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Alex Pall: Creating music and connecting the world

by Chris Holden - April 16th, 2018.
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Alex Pall interview gave readers an in depth view of his journey to success. The interview illustrated his drive and ambition to succeed. He explained how initially being a DJ was a hobby and as he grew up and began Djing around New York he discovered it was his passion. Once he discovered his passion he decided to give his creative talent a chance. He quit his job and went full force into working on his music and creating his identity as an artist. He understood in order to succeed he had to be aware of his competition what was happening in the music industry, who were the hottest DJ’s, and what worked and did not work. He understood there was a lot to be learned. He explained how ambitious and driven he is to succeed. Alex worked long hours creating his music and identity. He is determined to succeed. He explained he did not treat his work like a job because he felt it far more than a job.

Alex Pall interview also detail his creativity as a producer. He sings the songs he compose. He also discussed how the songs he writes are about his life. He discusses how they are at a point now that they must identify who they are as artist today and let that identity reflect in their music. He talked about working on a song with a Halsey and how he enjoyed it because she has a strong voice and she does not apologize for being the person she is.

Alex Pall was asked if he has a sense of the type of person who connects to his music. Alex Pall observed through social media his music is connecting with people internationally. He is excited about reaching as far as the Philippines and South Africa. Alex Pall explained the age group they are connecting with seems to be between 16 and 25 and a split between males and females. However, Alex Pall explained he does not care about a person age just that they enjoy his music enough to emotionally connect.

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