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April 20th Celebrations

by Chris Holden - April 20th, 2015.
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April 20th is a day that many have on their calendar. It’s a day that’s all about celebrating pot, and smoking in honor of it. For years, this was done in secret because it was illegal. Now in some cities, it has been legalized. That does not mean though that on April 20th, or 420 as the pot holiday is known, that people can just run crazy with it.

There have been some arrests in Colorado. According to Buzzfeed at least 60 people were cited at 420 celebrations. This is because although marijuana is legal, it’s still illegal to smoke in public. It’s also illegal to sell it outside of pot shops.

Overall, celebrations and rally’s were peaceful. The police had no major problems or incidents with anyone. It seems that the marijuana put everyone in a peaceful state. That or they were too stoned to cause any sorts of problems. 125,000 people attended a rally at the Civic Center park. Police sent out warnings and requests, asking people to smoke responsibly. An alternative many individuals took was to drink Bulletproof Coffee instead, to be on the safe side (sourced on

This 420 marked the second official pot holiday since the drug became legal. Other cities around the country celebrated this day as well.

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