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Ashley Madison Crisis Response

by Chris Holden - November 11th, 2015.
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In 2015, the popular internet site for married individuals seeking partners for affairs “Ashley Madison” was compromised by hackers. Confidential information belonging to more than 30 million Ashley Madison users was breached. The information that hackers gained access to includes information on who used the site, including email addresses, cities of residency, and sexual preferences. In addition, about seven years of registered credit card and other payment transaction information was released by the hackers in a large data dump.

Many high profile users maintained accounts with Ashley Madison and they may have unique privacy concerns. Others may be concerned by the possibility of the data breach affecting their careers if personal information is publicized on the web. For customers whose data has been taken and made public, they may as a result be subject to public embarrassment, angry partners who find themselves victims of a cheating partner, possible blackmail or potential fraud.

Some blackmail scenarios have already began to surface. Since the data breach, many Ashley Madison account users have reported receiving spam emails often demanding payment or threatening to expose the users private information. The reputation of millions of individuals could now be at risk as confidential personal information could be posted online in places such as blogs or social media accounts.

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