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Information About Finance

by Chris Holden - November 26th, 2015

Finance can be defined as the science of money management. It deals with the allocation of assets as well as liabilities under conditions of uncertainty or certainty. Time value of money is an aspect of finance. It states that the purchasing power of one unit of a certain currency is dictated by time. Finance can be divided into private, corporate and public finance. Before we focus on the three subcategories, let’s focus on Brian Bonar.

About Brian Bonar
Brian Bonar has served as the director of the Dalrada Financial Corporation since 1995. He became the chairperson of the board of directors in 1999. He has also served in other positions in the corporation. For instance, he worked as the Director of Technology Sales from August 1992 to April 1994. Brian Bonar has also worked in other companies, for example, he was employed by IBM, U.K Ltd. for almost seventeen years.

Personal Finance
Personal finance involves paying for durable goods, education, saving for retirement, investing, and buying insurance. It may as well entail serving loans and debts. Personal financial planning may involve some of the following:

Financial position. It involves understating one’s resources by evaluating the net worth as well as household cash flow. The net worth of an individual entails balancing a balance sheet containing assets and liabilities.

Adequate protection. Adequate protection is the analysis of how to protect the unforeseen risks. The risks may be divided into disability, liability, death, property and health. Some of these perils are self-insurable while some will necessitate the purchase of an insurance policy.

Tax planning. Paying tax is an expense in every household’s balance sheet. Managing taxes goes beyond whether or not a person will pay but how, when and how much. Government incentives such as tax deductions go a long way in reducing the tax burden.

Investment. Most people consider financial planning to be the act of accumulating enough money for large purchases. The intentions of accumulating assets are, starting a business, saving for retirement, buying a car or a house and paying for education outflows.

Retirement planning. It entails understanding the cost of living in retirement and how to distribute assets to meet income shortfall. Retirement planning methods include taking advantage of existing government, employer, and personal structures.

Corporate Finance
Corporate finance envelops sources of funding and capital structures of a corporation. Above all, it is concerned with steps the managers take to increase the net worth of the firm.

Public Finance
It describes finance related to sovereign states, sub-national entities, and related public entities such as schools and hospitals.

The Gig Employment Market

by Chris Holden - November 24th, 2015

The last 10 years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of people working in non-traditional employment. There are more than fifty million people working for themselves or at a variety of gigs. Unfortunately the laws have not caught up to the shifting marketplace. Recently two initiatives have been announced that are attempting to improve the lives of those who do not have the security of full time employment. The hope is that these initiatives will fuel national debates.

These initiatives are being spearheaded by the leaders of many gig companies. The industries representative range from tech to in-home care to the independent drivers of Uber and Lyft. One initiative wants to make benefits like retirement savings and workers compensation portable in a similar manner to how the ACA separated health insurance and employment. The other wants to bring a stronger ethical framework to companies that primarily use contract employees.
The CEO of, a service that provides home cleaners and handymen, is a supporter of the portable benefits letter. He has stated that he believes that government needs to create less black and white categories. Currently the system only recognizes two categories, either employee or independent contractor.’s workers are a combination of the two. Rather than working a set schedule the contractors are sent out on gigs as the requests come in.
The app allows customers to pick a time for whatever service they need. There are professional house cleaners, plumbers, electricians, and general handymen available. Handy is not a house cleaning or handyman agency instead it acts as the conduit between experienced workers and clients.
Handy is a prime example of the new gig marketplace. It is not a regular employer of its independent contractors. The contractors can select whatever schedule they need. Because it has a pool of skilled workers there is plenty of overlap in availability. This gives both the customers and the professionals a wonderfully flexible schedule. It’s a new age of employment and government regulation will need catch up quickly.
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A New Leading Business In Telecommunications

by Chris Holden - November 20th, 2015

In March of 2013 a piece of a telecommunications company broke away from the company Nokia Siemens Networks who was under the ownership of Marlin Equity, and announced its independence as Coriant. The section of Siemens that broke away to become Coriant came originated from the transmission department based out of their office in Germany. Though Coriant remains under the ownership of its parent company however in December of 2013 Marlin Equity purchased Tellabs and plans on merging Coriant and Tellabs together and continue their operations under the Coriant name.

The field of telecommunications has expanded vastly since the start of the old fashioned corded telephone. Now companies have a wider spectrum of operating systems as well as managing and providing voice networks, data services and mobile networks to their customers around the globe. Coriant comes from over 35 years of experience and is ranked on of the top communication service providers for individuals and companies. Coriant serves over 500 customers worldwide in more than 100 countries, a number that continues to grow as the company expands. Coriant also vitalizes the genius behind their employees by exploring innovative options to advance their already top-notch services. Their newly appointed CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir, has had his hand in the advancement of telecommunication technology and is well known in the field.

Kheradpir attended Cornell University where he obtained a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree in electrical engineering. He has held multiple executive positions at well-known companies such as Verizon, Barclay’s and GTE. Kheradpir was hired at GTE in 1987 and worked with the company until it merged with Bell Atlantic, which together formed a new company called Verizon. Kheradpir made history as the company’s first CIO/CTO before delving into creating new technology. Kheradpir was given a staff of 7,000 people that worked tirelessly to create and test new technology by using a 30 day prototype cycle Kheradpir created and implemented. His team contributed to Verizon’s FiOS fiber optic video and their DVR system.

Shaygan Kheradpir stayed with the company until January 2011 where he took a job at Barclay’s as their chief operating officer. During his stint at Barclay’s he contributed to the creation of Pingit, a mobile payment software. Kheradpir joined Marlin Equity in 2013 and in September was named CEO of Coriant. With Kheradpir’s experience and Marlin Equity’s long standing reign in telecommunications, Coriant has nowhere to go but up.

Secrets of Adam Sender’s Success

by Chris Holden - November 19th, 2015

Adam Sender has been hailed as “ahead of the curve” by Sotheby’s Magazine thanks to his penchant for collecting art on the cutting edge of the industry. He finds artists who are just on the edge of their own personal stardom, and he has an eye for the best. His collection is coherent, and his eye for the best of the best is intelligent. At only 45, he has amassed a collection of rich contemporary artwork that is among the brightest collection in current existence.

His biggest secret to obtaining a large, successful collection was to not chase every hot item all the time. He watched artists who had been on the scene for a long time, and how their art was being handled in the industry. As an artist was beginning to rise to the top, Sender would scoop up their work, purchasing some of their most pivotal works to add to what he already owned.

He also gave special attention to budding artists, though his careful art eye always recognized greatness. His art collection includes levels of art that move from budding artists to artists who were already on their way to success. Sender is able to look at art in-depth, using a sense of adventure to recognize the best of the best.

Sender also recognized the most important movements of his time, from minimalism to conceptual art, and track down the work that best represented those movements. He had an intellectual curiosity that drove him to find a rainbow of great art to build one of the best collections available on the market.

If Sender found an artist particularly interesting, he would collect a number of his or her works, such as Cindy Sherman’s works. He now has one of the largest Sherman collections available, many of the works valued at well over $100,000. He recognized Sherman’s unique eye, characteristic raw feeling through putting herself in every piece, and outstanding artistic talent. He bought her first piece and simply kept going because she was iconic for her time.

He owns an ability to hone in on what is real and what will be successful later, which is where his talent in art collection shines. In the case of Sherman, he loved her visual appeal and intellectual stimulation, which are two things that are hard to find in the flooded art world. He combines a mass knowledge of art with a natural ability to find good art, and has produced one of the most impressive art collections available to date.

The Keys to Maintaining A Healthy Dog

by Chris Holden - November 18th, 2015

While dog ownership is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have, there are also some special precautions on Beneful on amazon that are necessary when it comes to protecting their health. These precautions involve simple things such as being careful not to overfeed them, this comes into play when a pet owner is going to be away often, for an extended period of time. In order to take care of the dog’s needs while they’re out, Beneful food and water is loaded inside of a self-feeding dispenser. Automatic dog feeding dispensers do fulfill a legitimate need by conveniently placing food within the dog’s reach throughout the day or night. But, dogs can become overweight and develop behavioral issues as a result. When the owner is not present, dogs lack physical interaction and mental stimulation, and because of boredom on they may eat out of schedule.

An overweight dog can suffer from many of the same diseases and health conditions that humans face such as high blood pressure, heart disease, respiratory problems, diabetes, arthritis and other joint related problems. To avoid these health conditions and their accompanying complications, look for an automated, timed feeder instead of a regular self-feeder, which is designed to dispense small amounts at set intervals. Programmed smaller meals are a better fit for dietary and nutritional needs found on Beneful, and by regulating caloric intake this will ensure healthy weight maintenance. Free feeding often leads to behavioral problems because dogs adjust to getting their own food on demand, and may become hesitant to respond when offered a treat as a reward for performing a specific command.

For the most part, dogs require year round attentiveness, however, there are specific health conditions that require special care, beyond ordinary daily maintenance. Just as was previously discussed, dogs can suffer from the same health problems as humans, these include: cancer, diarrhea, kidney disease, and Lyme disease and also canine related conditions such as heartworm, demodicosis (mange), and Parvo (intestinal parasites). For optimum dog health, schedule regular Veterinarian visits for check-ups, vaccinations and routine screenings and learn to recognize signs and symptoms of illness such as loss of appetite, shaking, stiffness, lethargy, vomiting and increased urination.

Remember this rule when dealing with your dog’s health, too much of anything can be a bad thing. This applies to food, water and over-stimulation. Some people love having a new pet so much they shower it with too much attention, some puppies may develop bad nerves from being overstimulated. Other cases where over-stimulation can present problems is pets “unknowingly” purchased from puppy mills. These puppies are fussy and become startled at the slightest noise, especially if they’re put into an environment with more than (1) young child. And at feeding time, young puppies such as this will display signs of over-aggression, because they’ve self-programmed to fight for food.

A major takeaway regarding a dog’s health is to always aim for balance. Balance exercise with proper amounts of playtime, food, drink and supplements in order to maintain a healthy, happy dog.

Handy’s On-Demand Services Raise $50 Million

by Chris Holden - November 16th, 2015

Mobile apps are a growing trend, and allow the convenience of connecting instantly to a variety of business and home based services. While many exist as a convenience, but haven’t really translated into real sales, other apps, such as Handy have experienced a huge boost in sales. Handy provides the unique service of connecting customers in need of housekeeping, and handyman services, with professionals.

Services range from the normal home or office cleaning to jobs such as assembling furniture, installing an air conditioner, or painting. It also includes light plumbing and electrical work that doesn’t require licensing. The app connecting customers with professionals has been so successful that the company recently announced $50 million in new funding.

The company launched in 2012, and is based in New York City. Since its launch, to June of 2015, 1 million bookings occurred using the online app. Handy also reports 100,000 bookings per month, 10,000 registered professionals, and hundreds of thousands of customers. On demand services, such as Handy’s, fill a niche in the online app market, and allow owners to realize huge increases in sales, customers, and investors. Current total investments include $111 million.

Handy investors include Fidelity Management, TBG Growth, General Catalyst, Highland Capitol, and Revolution Growth. Handy’s owners include Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. The company currently has 28 active markets, which include major cities across the U.S. Other markets exist internationally, such as London. The company plans additional investments in existing markets, and to perfect their business model. They plan to focus on expanding beyond current services. Cleaning currently represents 80% of Handy jobs.

Also important to continued growth is the app’s customer experience, as well as advanced professionals to complete jobs. The company’s goal is to provide a high level app service that continues to make ordering and cancelling services easy. Nearly 80% of Handy’s orders are satisfied repeat customers. On demand app services available on mobiles are expected to rise in popularity in coming months and years, making companies like Handy all the more useful and accessible in filling a growing market of customers and investors.


by Chris Holden - November 12th, 2015

Sergio Cortes was born on 30th of July 1971in Spain, Barcelona. Being a successful impersonator of Michel Jackson, he has achieved so much. None of the Michael Jackson’s impersonators came that close in copying Michael as he did. Sergio Cortes impersonating Michael Jackson was successful due to his character traits. He is a look alike of Michael Jackson. Sergio Cortes’ love for artistic development laid a foundation for him in his quest to impersonate Michael Jackson.

Sergio Cortes is also an awesome dancer like Michael Jackson. His dancing ability makes him be more like Jackson. Being blessed with diverse talents and capabilities, Cortes also bears an incredible voice.
Sergio Cortes has gained fame in a short span of time. Cortes grew imitating Jackson’s moves and theatre performances. In his childhood, Cortes would entertain his family with Jackson’s songs. His mother was very much impressed by his moves. She bought him Jackson’s recordings to encourage him on his diverse talents. Cortes has been Michael Jackson big fan since his childhood.
Jackson’s death left Sergio Cortes in demise. Cortes decided to impersonate Jackson as a sign of honour. Within a short period, Sergio became a sensation. He conquered social media platforms creating a buzz. His news trend on Twitter, Instagram, Chat and YouTube earning him great fame.
In the honour of Michael Jackson, who passed away on June 2009, Sergio Cortes organised a live performance at the Vicente Calderon stadium, Madrid in the year 2012. He has mastered and exercised this talent over many years.
Sergio Cortes lively performances provide a chance for Michael Jackson’s big fans to remember their beloved artistic development. He surprises his audiences with exact moves and voice that Michael Jackson had. A scenario that Jackson himself would like to witness if he was still live.
Cortes diverse talents have made him earn various artistic titles such as Michael Jackson most successful impersonator. His day to day life such as dressing, voice, dancing moves and walking style takes after that of Michael Jackson.
Sergio Cortes live performances are in high demand over the entire world. Sergio Cortes performances never disappoint his audiences just like Jackson’s never did.
In conclusion, Sergio Cortes’ artistic experience has enabled him to attract pop fans attention. He conquers other Michael Jackson Impersonators without surgery applications. The best from Sergio Cortes is yet to come. He continues impressing and thrilling fans in a big way.

Eric Pulier Changed The Way IT Sciences Developed

by Chris Holden - November 12th, 2015

It takes a lot of determination and confidence to see your ideas through, and that is something Eric Pulier did from a very young age. When he was just in grade school Pulier began programming computers, something that companies like Computer Sciences Corporation was built on. IT services and computer programming are one of the largest growing industries in the world with every new business requiring the services that these companies can provide.

One of the things that Pulier realized from a very young age is that there are so many applications for the IT sciences, which is why computer sciences appeal to so many individuals. When you are able to coordinate information in a responsible and usable way, you can run any type of business that you have in mind, and this is something that Computer Sciences Corporation understands and is able to provide to its clients. From cyber security to mobile applications, a business like this is able to help you secure and best make your data available to the people that need to use it on a daily basis.

Eric Pulier did a lot to develop computer sciences from a very young age, with his first business started when he was only in high school. While computer programming was a huge part of what he was interested in, it was only a part of his interests. Most notably was the group he started, known as, People Doing Things, which aimed to improve the human condition through the development and use of technology. This group went on to solve a lot of world issues, including things that had been a problem in the medical and healthcare fields. Later in his career he has been a part of larger and more global initiatives that include the Clinton Global Initiative and the XPrize Foundation. Pulier has also been involved in many charitable organizations, including helping to create a couple of his very own that assist children with chronic illness.

Big data and cloud services are always in demand and both of these areas are able to be handled by a great IT company.

Getting In Touch With A Lawyer While In Brazil

by Chris Holden - November 11th, 2015

The country of Brazil has a handful of laws that are unique, especially in comparison with laws that exist in the United States and other countries. For example, many people are surprised to know that Brazil is the first country to ban tanning beds. Also, it is illegal for individuals to smoke in certain public places. Another law that exists in Brazil has to do with gambling. Unless an individual gambles online, it is illegal to do so. Many laws have been put in place to protect people. There are also many laws that have been put in place to protect the environment and wildlife. It is important for a person who visits Brazil for the first time to get familiar with laws that are unique to this beautiful country. Even if a person unknowingly commits a crime, they will still be held accountable for it.

Being accused of a crime in a foreign country is something that sounds very scary for the vast majority of people. However, if a person takes the right steps, they will be able to get legal help and begin to build a case to defend themselves. There are many well qualified and experienced lawyers who work in Brazil.

One well-known lawyer is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. He started off in a small law firm and then eventually went on to open a law firm that is extremely well-known all around the country. Most individuals in Brazil have heard of him because he is well known in the news. He has represented some famous people as well as some large corporations.

When a person needs legal representation in Brazil, they can start looking around for a lawyer online. Fortunately, most lawyers have a website that not only explains the type of legal services they provide, but also explains what kind education they have received as well as the experiences they have had. It is easy for people to find out about the career of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho online.

Before an individual agrees to hire a lawyer, they need to take time to ask questions and also fully understand the services that are being provided. They need to know how much money needs to be given up front and how much will be given if their case is won. The more familiar a person is with Brazilian law, the better their chances are of fighting a false accusation or getting the least sentencing if they have committed a crime.

Ashley Madison Crisis Response

by Chris Holden - November 11th, 2015

In 2015, the popular internet site for married individuals seeking partners for affairs “Ashley Madison” was compromised by hackers. Confidential information belonging to more than 30 million Ashley Madison users was breached. The information that hackers gained access to includes information on who used the site, including email addresses, cities of residency, and sexual preferences. In addition, about seven years of registered credit card and other payment transaction information was released by the hackers in a large data dump.

Many high profile users maintained accounts with Ashley Madison and they may have unique privacy concerns. Others may be concerned by the possibility of the data breach affecting their careers if personal information is publicized on the web. For customers whose data has been taken and made public, they may as a result be subject to public embarrassment, angry partners who find themselves victims of a cheating partner, possible blackmail or potential fraud.

Some blackmail scenarios have already began to surface. Since the data breach, many Ashley Madison account users have reported receiving spam emails often demanding payment or threatening to expose the users private information. The reputation of millions of individuals could now be at risk as confidential personal information could be posted online in places such as blogs or social media accounts.

Status Labs is an online reputation management firm that offers a portfolio of services to protect the reputation of both individuals and companies. The company manages online crises and repairs digital reputations for their clients. The company serves over 1500 clients in more than 35+ countries, including some Fortune 100 brands and public figures.

Services offered by Status Labs include link removal, search management, google image curation, public relations among others. The company has assisted several Fortune 100 and 500 companies and public figures in response to crisis situations. Status Labs, located in Austin, TX, offers creative solutions which can be tailored to fit a client’s unique needs.