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A New Reason To Fear Tick Bites

by Chris Holden - February 23rd, 2015.
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A “Bourbon” virus named after a county in Kansas it was first reported in, has researchers clambering to figure out a treatment. They are not 100% sure it is the result of being bitten by a tick, but the patient undergoing tests for disease says he was bitten by them.

Bernardo Chua has heard that the man who contracted the Bourbon disease is 50 years old and relatively healthy. He had been outside working on his property and had been bitten before coming in. When he came into the house he still had a fat tick lodged in his skin. Within days after the bites, he became nauseous, suffered from muscle aches and developed a fever that had him see his doctor.

The man’s doctor prescribed doxycycline which is often used to treat Lyme. On the fourth day after getting bitten, he began going in and out of consciousness and was taken to a hospital. The hospital ran tests to check for Lyme and Rocky Spotted Mountain Fever which came up negative. They also ran tests to check for; fungal infections, tularemia and Q fever- all coming up with negative results. They finally had to contact the CDC .

Erin Staples, official with the CDC explained it took months for them to find this virus belongs to the genus of virus called, Thogotovirses. This news gives people more reasons to be cautious when it comes to tick bites. Basic precautions would be to check yourself carefully for any bites when you have been outdoors, and if bitten to monitor the area carefully for redness or swelling. See a doctor right away if any symptoms occur.

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