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Advancements In Orthopaedics Through Research & Teaching Featuring Dr. Panos Gikas

by Chris Holden - January 24th, 2019.
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Dr. Panos Gikas is passionate about the field of orthopaedics. This is a gentleman who is keenly focused upon altering the course of the next generation of endoprosthetic joint replacements and furthering the application of photodynamic therapy as applied to prevention of infections. He has studied at great length and is the credited author of over 30 peer reviewed journals and seven book chapters, see more. His studies have been so in-depth and extensive on the aforementioned topics and more that he has even been credited with the adoption of some of his work into the current guidelines on the national level for the management of cartilage defects in the knee joint.

Dr. Panos Gikas has been an exemplary researcher from the very start of his career and now directs that research toward educating. He educates the average individual and willing physicians on extensive aspects of arthritis, including the understanding of the condition, ways to alleviate discomfort, and ways to delay or even avoid surgical interventions in many cases as explained in this article

In addition, Dr. Panos Gikas is heavily involved in the field of academia and the teaching of the upcoming generation of orthopaedic surgeons. Holding both a PhD and MD, Gikas organizes the London North Thames Orthopaedic Specialty Teaching Programme. He also serves as a mentor to junior surgeons in the clinical setting and holds a supervisory position over PhD students at Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in conjunction with the University of Portsmouth. In addition to medical speaking engagements, Dr. Panos Gikas is an honorary lecturer at University College London and the professor of BSc and MSc courses on the Musculoskeletal Sciences.

In practice, Dr. Panos Gikas specializes in the primary and revisionary surgeries for hip and knee replacements, as well as the treatment of bone and soft tissue tumours. His technology forward practices include the anterior muscle sparing approach to hip joint surgery, arthroscopic knee surgery, stem cell and cartilage implant surgery and robotic joint surgery.

When time allows for extracurricular activites, Dr. Panos Gikas can often be found outdoors. He is an avid traveler with a passion for sailing and water skiing. He is also proud to be fluent in Greek.

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