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Animal Activism and the Role of Keith Mann

by Chris Holden - August 26th, 2015.
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The animal rights or animal liberation movement was started in England during the 1970s. It began as a social movement mainly propagated by professionals who believed that cruelty to animals should be ended for legal and moral reasons. They believe an end should come to using animals in research, food, clothing and in the entertainment world. The movement believes animals have the right to humane treatment and should be treated with the same consideration as humans under the law.

Soon, the animal activists in the U.S. and Britan became vocal for the moral rights of all animals. With their roots deep in lawyers, doctors, philosophers and other professionals, they developed powerful arguments to support their public viewpoints.

Keith Mann and HIs First Acts of Animal Liberation

Keith Mann of animalliberationfont grew up with the awareness of the unrelenting exploitation of animals. When he was only 10, he recalls walking home from school every day past a herd of crying cattle who had been crying out all day long because their calves were taken from them. Keith couldn’t do anything, and the memory remained.

The first time he took action, he removed a rabbit from captivity that was encaged by his home. This situation changed Keith’s view of theft forever; he now saw himself as a “proud ALF activist.”

Mr. Keith Mann has been arrested and convicted for things that he did not do, falling off a roof, been shot at, punched, spit on and chased by men with spades. In prison, he often went without food because of the animal products involved; he truly believes in the cause.

Popularity Came After Keith Mann is Sentenced

The incident that brought the ALF and Mr. Mann into the media was Mann’s arrest on October 15, 1991. Channel 4 reported that the activists were protesting the inhumane treatment of chickens. Mr. Mann said that they wanted to perform an act that would stop them from continuing to harm the birds and setting fire to the lorries would cost the owners money and stop them from harming the chickens that night.

For this strategy, he was arrested. After escaping and being returned to jail In 1994, Mr. Mann went to court and was sentenced to 14 years in prison, which his lawyer appealed and had reduced to 11 years for the 21 offenses that were committed.

After Prison

Mann’s release from prison did not change his direction or determination. Keith Mann is aggressive and dedicated to animal activism. His beliefs, and those of the animal liberation party, are explained in his book, “From Dusk to Dawn” published in 2007. The animal activists agree and unite with his opinions and actions. Liberating neglected, abused and misused animals is the focus and goal of ALF and is totally endorsed in his book.

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