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ATS’ Robert Deignan’s Gut Has Lead Him to Sucess

by Chris Holden - June 8th, 2018.
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Advanced Tech Support (ATS) founder Robert Deignan believes in making sure an idea “has legs” before implementing it. Before going into the remote tech support business by co-founding ATS Mr. Deignan knew the idea had legs.

Two years earlier Robert Deignan worked for iS3 whose product line includes anti-malware software. Some iS3 customers were having trouble downloading the anti-malware program. The source of the problem was malware that was already on their computer.

To assist their customers iS3 began utilizing remote access screen sharing technology. The remote assistance kept the software’s buyers happy and iS3 prospered..

His previous job provided an example of a concept that worked, but what about new untried ideas? Robert Deignan has developed a method for determining if a concept is worth pursuing.

When pondering a new idea, which will likely come to him when he is outdoors completely removed from any technology, Mr. Deignan creates a spreadsheet based on assumptions he has made about the concept. Next, the idea is researched and if it appears to be viable Robert Deignan asks his two partners for their input.

ATS techs assist with issues involving any technological device be it a computer, smartphone, or smart TV. Mr. Deignan explained that ATS techs undergo constant training because of the rapidity with which new technologies come to market.

Robert Deignan once stated, “Comprehensive, consumer-focused compliance is the backbone of our organization.” In March of this year that philosophy led to ATS becoming the first call center to earn. To become AppEsteem certified a company must satisfy 39 service standards.

Mr. Deignan credits trusting his gut with his business success. He can’t explain why, but whenever he is nagged by the thought that a course of action is wrong for the company he is usually right.

He also avoids hiring based on nepotism. Robert Deignan admits that the idea of working with kith and kin sound pleasant on the surface. In the world of business, tough decisions have to be made that can adversely affect a friend or relative’s employment in turn costing you a cherished relationship.

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