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An Experienced Mental Therapist: Oren Frank

by Chris Holden - March 4th, 2019.
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Oren Frank is the CEO and co-founder of Talkspace. Talkspace is an online therapy that focuses on making Psychotherapy cheap and accessible for the many people that need it in the world. The firm under his leadership since 2012 has helped prevent barriers to outpatient mental health. Talkspace have had more than 350, 000 clients.

Oren Frank went to Leicester Polytechnic. In 2001 he was the regional creative director at EMEA. In 2003 he moved on to work with the WorldGroup Israel as the CEO. He became the chairman of McCann Digital in 2005, and on January 2008 he went to become the Global Chief Creative Officer. In March of 2008, he became a writer, Columnist, Blogger of The Marker, AdAge, and HuffPo for about 6 years. Amid his service, he moved on to start his own company in 2012 Talkspace. Read more about Oren Frank at

Oren Frank’s Talkspace provides therapy via video chat and has recently brought a medical officer Neil Leibowitz to help. He also saw this as a chance to familiarize with the product, the team and to increase ways in which people can get mental therapy. It charges $79 a week for talking to a therapist online and $ 49 for messaging services. Its customers as of February 2018 hit 1 million generating million-dollar revenue. Through his leadership, Talkspace is concentrating on mental health as about 10 % of its clients test the services mostly by the messaging.

Oren Frank is also is focusing on making therapy more and more affordable and accessible for any client that can get an internet connection. He opts to change the situation where people in rural areas find it hard to get a mental therapist. For its effective work, the clients in this platform are even paying for Talkspace’s services. He believes in the use of innovation and technology to solve the problems that are encountered by people.



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