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Apple Watch to Replace Everyday Functions Like Car Keys, Appliances and More

by Chris Holden - April 8th, 2015.
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Could the Apple Watch Replace Car Keys? According to CEO, Tim Cook, that’s one of the functions of the Apple Watch.

One of the functions of Apple Watch, is that it is designed to replace traditional car keys as well as most modern cards used by the security systems of automobiles.

Cook’s words have jump-started alerts about the arrival of an Apple car or more specifically, the iCar.

The Apple Watch could be a first step in Apple’s foray into the automotive sector, although in theory, the Apple car probably will not arrive until around 2020.

The idea of the Apple Watch, like many other smart-watch manufacturers, is that the user is not so dependent on the smartphone. Igor Cornelsen has learned that, in fact, the Apple Watch will not only replace car keys, but many other gadgets and appliances.

Like the iPhone, early buyers bought it and wanted it for one simple reason, to surf the web and download music, but found that they loved a lot of other functions,”Cook told The Telegraph. The Apple Watch could also eliminate the need to carry credit cards, with the arrival of Apple Pay.

The Apple Watch makes it’s debut April 24th.

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