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Jeff Aronin: Creating a New Financial System

by Chris Holden - May 18th, 2018


Jeff Aronin is a hardworking American executive, and he is currently serving as the chairman and CEO of a medical company known as Paragon Biosciences. He was elected to the position by a unanimous vote coming from the board of directors, and he assumed his office in 2010. After he was elected to the position, Jeff Aronin immediately instructed the departments within the company to do a lot of researches and studies that would help them develop new treatments that could benefit humanity. Paragon Biosciences focused on creating a new way on how to treat diseases based on the information that is stored in a gigantic network of medical data. Jeff Aronin widely knows that pathogens keep on evolving, and if humanity fails to evolve, they can be eradicated by a single pandemic.

To ensure that the global population will keep its healthy status, Jeff Aronin decided to publish some of their works to attract people into changing their lifestyle. They have also advertised several medications that helped propel the economy of Paragon Biosciences. Aside from service the company, Jeff Aronin was also given several positions in a lot of third-party companies. He either served as a consultant, a board member, or other important position within the company ( He has used all of his knowledge and idea of creating a new way to find the cure for deadly diseases like cancer.

The career path of Jeff Aronin can also be considered as full of surprises. Jeff Aronin let the company to be purchased by Lundbeck, Inc., but this acquisition never lasts long because new clients and deal breakers are trying to influence the growth of the company. Jeff Aronin joined the Paragon Biosciences after he realized that his life should become better. Before being promoted to the position, Jeff Aronin already had a dream to become a company CEO. He worked his best until he finally saw some results, and everyone knows what he has been doing recently is doing humanity a favor. For Jeff Aronin, it is much better for him to search for the cure of future disease, and he should be working with his fellow scientists to help enlighten the condition of the brain.

Tony Petrello CEO Of Nabors Industries

by Chris Holden - May 18th, 2018

Tony Petrello is the CEO and the chairperson of Nabors Industries Limited which is in Hamilton, Bermuda. Tony went to pursue his studies in the University of Yale through a scholarship awarded to him as a result of his prowess in the field of mathematics where he became a degree holder of Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science in Mathematics. Later Tony went to the University of Havard and obtained a Juris Doctor degree from the law school in Havard University after losing interest in mathematics. In the year 1979, Tony Petrello’s career kicked off when he joined Baker and McKenzie law firm focusing on business law. He then became Managing Partner of the law firm’s office based in New York.

Tony Petrello joined Nabors Industries which began as Anglo Energy limited in the year 1968 as the company’s Chiefs Operating Officer in 1991.Mr.Petrello was in charge of Nabors’ day to day tasks just beneath the Chief Executive Officer. One year later, Tony was made President of the organization after his powerful approach to business was noticed. In 2012 Tony became the CEO of the organization running the world’s biggest geothermal drilling contractor which operates in parts of Middle East, Far East, Africa and the United States. In June 2012 Tony Petrello was named the Chairperson of Board’s Executive committee.

Tony’s accomplishments in those positions were used as far as building up the organization. For example, Mr. Petrello assisted in directing of a thirty-two million dollar buy of Grace Drilling firm. Another more significant transaction was made in 2010 when He brought Superior Well Services under Narbor’s company. His legal experience and training have additionally demonstrated importance, as he’s possessed the capacity to hold good deals making sure that all parties involved benefiting the most out of it. Tony Petrello’s perspective towards making collaborative partnerships caused him to become an intelligent businessperson who knew various ways on how to acquire prominent levels of achievements.

Tony Petrello has also shown he is an active humanitarian. This humanitarian action is seen when he donated seven million dollars to the Texas Children’s Hospital. This charitable cause follows after seeing her daughter Carena going through a challenging childhood as a result of the Cerebral palsy-a condition that affects a person’s capacity to move normally. Tony wanted to assist other children facing the same neurological disorder. Indeed Tony’s success has been attributed as a result of hard work and creative thinking.

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From Actor to Satirist: Sean Penn and Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

by Chris Holden - May 15th, 2018

Sean Penn is trying a new moniker these days. Satirist. The actor/director/correspondent just wrote his first novel. The book is making all kinds of waves, many of them not too good. It’s called, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, and it follows the violent escapades of a septic tank salesmen turned assassin. The book is a colorful look at Penn’s own political leanings. A well-known activist, it is no surprise that the actor would take shots at the Trump administration. But it is the other subjects he satirizes that have got him into a little hot water. Basically he dared to criticize #MeToo, and that is simply not done.


Like all satirists Penn veils his targets, but he is also very obvious about it. His caricature for Trump is called, “Mr. Landlord”, which is a direct reference to Trump. As for #MeToo, his satirization is a six-page reflection that is remarkably scathing. In his book Penn harkens #MeToo as a platform for bullying celebs accused of sexual misconduct. He iterates that the movement is childish, and reduces the impact of topics like sexual harassment to a playground joke. Such comments have received intense scrutiny from media outlets like Rolling Stone and the New York Times. Many of these outlets proclaim that Penn owes the movement an apology, but Penn has no plans to make amends. Penn’s book also focuses on the current meaning of “we”. He holds that #MeToo and the Trump administration have different takes “we”. The book posits that by avoiding individualism no one moves forward. This is probably the biggest slam he makes against #MeToo, that they are moving the cause backwards.


Penn plans on writing more books, stating in numerous interviews that he loves the writing life. His passion for individualism also shines through, as writing allows him the freedom to express himself. Despite any backlash his book is faring well. According to Penn it is nothing more than a satire, and the readers will take away their own interpretation. Typical response from a satirist.


Powering American Campaigns Using the NGP VAN’s Software

by Chris Holden - May 14th, 2018

American campaigns are no longer what they used to be. Not only have they become tedious but expensive too. Recall, there is a lot of information passed on during the campaign season. Therefore, you risk losing more without an excellent data management system.


Excellent data analysis tools give you much leeway to compare between information, such that you are able to arrive at decisions that count in the end. The 2016 reports from the Federal Election Commission tell it all.


Running a campaign in the U.S has not only become expensive for the big fish but grassroots leaders too. Thus, it is imperative that you use all the rights tools to help limit your spending for you never know the outcome of your campaign journey.



Fortunately, things are looking to the upright despite the prevailing circumstances. More people campaigning for public office are turning to campaign monitoring technologies, the tech that since time immemorial has helped enterprises tackle the issue of spending. There is no doubt whatsoever that the political scene in America is slowly encountering a significant transformation.


One technological provider that has won the hearts of many campaigners in the U.S. is none other than NGP VAN. The NGP VAN software, despite being new in the political scene, helps campaigners organize vital information through the online dashboards. As a result, campaign analysts have been able to deduce meaningful information from charts and graphs, data that has contributed a lot to enormous budget cuts.


The software, being one of its kind, has also attracted the attention of email, SMS, social media, and peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. All these strategies are meant to strengthen campaigners financially now that they have chosen to work together.


The NGP VAN software, in tandem with other technologies, is trying anything and everything to convince donors to invest willingly in their interests. The software is also helping maintain a touch between campaigners and donors, such that the voters become fully aware and thus confident in their financial choices.


NGP VAN, apart from benefiting campaigners and the electorate, has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the campaign staff. The members of staff have found the software vital in mapping fundraising goals, something that has given them much leeway to come up with a robust plan for their campaigns. The future is, therefore, looking bright for progressive and democratic campaigns in the U.S., especially now that the NGP VAN software has taken over.

The Career Life Of Tony Petrello

by Chris Holden - May 12th, 2018

Tony Petrello has achieved a lot of success since the beginning of his career and his ability to manage the largest land-based drilling company in the world has impressed many people. Since starting his role at Nabors Industries from 1991 to 2011, he has seen the firm `s production increase besides its total sales. Besides serving as the president and CEO of the firm, Tony also served as the chairman of the board of Nabors industry until his retirement. Tony was the highly paid Chief Executive Officer in the world while serving in the firm and he has gained a lot of recognition worldwide for his successes.

The humbleness that Tony Petrello exercised while at the firm was impressive and his ability to work together with his team of employees saw Nabors Industries rise into one of the largest drilling companies in the world. Tony has always been passionate about shining light to other people and during his service, at Nabors industries, he contributed funds to help in the research of the neurological diseases foundation so as to come up with a cure for the various diseases that affect people. His successes at the firm have been attributed to his consistent hard work and ability to work with other people. Tony has always encouraged his team of employees to put their best effort towards accomplishing the firm’s goals and he always worked together with them so as to produce more products to develop the firm. His commitment and ability to lead the vast number of employees at the firm saw him raise the firm into one of the largest firms in the world.

Additionally, Tony is a creative thinker and has since the beginning of his career strived to bring up innovative ideas to help build the firm. He derived the use of modern machinery in the drilling company so as to make the work of his employees easier and also boost the firm’s production. The renowned entrepreneur showcased his passion and commitment towards achieving the best while still young back in school. He earned a lot of respect due to his ability to speak out his mind and passion for life. Tony Petrello not only strived to be a good student but also employed best strategies in his classwork so as to emerge out as the best. He associated with most of his classmates well and was loved by many. He has always been an inspiration to many people and will continue to be a role model to many people.

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Critically Acclaimed Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rod Rohrich

by Chris Holden - May 11th, 2018

Meet Dr. Rod Rohrich

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a highly skilled, board certified plastic surgeon. He has been serving the Dallas, Texas area for over 30 years. Dr. Rohrich earned his medical degree from the Baylor College of Medicine. He later went on to complete his residency under the direction of some of the most skilled plastic surgeons of his time. During his residency at the University of Michigan, his passion for the field of plastic surgery was spurred on.

While he puts much of his focus into running his own successful practice, Dr. Rohrich also has a knack for finding the best future plastic surgeons and helping them further develop their unique skills in relation to this ever-changing field. Due to his teaching and mentoring efforts, he has become well-known as an innovative leader in the plastic surgery industry.

In line with his knack for instructional skills, Dr. Rohrich has given over 2,000 successful presentations as a visiting professor at universities all over the world. Presenting on the latest topics relating various aspects of plastic surgery has been a passion for him. He has also helped create and guide one of the largest and most successful plastic surgery residency programs that exist today. It has quickly become known as the most sought-after residency programs and will continue to churn out future plastic surgeons of the highest caliber for years to come.

The art of rhinoplasty has been a significant area of interest for Dr. Rohrich since early in his career. As such, he has been responsible for assisting with the development of some innovative changes in the techniques used to complete this procedure. He has subsequently taught these surgical skills to well over 6,000 other plastic surgeons, allowing them to stay ahead of the game in an ever-changing and competitive field.

Dr. Rod Rohrich continues to put his time, energy, and dedication into providing the best surgical outcomes for all of his patients. He believes that all patients should be treated with dignity, respect, and compassion. This is why Dr. Rohrich treats his patients like members of his own family. The glowing words of commendation from pleased patients all over the United States indicate that Dr. Rohrich is not only a skilled surgeon but is also a compassionate human being with a big heart and a love for helping others. Dr. Rohrich will continue to stay at the forefront of the latest technological advances in plastic surgery so he can offer his patients advanced treatment options that provide excellent aesthetic results, a faster healing time, and fewer scars.

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The Brown Modelling Agency: A Great Resource For Models And Actors

by Chris Holden - May 11th, 2018

The Brown Agency is an industry leader in Austin and throughout Central Texas when it comes to identifying models and acting talent, improving their skills and getting them lucrative assignments. The breadth of the talent options the agency offers to clients and the Brown Agency’s ability to provide their models and actors with connections and exposure to the world’s largest brands has helped the company to enjoy rapid growth and develop an excellent reputation. The Brown Agency has also been able to find their talent work in television shows, movies, industrial videos, newspapers and magazines.


The process of creating the Brown Agency began in 2010 with the combination of nationally known talent agency Wilhelmina Austin and JB Models and Talent, a full-service talent agency created by former model Justin Brown in 2008. Together the agencies became known as Wilhelmina Brown. In 2015, they added Heyman Talent-South and launched the new Brown Agency with the addition of Heyman Talent-South founder Michael B. Bonnée who now runs the theatrical division. By joining forces, these three organizations have created a Central Texas super agency for models and actors.


No other talent agency in Central Texas has the wide range of unique strengths and capabilities of the Brown Agency. The full-service agency has quickly become one of the most powerful and well respected in Austin and throughout Texas. Justin Brown is the president of the company and he has been able to use his prodigious skills, vast modelling experience and connections in New York and Los Angeles to create opportunities for people who sign with The Brown Agency. Brown had modelled to pay his way through college and has a special talent for preparing models for the big time. You can visit for more details.



At The Brown Agency, Justin Brown’s skills are combined with the expertise of Michael Bonnée, who has been preparing actors for roles on stage, screen and television for decades, and they are leveraging the national and international connections of Wilhelmina Austin to the benefit of models and actors in their stable. Already The Brown Agency models have appeared on fashion runways and Fashion Week programs in New York, Miami, Dallas and Austin. The agency’s actors and models have been hired for roles in national and international commercial campaigns for Holiday Inn, Converse, Dell, L’Oréal, Toyota, Louis Vuitton and many other internationally known brands.




Companies from all over the world regularly reach out to The brown Agency when they want models and actors with fresh, distinctive faces, styles and body types. The company’s models and actors are developing a reputation for professionalism, sophistication and unique style. The Brown Agency staff has them poised to make their mark on the world stage in a number of media.




The Crypto World with Ian King

by Chris Holden - May 5th, 2018

The economy world changes every day. The intelligent minds keep coming up with something that makes the transactions and how things are handled easier. As an astute investor, it is your responsibility to see that you keep up with the changes that occur. Every decade, something new is developed. For the 21st century, the surprise of the business world is the cryptocurrency.

Ian King believes that the cryptocurrency will definitely take over the mortal banking. In fact, his belief is so strong that he quit a successful hedge fund business career to begin a site to educate people on how to buy and sell the cryptocurrencies. Learn more about Ian King at Crunchbase.

Ian King explains that now people can exchange valuable files online through the blockchain system. The rigid minds may think no one is ready to embrace this technology, but the amazing news is that the Filecoin system raised more than $200 Million to help people share their storage documents. Visit the website to learn more.

The system is convenient because there is no need for a middle person. Once a transaction is complete, everyone can see it took place. The digital currency has also made the business around the world easier. There is no need to change currencies when you in different states, which takes time to process. The cryptocurrency is a universal currency.

Ian King is currently working with the Banyan Hills to help the readers understand the crypto world. He says that before publishing an article, he has to research on a project thoroughly. The first step of publishing his article is to research on the trending markets of the cryptocurrencies. After recognizing the trend, he analyzes to see whether the common currency can substitute the problem that the digital currency is solving. He then gets into the technical part of the idea to know whether it is a viable business idea. He later passes the idea to his team for adjustments and any additions that may be necessary. The lengthy process ensures he delivers feasible ideas to his readers.

Ian Kings says he spends a large percent of his day reading and researching on the digital currencies. He also monitors the prices of the cryptos in the market. By staying updated his sure to write the most appropriate content for the reader. In addition, he is able to answer all the questions that the clients may have regarding the cryptocurrencies. Fortunately, for Ian King, focusing on the financial trends have been a passion for decades, so he does not feel the pressure or get bored.


Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Are One Of The Best Investments You Can Make

by Chris Holden - May 5th, 2018

When we come across viral videos, most of us tend to fall into two different camps. Some of us will have a knee jerk reaction that falls into the disbelief category. Others may want to feel as if they are being told the truth. Matt Badiali’s recent viral clip about the benefits of Freedom Checks was certainly polarizing.

Most of us would like to believe that Matt Badiali is telling the truth about these Freedom Checks. Who wouldn’t like to receive money that seemingly falls out of the sky? While there are those who may allow themselves to believe that these checks constitute free money, this is the furthest thing from the truth. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

Freedom Checks are not free money. They represent a return on an investment. Matt Badiali discovered the existence of these checks when he took a closer look at the laws on file. Statute 26-F states that any company that creates 90 percent of its revenue from various activities that are connected to natural resources can become a designated agency.

Once a company has become a designated agency, investors can benefit by placing lucrative bets on the companies that are most likely to achieve major profits. The Freedom Checks that are received are actually not free at all. They represent the necessary return on the client’s investment and the companies that qualify for the aforementioned statute must make these checks payable to their shareholders.

Shareholders are able to take home far more than the companies make and Badiali is also recommending a few options for those who seek the proper investments. He has established a few ironclad rules for would be investors as well. The company should already have the proper amount of assets ($1 billion) readily available and they should display a strong track record of providing investors with profits. Read this article at

SunCoke Energy Partners and San Juan Basin are just a couple of the companies that he is recommending to investors and they meet the criteria that he has set. While he has been somewhat opaque when it comes to the recommendations that he provides, Franco-Nevada is another company he is touting…according to the context clues he’s offered.

Freedom Checks are a viable investment opportunity for those who are in search of ways to maximize their disposable income. While they can allow us to reap a massive return on our investments, we must take the time to do the proper research before deciding to take the plunge.


OSI Industries Continue Their Dominance In Europe

by Chris Holden - May 4th, 2018

OSI is a world-class supplier of food products whose value has been enhanced through processing. They are the suppliers of the best foodservice providers globally and food brands retailers. It is a private company whose services are unmatched. OSI’s capabilities include developing custom food products and global supply chain management. The company operates on over 65 facilities in about 17 different countries. They have a task force of about 20,000 employees who specialize in making quality foods. OSI is very consistent as well as responsive to its clients

At OSI, the food services are customized to the preference of the customer. The food processed include meats, vegetables, fruits and other proteins. Everything they hand the customer is made to fit their order. They concentrate on customer’s unique demands, the exact specifications, and operational requirements. OSI also considers the final consumer to a great extent, and this has set them apart as one of the best in this field.

At OSI, the belief is that employees play an integral part in the success of a company. While aiming at success, the company designs and provides a surrounding that is less challenging to the employees, stimulates growth and offers lucrative opportunities. Over the years, OSI has received immense recognition for being innovative, committed and dedicated to their employees. Employees are chosen by considering their entrepreneurial culture, their passion and ability to make a difference.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions United Kingdom bagged the prestigious Globe of Honour Award. The award was a recognition from the British Safety Council for their excellent environmental risk management. It was presented to them in Draper’s Hall in the City of London at an Awards Luncheon on November 25, 2016. The company had met different requirements to get this award. It had made five stars on the audit of environmental management done by the British Council. Also, they had been able to demonstrate their excellence in environmental management during their food production.

Recently, OSI International acquired Baho Food in Germany. Baho is a Dutch food manufacturer with its operations close to those of OSI. Also, OSI also acquired Flagship Europe as well as Tyson Foods. Baho Food, Flagship Europe, and OSI are set to benefit significantly from the merger. This is because they have access to more extensive markets, resources, and professional contacts. Baho Foods has about five sub-branches. Flagship Europe began its operations in 1991 and also deals with value addition to food. Over the years, Flagship Europe has also acquired different companies to enhance its services.

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