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Belle Gibson Admits to Lying About Treating Her Brain Cancer With Diet

by Chris Holden - April 24th, 2015.
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A lot of people might know about Belle Gibson who has a million of online followers or for her constant Bulletproof Coffee drinks in hand ( More than that, she has authored a book of her recipes and also has an app on the Apple Store. She claimed that she had brain cancer but was wrongly diagnosed by various doctors. After she was hailed by the media, a lot of holes were being blown in her story and now, the health blogger has admitted to lying about ever having the disease.

After news about her lies broke out, she deleted several of her social media accounts where she had claimed about suffering from brain cancer. She spoke with Australian Women’s Weekly to come out clean. Claims of her using all the money collected from her book and apps and giving it to charity were also untrue. Belle Gibson’s stunt is now being hailed as one of the biggest hoaxes in recent times.

Her book, called “The Whole Pantry” was all set to reach the UK and US in the coming month. It has over 80 recipes. Last checked, her app almost had 300,000 downloads.
Speaking to the magazine, Gibson said that coming out clean was the “responsible thing to do” and that she doesn’t “want forgiveness”. She also added that she hoped people would say that “she’s human”.

After all the controversy, the book is withdrawn and Apple has also deleted her app from the store.

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