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An Art Collector Can Be Anyone

by Chris Holden - October 29th, 2015.
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People have a distinct vision when it comes to identifying an art collector. Most people think true art collectors are some special breed of human that excels at recognizing important works of art. Artists are always looking for the serious art collector that drop hundreds or thousands of dollars at an art show and make their work more valuable. We all know that people like Steve Wynn, Steve Cohen, and Charles Saatchi are the quintessential art collectors that can make artists rich, but they really don’t represent the true faces of art collectors.

The truth is anyone can be an art collector. Art collectors come in different shapes and sizes. They speak different languages, have different professions and live all over the world. But they do have one thing in common and that is the love for natural expression. The love for creativeness and the love for the unique, the unusual and the mystery that shows itself in various works of art. The fascinating part of collecting art is, it is a subjective as well as objective experience. Art talks in color, form and unique images. Every collector has their own interpretation of art and the value that it holds for them.

Not every collector collects art as an investment, but the people that do can make some serious money. Former hedge fund manager Adam Sender is a serious art collector. Sender managed to collect more than 800 pieces of art while acting as hedge fund manager in New York. Sender decided to move to Miami and get out of the hedge fund business. He made art his full time profession and passion. Sender and his wife decided to sell some their art work and asked Sotheby’s to help them. In 2014, Sender received more than $70 million from the Sotheby’s sale, and he still has a massive collection.

Sender, and collectors like him, are considered professional art collectors. They collect to make a profit and there is nothing wrong with that. Most collectors hope their collections appreciate in value. But the real collectors are the people that think art is a part of them. Their art collection speaks to them, and they never sell any of the works in their collection. The art is part of who they are, and in that sense they are the true art collectors.

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