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Adam Milstein and the Treatment of the Jewish People

by Chris Holden - March 6th, 2018.
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Adam Milstein is a reporter and writer for JNS, the Jewish News Syndicate. For years now he has dedicated his life top producing high-quality content for JNS readers. His main focal points are on Jewish positions in the world, what is being done to increase Jewish images, and how they are perceived and treated across the globe. His articles are well worded and articulate, making them both easy and interesting reads for those who are interested in the subject matter. While some individuals may see his writing as being slightly bias, he does report factual evidence and supports his viewpoints well. It is hard to argue when you are being presented with so much detailed and reliable information? Read more at Huffington Post about Adam Milstein.

The latest article by Adam Milstein focuses on the radical left and their relationship, or lack thereof, with the Jewish community. Adam Milstein makes sure to not only speak his own thoughts but also reports on information about all parties involved so that you can come to your own conclusion. He focuses on the treatment of Jewish people by militant and radical Muslims, and how these violent and horrific situations are ignored, if not glorified, by the far left. While many individuals in the country see the far left as being generally advocates for minority groups it is interesting to see that they normally fall on the side of Islamic groups that would choose to annihilate Israel and the Jewish people living there. This realization is shocking and makes little sense when you consider their supposed beliefs on equality and togetherness in the faces of oppressors. Adam Milstein breaks down the issues with pinpoint accuracy, bringing to the surface sensitive and controversial information but in a manner that that is easy to read and swallow.


While his writing style is definitely not for everyone, Adam Milstein is an advocate for not only his people but for global citizens. His voice speaks out against oppression and hatred and promotes peace and understanding in these times of extreme hardship. Follow Adam Milstein on

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