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Bernardo Chua Blazed a New Trail by Combining Ancient Remedy With Modern Business

by Chris Holden - September 21st, 2019.
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Bernardo Chua is a rare example of a man who brought together something that is ancient with the ultra-modern to create an unlikely synthesis that has impacted millions of people.

The ancient is the Ganoderma lucidum mushroom, used for uncounted centuries in China as a prized herbal health supplement and mainstay for practitioners of traditional, holistic medicine. The modern is the cutting-edge business model created by Bernardo Chua to create one of the most unique and innovative coffee companies in the world.

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That company is Organo Gold, now called ORGANO. The international brand is headquartered in Mr. Chua’s adopted home of British Columbia, Canada. Bernardo Chuo is a native of the Philippines. He received his college education there and embarked on a career in business.

After working for a time in his family’s garment operation, Mr. Chua began to work in the direct selling realm by accepting a job with Gano Excel. This was a company that sold teas and other products employing a directing selling model. The founder of Gano Excel, Leow Soon Seng, became an important mentor for Mr. Chua.

Bernardo’s keen business acumen and unusual drive to succeed allowed him to rise swiftly to higher positions of responsibility with Gano Excel. He became instrumental in expanding the brand to Hong Kong. He was then tapped to bring Gano Excel to Canada.

After several successful years of increasing the Gano Excel market share in Canada, Bernardo Chua decided it was time to pursue his lifelong dream – launching his own company and building it into a successful, world-class operation.

He also wanted to combine his vast knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine with a modern popular product. He thus became the first to introduce the Ganoderma mushroom to a western market in the form of a supplement added to coffee. The result was the creation of the immensely successful Organ Gold brand.

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