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OSI Group; Most Affordable Reliable Food Solutions

by Chris Holden - December 11th, 2017

Today, OSI is one of the largest privately owned food processing companies around the globe. The OSI maintains that it is not a behemoth. It still operates with the same techniques that Otto Kolschowsky used to process and supply meat in the US almost one hundred years ago. The OSI is always looking for men and women who have the belief that everyone can make a difference. One objective of the company is to attract the best and the brightest that the world can ever offer to them. Also, the OSI is looking to be the oasis of support for companies and individuals who share the same spirit and interests. It is vital for everyone to get the chance to grow to their fullest potential; that is what OSI is aspiring to accomplish.

OSI Purchases Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago

Now the OSI Group has made a major purchase by acquiring the food processing facility and store based in Chicago. The facility which was formerly operated by the Tyson Foods shall be a tool for helping the growth of the OSI Group as it is now one of its main assets. Kevin Scott, the senior executive Vice President of OSI group, reported that the facility should help them meet the ever-growing demands of their clients. For obvious reasons, OSI is happy to have procured the facility.

OSI Procures Flagship Europe

The OSI Group looks quite committed to ensure growth regarding size and quality of the services offered. This is after it had made the uncommon step of acquiring Flagship Europe; a company that supplies frozen poultry, mayonnaise, sous vide products, and pies. Seemingly, this is like a dream come true for the Flagship Europe being that it shall have more resources to meet its production and supply needs. Russel Maddock, Chief Executive Officer of Flagship Europe, reported that the deal should mark one of the biggest developments by the company. The merging of Flagship Europe with OSI Group shall make it more conspicuous in the European market hence increasing its profit margin.

The OSI Group is one company that believes in empowering others with the vision of achieving its key goals. The spirit of ensuring that people are given an equal opportunity to explore their deepest potential makes it unique as compared to other firms. Many people who work in the OSI Group are always happy as they report the best work environment where all employees are treated with justice.

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Sussex Healthcare Is Awesome

by Chris Holden - December 4th, 2017

Many people that live at the Sussex Healthcare group of homes say that they love it. They find that they have everything that they need in order to live a full life even when they are older or disabled. With all that the homes have to offer them, they have activities that they can do where they will make friends on a regular basis, and they will be able to enjoy themselves too.

When considering whether or not a person wants to stay in one of the group homes with Sussex Healthcare, they need to keep in mind that there are different locations that they can choose from. Most people prefer a location that is in the same area where they were from. This will help them to feel more comfortable because they will be around the people and the places that they are familiar with.

It is a good idea to write down information in a notebook when a person is considering staying at the Sussex Healthcare group of homes. This will allow a person to keep the information all in one place so that they can find it when they need to. They should also write down the costs and financial obligations that will be present when they decide if they want to stay at one of the homes. If they have any questions, they should ask the staff members that work in the homes. They will be able to help them with all kinds of programs and assistance when it comes to financial opportunities that may be of a benefit to them.

For many people, the Sussex Healthcare group of homes offers them the best choice when it comes to senior living. They know that they will be able to get the best care that is needed, and that they will be living in a place that has caring and kind people that will be helping them on a daily basis. Many people are recommending the Sussex Healthcare group of homes to other people that they know because of their excellent care and attention to the people that live them. For more information visit:


A Guideline for Selecting the Most Appropriate FreedomLife Insurance Plan

by Chris Holden - December 2nd, 2017

Nobody can risk living without an insurance plan, but a lot of people still find it difficult to choose the right one. Truth be told, as much as having a coverage plan is important, choosing the right plan is even more critical and is a process that needs a lot of considerations. The guideline below helps you understand different types of covers offered by Freedom Life Insurance and potentially enables you to choose the right one.

Term Life Insurance

Term life coverage is for people who want coverage for a particular period. For instance, one might need to secure funds to cater for his or her children education fees for 25 years. Purchasing a Freedom Life Insurance term cover will allow the person match that term policy period. Another reason that would lead one to settle for a term cover would be to repay a loan.

There are also instances where one might be interested in a better cover but is restricted by a limited budget. You can take a term policy in such cases, but be aware that your premiums will only be paid if you pass away during the term. At the end of the term, your cover stops unless you renew it. Premiums are also standard, but they usually increase every time you renew the cover.

Permanent Life Insurance

A permanent life insurance plan is for anyone who needs protection for their entire lifetime. The major advantage of the permanent coverage plan is that benefits are paid regardless of how long you live. Also, with a Freedom Life Insurance permanent cover, you have the option of making savings, which you can use to request for loans.

However, your benefits are held as security, and if you die before fully refunding the loan, your insurer will deduct the amount from the benefits and only pay out the remainder.

There is also the option of buying a “convertible term” policy. This is for people who feel there might be changes in their future, and such a plan allows them to change from a term cover to a permanent one without much hassle. Learn more:


Organo Gold to Lengthen Your Life

by Chris Holden - November 25th, 2017

Coffee lovers have never missed something in the headlines to smile about. Their drink has often been in the limelight for its unending benefits with the latest being a prolonged life. According to recent research, people who drank coffee had lower risks of developing serious diseases that can shorten life like stroke, heart disease, and cancer. This analysis was carried out on different populations of over 185,000 Americans among them Africans, Americans, Latinos, and whites. Follow Organo Gold on

It gave a good indication of a reduction in death. In another research that involved a 16-year test period on people who drank two to three cups of coffee per day, results showed that mortality among them reduced by 18%. Another study of 52000 people across ten countries also found out that death of people who drank several cups of coffee a day was lower than those who didn’t. Visit to know more.

With this health benefits in mind then the next question is how you can get this magic drink? Organo Gold is a global network company that offers this precious commodity in different tastes and preferences. Organo gold has its independent distributors in over 50 countries. Their types of coffee available include King Of Coffee, Caffe Latte, and Caffe Supreme. Organo also offers nutraceuticals and personal care products.

Organo’s premium coffees and teas contain Ganoderma. This special mushroom gives a nutty flavor to the coffee in addition to its health benefits. Ganoderma has been used as an herb for a long time by the Chinese. It contains substances called triterpenes found in foods like honey and apples. Ganoderma mushrooms contain about 50 of these substances. Ganoderma spores have to be correctly harvested to preserve their quality hence are expensive. Organo Ganoderma spores are prepared uniquely to maintain its pure spore powder as well as ensure it remains clean to bring out a perfect taste.

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Bob Reina, A successful Technologist

by Chris Holden - November 22nd, 2017

Recently, Talk Fusion introduced an enhanced version of Live Meetings, a computer application that simplifies complex real-time communications. This concurrent program includes a restructured interface and uses the famous WebRTC system. The founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina proclaimed the latest edition in an online broadcast. Live Meetings allows people to hold video-based conferences and broadcast one-way videos. It offers a desirable, unified way to organize presentations or meetings.


The program supports around 15 hosts and a maximum of 500 participants. The guests of the conference can connect through smartphones, PCs or tablets. The recent application uses recording technology which does not need a separate download. The users can gain access using their web browsers. This process enhances convenience, boosts compatibility and saves time since the participants do not require the use of Adobe Flash Player.


Talk Fusion strives to outshine its competitors by adopting complex modern technologies. The company remains on the frontline of software development including WebRTC. It has also continued competitive by embracing the advanced marketing techniques to attract new Video Suite and Live Meetings users.


According to the CTO of Talk Fusion, the intelligent system of WebRTC enhances efficiency and eradicates hassles. Ryan Page also underlined its ability to rationalize the setup process by abolishing downloads of plug-ins ( Downloads, installation and processing delays do not avert new participants from joining meetings on time. Although Talk Fusion works hard to introduce the current technology before their competitors, it remains focused on sustaining high levels of reliability and quality.


Bob Reina is the CEO of Talk Fusion a Video Marketing firm founded in 2007. He went to college in Florida and worked as a police officer for a couple of years. He started earning extra income through selling products in return for commissions. When he noticed his competent selling abilities, Bob resigned from the police department and concentrated on network marketing, hence the creation of Talk Fusion.


Bob Reina and his firm have engaged in various philanthropic undertakings. They donate substantial amounts of money to numerous non-profits organizations including Tampa Bay’s Humane Society and an orphanage based in Indonesia. The firm also allows its associates to provide free Video Suite application to selected charities.


Gershkovith’s Streamworks Craft Beer in Canada

by Chris Holden - November 22nd, 2017

Eli Gershkovitch is CEO of a company by the name the SteamworksCraft Beers. The company brews different brands of beers for anyone who likes enjoying beers at their free time like in a football gameorpub just relaxing. Most people who aren’t a fan of beer may not be aware that beers usually in more 100 styles. Learn more about Eli Gershkovitch at Crunchbase.


Eli Gershkovitch is a lawyer, a pilot, and a businessman. He has a passion for craft beer ever since he tasted a beer. In 1987, after his graduation from Toronto University law school, he started with a European tour. Eli Gershkovitch researched crafty brewery business and discovered the perfect location in Gastown for a brewpub. He became familiar with the licensing rules from his work on liquor. His legal skills aids solve problems in Gastown with liquor license moratorium. He got to experience the effort of his work in the year 1995 when he opened his Steamworks Brew Pub.


Experiences and his Company

Though it takes a rare talent to establish a successful empire, Eli Gershkovitch was able to build one if his own. He loves to take risks and to explore unclear paths and has earned a lot of respect for that. He is a man who likesaction, and when he is not in the pursuing new business options or expanding his empire, he will be busy sponsoring events in Gastown. Steamworks brewing company and Eli Gershkovitch plans on attending beer festivals which will have samples of unique craft beer He has played a significant role in the recent resurgence as hub socially.

Under the leadership of Eli Gershkovitch, the company has been cooking original beer brands in Gastown history since. Now the company is producing new brews of beers, with far better taste than the ones before like the Coors and Budweiser. Currently, there are no brands exotic like the Guinness.


The Standardfor Craft Beer is one of the best beer brewing companies in Canada. With such a passionate CEO, the company has been able to come up with new styles with better taste. They have been able to bring entirely new things to the beer brewing industries making them one of the best. Follow Eli Gershkovitch’s profile on

David Giertz on How Millennials Can Save for the Future

by Chris Holden - November 22nd, 2017

Financial planner, David Giertz has some tips to help millennials actively save for retirement. Most millennials are ready to start saving and these tips will help them stay financially healthy, while looking forward.

Keep Track of Your Finances

Keeping up with debts and savings, will allow for a more comfortable future. Debts should be paid off as soon as possible, while savings should be a concern as well. Once debts are paid off, then more can be added to a savings account. To be able to put enough toward retirement, David Giertz suggests that debts be the number one priority.

Invest Funds in a Roth IRA

A Roth IRA allows one to reap the rewards of compound interest, and upon retirement is not taxed. The tax is paid out of income before funds are deposited. The earlier a millennial starts a Roth IRA, the better the compound interest and the bigger retirement fund.

Get a Second Job or Skill

Having a second or passive income will help pay off debts and add to savings, which will keep a retirement account growing.

David Giertz has worked in the financial services industry for 30 years. He has an MBA from the University of Miami and a BS from Millikin University. He has served on various boards in his community, such as the Girl Scouts of Broward County. Mr. Giertz is a Certified Business Coach with WABC and as a leader has certified over 100 business coaches.

The Amazing USHEALTH group Inc.

by Chris Holden - November 18th, 2017

The USHEALTH group a group of insurance companies located in Fort Worth, Texas that offers health coverage to families across the greater United States. They offer an array of insurance covers from general health benefit, family insurance up to life insurance. The USHEALTH group Inc. offers insurance products to self-employed people and owners of small businesses. The premiums of said product are tailored specifically to be affordable and suitable to their recipients.

The USHEALTH group Inc. believes that every client has a unique array of needs and will be faced with their own unique circumstances through their lifetime. Based on this fundamental truth, a general approach to insurance covers is not always the approach. This has led to the creation of a wide array of affordable covers and premiums. Topped with their incredible customer service, a client can rest easy knowing that they are being well taken care of and their claims, if any, will be processed in record speed.

With over 50 years’ experience in health coverage, The USHEALTH group Inc. family insurance has a wide portfolio of plans. They let their clientele tailor their coverage specifically to their needs. Once a choice is made by the client, the customer care service gets to task to ensure the client is well taken care of and satisfied. They also provide for buying extra coverage if and when one needs it, all this without any additional underwriting.

The USHEALTH group Inc. has received generally positive reviews with their client base praising their customer service, variety of products and claim processing. The USHEALTH group Inc. workforce has praised the company for its friendly work environment and its CEO, whom they say cares about all employees and shows genuine appreciation of their work. If these reviews are anything to go by, The USHEALTH group Inc. and all its subsidiaries are doing a great job in their fields.

In addition to these reviews, The USHEALTH group Inc. has received several awards for its exemplary performance. In 2017, The USHEALTH group Inc. was honored with a Gold Winner award for their initiative in corporate social responsibility. They also received a Gold Stevie award for their excellence in customer service and sales. Check more:


Dallas Investment Firm Highland Capital Management

by Chris Holden - November 17th, 2017

Highland Capital Management is an investment firm based in Dallas, Texas. It is a company that provides a number of financial services to both individual investors and institutions. Over the last two decades, Highland Capital Management has expanded into one of the most comprehensive firms when it comes to serving the needs of various investors. One of the things that has made Highland Capital stand out among other financial services firms is that it offers services that manage debt and credit backed securities. The firm became the first of its kind to offer collateralized loan obligations. Over the course of the firm’s existence, it expanded to other parts of the United States and the rest of the world. It currently has office locations in Singapore, Sao Paulo Brazil, Seoul South Korea and New York City. Read more about Highland Capital at

The firm was founded in the year 1990 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. When they first started up the firm, it was a company that provided life insurance to consumers. Within the first couple of years of the company’s existence, it established itself as a reputable firm in terms of providing life insurance products. By the year 1993, Dondero and Okada looked to expand the company. They began offering a number of other services that would meet the growing needs of its existing clients. As a result, the firm would begin offering a number of services that would help clients manage their wealth on a regular basis. Visit to know more.

For Highland Capital Management, the 1990’s was the decade that it experienced its most growth. The firm expanded and began to provide financial advisory, wealth management and asset management to its many clients. This helped them provide comprehensive assistance to individual investors, corporations and government entities. By the year 1996, Highland Capital became the first company to offer collateralized loan obligations. This marked the first entity other than commercial banks to offer such a product. The firm also helps clients by providing hedge funds and private equity securities. With a variety of services, Highland Capital Management has established itself as one of the most reputable financial services companies in the world.


Drew Madden’s Dense Expertise in Healthcare

by Chris Holden - November 13th, 2017

The healthcare sector has for long been guided by clinical procedures such as diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases and disorders largely by human personnel although machinery has also been in use. Just like other fields that have experienced technological progression, healthcare has been no exemption. Drew Madden is an investor and entrepreneur in healthcare with information technology, which has brought a whole new aspect of the operation of a health facility.

Drew Madden has made machine learning in healthcare practical, effective and even management much easier. At Evergreen Healthcare partners where he works as a managing partner has proved to the world that healthcare can explore new ways of handling patients. This possible using customized healthcare technology and expertise and implementation of electronic human resources platforms for advisory and guidance.

In collaboration with scholars, researchers and medical institutions of higher learning such as Stanford Medicine and Chicago University it is now easy to profile a patient’s medical history, diagnosis diseases to the extent of determining the duration a patient is likely to respond positively to medication. Basically, it tells a lot such as the disease one is suffering from before it visibly manifests various treatment alternatives and courses of action suitable for each condition. Google is the platform that shares information with medical experts to help establish optimal and effective medical practices and specialized care par the condition at hand; so there is uniformity.

About Drew Madden

Drew Madden holds a bachelor’s degree in Science in Industrial Engineering specializing in medical systems at Iowa College of Engineering, his alma mater. He is among the pioneers of the revolutionary electronic medical records and machine learning. Mr. Madden began his career in healthcare technology at Cerner Corporation. He has since then worked for Healthia consulting, Ingenix consulting and later at Nordic Consulting Partners as Executive Vice President before appointment as President in 2011.

He is a co-founder of Evergreen Healthcare Partner based in Madison, Wisconsin which was incorporated in July 2017. Other co-founders are Jeff Leach, Rebecca Bottorff, and Aaron who all work in the capacity of managing partner in the IT-based medical company. Drew Madden has received numerous award for Epic medical implementation services and in KLAS.