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Toyo Setal : Has Quickly Ascended To The Top Of Its Field:

by Chris Holden - June 28th, 2019.
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A specialization in enterprises of an industrial nature, as well as heavy involvement in some of the top engineering, construction and procurement projects in Brazil, are the primary focuses at Toyo Setal. The firm is heavily involved in areas such as chemicals, mining and the oil and gas industry among other industries. Toyo Setal also has a reputation for its high productivity that is achieved in a manner that places a large amount of focus on sustainability. The bottom line with this firm is a commitment to providing top-level service to customers with each and every product that is undertaken. The leadership team is composed of leading professionals within the industry who have a commitment to ensuring that the firm maintains its high standards when it comes to service and productivity.

The beginnings of the Toyo Setal entity trace back to the 2012 merger between the Japanese engineering outfit Toyo and the Brazilian oil and gas industry firm Setal. Upon merging, the name Toyo Setal was adopted. The merger has proven to be a potent one as it has served to foster significant growth in these markets for the new firm. It was only a short time after the creation of the firm that the awards started coming in. 2014 saw the firm garner the Innovations in the Integration of Engineering Products Award which was presented at the Aveva World Summit. The event took place in Berlin, Germany.

Toyo Setal is a company that prides itself on its efforts in the area of sustainability. The company’s leadership has a strong understanding of the importance of development projects of a sustainable nature in today’s modern construction and engineering sector of business. Due to this fact, the firm has made massive efforts to minimize its effects on the environment in the projects that it undertakes and preservation of natural resources has been of prime importance. The company has also made great efforts to keep its waste materials to a minimum in all of its construction projects. This commitment to sustainability has gained the firm a great deal of recognition from the greater business community.

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