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Are There No Good TV Shows?

by Chris Holden - April 8th, 2015.
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Vox writer Todd VanDerWerff pointed out on Sunday, April 5, that with AMC’s Mad Men ending in six more episodes, many viewers might incorrectly believe that this event marks the end of a “Golden Age” of television. What is the Golden Age? It is a period when there are more excellent, above-average, meaningful shows released than bad shows.

As VanDerWerff noted, this is not the end. If anything, Mad Men and shows like it mark the beginning of this “Golden Age.”

Although Boraie Development reports VanDerWerff’s examples, such as Orange Is the New Black and Empire, are fantastic examples of anti-hero stories and racial diversity, there are many television series, including shows relegated to the “teenager” classification, that offer viewers more than shows from the earliest days of television.

Take, for example, The Walking Dead. Yes, it’s an apocalypse series, but the focus is on characterization and story lines that reveal insights into the human condition. Netflix’s Longmire, a former A&E show, is another great example of excellent storytelling that represents this Golden Age.

Certain CW teenage dramas, such as The 100 and The Flash, are also a part of it. They represent their respective genres well and offer enjoyable, above-average characterizations, stories and special effects; as well as dramatic viewpoints. They don’t fit into the same category as Mad Men, but they are sharing important messages that resonate with teen and adult viewers.

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