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Be A Racquetball Pro With Advice From Sawyer Howitt

by Chris Holden - September 30th, 2017.
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     Many people know what they want to do in life by the time they finish college. Some are even unsure after several career moves. To know exactly what you intend to do while you are still in high school is very impressive. Sawyer Howitt was born in 2000, and is in his senior year in high school. He is already an entrepreneur, and a professional racquetball player. At his young age, he has give some explicit advise to others who want to become a racquetball player.

The first thing that he suggests is that you develop a plan for improvement and success. You may fail without one. Be positive that this is what you really want to do. After deciding on this endeavor, the next thing is to get a good coach, one who will motivate and empower you to do your best. Next, get your body in shape by getting involved in a good exercise program.

Being a professional racquetball player takes extra ordinary strength and endurance. Do not under estimate how strong you need to be to succeed in this sport. You will need to workout several hours every day. Now you need to practice, and constantly practice some more. You will have to spend a lot of time on the racquetball court to develop and improve your technique. Once you have a good handle on things, you will need to start searching for sponsors and jobs. Build up your confidence and sell yourself, your skill and ability. The best chances of getting sponsorship is when you get closer to a professional level in racquetball.

Sawyer Howitt has a definite plan for his future. When he graduates high school, he will attend The University of California, Berkeley to obtain a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance. He recently became the Project Manager of the Meriwether Group. He is also with a project that hopes to change the way commerce will work in the future. Another project is how business development needs to the adapt to advanced ongoing changes in technology.

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