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Eric Lefkofsky Backs Precision Medicine Against Cancer

by Chris Holden - March 23rd, 2018

Tempus Labs is a healthcare technology company based in Chicago. The firm leverages big data to enable personalized cancer treatments. The renowned entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky co-founded the company in 2015.

He also serves as the CEO. In a short period, he has built the company to become one of the leading biotech startups in the world. Tempus works closely with cancer centers under the umbrella of the National Cancer Institute.

In addition, it also enjoys close relationships with various educational institutions. Some of these include the New York University and Sanford Health among others.

The firm has built a system that makes it easy to test and build custom treatment programs for each patient. The company is quickly gaining recognition from industry experts as a vibrant biotech startup.

For example, Dr. Topol featured the company on his famous annual list of businesses building technology that is transforming medicine going into the future. Tempus earned a spot for its pioneering technologies including gene therapy and editing.

Gene therapy is already being used to treat inherited vision loss among others. Gene editing is in advanced trials. Another revolutionary technology is a system that uses an intelligent algorithm to diagnose skin cancers accurately.

Others include a rapid genome-sequencing tool that can be handy in the containment of an outbreak. Non-intrusive blood sugar monitors are also making headlines and quickly getting FDA approval.

You can also get a smart watch that measures your blood pressure. In like manner, we now have an intelligent scanner that detects eye conditions better than an eye doctor.

Numerous other medical technologies are redefining the way we deliver healthcare in future.

Tempus’ strategy is hitting all the right notes with investors. The firm has already bagged over $130 million in capital funding. The firm has developed a platform that gives physicians’ access to key information enabling them to make treatment decisions quickly.

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Great Films Produced by Lawrence Bender

by Chris Holden - March 19th, 2018

The well-known Lawrence Bender, born on October 17, 1957, is an amazing film producer. He has produced numerous movies that have reached insurmountable levels of success. Some of these movies include Pulp Fiction, Inglourious basterds Volumes 1 through 3, Dirty Dancing, Good Will Hunting and many more. Although these movies are rather old, they are still widely favored by many and are almost regularly played on many television channels.

In response to the work he has produced, he has been nominated for Oscars a couple of times. He received three nominations overall, all for Best Picture. These nominations were for his films Pulp Fiction (1995), Good Will Hunting (1998) and Inglourious Basterds (2010).

Of the many great films Lawrence Bender has produced, my favorite would have to be the Inglourious basterds series. Not only are they thrilling, but they never get old. Lawrence Bender and Quentin Tarantino are known to work with each other quite often, and this film is one of the many that they have worked together on. They crafted a series of movies that keep you on the edge of your seat, wanting more every second. There is never a dull moment and each movie is strategically crafted to leave you wanting more.

Bender was able to do what I believe most people cannot, and that is getting every characteristic of a movie right. He was successful in the selection of actors, the scenes were exactly right for setting the mood, and the overall story was wisely crafted. Most importantly, there is a happy ending. A lot of movies have twisted endings or have a weird way of things working out. Granted, a lot of people died in the movie, I consider it a very happy ending due to the Bride getting reconnected with her “abducted” daughter.

Overall, the time and effort that was put into the creation of these films is very noticeable and has made a huge impact on the publicity and greatness of the film. Bender showed his true talent through these films and has also done so with his other great films.

Dr. Jorge Moll a Man of Idealism.

by Chris Holden - March 15th, 2018

Dr. Jorge Moll, a renowned neuroscientist, received his MD in Neuroscience from the Federal University of Rio de Janiero, Brazil where he later completed his residency. Further studies led to him to gaining a Ph.D in Experimental Pathophysiology from São Paulo University.

Dr. Moll has been involved in research that detects various changes in the brain’s physiology when humans experience different emotions meeting loved ones, or performing good deeds. Dr. Moll’s subjects underwent magnetic resonance imaging, (MRI) before and after different events, allowing him to examine the difference in the brain’s activity. His research helped prove previous doctors’ theories that participating in helping others originates from impulses in the brain, resulting in humans experiencing a feeling of euphoria.

Dr. Moll’s work entails a variety of different neuro-related topics. As senior researcher at the D’Or Institute for Research & Education, Head of the Cognitive Neuroscience Unit, and Neuroinformatics Workgroup, he has received many awards and distinctions, one of which was the Visiting Scholar Award, Stanford Neuroscience Institute, Stanford University, in 2015 (

In interviews, Dr. Moll stated he has always had a passion to advance medical knowledge and research to create a better healthcare system in Brazil. This philanthropist is president-director of his own non-profit, research institute, the D’Or Institute for Research and Education, in Rio de Janeiro, (IDOR). Dr. Moll founded the institute in 2010 with Fernanda Tovar-Moll and their objective is to be acknowledged as an international, innovative, research institution. Dr. Moll’s research work involves many different aspects in the medical field including Intensive Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Oncology.

In 2014, with backing of several medical organizations, Dr. Moll’s institute received an investment of $7-million dollars to expand its grounds and open a Molecular Biology and a Cellular Reprogramming Laboratory, which includes an exclusive cellular culture laboratory, for growing human stem cells, and molecular biology rooms. In 2016, IDOR modernized its Neuromodulation Laboratory and equipped it with many new systems, including the latest 3-tesla magnetic resonance imaging.

Despite this intensive work and research Dr. Moll still remains a family man living in Rio de Janeiro.


Pharmaceutical Genius Jeff Aronin

by Chris Holden - March 14th, 2018

Since 2010, Jeff Aronin has been the chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, a global healthcare development and biopharmaceutical investment firm (Angel). In 2000, he founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals and was the company’s president and chief executive officer until 2009. He served as the president and chief executive officer of Lundbeck, Inc. during its acquisition of Ovation Pharmaceuticals. He is also the non-executive chairman of Castle Creek Pharma and the non-executive chairman to Harmony Biosciences.

Jeff is dedicated to building up biotechnology companies that perform research on a molecular level. His companies develop treatments for patients suffering from rare health conditions. At Paragon Biosciences, researchers create medications that are necessary to treat rare diseases. His company partners with healthcare providers and investors to bring medical and pharmaceutical products to patients. His portfolio includes SureGene and Decade Pharmaceuticals.

Jeff has received many awards, including the Weizmann Leadership Award, the Brain Research Foundation Award, the Frederic A. Gibbs Discovery Award, and Buyouts Magazine “Deal of the Year.” He has won the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center’s Humanitarian Award and the Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine “45 under 45,” award. His colleagues describe him as unstoppable, relentless, enthusiastic, and passionate. He believes in putting patients first, developing new plans and is a mission-driven person.

Philanthropy is important to Jeff and he cares about health-related organizations. He supports the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and the JED Foundation for Depression. He is actively involved in ensuring these patients receive a better quality of life. He contributes to organizations dedicated to community change as well, including the US Holocaust Museum, the Anti-Defamation League and Friends, and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Jeff is an innovator in the medical and pharmaceutical industries and is dedicated to helping the sick and the suffering. He has taken the lead when it comes to pharmaceutical research and created a company that is making a positive change. He is not only an entrepreneur, but he is a father, a husband, and a dreamer. He helps others obtain success and is driven to make a difference in healthcare and humanity.


Nick Vertucci and The Fantastic Help He Gave For Real Estate Education

by Chris Holden - March 9th, 2018

There are some unspeakable brilliance and courage in starting a business, let alone a school. The nerve of taking on failure and risking one’s own money to prosper at the same time provide jobs for people is such an admirable act.

One of these business leaders who right now is starting a real estate training school is Nick Vertucci. He’s the inveterately passionate Founder of NV Real Estate and someone who’s brave enough to transcend his humble beginnings.

The Humble Start

You may have heard or read online that Vertucci came from a working-class family who could barely meet their daily needs. The situation even got worse when his father died, and he was left to sort of let the family stand. This challenge was met with courage by Vertucci, and so when he was 18, he started a business that specialized in computer accessories. Such drive to help his family and make money abruptly came to an end after the dot-com crisis, but then he didn’t see this as an end. Despite the fact that all his capital got liquidated at the peak of the crisis, he still went on and pursued his dream to make a better life.

After coming into a lot of debt, Nick Vertucci went to real estate and found his answers there. This was when he started NV Real Estate, or NVREA, which has as its mission to offer the right knowledge and expertise for those who are still starting in the real estate sales industry.

The 2014 Freedom

It was in 2014 that Nick Vertucci found the freedom he wanted, and this was also the time that he wanted to share the story he had to help other people achieve the independence that he gained. When he launched NVREA, he wanted just to offer the best real estate guidance that just won’t only be sticking with the books.

He wanted something that was rooted in reality. Fortunately, many people have now believed in what he can offer. You can even find in the NVREA Youtube Channel some of the testimonials of the graduates of the academy built by Nick Vertucci.

Dr. Mark Holterman Pediatric Medical Technology Innovator

by Chris Holden - March 7th, 2018

Dr. Mark J Holterman is a well-known member in the pediatric world. Not only for his work done in the field of pediatrics but also for his philanthropic contributions in various areas. Born to two farmers in the state of Wisconsin, his parents had no college education. Doing exceptionally well in high school he was told from a young age that he should pursue higher education. Initially he went to Yale and received his bachelors of science in biology before eventually graduating from the University of Virginia School of Medicine. During his tenure there he met his future a wife, at the time a meidcal resident in sugery. After graduation, he went on to complete his residency at the University of Virginia and became a fellow at the University of Washington’s Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.


Dr. Mark Holterman’s Services

Dr. Holterman went on to serve two primary purposes as a professor medicine at the University of Illinois and as the Cheif Executive officer for his investment firm The Mariam Life an organization dedicated to investment in medical technology and therapies in the regenerative medicine field. After retiring from professorship he has continued independent research into new regenerative medicine technologies and therapies through his private organization known as The Mariam Life. At the University of Illinois, he continues to do research with a particular interest in stem cell technology as a method of treatment for cancer and diabetes. He has been awarded the Innovative Research Award by the American Diabetes Association.

Since that time Dr. Mark Holterman has founded another non-profit organization the Hannah Sunshine Foundation. Its purpose is to help grant children who are suffering from rare chronic illnesses regenerative medicine treatments particularly treatments which function at the cellular level. With the help of his wife, he hopes to provide needed medical help to children who would otherwise have to go without and live a life of suffering from these debilitating conditions.


Jorge Moll – The Evolutionary Attribute of Giving More, Receiving More

by Chris Holden - March 6th, 2018

Ancient adages are well known for a reason, and few are more popular than “give more, receive more.” This phrase has stood the test of time, withstanding a waning society that is less committed to the idea. Tough economic times adds a level of skepticism to our traditional values, so how could one be motivated to be more altruistic in an era where pop culture promotes selfishness?

Meet Jorge Moll and his team, who are on the cutting edge of understanding the link between altruism and our brain. Neuroscience, to this day, still hosts many mysteries in understanding how our brain and nervous system work. Many of the areas that are commonly discussed do not mention altruism, and for good reason. Why would helping others be linked with an evolutionary process? After all, our brain is guided by animalistic drives that promote selfishness and competition.

In an experiment on volunteers, Moll and other neuroscientists analyzed brain scans to the response of a basic question: If you had the choice of keeping a sum of money to yourself, or donating it to charity, which would you do?

Surprisingly, the ones who sought to donate it to charity had the part of their brain lit up that was associated with basic animalistic urges such as food and sex. This shows that altruism is hardwired to the brain, a basic urge that has a reward center similar to other selfish drives.

This discovery has led us into an area where neuroscience is now creeping into our higher moral curiosities ( Moralism has often times been deemed subjective, an unprovable philosophy that can’t directly be linked to science. Now, that has all changed.

The next experiment involved two rats. When one rat was awarded food, the other received an electric shock in response. After a few trials, the rat stopped eating to prevent the other rat from being harmed. Findings like these show that there is an evolutionary part in all animals that involve a moral compass.

For Jorge Moll, many of these findings correlate with his beliefs about reality. Positive thinking, selflessness, and working to better the “whole” of society are attributes that will both serve others and serve the self. In an increasingly competitive society, it is important that we do not become too lost in ourselves and forget about the rest of humanity. We are all part of the whole.


Adam Milstein and the Treatment of the Jewish People

by Chris Holden - March 6th, 2018

Adam Milstein is a reporter and writer for JNS, the Jewish News Syndicate. For years now he has dedicated his life top producing high-quality content for JNS readers. His main focal points are on Jewish positions in the world, what is being done to increase Jewish images, and how they are perceived and treated across the globe. His articles are well worded and articulate, making them both easy and interesting reads for those who are interested in the subject matter. While some individuals may see his writing as being slightly bias, he does report factual evidence and supports his viewpoints well. It is hard to argue when you are being presented with so much detailed and reliable information? Read more at Huffington Post about Adam Milstein.

The latest article by Adam Milstein focuses on the radical left and their relationship, or lack thereof, with the Jewish community. Adam Milstein makes sure to not only speak his own thoughts but also reports on information about all parties involved so that you can come to your own conclusion. He focuses on the treatment of Jewish people by militant and radical Muslims, and how these violent and horrific situations are ignored, if not glorified, by the far left. While many individuals in the country see the far left as being generally advocates for minority groups it is interesting to see that they normally fall on the side of Islamic groups that would choose to annihilate Israel and the Jewish people living there. This realization is shocking and makes little sense when you consider their supposed beliefs on equality and togetherness in the faces of oppressors. Adam Milstein breaks down the issues with pinpoint accuracy, bringing to the surface sensitive and controversial information but in a manner that that is easy to read and swallow.


While his writing style is definitely not for everyone, Adam Milstein is an advocate for not only his people but for global citizens. His voice speaks out against oppression and hatred and promotes peace and understanding in these times of extreme hardship. Follow Adam Milstein on

Chris Linkas Does Not Invest Like a Retail Investor

by Chris Holden - March 3rd, 2018

As a Managing Director in London, and previously a vice president at Goldman Sachs, Chris Linkas has seen a lot in the markets and has also interacted with clients who are curious as to why the markets behave in certain ways. Many individual investors seem to double down on an investment when it loses, or can sometimes be surprised by the news when it will go against the way that they thought it would. For example, with respect to news, there will be some shocks as a stock will go down after reporting good news.


Chris Linkas, The Investor Wizard

Chris Linkas is the head of a 20-person European credit group which oversees credit in European countries such as Italy, Greece, United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, and Ireland, for example. Two types of assets Investments they deal with are corporate loans, asset-backed loans, commercial real estate, and shipping- to name a few. Prior to his work in London, Chris was in New York working with a company as an expert in commercial real estate, opportunistic debt, and equity real estate investments across North America. He has been in London since November of 2012.

Many beginning individual investors tend to buy into rumors of takeovers, but this is not the case for the company. Likewise, many individual investors tend to have an emotional reaction or connection to a particular stock or investment vehicle based on its performance in the past. Chris Linkas and the investment copany take a different perspective and look at everything from an opportunity-based view. Sometimes a good investment at one point in time will come from the same investment vehicle which at another point in time was not a great opportunity. Beginning investors, on the other hand, sometimes do what is known in investment circles as “marrying” the stock. This just means simply that they are too attached to a stock or company, rather than looking at it from a more objective perspective.


Picking People’s Brains Jorge Moll

by Chris Holden - March 2nd, 2018

Jorge Moll has always had a curiosity in his life to figure out how the brain works. Even as a child he wanted to figure it out for himself. That is why it is no surprise to anyone that knows him that he has become one of the foremost neurological scientists working today. He is currently the Director of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education in Rio de Janeiro. He has always wanted to unlock the secrets behind how the brain works and how to help those who are suffering from mental illnesses. In an interview with ( Jorge Moll offers advice to others, talks about his business routine, and how he gets new ideas to come to fruition.

Jorge Moll has a very busy schedule through the day. Most of his days are spent having meetings with colleagues, researchers and fellow entrepreneurs, He says the best thing that he can do for those beginning a new business in the healthcare field is to share ideas. By doing this at meetings, Jorge Moll feels that he is getting the most out of them that he attends each day. He believes that being collaborative with people is the best way to succeed in business.

When Jorge Moll goes to meetings, he finds that he and his team come up with ideas to help move the business forward. He says the hardest part for him is figuring out which idea that his team has presented is the best one and create a plan of action to get it to come to life. This is why Jorge Moll has a team of specialists around him in order to execute on the best ideas that day. This is why Jorge and his team work well together. They make sure the best ideas are acted upon no matter who thinks of them first.

Jorge Moll has some advice for younger people today. He says not to hold on too long to ideas because you will get stuck. The best thing to do is to move on or run with it. That is why he succeeds.