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Atlanta Hawks Former Governor Bruce Levenson Accepts Tony Ressler’s Bid For NBA Team

by Chris Holden - October 6th, 2015.
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A devoted Jew, distinguished entrepreneur and a former governing body of a high-profile NBA team, Bruce Levenson leads as an example. Earlier this year, he secured a generous fortune after selling the renowned Atlanta Hawks, LLC NBA team and its properties. Tony Ressler, a high-profile American billionaire was the successful bidder of a prolonged, yet competitive auction. Before the auditioning of the team, media giants, including Forbes estimated its potential net worth. However, Levenson received a far healthier profit, particularly 27% greater than what economists quoted. Indeed, it was surely a monumental event and he’s satisfied with the out-turn a source confirmed.

Besides governing the team, Levenson is interestingly involved in numerous philanthropic endeavors. He’s also a co-founding father of UCG (United Communications Group), which he co-owns with longtime business partner Ed Peskowitz. Levenson secured the Atlanta Hawks team back in 2004 and governed the core happenings. As governor, he also managed all Atlanta Hawks assets, including the popular Philips Arena.

Levenson established UCG back in 1977, and it’s still advancing products, services, and initiatives. It’s widely recognized as a company of prestige. In the early years of inception, Mr. Peskowitz, and Mr. Levenson published an inspirational newsletter, which highlighted monumental oil industry developments. It embarked on other noted projects of a similar nature and developed a database, namely the OPIS or Oil Price Information Service. This was merely one of numerous, endeavors it embarked on and it soon developed several other information-focused databases. UCG focuses on a mixed group of industries ranging from banking, technology development, news/healthcare analysis, telecommunications to mortgage, etc. Its newly developed GasBuddy app has attracted consumers and investors alike. It’s a specialized mobile information service, particularly delivering up-to-the-minute local gas price quotes to motorists. Levenson plays an all-important role in the enterprise’s core operations.

Remarkably, Levenson balances the duties of being an amazing leader, involved father, philanthropist, and husband. He’s a graduate of the renowned law school, American University, and the celebrated St. Louis-based, Washington University. He committed to night-schooling and worked as a journalist at the media giant, Washington Star. Mr. Levenson has extensive industry experience since he’s held all-important positions in global and national commerce, including TechTarget. There he severed the board of directors and was a founding partner.

Levenson was an advisor to BIA Digital Partners, a privately held equity manager. He’s a constant supporter of numerous philanthropic endeavors, including Washington, D.C.’s own Community Foundation and the Hoop Dreams Foundation. In addition, Levenson wrote the honorable Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister in 2013. He was among over 100 distinguished American Jews who embarked on this endeavor. Among other philanthropic endeavors he’s supported over the years, includes the U.S. Holocaust Museum. His efforts to improve the quality of life for inner-city youths is another remarkable intervention. Through the museum’s popular Bringing the Lessons Home Program, Levenson continues his mission for change. His mother-in-law survived the Holocaust invasion and it inspired him to embark on support efforts. He’s supported a number of charitable events, including the Jewish Federation, the Seeds of Peace, BBYO, the SEED-Foundation and others.

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