gratitude to their local officers by sending them lunch recently. Both he and his wife want to help boost moral for the local force by treating them to a nice lunch. They also want to show their support for the help that many officers have provided people here by demonstrating that officers enjoy widespread support in their community from many area residents. Recent events in the region have sometimes led to the perception that the police are not appreciated by many residents. The Manns aim to show otherwise. Keith Mann knows the work that police officers do as his uncle is a member of the detective squad in Staten Island.

Keith Mann is a highly successful businessman who has been involved in many areas of the business field for decades. He has chosen to specialize in the field of hedge fund management and employment. Hedge funds seek to maximize an investor’s ability to earn a good rate of return on their investments and avoid the possibility of losses. A hedge fund also aims to help provide investors with a means of keeping their taxes as low as possible.

Mann is a much respected expert in helping companies find talent for their hedge funds and then helping them to determine appropriate compensation and the ideal wage. As part of that endeavor, Mann was a Managing Director at Dynamics Executive Search, one of the nation’s leading hedge fund staffing companies. Under his leadership, his clients were able to easily locate the right kind of talent for all areas of their business. At present, he is the company’s Chief Operating Officer and the primary person in charge of the company’s daily function and operations.

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