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21st Century Business Strategy Moves Forward

by Chris Holden - September 3rd, 2015.
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The oldest papyrus documents that have turned up in Egypt talk neither about the royal family nor the history of the country. Instead, they are invoices and sales receipts that show that both business and business consulting have been an instrumental part of human culture for thousands of years.

But just when you think that there is a way to fully define and understand specifically what will work in any given situation, owing to the centuries of analysis that has already been done, a problem or opportunity arises that requires a novel way of thinking.

Thus we find ourselves well into the 21st century with a group of business leaders that came of age after the internet and PC computing had made a difference in terms of productivity. The question for many is, what is it that separates these people in terms of performance and ability from others that came before them? Looking at the career of one expert, Susan McGalla, can help provide answers.

Susan McGalla, operational guru:

Susan is certainly someone who could be described as having defied the odds that were stacked up against her in the industries in which she works. Yet, despite acknowledging that it can be tougher for a woman to move forward in some circumstances, she seems to be more focused on the notion that if you focus on results, it frees you to choose the best leadership from a pool of people that is roughly twice as large as the one that you might be considering.

She started out in operations and moved to American Eagle, an apparel brand, early in her career. She could have been content with moving forward into the upper ranks of management, but her performance was strong enough for her to reach for the top job within several years of her arrival there. She won the top office and was able to bring a company with almost 4 billion dollars in revenue along nicely for both investors and those that worked there. From a cultural perspective, her legacy is one of creating an environment where there is more possibility than their might be in other firms, increasing the amount of innovation on the product side and dedication to the company from workers.

Today, Susan is working at her own consulting firm, P3 Executive Consulting, a company that has already picked up a strategic contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers. While she is an expert at preparing brands for ever greater markets in the 21st century, she is also known as someone who is strong at helping firms create teams that can accomplish the goals that they have prioritized. As companies that are mulling over corporate culture tweaks look around and think about what they need in order to energize their staff, looking at her track record alone speaks volumes about what is possible given the right consulting help. At American Eagle alone, she was able to build a modern structure that increased revenue significantly.

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