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Achievements of Agricultural Businessman Jose Manuel Gonzalez

by Chris Holden - July 26th, 2016

He is a great businessman and mainly deals in the field of agriculture. Jose has been a great inspiration to many farmers all over the world by giving them hope and courage to continue with the good work. His experience in this field enables him to motivate, inspire and even direct other people on how to harvest the best from their farms. He was once FEDECAMARAS’ president but is now the deputy to National Assembly in the State of Guárico.


Manuel Gonzalez has been successful in both his fields, which are in politics and as a well known entrepreneur. He believes that politics is very important and should always be handled in the right way. Due to the reduction in supply of food such as rice, Jose has been helping the farmers come up with better methods of farming and hence increase their productivity. He has inspired all of us through his interest in protecting and enhancing agriculture and also being a part of the government.


Government and Agriculture


It is very important for all citizens to look at the general picture of a candidate before they can vote. This will be the best way for them to ensure they elect the best leaders who will be ready and willing to support them in all aspects of life. Jose Manuel argues that the government should be willing support agriculture since it is the backbone to any country’s success. It is very important for politicians to fulfill all their promises to farmers and not give them a deaf ear once they are elected. Jose says that politics and agriculture should be on and the same thing to enhance growth in the whole country.




Jose Manuel Gonzalez is definitely the best candidate who will ensure all the sectors are dealt with. It is important for everybody to know that they contributions are helping the country to move on. Agriculture is very beneficial since it provides us with food, employment, exports and gives our country income. By creating a safer environment for farmers without thieves and buglers, there will surely be increase in productivity. Manuel has shown the spirit of togetherness as well as harmony and encouraged the farmers by giving them hope for a better tomorrow.


Nutrimost sends rival Healthy Living a message with lawsuit

by Chris Holden - July 22nd, 2016

Nutrimost sent a message to its rival Healthy Living by filing a lawsuit in federal court with the accusation Healthy Living stole a promotional video Nutrimost was using on its website.

The video that was apparently stolen was strikingly similar to the original except for the fact that all references to Nutrimost were removed and replaced with references to the “Can’t Lose Diet”, which could be found on Healthy Living’s website, can’ All original testimonials were kept, even from the principal of the weight loss plan, Dr. Ray Wisniewski.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video.

Dr. Wisniewski, the author of the weight loss program, says the program is safe, and while a person is using it, they are actively monitored by a medical doctor.

Both videos have very similar content, with each claiming 25-45 pounds can be lost in 40 days. There is no exercise, and a person will not feel hungry while on the program. In addition, there are no prepackaged meals like other plans, and there are no harmful drugs or hormones used.

An order for Healthy Living to cease-and-desist its activities related to the video was issued, but Healthy Living continued to play the video on their website, except for a slight change. The video was shortened. The video has not shown up on the website for some time.

Nutrimost wants Healthy Living to pay at least $300,000 in damages, and they want the courts to keep Healthy Living from showing the video again.

Nutrimost offers the latest in weight loss. They proudly call themselves the “Ultimate Fat Loss System. A person can lose 25-40 pounds in as little as 40 days.

The weight loss program designed for Nutrimost by Dr. Wisniewski is safe. The system will allow a person to lose their desired weight with no unsafe drugs, hormones, or surgery.

Nutrimost suing Healthy Living over Weight Loss Video

by Chris Holden - July 20th, 2016

There is a current legal battle going on between two weight loss companies purveying a new weight loss system that is gaining popularity across the country. One company, Nutrimost, is suing the other company, Healthy Living, over a video that was posted and left up on the Healthy Living website as a promotional video. Nutrimost says that the company pirated their original video and stole their weight loss plan in completion to help sell it to their potential customers.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video
Nutrimost even went as far as to send a cease and desist letter last September to Healthy Living to stop using the video. Healthy Living did not adhere to this request from the Nutrimost legal team. They originally left the video up completely. Then later posted a heavily edited and shortened version of Nutrimost’s content after that. As of today, the video is no longer posted on the Healthy Living website. Nutrimost lawyers have pointed out that the Healthy Living video even used some of the same customer testimonials and doctor testimonials to promote the weight loss plan.

This groundbreaking weight loss plan has gained steam across America since it was created in 2014. The program uses spiritual healing and the NRF “Nutrimost Resonant Frequency” to help guide people on their weight loss plan. Many people around the United States have seen some great results with the plan. Once couple even lost a combine 140 lbs. in the first year on the program.

Nutrimost’s slogan is “The Ultimate Weight Loss Plan”. They say the stolen video that Healthy Living posted merely changed this slogan to “Can’t Lose Diet”. They are suing the company for $300,000 for damages to their reputation. They are also seeking a court order directed at Healthy Living that will prevent them from ever posting the video on their website again.

Find Nutrimost’s Resources:

Why Do People Ski During The Winter? Where Do I Ski?

by Chris Holden - July 20th, 2016

Skiing is a fun sport that can allow for you to achieve intense and fun opportunities that you will surely love. The best part about the world of skiing is the fact that it takes you to frozen ice and the chance to experience immensely fun weather. The sport offers great chances to improve speed, agility, and balance, while also giving you the rush of a lifetime. Skiing in specific areas is what makes this a fun and exciting adventure. The best place to go to is definitely Lake Tahoe. Their stunning mountains, ecstatic views, and incredible skiing opportunities can pave the way to improving your life in countless ways.

The Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are the perfect place to be to ski. With opportunities that will change your ways of skiing, these countless mountains and awesome locations can give you the chance to grow and accomplish amazing runs on the snow. There are countless resorts throughout the entire area that can provide a fun and relaxed location for all of your loved ones to enjoy. Numerous rooms to fit any budget can allow for you to have an awesome time.

Heavenly in Lake Tahoe is a world class favorite for numerous reasons at At the end of your skiing adventures, you can kick back and let loose at the Tamarack Lodge where dancing, drinks, and a DJ all bring together every person in the club to dance all night long. Heavenly has different rooms and amazing first class customer service for all visitors to love and enjoy. It’s the place to be if you want to experience extravagant accommodations, and the best thing to do is to enjoy the easy access to their stunning lifts and mountains.

The key to choosing your hotel is to choose based on your preferences and needs. Do you need more room and space? Are you looking for specific amenities in the hotel to fit what your family wants? There are all kinds of rooms and cabins that you can book to make it a thousand times easier for you. Skiing is a sport that is to be experienced in the beautiful Lake Tahoe. No other location can give the amazing morning breeze and lifts the same way this city does. Filled with beautiful hotels and cabins, alongside top notch instructors and equipment to help create the perfect first experience. Head to Lake Tahoe for unforgettable skiing.

Brian Bonar Gives Bellamy’s A New Interior Design

by Chris Holden - July 18th, 2016

Bellamy’s Fine Dining Restaurant, in San Diego recently received a new interior design with extravagant walnut tables, spacious booths, extravagant chandeliers, and bar. Previously known as Tango, the bistro was renamed Bellamy’s after Brian Bonar acquired the establishment, in 2013.

The bistro has been transformed into an upscale and modern style French restaurant that serves delectable French cuisines. Solc Interiors helped Mr. Bonar with interior designs and remodeling efforts. Since the restaurant opened to the public, Bellamy’s Restaurant has two locations in San Diego and 10 locations in the state of California.

After Brian Bonar founded Bellamy’s, he selected Patrick Ponsaty as the Kitchen’s Culinary Chef, and hired Trevor Da Costa and Mike Reidy as the Executive Chef. Chef Ponsaty was named Master French Chef by the Association of Maitress Cuisiniers de France. Before joining Bellamy’s, he worked at Rancho Bernardo Inn and Loews.

Chef Ponsaty is the creator of Calfornia-French cuisines on the menu, such as the baked goat cheese crottin, mushroom ravioli, Alaska salmon, Maine Diver Scallops, and king beef ribeye. Bellamy’s received the Open Table Diners Choice Awards in categories, including Best Service, Best Overall, and Best Food.

Brian Bonar is a graduate from the University of Strathclyde and Staffordshire University. He holds a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and doctoral degree. While attending Strathclyde, he studied mechanical engineering and international business development at Staffordshire. Mr. Brian Bonar career started in 1984 at QMS Inc., where he served as Executive Director. Four years later, he joined Rastak Corporation as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Mr. Bonar has more than 20 years of experience expanding companies in the United States private and public sectors. He serves as CEO at Dalrada Financial Corporation, Amanda Corporation, Smart-tek Automated, and Trucept Inc.

Brian Bonar is known in the San Diego area and throughout California as a successful businessman and executive. To validate his success, he was named Cambridge Publishing’s 2010 Executive of the Year in Finance, an honorary award. Brian Bonar was recognized for his leadership, and academic & professional endeavors.

Bellamy’s Fine Dining Restaurant is another success story attributed to Brian Bonar. He put together the best culinary professionals and team to produce the finest French cuisines in the country. The new interior design of the restaurant was originally planned in 2013, when the bistro was acquired. Now, that the remodeling is completed, customers are ensured a fabulous fine dining experience in a relaxing atmosphere.

How Does NutriMost Work For You?

by Chris Holden - June 29th, 2016

I wanted to have a plan that was going to get my diet on track, but I had never heard or NutriMost before. All I knew was that I wanted to lose weight, and I did not have any kind of plan that was going to help me. I started out with NutriMost because it made the most sense, but I did not realize what a good plan it was until I got started with it. I was able to learn a lot about NutriMost, and then I was able to use the information that I got from the website to start making better choices. Someone who is trying to make the most of their weight loss journey should do what I did and start on NutriMost.

I got into their menus the day after I signed up, and I did not realize how many good meals there were. There was so much to do on the website that I thought I would never eat all the meals, and I learned pretty quickly that I could get a lot better results just because I was reading all the things that looked good to me. There was so much that sounded good that I never got tired of checking out the menus.

All the food on the NutriMost site is really nice, and it is all easy to make. I have been able to get a lot of the food on the plate in just a few minutes, and I have been able to cook for my friends without them noticing that I am on the Nutrimost plan. The food is so good that no one would ever think twice about it, and I am very happy with the food at the end of every day even as I am losing weight.


A Better Reputation is Possible for those Struggling with the Search Engines

by Chris Holden - June 28th, 2016

Hiring a reputation management company might be the wisest decision an entrepreneur makes. Without the help of a skilled, legitimate reputation management firm, the internet and the search engines could end up being the source of ruination for even a stellar business. Business New Daily points out a few reasons why a reputation management firm is so vital to a company’s name.

One bad news report or review can cause a lot of problems for a business. A customer who comes into the store and is less-than-thrilled with the experience may publish a scathing review online. That one review from one day now lives on forever. The reason is the content has been listed in the search engines. There the content will remain unless something is done to upend it.

The search engines scan the internet and index whatever has been published online. The URL’s of videos, blogs, social media pages, and more eventually find their names presented on a litany of results. As more content is added to the internet, those listing change. Business owners and others who are not thrilled with what the search engines show have to put effort into driving the bad content down. If not, the only thing people are going to see is what the search engines currently list.

Again, if that material is not positive, the subject of the unruly listings is going to continue to suffer. People do suffer for months – even years – without taking steps to fix their search engine listings. Those problems do have to be fixed and fixed without delay. Mercifully, there are services capable of handling such tasks.

Reliable corporate reputation management services can help right the online wrongs hurting a business. Better Reputation is a new company that has landed on the scene and business owners and entrepreneurs should check it out. The company offers a free quote for services and seeks to improve what people see “when they Google you”. In a way, Better Reputation is all about creating great first impressions. First impressions are important.

So is choosing the best reputation management service. With the right service, maintaining the positive nature of a brand is possible.

NutriMost Vehemently Defends Video Copyright Theft by Rival Healthy Living

by Chris Holden - June 27th, 2016

Nutrimost, a weight loss company, has sued their rival Healthy Living for deliberately using NutriMost’s promotional video on their website without consent. The video, which was uploaded on Healthy Living’s website (, replaced NutriMost’s references and used a caption “Cant Lose Diet” to make it appear different, but in real sense, they had ripped off NutriMost whole cloth. They even went ahead and used testimonials posted on NutriMost’s website to market their products using the video.

Upon receipt of a case-and-desist letter, Healthy Living edited the video to make it shorter and to eliminate some of the parts that were directly similar to the original version. The pirated piece stayed on the website for at least three weeks after the case commenced before it was pulled down. In spite of the fact Healthy Nutrition finally removed the video from their website, NutriMost sought a court order that would bar Healthy Nutrition from posting their content again without prior consent, and on top of that wants $300,000 compensation for theft and loss of reputation.

NutriMost programs
NutriMost technology has been assisting people to lose weight faster and the method is all natural and reliable. NutriMost applies revolutionary technology to come up with custom programs for each patient. Every person gains weight differently, so NutriMost seeks to address problems for each specific patient, and this method has proved successful even where other methods have not been effective. NutriMost uses state-of-the-art technology to measure your body before recommending an effective weight loss plan.

Not only will a patient lose weight through the NutriMost program, one is also advised how to keep off weight by living a healthy lifestyle. It works well since no two people respond similarly, so every schedule that is created for a patient is offered with respect to individual needs and condition.

Follow along with Nutrimost here:

White Shark Media: Top Tier Done-For-You Advertising

by Chris Holden - June 21st, 2016

It’s no secret that one of the most popular and proven methods of attracting visitors to your website is to advertise with Google Adwords. Still, because it is no secret, the Adwords platform is a very competitive environment. To make your efforts are worthwhile you need a sure hand with the knowledge and experience to make your advertising campaign cost-effective as well as successful.

That’s where a search engine specialization company like White Shark Media comes in. Whether you’re an experienced advertiser or are just wondering if the Google platform is the right choice for you, White Shark Media Review has the expertise to create Adwords campaigns that will attract more visitors to your website.

What’s more, there is no initial obligation. You’re invited to watch and learn from a free evaluation by a White Shark  Media Adwords specialist. Like what you see? Sign up with White Shark as your Google Adwords for ongoing expertise and support. On the fence? Take what you’ve learned from the free evaluation and develop your own campaigns as you see fit.

And keep in mind that White Shark’s expertise is not limited to Pay-per-click advertising (PPC). They are also experts in the difficult art of getting your website noticed – search engine optimization (SEO). This, of course, is the tweaking and linking that can help a site rise to the top of the search engines. White Shark Media can give you expert assistance with SEO as well.

In business since 2011, White Shark Media has become a dominant player in the SEO industry with over 36 million in ad spending for their customers in 2015 alone.
They are trusted, reliable and highly regarded among their customers as a company that not only provides individual attention, but responds proactively to negative feedback, criticism and complaints.

They have a customer satisfaction level that has few equals. In fact, some of the criticism of the early years has now been the basis for the company’s greater hands-on support and direct access to company specialists.

If you’re a small or medium-sized business that’s marketing on the internet, White Shark Media has a solution to fit your individual needs. For top tier marketing advice, visit their website or call for a free evaluation at (305) 728-4828.

It could be one of the best decisions your company has ever made.

Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

Athleisure: Fabletics Spin On New Additions

by Chris Holden - June 18th, 2016

If you’re a big fan of athleisure clothing, you’ve probably heard of Fabletics. Their co-creator Kate Hudson is the face of this popular brand and you’ve likely seen her modeling their stylish clothing in various types of advertisements. Kate Hudson sits down to talk to Marie Claire Magazine about some up and coming collections being added to the Fabletics line. Athleisure clothing has become a lifestyle trend for many, thanks to its comfort and versatility as far as being able to wear it wherever and whenever you please. Kate Hudson describes big news about summer styles available to Fabletics customers worldwide.

In addition to the many different styles of athleisure available on the site, they have added some super cute, trendy athleisure dresses to their collection. These dresses from Fabletics feature spanx like material so you don’t have to purchase extra hosiery or worry about it hugging you in the wrong places. With sleek styles perfect for any event, these will surely be your favorite dresses this summer! Their new swimsuit line is not only bold and flirty, but it’s vibrant and features support in all the right places. You can’t go wrong with these Fabletics additions if you want to stay current while still indulging in your addiction to athletic wear. Source:

Subscribing to Fabletics is the perfect way to build up an athleisure wardrobe without spending too much. Their subscriptions are not only reasonable but significantly less than competitors like Nike. You can have athleisure clothing delivered to you each month at a fixed rate. They will hand pick items to send you based off of your profile and style preferences. With a huge variety of options, you really can’t go wrong with Fabletics. Their styles are unique and fun and they are constantly switching things up, and adding new pieces. If you are a fan of athleisure, then you must check out Fabletics!