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Damac Owner and CEO Hussain Sajwani and his Relationship with the Trump’s

by Chris Holden - July 16th, 2018

One of the most distinguished personalities in the global real estate sector today is Hussain Sajwani, the CEO, Chairman and the Founder of the UAE based integrated concern, the DAMAC Group. The company has a long history of working with American companies operating in various countries across the world, especially in the gulf region. According to an article published on The National Newspaper, Sajwani is recognized for his glitzy property developments and partnership with Donald Trump to put up a glamorous golf course, whose villas have raked in close to $2 billion in sales.

Being a visionary leader, the DAMAC owner took advantage of the UAE property market recovery to list DAMAC Properties shares on the London Stock Exchange. The publicly listed company established in 2002 serves a number of industries, including real estate, engineering, architecture and construction. During its formative years, the company was mostly focused on building housing units targeting the lower middle market. These properties were then successfully marketed with off plan sales. Today, the company is involved in the luxury real estate market with several lavishing properties lined up for in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

Following the election of Trump as US President, reported in January 2017 that Sajwani wanted to do more business with the Trump and his family. The real estate mogul met President Trump early this year during the New Year’s Eve celebration. However, the meeting did not pass by without raising some eyebrows. The concern pointed to a conflict of interest on the part of the President for dabbling in business. The president has been categorical that he will not be making any new business deals while in office. The relationship between Hussain Sajwani family and the Trump’s dates back many years.

Members of the Sajwani family knew Trump’s daughter Ivanka and son’s Eric and Donald Jr. through business forums. Ivanka is a close friend of Sajwani’s wife and the entire Sajwani family. With regards to performance, a financial brief on Relationship Science indicates that as of 2016, DAMAC had a market capitalization of $15 billion; revenues of $7 billion and net-profit of $3.75 billion. Besides Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC founder and owner, the other top executives working for the company include Adil Mohamed, the Group Chief Financial Officer; Niall McLoughlin, the Senior VP, Marketing and Corporate Communications and Arunan Thayyil, Vice President of IT.

According to, Sajwani and DAMAC gives back by helping the needy children.

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Nothing But Good Reviews For Dr. Jennifer Walden.

by Chris Holden - July 16th, 2018

Dr. Jennifer Walden has treated hundreds of patients during her career as a dedicated, Board Certified, female plastic surgeon. She has her own surgery and laser center in Austin Texas and has received many excellent, patient reviews on her professionalism, her kind, caring manner and their satisfaction with the outcome of their procedures.

Her work has received accolades from accredited medical institutions and latterly she has become quite a celebrity. She has been a guest on TV programs, her comments and opinions have been featured regularly in a local, Texan magazine and she has co-authored a book in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr, Walden is in the minority. Only one percent of cosmetic plastic surgeons are female and of that one per cent, only 20% are members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is a great believer of feeling good about yourself on the outside as well as on the inside. Within her medical center is a Health and Wellness Center offering numerous services in various therapies to restore and revitalize your body and sexual wellness.

Her cosmetic work can make years disappear by lessening sagging skin or reducing lines and wrinkles on the face, improve the shape and size of your breasts or use a procedure to tone and reshape many other parts of the body with or without invasive surgery. Her medical center provides procedures for men and women and features hair restoration, removal of unwanted hair, treatment of skin imperfections and stretch marks with innovative laser technology.

She is nationally recognized for her breast cancer awareness and has been named as being one of the top 25 Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in the country. Inside her medically approved, office operating room, she takes great pride in changing people’s visions of themselves, so that they can live a more contented life.

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The Special Honor of Robert Ivy

by Chris Holden - July 15th, 2018

Robert Ivy is the chief executive and Executive Vice Presidents of American Institute of Architects. He assumed the position in 2011. Robert Ivy pursued Bachelors of Arts in English in the University of the South. He proceeded for Masters of Architecture in Tulane University. In 1996, Robert was nominated to be the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record and Editorial Chief and Vice President of McGraw-Hill Construction Media, which included the following Green Source: Sweets, SNAP, The Magazine of Sustainable Design, ENR and HQ Magazine. He was also among the panel that appointed Frank Gehry the architect to develop the National Dwight Eisenhower Memorial. Under the leadership of Robert Ivy, Architectural Record received many awards such as National Magazine Award for American Society of Magazine, premier magazine journalism, Folio Design Awards and 2008 MPA Digital Award.

Additionally, he has also made something for himself; he received Crain Award, McGraw-Hill Award because of his excellent management skills in 1998. He is a senior member of Design Futures Council. In 2010, the national architecture fraternity collective named him the master of an architect because of his efficiency in communication. Recently, Robert Ivy received Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award from MIAL (Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters). This award is the first time a person from architectural industry has received from MIAL. This award is given to artists who do exemplary work in the art industry.

At the American Institute of Architects, Robert has tremendously developed a footprint for the group, which is now at the highest membership of 160 since the time of formation.Robert has now joined the ranks of former Noel Polk Awards receivers such as Singer Leontyne Price (2000), Shelby Foote (2004), Eudora Welty (2001), Walter Anderson (1989) and actor Morgan Freeman (2007). Many fellow architects congratulated Ivy for his award and declared that indeed he is a worthy and professional ambassador in the architectural industry.

Introducing Peter Briger: A Force Behind Fortress Success

by Chris Holden - July 14th, 2018

He has been one of the key leaders that have made Fortress Investment Group hit heights that were unimaginable. Peter Briger has a vast experience in financial and investment matters which has made him have a well-built professional character. In his 15 years of service at Goldman, Sachs, and Co, he left remarkable and tangible developments that make him be well recognized in the world of finance.

Peter Briger has served on various committees like “Japan Executive Committee” and “Asian Management Committee” among others. He served these committees while he was at Goldman Sachs. He was also the co-head of Special Opportunities Fund LLC, Asian Real Estate Private Equity, and in the Whole Loan Sales and Trading Business.

His various roles at his previous companies became a very good ground for him to land at Fortress Investment Group where he is the Principal and the Co-Chairman of the firm’s board of Directors. Fortress is one of the largest alternative asset managers across the globe with its headquarters in New York City.

Peter Briger has been the Management Committee member since 2002 when he joined the organization. He currently oversees and manages Fortress Credit business which has more than 300 people who concentrate on various undervalued assets, and consequently the distressed and illiquid credit investments.

This great leader studied at Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania for Bachelor of Arts and MBA respectively. Peter Briger once worked with the Board of Directors of Princeton University Investment Co. as his part of giving back to his society.

Additionally, Peter Briger is an affiliate of various companies which makes him a more prominent businessman. His successful career life has made him be ranked by Forbes Magazine in the Forbes Top 400 business professionals in the U.S.

This renowned professional is also a great philanthropist where he is involved in various charity events and also organizations. This has made him be part of Silicon Valley Council that distributes funds to the children globally. Besides he is part of the Council of Foreign matters that helps people understand foreign issues. He commits his resources to help education sectors, alleviating poverty and supporting children. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Deirdre M. Baggot: Beyond TheALPHAbet Soup

by Chris Holden - July 14th, 2018

Deirdre M. Baggot, Ph.D., M.B.A., B.S.N., R.N., earned her Baccalaureate of Sciences degree in Nursing from Southern Illinois University, graduating with the highest honors. She obtained her Masters in Business Administration as a Gregory LaVert Scholar from the Loyola University Graduate School of Business. She defended her Doctor of Philosophy degree at the University of Colorado at Denver. Deirdre Baggot also made it a point to attend The Wharton School where she completed her Certificate in Health Care Executive Leadership. She is nationally renowned for her contributions to the healthcare industry, particularly for designing bundled and episode-based payments. Read more at to learn more.

In 2003, Deirdre Baggot modeled the administration of an acute-care episode at Denver, Colorado’s St. Joseph Hospital. She’s written more than 20 professional papers that help her colleagues improve the quality of their patients’ experience from bedside to billing. Across the USA, she’s delivered speeches and held conference forums that share how to bundle procedures and payments for all professionals involved in the care of a patient during an episode. Her meticulous analysis acknowledges 60,000 medical diagnoses, more than 4,000 routine operations and more than 6,000 pharmaceutical applications in the delivery of care to the Nation’s population. Before her federal duties, she served for 10 years in the medical field at the University of Michigan and the Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Her checklists established for the management of each possible episode of care are well received and consulted in the field.

Through her expertise and exactitude, Deirdre Baggot has revolutionized the healthcare experience for all parties at every juncture. Her rich educational background and challenging career roles have graced us with a more thorough, accurate and less stressful healthcare experience. Today, she continues to serve as the federally appointed expert for reviewing healthcare delivery through the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Initiative (BCPI) for models two through four of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). She’s also the Senior Vice President (Sr. V.P.) of THE CAMDEN GROUP located in California. She makes sure to dedicate time to share with her family and friends, recently enjoying a Taylor Swift concert with them.



3 Steps to Financial Fitness

by Chris Holden - July 12th, 2018

In our current times, people are conscious about their health. They enroll in gyms, participate in sporting activities and even plan on dieting. This kind of lifestyle helps them to prolong their life and strengthen their immune system which lowers the risk of contracting terminal diseases like heart diseases; it also helps them to improve their performance at work.


Physical wellness is just part of the whole because there is also financial wellness that needs to be taken care of. So, how financially fit are you? Are you unfit financially? Are you weighed down by credit card balances or unnecessary items you purchased?


According to Infinity Group Australia reviews, being financially fit is a very crucial aspect that needs to be worked on. We are going to look at three ways you can become financially fit.


Make a prioritized budget


Your current lifestyle and your future are hinged on your cash flow. You have to ensure that it remains healthy, and you can only do this by making a budget. Always remember that your budget reflects your priorities. If you prioritize gadgets or expensive items like shoes and traveling before setting up your child’s college fund or a retirement plan, what does that detail about your priorities?


Avoid or stop unnecessary expenses


You should not take this point to far such that you cannot enjoy life; it is all about planning your money first on the essential needs, and then allocating them to wants and later to things that you desire.


You have to learn to separate the expenses you have into two. The first part entails the needs or the fixed costs like transportation, groceries, water, electricity, education, and other important expenses.


The second one is the wants. In this category, you can plan on where you want to travel, go for shopping and dining to ensure that you enjoy life especially experiencing things that you can live without.


On your budget, place a priority on your needs, and then move to your wants.


Build your investments


Most of us are not really planning well on retirement; Infinity Group Australia reviews indicate that the sad part is that when retirement hits, the only thing we can rely on is retirement pay and pension which is not usually a reasonable sum of money, if you consider the payments that are done on a daily basis.


Do you know when you should build your retirement fund? Starting early is the what you need to do; you can save small amounts which will turn out to be a lot of money in the future. The same concept goes to your other goals, start them today to avoid stressing yourself investing in risky assets in the future.


Just the way sports enjoys the luxury of having a professional coach to stay fit, you also need to get a financial coach like Infinity Group Australia to help you have a financial plan that is objective.

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Heather Russell Takes on Huge Role at TransUnion

by Chris Holden - July 9th, 2018

Heather Russell has been hired by TransUnion to work as the chief legal counsel, and this may be one of the best possible people for the job. She has proven herself to be a very unreliable candidate that has already worked as part of an executive team so her experience is needed when it comes to creating opportunities for TransUnion growth.

According to, Russell has been able to create at work environment where there is a lot more trust about what is happening inside of this business structure. She has been praised for the work that she is doing because it puts a greater level of trust into the way that things are handled by TransUnion. There needs to be a process for a company to adhere to government regulations. There needs to be someone that is able to follow the policies that people must adhere to.

Heather Russell knows about a lot of different things that have to be done when it comes to complying with government regulations. She has spent a lot of time doing this when she worked for a law firm. It gave her a considerable amount of knowledge about the ways that different policies should be handled. Russell saw the opportunity to build with company like TransUnion. She has an impressive resume already, but this position will give her even more depth. Visit this site to know more about Russell.

Russell really knows how to make an impact when it comes to changing the outlook for a company that is trying to grow. If there has ever been anyone that is qualified for a job such as this it is Heather Russell. She is a veteran in regulatory compliance that has two decades of experience. This makes her one of the best when it comes to creating opportunities for businesses and creating opportunities for herself.


Sean Penn’s Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

by Chris Holden - July 8th, 2018

Sean Penn’s new novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is said to be perfect for Thomas Pyncheon and Hunter S. Thompson fans. It does not have a formal plot but Pappy Pariah is the narrator and it centers on Bob Honey who is believed to be an international assasin who goes after the elderly with a mallot. Pappy Pariah was Penn’s original pseudonym and the book was originally released as an audiobook in 2016. The novel aims to feature Penn’s general feelings about the current American culture and politics.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is said to have subtle references to President Trump. One of the most significant scenes is at the Republican National Convention during an interview between Bob and Fletcher. Fletcher is supposed to be a reference to the drug El Chapo, whom Penn infamously interviewed just before his arrest. It also has references to the media and the police with Bob coming away after an ambush involving five of them stating that the media had effectively encouraged the killing of them.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff does show that Bob is divorced and reclusive. He works odd jobs such as travelling for waste management and selling fireworks to terrorists. On the side, he does his assasin work. Aside from being reclusive, the main character is also a misanthrope who despises social media and advertising.


Some complaints of the novel have included Penn using too much alliteration in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. That he over-uses phrases such as “dutiful dragoman” and “cadres of cannibals”. Penn also includes some dystopian-reflecting poetry throughout the novel.

Bob Honey Do Stuff is reflective of the 2016 Presidential election. In the novel, President Trump is referred to as a “seventy-year-old boy-man with money and French vanilla cotton candy hair”.


The main character in Bob Honey Do Stuff is said to appear rather enigmatic at first glance. However, it is also said that if the reader can get past the constant satire, alliterations, etc., he or she will find something of value and start to better understand the message behind the novel.

Robert Ivy Receives Lifetime Achievement Award For Dedication To Architecture

by Chris Holden - July 6th, 2018

Robert Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Ivy was recently rewarded with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL). Their Polk Award is granted to artists and patrons connected to Mississippi whose lifetime of support or work has been extraordinary. Mr. Ivy was recognized as such a person in April of 2018, marking the first time an architect has received this prestigious award. He joins an impressive list of Mississippi-born recipients such as Walter Anderson, Shelby Foote and Morgan Freeman.

Nancy LaForge, the MIAL President, commented on the efforts that Ivy makes to make architecture more accessible to the general public. He has worked as an author, writer and commentator around the world, providing knowledge about architecture. The President of American Institute of Architects Carl Elefante sang his praise for Robert Ivy by saying that “as an author, editor and practicing architect, Robert Ivy is a worthy ambassador for our profession”.

Before joining AIA in 2011, Ivy worked as the Editor-in-Chief for McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record. This prestigious position helped to gain him more respect and recognition within the architectural field. The Architectural Record went on to win numerous awards and sell record breaking copies under the leadership of Ivy. He also was at the helm of the company’s design and construction media in the Middle East and China.

Robert Ivy has had an interesting path into the field of architecture and to the prestigious positions he currently holds. He studied at Sewanee: The University of the South where received a Bachelor of Arts in English. He continued his education at Tulane University to complete Masters of Architecture degree. Before going into the field of architecture, Ivy served in the U.S. Navy as an officer.

Under the direction of Ivy, the AIA has expanded globally and is currently at its highest membership level. There are seven global chapters of the Institute with new ones in Canada and China. Robert Ivy is also the author of an authoritative biography by the name of Fay Jones: Architect. It was published in 2001 and has received praise from the Art Library Society of North America.

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Preparation for Retirement with HCR Wealth Advisors

by Chris Holden - July 4th, 2018

Financial planning is a critically significant step towards preparation for retirement. However, the planning does not address the possible emptiness of psychological, physical, emotional, and intellectual adjustments. One can retire voluntarily but if one is not well prepared to do so, this might result to a lot of frustrations, depressions, ill health, low self-esteem, depression, boredom, procrastination, and even experiencing feelings of inadequacy.

For those who are considering retirement, it is very significant for you to give attention to a variety of non-monetary aspects. Some of these aspects include the choice of leisure, the retiree’s personal development, health and old age, and self-actualization just to mention a few. In the same manner that most people who are almost retiring take about two decades to financially prepare for retirement, the same period should be used for the planning of the non-monetary aspects.

More than ten thousand individuals retire on a daily basis. Many of these retirees have a life expectancy of above thirty years after retirement. Failure to properly plan for the retirement, which changes almost all aspects of your life, leads to a potential for mental health problems and challenges of alcohol and drugs addiction.

No one is capable of escaping life’s transitions. HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that can help you to secure a brighter financial future for yourself. It is through education, communication, trust, and high-quality service that HCR Wealth Advisors achieves its mission to create and maintain a good relationship with clients. Many of the clients have been with HCR Wealth Advisors for more than a decade. At HCR Wealth Advisors, a single plan is uniquely set for a single client, a strategy that they have been applying for over 25 years.

The hardworking team at the HCR Wealth Advisors consists of independent thinkers with the freedom to serve to the best of the clients’ interest. Every member of the team takes a significant part in the empowering the clients to achieve their targets. HCR Wealth Advisors helps its clients to come up with a plan to help them attain financial freedom.




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