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Ashley Lightspeed Building Tomorrows @Lightspeed

by Chris Holden - September 10th, 2019.
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Lightspeed Venture Partners

Lightspeed is a firm that works as a venture capitalist for early-stage growth in sectors that fit into consumer services or enterprises. Lightspeed has been in existence for over two decades and financially backed many upstart businesses; Lightspeed helps both individual entrepreneurs and companies. Since their initial business began they have accumulatively helped as many as 350, but growing additions fast. Some of the companies they have backed are Nutanix, GrubHub, and MuleSoft, to name only a few. Lightspeed works in different countries internationally: Israel, China, India, and Silicon Valley. They manage $9 billion in the capital which they can commit to their present and ongoing projects. Learn more about Ashley Lightspeed at

Adding Executive at Lightspeed

In early 2019 Lightspeed Venture Partners added new Female partners to its board. An addition of 50% of the partners is now female. Ashley Lightspeed was one of the new female partners to be added. Recently graduated from Stanford Busines School, Ashley Lightspeed was hired to support Lightspeed’s consumer business routines. With plenty of practice in Silicon Valley Ashley was welcomed to the Lightspeed team. While working at Thumbtack in Silicon Valley she was an operational director for the category services. Ashley will be working day today with the consumer investment team at Lightspeed and working throughout the early-stage growth team.

Adding to Lightspeed Ventures Growth

Ashley has a keen eye for the craftsmanship that is necessary for a company’s strategy as a growing company and tries to find solutions for early growth companies to take advantage of those opportunities while working in union with other members on the early-growth strategy team. Ashley Lightspeed has long dreamt of being able to apply her skills at business prototyping, which she has developed over her entire career, needless to say, prototyping was one of her first structural principles she learned watching her father as he prototypes buildings as an architect. Now Ashley prototypes business plans with the greatest spirit of craftsmanship in the service of other she hopes to influence positively.

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