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Aaron Lupuloff passion in education

by Chris Holden - June 23rd, 2019.
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Aaron Lupuloff, a financial advisor and an advocate in community education, has a passion for working with the student to improve their academic achievement and making good leaders out of them. Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) foundation is lucky to have Lupuloff as their Senior Executive director. The foundation primary focus is funding scholarships, helping to make the student succeed, innovation, supporting teaching and learning, developing leaders and funding its programs like forward-thinking. With the help of Lupuloff who has been the advocate for the community for some time, the school supports the Gwinnett community. The foundation has embraced its mission to become a school with a world class.

Aaron Lupuloff was a board member of an advisory board in Georgia. Currently, he and his wife are members of an advisory board for studies affairs at Georgia University. Apart from that, they are active members of foundations that are committed to serving the community like Partners Against Domestic Violence and many others. They give these foundations their support as well.

Before GCPS, he stated Norcoss High School Foundation which worked out very well in helping students and teachers. This is what made him see the need for GCPS. Aaron Lupuloff says that he works hard to make every day productive by encouraging, embracing, educating, exciting and empowering students and teachers.

To bring ideas to life, Lupuloff keeps a small team, and together they hold a session they call whiteboard. The session is for brainstorming. Apart from that, twenty-five activists who work with them give them thoughts, insights and wisdom. His strategy in business is honest to the people he works with. He says that he needs to explain to the parent how their money is being used in school.

GCPS was founded in 2006. Since then, the school has grown significantly, the students are determined, and this has made the school excel in education, and it is recognized if nationally. The quality of education has also made the school achieve its goals. The school is under the management of a board of a total of thirty-eight members who have expertise in different fields. Among them are presidents and CEOs of a big organization. This is an indication that there are great minds involved.

Public education helps Georgia community in many ways. First is by creating more employment opportunities for students after their graduation. This will keep them in the community, and in turn, this becomes an added boost of the economy of the community. The students who graduate and lack employment in their location, they are forced to move out to other locations. This is a challenge that faces the United States local economies. It is also hard to difficult to keep students invested in their location when they graduate. Foundations and booster organizations help fund those students so that they can invest in their communities. The excellent school system attracts families from different places in the country to buy homes in its neighbourhood so that the children can join the school. This leads to an improvement of the economy of that locality.

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