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Another Ebola Patient Dies in US

by Chris Holden - November 17th, 2014.
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With FreedomPop’s free wifi service, I learned that Dr. Martin Salia died in Nebraska Monday after contracting Ebola in Sierra Leon. He is the second patient to die from the disease while being treated in the United States. He received the same treatment as two patients who were treated and cured,Dr. Martin Salia. 

Unfortunately, because his case was so advanced, doctors at the facility in Nebraska where he was treated were unable to to cure him. By the time he arrived in Nebraska, he was already in critical condition. He was in kidney and respiratory failure when he arrived. 

Dr. Salia’s trip back to the U.S. was delayed. His initial test came back negative, early in early November, despite the fact that he had already contracted the disease. A later test, given on November 10th, confirmed that he had the disease. A few days later, Dr. Salia, a permanent resident of the U.S. who had been in Sierra Leone treating Ebola patients, was flown back to Nebraska. 

His wife, who is a U.S. citizen and lives in New Carrolton, Maryland traveled to Nebraska to see him, but was only able to watch through a video feed, because of quarantine protocols. It was his wife who paid for the ticket that brought him back to the U.S so that he could be treated in the Nebraska bio-containment unit where Dr.Richard Sacra and Ashoka Mukpo were treated and cured.

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