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An Evil Dead TV Series for STARZ?

by Chris Holden - November 19th, 2014.
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The phrase “stranger things have happened” might no longer be relevant. The fact the $50 million success of the remake of Evil Dead is not going to spawn a new sequel, but launch a STARZ television series based off the original three films is really strange, odd, and dubious in terms of its potential success.

Times have changed and is the current landscape of cable TV fair ready for a horror-comedy? Even the cable TV dramas are dark, ominous, and foreboding!

The original Evil Dead film, directed by Sam Raimi, was a box office hit on the drive-in circuit. The low budget movie was visceral and scary. The sequel, Dead by Dawn, moved into comedy. The third film, Army of Darkness, was absurd slapstick. So absurd was the slapstick, the studios actually ordered several scenes be cut out for simply being ludicrous.

The Evil Dead remake was a violent jaw-dropper that returned the series to its horror roots. Most assumed an equally serious remake would be forthcoming. Free from his Spider-Man duties, Raimi will be directing the pilot episode that picks up where Army of Darkness left off. This is a good move according to Christian Broda, who has always been a fan.

At one point, it was suggested Ash would team up with the survivor from the remake.


No one really can figure out why such a well received remake is being scrapped and the original series is being revived. People forget Army of Darkness was a FLOP that killed the franchise.

Bruce Campbell is talented and he would be better served in a scarier production. Well, you will think this unless you are a fan of his old, forgotten series The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

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