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Alex Hern Next Step Is An Augmented Cross-Reality

by Chris Holden - December 15th, 2018.
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Alex Hern, founder of Tsunami VR, has been dreaming of a three-dimensional virtual reality for decades. In an online article, published on, Hern discusses how he shifted to GPU computing and leveraged capabilities of graphics processing. Thanks to technical progress, his dream is gaining new momentum.

Furthering The Virtual Reality Industry

Hern says two years ago, the virtual reality industry was a $6 billion industry, and today the VR business is really booming. High expectations set the industry in the $200 billion category in a few years.

According to Alex Hern, VR technology has made great progress in the past twelve months, and the euphoria for this technology is clearly noticeable. Now, Hern is looking to XR, an accentuated realm that combines several forms of virtual reality. XR or cross-reality encompasses all these different terms by integrating several of the technologies. The forecast is that this augmented reality is expected to rapidly expand in the near future.

VR Is Not Just For Gamers

Once targeted specifically for gaming, the virtual reality world today is for everyone. Visiting virtual travel destinations, or perhaps just enjoying aesthetically pleasing retreats, the industry has something for everyone. Alex Hern is taking the next step with Company Tsunami XR, adding new levels of interaction, and taking the virtual world to a place that improves the experience.

For 25+ years, California-based Hern has been a technology focused entrepreneur. Best known for co-founding Inktomi, the company behind technology for search engines MSN, AOL and Yahoo. Hern has also co-founded and successfully grown several other entities, like Yesmail, Arcsight, and Military Commercial Technologies. He’s a veteran in the software technology field and has proven he can promote innovation.

To learn more about Alex Hern and cross-reality, check out this article on Patch, and follow him on LinkedIn.

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