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Achievements of Chris Burch as the CEO of Burch Creative

by Chris Holden - May 20th, 2019

Chris Burch has been an active entrepreneur and investor in different industries for over 40 years. He has also significantly contributed to the growth of various brands across the world. Chris has also held different leadership positions in multiple companies and contributed considerably to research and philanthropic initiatives.

As the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, he is a curious person by nature and always studies the world around him noticing products and services that need improvement. His success is apparel since he decided to put his knowledge and resources to help upcoming entrepreneurs with great ideas to be successful in their businesses. Therefore, these are among the factors that eventually led to his success today, he matches ideas with funding and bringing extraordinary possibilities to the world.

Chris Burch brings ideas to live by engaging and putting people first in his decisions. One needs to have good people with a positive mind to execute their success. Ultimately, he believes that he has the potential required to succeed quickly. Risk taking is one of the strategies that has seen Chris Burch grow. To be in a groundbreaking competition in any business, plans are unavoidable; many risks have to be taken even though he experienced a share of failures. However, he has managed to fight them and be where he is today. Despite being a successful entrepreneur, Chris Burch has gone through different challenges. However, he has managed to get through them by carefully allowing himself to move forward and keeping creating and investing.


Evolve Your Smooth: EOS Lip Balm Review

by Chris Holden - May 14th, 2019

Evolution Of Smooth is a global skin care and cosmetics company. Over the years, the company has become a consumer favorite. EOS carries products such as lotions, creams and lip balms. All of their products consist of an all natural base; which can either be extracts from fruit or other plants. The cosmetic products that Evolution Of Smooth carries also contains high amounts of vitamin E, essential for skin nourishment.

EOS has one of the highest-selling lip balms in the world. With many flavors to choose from, The company has done a tremendous job of catering to diversity. Strawberry Sorbet lip balm is one of the newer products and has been doing well. This flavor is made up of a vitamin E and Shea cream base. Another one of their new and exciting products is the Sheer Pink lip balm. As with all of their products, it is paraben free and does not include gluten. Applying the Sheer Pink lip balm will result in moisturized lips and a touch of glitter, for added shimmer.

The company’s website has these two high selling items, and an abundance of other products too.

Ara Chackerian: Philanthropist, Environmentalist and Health Entrepreneur

by Chris Holden - May 13th, 2019

Ara Chackerian is a San Francisco based businessman, philanthropist, and investor. He went to Florida State University where he acquired his Bachelor’s degree in marketing. He then went on to co-found various companies that have grown to be leaders in their respective industries. Ara Chickering’s work has been mostly in the health sector and has made accomplishments in filling the gap between technology and health care. He also has a great passion for youth development and environmental issues.

Ara Chackerian’s latest venture is in the transcranial magnetic stimulation used in the psychiatric area. He and his business partner had been building networks for more than ten years, trying to develop diagnostic radiology for outpatients, before a long-time partner hinted that they should look more into the TMS device. After thorough research, they realized that this was a technological psychiatric care breakthrough for extensive depressive disorder patients. However, little was known about the device. A meeting with Dr. Richard Bermudas made the team realize why there was structural hindrance to access. Since 2008, Dr. Richard had been making use of the TMS device but came to learn that insurance cover policies were limited. There was also the challenge of getting skilled clinicians and retaining them.

Ara Chackerian saw this as an opportunity to make an impact on those suffering from depression that was medication resistant. He believed that with the team’s knowledge of developing outpatient facilities, this was an opportunity to build something beautiful. They intended to create a model that allowed both the patient and physician to attain their goals in a ‘patient-first’ method. The partnership has seen seven facilities built in two years, and efforts to provide psychiatric disorder patients with the best care treatment still are ongoing.

Ara Chackerian is also an environment conservationist, has used his platform to campaign against environmental damage. He says that the furniture industry has been a significant player in deforestation, arising from demand from households. He, however, advises that people should opt for eco-friendly alternatives. For instance, instead of wood, one could go for bamboo, and to save the greatly endangered teak, one can choose to for Jatoba. This would contribute to a more sustainable environment.


Article Title: Agera Energy Is Making Their Place In The Energy Market

by Chris Holden - May 11th, 2019

Agera Energy is one of the best companies for energy. Many people have quickly learned about them once they made their way into their area. One great thing about Agera Energy Company is they pass on savings to their customers. Agera Energy is a certified green company because of its use of LED Lighting and their Pure Wind Program. They also have a recycling program their offices use.

Agera Energy is not only for residential customers. Many business owners are signing with Agera Energy because they have reviewed how others have been able to save with the company. Even though Agera Energy has only been around for couple of years, they are still making a mark on the energy market. Now, they are interested in serving other areas. Agera Energy is always concerned about how to give their customers the very best in quality and service.

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Benefits of Using Fragrance Free Hair Sprays

by Chris Holden - May 5th, 2019

There are a ton of hair care items out there which you can use for styling. One of which is hair sprays. They’re ending up progressively famous in light of the fact that there are items which don’t have any solid smell or scent. Here are a few advantages of utilizing fragrance-free hairspray:

1.           Makes it simpler to style hair – The primary advantage of hair sprays is that it makes hair styling a ton simpler. You can apply the hair sprays while you’re styling your hair, regardless of whether it’s wet or dry. You should simply splash the product on your hair at that point style according to your preference.

2.           Can also work as a finishing product – Apart from being an item for styling, hair sprays can likewise be a finishing item. It will add sparkle to your hair and make it look thicker than it is. There are even some hair splashes which additionally UV assurance have so you won’t need to stress over sun harm. When you splash these items on your hair, you can shape it as indicated by your loving. Likewise, when you’ve got done with styling, you can utilize the product to give your hair an enduring hold. What’s more, on the off chance that you pick the aroma free items, you won’t need to stress over solid fragrances meddling with your scent.

3.           Easier to work with – Hair sprays are exceptionally simple to work with. Truth be told, they are the easiest items you can use for hairstyling. Simply spray the item on your hair and style it as you wish. You can blow dry your hair or utilize diverse items and apparatuses for styling alongside the hairspray. On the off chance that you discover an item that will suit your hair type, you’ll have the capacity to get every one of the advantages of utilizing hairspray. Hair shower can likewise give your hair an increasingly characteristic, styled look. This while giving a solid hold which will keep going for quite a while.

4.           They can be useful for the hair – We’ve examined hot hair sprays may dry your hair out and maybe the reason your hair is thinning. Obviously, this isn’t valid for all items. There are some great items out there which have hydrating properties. These uniquely planned items won’t harm your hair in any capacity. Indeed, they may even contain fixings which are useful for the hair. If you want this benefit, find a product which will repair and nourish your hair. Such products can help you have healthier hair aside from being excellent styling products. Just read through the product specifications before you purchase so you know exactly what you’re getting.

5.           Holds the hair without the additional weight – Typically, most hairsprays are lightweight. Dissimilar to other hairstyling items, hair sprays are not difficult to apply, and they won’t add any additional load to your hair. This is a significant advantage particularly for the individuals who as of now have thick or wavy hair.

6.           They come in various qualities – This is a standout amongst the best advantages of hair sprays. Since they offer diverse qualities, you can pick a product which will suit your hair type. Likewise, you can pick a hairspray which will suit your requirements. From a soft hold to an extra strength one, there’s a lot for you to pick from.

OSI Food Solutions Delivers by Customizing Orders

by Chris Holden - May 4th, 2019

The secret of accumulating wealth is having sound marketing strategies for your business. OSI food solution understands this art so well resulting in tremendous growth. They have been able to conquer the market since they always customize their products to customer specifications. Unlike other food processors who produce in large quantities and market their products, OSI food solutions produce by customizing their products to each customers specification.

OSI Food Solutions partners with various organizations in the world. Each client is supposed to come up with product specification of what they want. Therefore, the company does not offer a uniform catalog and instead requires each client to come up with a food item that they need. OSI food solutions culinary team has rich experience in preparing popular flavors and food items around the world. This kind of marketing ensures that they deliver exactly what their customers want.

The renowned team can develop menus for lunch, breakfast, dinner food deliveries, snacking and cuisine specific menus just to mention a few. The company is keen on adapting to new trends in the hospitality industry. The trends include vegetarian choices which have grown from a natural niche offering into a modern dieting formula.

The OSI food solution processes poultry to create a variety of products for a chain of restaurants. The most popular products from poultry are chicken meatballs and chicken pieces. The company also produces raw cuts in its division in China and the US. Poultry demand has been continuously rising. This is because more chains have decided to offer chicken-centric menu items. To serve this growing demand, the company has doubled its poultry production in Toledo based plant.

Beef also produces a variety of products ranging from cooked, raw and formed products such as burgers, beef steak, meatballs, Salisbury steak, and meatloaf. Beef is a massive global industry that cannot be ignored. Therefore, the company is adapting efficient beef processing methods to delivery beef products to all its customers around the world.

Demand for pork processed products cannot be underestimated. Pork can be processed and used to produce roasted pork, bacon bits, riblets, cooked sausage links, precooked bacon strips, and raw and cooked sausage patties. The OSI food solutions allow their customers to customize their pork menu.

Sergey Petrossov: JetSmarter Is Setting The Standard In Luxury Air Travel

by Chris Holden - May 1st, 2019

One fine day in 2009, Sergey Petrossov was traveling in luxury on a private jet when the thought occurred to him that the entire private jet experience as it was currently run could be maximized for much higher potential efficiency. As he flew toward his destination, Petrossov simply couldn’t shake the concept that there was a far superior way to revolutionize the industry of private flights while still being able to give the clientele the extraordinary service and convenience to which that had become accustomed through private air travel.

The manner in which Sergey Petrossov set about to revolutionize the industry involved digital solutions through the use of technology which, of course, included an app for ultimate convenience. Sergey named his company JetSmarter for reasons which seem clear as the efficiency of private air travel continues to rise. Efficiency increases with the JetSmarter way can be attributed to the manner in which they allow several destination travelers to combine travel when heading in similar locations, yet without sacrificing the luxury treatment and high-class experience of private air travel.

Essentially, the traveler enters the app and selects his or her desired destination and time frame. The individual who originates the travel is assessed with a launch price and given a dedicated number of seats. After that time is made available for other JetSmarter members to view, they are then able to book seats. This method allows for flight expenditures that come far closer than ever to rivaling commercial bookings while never sacrificing the luxury and attentive service of private air travel.

Sergey Petrossov accredits his analytical background and the intimate understanding of what the luxury traveler wants and needs from his or her experience to the success of JetSmarter. In concept, this company began when Sergey Petrossov was a mere 19 years old, and today, at age 29, he has capitalized on serving the need of a segment of individuals in a well-designed and highly successful manner.

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When Is the Best Time to Send a Press Release?

by Chris Holden - April 30th, 2019

Timing is important when it worries sending out a paid press release distribution service. You are creating essential detail to show to the public, along with it ought to reach the correct time.

A late launch isn’t information at all. Pitching reporters when they are busy pitching to editors, busy with their due days or emailing them at the beginning of the week, isn’t the correct time.

Recognizing when to send your story matters a great deal in the media market. Below are crucial details that you need to recognize to develop desirable results:

Know the service to these queries:

  • When are reporters as well energetic to analyze what I’m sending?
  • When is the moment that journalists will likely see my pitch?
  • When is the right time to send a reporter

One more vital variable to think about is the job circulation of press reporters as well as also editors. A lot of them inspect their preliminary e-mail point when they get here in the workplace, or as soon as they rise.

You require to recognize the time that reporters pitch topics to the editors. If they typically do this at 10 or 11 a.m., they will likely evaluate e-mails prior to that time.

Sending news release must be selected meticulously in conformity to the media’s demands. News release helps them to produce tales, so ensure that they obtain it at the proper time.

The best days to send out a tale are Tuesday, Wednesday as well as Thursday.

According to Public Relations specialists, one of one of the most popular days for sending out tales are Tuesday, Wednesday and likewise Thursday. Those are the days that there’s a high opportunity that the media representatives will certainly see your e-mail.

Definitely, we all comprehend that Monday and also Friday are not ideal days for emailing your target press reporters. Those are one of the most frantic days of their week.

The most effective time to send a tale is in between 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m

One of the most preferred time to pitch reporters is between 8:00 a.m. in addition to 9:00 a.m. as a result of the truth that open prices are biggest throughout those times. It is complied with by 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. as a result of the reality that it is when they have much more time to review pitches.

You might plan to send your news release at 8:10 a.m. or 8:20 a.m. instead of the normal on the hr. In this manner, you have better possibilities for defeating competitors. Public Relations experts and likewise marketing professionals typically send emails on the hour, which reduces the opportunity of being chosen by the media.
You also require to understand that media reps are now additional versatile than ever before. Most of them function 24 x 7, while others run at their residences, so they reach open their e-mails anytime.

What are the horrible times to send it?

In in between 12 twelve o’clock at evening to 6:00 a.m. is not conveniences to send pitches given that a lot of media representatives are resting. The min they stand up, there will definitely be 50 to more than 100 pitches sent out to their inbox.

They are active in getting ready for work, so they will most likely take a glance along with not concentrate on what they’re seeing. Some likewise have the tendency to remove most e-mails they obtain taking into consideration that their inbox is currently swamped.

Constantly examine the moment areas of the reporters and also the editors. You could be pitching them at the inaccurate time, which may influence your opportunities of getting media defense.

What are the most awful days of the week to send it?

As long as feasible, stay free from Mondays due to the truth that as opposed to touchdown attention, your email may obtain shed among thousands of emails. Besides that, press reporters are very frantic every Monday considering that it’s the day that they receive tons of job after the weekend breaks.

Like a great deal of us, reporters are also looking onward at the end of the week. They such as Fridays and also are eager to unwind along with prepare their weekend break trip or events. A few of them may plan to complete the week by not fretting themselves method too much.

As online marketers, it’s likewise necessary to focus on one-of-a-kind holidays as well as weekend breaks as they are the least harsh days for sending out news release. You intend to pierce the noise, so see to it to send your tale at the proper time to generate outcomes.

Article Title: OSI Group Uses Technology To Rise

by Chris Holden - April 27th, 2019

Article Text:

OSI Group is a food production company. It is ready to make a difference in the food supply business by making quality food products accessible to the people. The company has in recent past been spreading its wing to as many parts of the world as possible. The company is now in 17 countries and has built food production facilities to produce products that the consumers want. The company is led by the demands coming from the market and nothing more. The customer reigns supreme and this is the reason why it has managed to stay ahead of the rest.

OSI Group is led by Sheldon and David McDonald. These are two experienced leaders who have everything needed to take the company to another level of growth. It is their skills in business management that OSI group has managed to expand globally and make consistent gains. It is the leadership role of these leaders which has seen the company make decisions that have accelerated the pace of growth. No other company can manage to stay in business for such a long time and still be at the top. Sheldon and McDonald know the main factors that bring in a business and that is what they are exploiting to make it.

OSI Group has overcome over a century of challenges to be where it is today. Technology has been one of the tools that it has been using to remain in business. Many aged businesses fall out of business because they ignore the important role that technology plays in modern environment. Technological growth cannot be ignored today because it has the capacity to render any business obsolete. Any business that expects to grow in the right way needs to know that taking advantage of technology will always be a plus, especially in fighting competition.

OSI Group has seen major transformations over the past few decades. It started as a meat shop before it became a wholesale meat business named Otto & Sons. Otto & Sons landed a deal with the McDonald’s that eventually brought a breakthrough for the company. The company was later renamed to OSI Industries after Sheldon Lavin was incorporated into the leadership.

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The Rise of David McDonald’s Led OSI Group in China

by Chris Holden - April 26th, 2019

With many businesses in China struggling to cope with the unpredictable market and regime, OSI Group stands out. The food processing group has managed to withstand the challenging Chinese market and grow for more than two decades. Andy Hanacek sat down with David McDonald to try and establish why the OSI Group has had so much success where many have failed and came up with the following findings.

Local is the key. Many business owners fail to understand that each market is different. This is not the case with David McDonald. Through his stewardship, the food processor has taken time to study the Chinese market in depth and come up with solutions that are unique to the issues and challenges the market faces. This has taken time, but it has proven to be a worthy investment as they have been able to craft solutions that have addressed the stakeholders like consumers and suppliers hence earn their trust.

Flexibility. Running a business is a continuous process of making modifications here and there to try and establish yourself as a better option. This is due to several factors such as the ever-changing tastes and preferences, competition and the changes in laws.

Failure to keep up with any may result in several consequences such as low returns that may not sustain the business, fines and even civil suits. The food processor has mastered and comprehended this and occasionally made the necessary changes to cope with the changes. However, they have ensured that they have remained true to their most important values which are customer quality and food safety. This flexibility has helped them grow and earn the trust of various stakeholders.

Cooperation. The food processor has faced numerous challenges in China. One such problem has been staying on the right side of the frequently changing regime. The regime has continuously made changes to systems and processes in the industry. Some of these changes have negatively affected the operations of the firm, but they have not taken it personally as they understand the Chinese government is only trying to regulate the industry.

From this point of view, OSI Group has taken the logical step of cooperating with the government to try and find viable solutions to challenges and issues faced by the industry. This has led to excellent results as evidenced by the group’s continued growth.