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Gershkovith’s Streamworks Craft Beer in Canada

by Chris Holden - November 22nd, 2017

Eli Gershkovitch is CEO of a company by the name the SteamworksCraft Beers. The company brews different brands of beers for anyone who likes enjoying beers at their free time like in a football gameorpub just relaxing. Most people who aren’t a fan of beer may not be aware that beers usually in more 100 styles. Learn more about Eli Gershkovitch at Crunchbase.


Eli Gershkovitch is a lawyer, a pilot, and a businessman. He has a passion for craft beer ever since he tasted a beer. In 1987, after his graduation from Toronto University law school, he started with a European tour. Eli Gershkovitch researched crafty brewery business and discovered the perfect location in Gastown for a brewpub. He became familiar with the licensing rules from his work on liquor. His legal skills aids solve problems in Gastown with liquor license moratorium. He got to experience the effort of his work in the year 1995 when he opened his Steamworks Brew Pub.


Experiences and his Company

Though it takes a rare talent to establish a successful empire, Eli Gershkovitch was able to build one if his own. He loves to take risks and to explore unclear paths and has earned a lot of respect for that. He is a man who likesaction, and when he is not in the pursuing new business options or expanding his empire, he will be busy sponsoring events in Gastown. Steamworks brewing company and Eli Gershkovitch plans on attending beer festivals which will have samples of unique craft beer He has played a significant role in the recent resurgence as hub socially.

Under the leadership of Eli Gershkovitch, the company has been cooking original beer brands in Gastown history since. Now the company is producing new brews of beers, with far better taste than the ones before like the Coors and Budweiser. Currently, there are no brands exotic like the Guinness.


The Standardfor Craft Beer is one of the best beer brewing companies in Canada. With such a passionate CEO, the company has been able to come up with new styles with better taste. They have been able to bring entirely new things to the beer brewing industries making them one of the best. Follow Eli Gershkovitch’s profile on

David Giertz on How Millennials Can Save for the Future

by Chris Holden - November 22nd, 2017

Financial planner, David Giertz has some tips to help millennials actively save for retirement. Most millennials are ready to start saving and these tips will help them stay financially healthy, while looking forward.

Keep Track of Your Finances

Keeping up with debts and savings, will allow for a more comfortable future. Debts should be paid off as soon as possible, while savings should be a concern as well. Once debts are paid off, then more can be added to a savings account. To be able to put enough toward retirement, David Giertz suggests that debts be the number one priority.

Invest Funds in a Roth IRA

A Roth IRA allows one to reap the rewards of compound interest, and upon retirement is not taxed. The tax is paid out of income before funds are deposited. The earlier a millennial starts a Roth IRA, the better the compound interest and the bigger retirement fund.

Get a Second Job or Skill

Having a second or passive income will help pay off debts and add to savings, which will keep a retirement account growing.

David Giertz has worked in the financial services industry for 30 years. He has an MBA from the University of Miami and a BS from Millikin University. He has served on various boards in his community, such as the Girl Scouts of Broward County. Mr. Giertz is a Certified Business Coach with WABC and as a leader has certified over 100 business coaches.

The Amazing USHEALTH group Inc.

by Chris Holden - November 18th, 2017

The USHEALTH group a group of insurance companies located in Fort Worth, Texas that offers health coverage to families across the greater United States. They offer an array of insurance covers from general health benefit, family insurance up to life insurance. The USHEALTH group Inc. offers insurance products to self-employed people and owners of small businesses. The premiums of said product are tailored specifically to be affordable and suitable to their recipients.

The USHEALTH group Inc. believes that every client has a unique array of needs and will be faced with their own unique circumstances through their lifetime. Based on this fundamental truth, a general approach to insurance covers is not always the approach. This has led to the creation of a wide array of affordable covers and premiums. Topped with their incredible customer service, a client can rest easy knowing that they are being well taken care of and their claims, if any, will be processed in record speed.

With over 50 years’ experience in health coverage, The USHEALTH group Inc. family insurance has a wide portfolio of plans. They let their clientele tailor their coverage specifically to their needs. Once a choice is made by the client, the customer care service gets to task to ensure the client is well taken care of and satisfied. They also provide for buying extra coverage if and when one needs it, all this without any additional underwriting.

The USHEALTH group Inc. has received generally positive reviews with their client base praising their customer service, variety of products and claim processing. The USHEALTH group Inc. workforce has praised the company for its friendly work environment and its CEO, whom they say cares about all employees and shows genuine appreciation of their work. If these reviews are anything to go by, The USHEALTH group Inc. and all its subsidiaries are doing a great job in their fields.

In addition to these reviews, The USHEALTH group Inc. has received several awards for its exemplary performance. In 2017, The USHEALTH group Inc. was honored with a Gold Winner award for their initiative in corporate social responsibility. They also received a Gold Stevie award for their excellence in customer service and sales. Check more:


Dallas Investment Firm Highland Capital Management

by Chris Holden - November 17th, 2017

Highland Capital Management is an investment firm based in Dallas, Texas. It is a company that provides a number of financial services to both individual investors and institutions. Over the last two decades, Highland Capital Management has expanded into one of the most comprehensive firms when it comes to serving the needs of various investors. One of the things that has made Highland Capital stand out among other financial services firms is that it offers services that manage debt and credit backed securities. The firm became the first of its kind to offer collateralized loan obligations. Over the course of the firm’s existence, it expanded to other parts of the United States and the rest of the world. It currently has office locations in Singapore, Sao Paulo Brazil, Seoul South Korea and New York City. Read more about Highland Capital at

The firm was founded in the year 1990 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. When they first started up the firm, it was a company that provided life insurance to consumers. Within the first couple of years of the company’s existence, it established itself as a reputable firm in terms of providing life insurance products. By the year 1993, Dondero and Okada looked to expand the company. They began offering a number of other services that would meet the growing needs of its existing clients. As a result, the firm would begin offering a number of services that would help clients manage their wealth on a regular basis. Visit to know more.

For Highland Capital Management, the 1990’s was the decade that it experienced its most growth. The firm expanded and began to provide financial advisory, wealth management and asset management to its many clients. This helped them provide comprehensive assistance to individual investors, corporations and government entities. By the year 1996, Highland Capital became the first company to offer collateralized loan obligations. This marked the first entity other than commercial banks to offer such a product. The firm also helps clients by providing hedge funds and private equity securities. With a variety of services, Highland Capital Management has established itself as one of the most reputable financial services companies in the world.


Drew Madden’s Dense Expertise in Healthcare

by Chris Holden - November 13th, 2017

The healthcare sector has for long been guided by clinical procedures such as diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases and disorders largely by human personnel although machinery has also been in use. Just like other fields that have experienced technological progression, healthcare has been no exemption. Drew Madden is an investor and entrepreneur in healthcare with information technology, which has brought a whole new aspect of the operation of a health facility.

Drew Madden has made machine learning in healthcare practical, effective and even management much easier. At Evergreen Healthcare partners where he works as a managing partner has proved to the world that healthcare can explore new ways of handling patients. This possible using customized healthcare technology and expertise and implementation of electronic human resources platforms for advisory and guidance.

In collaboration with scholars, researchers and medical institutions of higher learning such as Stanford Medicine and Chicago University it is now easy to profile a patient’s medical history, diagnosis diseases to the extent of determining the duration a patient is likely to respond positively to medication. Basically, it tells a lot such as the disease one is suffering from before it visibly manifests various treatment alternatives and courses of action suitable for each condition. Google is the platform that shares information with medical experts to help establish optimal and effective medical practices and specialized care par the condition at hand; so there is uniformity.

About Drew Madden

Drew Madden holds a bachelor’s degree in Science in Industrial Engineering specializing in medical systems at Iowa College of Engineering, his alma mater. He is among the pioneers of the revolutionary electronic medical records and machine learning. Mr. Madden began his career in healthcare technology at Cerner Corporation. He has since then worked for Healthia consulting, Ingenix consulting and later at Nordic Consulting Partners as Executive Vice President before appointment as President in 2011.

He is a co-founder of Evergreen Healthcare Partner based in Madison, Wisconsin which was incorporated in July 2017. Other co-founders are Jeff Leach, Rebecca Bottorff, and Aaron who all work in the capacity of managing partner in the IT-based medical company. Drew Madden has received numerous award for Epic medical implementation services and in KLAS.

Lifeline Screening: How to Prepare for Screening

by Chris Holden - November 10th, 2017

Although there has been a lot of advancement in the medical field, cardiovascular diseases remain to be the leading killer medical condition in the United States. Millions of people are losing their lives because they do not get the right medical attention. In every four deaths in America, one is associated with some form of cardiovascular complications. People can, however, reduce the deaths that result from the heart by getting early screening and medical treatment. There are several preventing screenings that can detect these forms of medical conditions before they can become too serious. Using the modern technology brought by medicine, people will have an opportunity to live a longer and healthier life.

There are several medical facilities that have been established in the world to offer preventive screenings for different types of diseases. Lifeline Screening is one of these institutions in the world. The company has been in the market for a while now, and it has been offering patients several forms of screenings at reasonable costs. The institution attracts customers from all over the world. There are several benefits of screening from the reputable medical center. First of all, all the equipment used is the best in the industry. The professionals who are tasked with this responsibility are highly trained, and they have a lot of expertise when it comes to screening.

It is paramount to visit the medical facility once in a while so that you can access quality medical treatment before the problem gets out of hand. There are numerous tests that will be carried out by the experts so that you do not worse complications when you least expect it. Just like all other medical procedures, people must prepare themselves when going to Lifeline Screening so that they can get quality medical services.

Although most of the medical procedures in the company are not complicated, you will need some preparation. First of all, you will have to book for an appointment so that you do not take too much time waiting to be attended.The kind of cloths you wear when going to the medical facility matter too. The cloths should not be too tight because the doctor will have to conduct some ultrasound on you. Most of the tests from Lifeline Screening are not invasive, so patients do not have to be scared when going for tests. The tests are also very safe for the patients.

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Roberto Santiago entrepreneurial skills

by Chris Holden - November 10th, 2017

With great, modern and very well-architected enterprises, the 58-year-old entrepreneur born in Joao Pessoa, named Roberto Santiago, became a reference in the state of Paraiba in recent years. Reference in investment, reference in diversion, reference in taking advantage of what is best in a region.

The biggest example of success for Paraiba is the Manaira Shopping, inaugurated in 1989 in the capital of Paraiba, but that has already undergone five expansions since the construction period. The place is one of the largest shopping centers in Joao Pessoa and provides the city with several other activities. Particularly when it comes to leisure, entertainment and fun. On account of him – and also of other initiatives of Roberto Santiago, such as Mangabeira Shopping, for example, inaugurated in 2014 – the city of the Northeast is no longer remembered and cited only when it comes to the beautiful beaches with a dizzying sunset.

The Manaira, built between the center and the beaches of the north coast of the city of Joao Pessoa, has 280 stores and 75 thousand m² of Gross Lettable Area (ABL). What most draws attention in Shopping, however, is its versatility. It was planned by Roberto Santiago to ensure customers satisfaction for the whole family.

If you like to go to the movies, go to Manaira Shopping – there are eleven rooms, equipped with modern and up-to-date display devices, also have VIP rooms, 3D room and Stadium System, the one with armchairs that are arranged as if they were bleachers to give visibility. If you want to go bowling, go to the Manaira – the slopes are modern and electronic. If, however, you prefer the electronic game machines, go to the Manaira – there are more than 200, with different styles that suit all tastes and ages. He is hungry, but he does not know if he wants to bet on the fast food style or prefers something more sophisticated, okay, go to Manaira – there are many options, there are food court, hamburgers and restaurants, Espaco Gourmet offers the most sophisticated chefs from Paraiba cuisine. Want to rent a ballroom, go to the gym, then go to the Manaira. It even has branches of universities in the place and, even, a house of shows.

It was in this that one of the most visionary entrepreneurs in the country, such as Roberto Santiago, was weighing – many options in one place, and the versatility and practicality adding positively in today’s daily life so rampant and tumultuous. Well, looks like the manager did it.

In addition to all the technology and contemporaneity, and as a reference in laser, fun and entertainment in the city, Manaira Shopping – as well as Mangabeira, designed a few years later – brought to the region great economic and social development. The houses in the surroundings of the Shopping had great appreciation, as well as the locality in general. Several companies began to take an interest in the neighborhood of Manaira and the city of Joao Pessoa, giving residents more and more options.


Market America Convention 2017 Held August 9-13, 2017

by Chris Holden - November 10th, 2017

Market America owns and operates SHOP.COM, an online marketplace offering a wide range of products at the best prices available. The Market America Convention 2017 was held in Greensboro, North Carolina from August 9-13, 2017. It brought vendors and sellers together and celebrated the 25th Anniversary of Market America.

The 2017 International Convention brought buyers and sellers from all over the world together for a once in a lifetime event. Over 20,000 people packed the Greensboro Coliseum for a week full of excitement for the future of UnFranchise owners, Market America’s most valued people. Market America is on a mission to change how the world shops and the 2017 International Conventions served to put the world on notice.

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Talkspace Private and Confidential Online Therapy Service for People Suffering From Depression

by Chris Holden - November 10th, 2017

There are many reasons people go to therapists these days, and one of the biggest reasons is because of depression. People these days are under tremendous stress due to their hectic lifestyle and competition that eventually takes a toll on their health as well as personal lives in one way or the other. Depression is a common occurrence these days among the people, and it has affected over 16 million people in the United States, and the numbers continue to grow.

Anyone who is suffering from depression or getting hints of its symptoms should go for counseling as it can be stopped from penetrating further in the mindset at initial stages. Depression is a common problem, and sometimes it stays chronically for a long-time and almost forever if left untreated, but at times, it can be fatal as well because it can give rise to suicidal tendencies too.

Many people suffering from depression are not keen on going for diagnosis as traditional therapy is expensive. But, Talkspace has emerged as the potential new alternative to the conventional form of diagnosis. People who are suffering from depression can make use of Talkspace to talk to the therapist and resolve their mental and emotional issues. Keeping the feelings suppressed inside can lead to more significant conflict inside, and it even causes the depression level to go higher, but talking to a professional therapist can help as it helps in understanding where our thinking is going wrong.

Talkspace only has the licensed therapists who can be contacted round the clock through the Talkspace communication interface. The therapist would answer the queries of the patients when they make time, and there can also be a schedule that can be worked out between the patient and the therapist. Talkspace is a purely private and confidential service, and thus, patients can be sure that their exchange with the therapist is completely secure.

Neurocore Looks To Change The Way We Treat Depression

by Chris Holden - November 9th, 2017

The growing issues of ADHD and depression are becoming increasingly difficult for parents, individuals, and families to cope with in the 21st-century as technology changes the way we treat depression, anxiety, and attention disorders. Neurocore is making great impacts on the way social media and the modern world are affecting the rate of depression and anxiety are affecting our mental state; social media use has been shown to have a damaging effect on the psyche of the U.S. population as social media use has been linked to the growing problems with depression, anxiety, and ADHD. Follow Neurocore on Facebook.

A growing trend amongst U.S. citizens has been the anxiety and depression caused by financial issues with one in five Americans reporting more Americans were concerned with their financial situation in 2015 than in 2015. Studying the hashtag “Anxiety” being used on Instagram showed the state of Oregon may be the most stressed in the nation after it came out on top a recent study of the state of mind of the nation.

Training the brain to work at its optimum levels at all times may seem like a difficult process to complete but the experts at Neurocore believe the use of the latest technology can be of aid to this are of medical research. Understanding how the brain works and setting out to see which areas of the brain are working well and which are underperforming is the first step in finding a new way of workign towards creating a successful future for all.


Over the course of the 30-session program completed through Neurocore the process is completed in a way that allows the process of creating a settled and inquisitive mind. Neurocore is looking to use the latest technologies in a bid to make sure the increasing number of individuals using ADHD and anti-anxiety medications are given a different way of exploring the power of their own brain. Follow Neurocore on