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Betsy DeVos and School Efforts

by Chris Holden - October 24th, 2019.
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Betsy DeVos doesn’t ever mince her words. She likes being able to chat with others in straightforward ways. She doesn’t like to make things confusing for anyone. She appreciates clarity at its finest. This gal isn’t a sluggish one. She’s someone who has ample energy. She puts this energy toward all kinds of causes that matter. President Donald J. Trump is among her biggest allies at this moment in time. He selected her to work as America’s tireless Education Secretary. He never had any trouble with the decision, either. He knew that he was doing the right thing.


DeVos likes to stay busy all of the time. She never lounges around doing nothing at all. She’s constantly on the move. People spot her in airports all around the United States. They spot her in airports all over the vast planet, too. It wasn’t long ago that she traveled to Miami in Florida. The goal of that trip was a simple one. It was to spread the word about charter schools. Pitbull is a widely known rapper and musician who went to the event. They both shared the stage at the conference. They waxed poetic about the state of charter schools in the United States. They encouraged the people of the nation to embrace them more. People may find DeVos to be a distinctive individual. She is one as well. There aren’t many others who can relate to her approach to life. Her approach to life is fast-paced. It’s diligent. Laziness isn’t something that she ever accepts. She doesn’t accept the quality in the people she surrounds herself with daily, either.


DeVos’ husband is Dick DeVos or simply “Richard.” They have a marital union that’s one for the record books. It’s a union that has made an impact on so many people all over the country. It’s enabled them to do many important things as team. They’ve tackled the creation of all sorts of organizations. They’re actually at the helm of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. It’s a non-profit entity that was made in the eighties. Who made the foundation? Dick and Betsy clearly did. It’s been a source of a lot of pride for the pair. They give the group as much money as they possibly can. It doesn’t make them feel bad, either. They actually feel terrific any time they’re able to lend society a helping hand.


Betsy DeVos went to Calvin College as a youth. This was a school that had a lot going for it. It was in Grand Rapids. This is a city that holds a lot of meaning for DeVos. It holds a lot of meaning for her husband as well. Richard DeVos has done so many things to save the bustling Midwestern metropolis. He wanted to save it from the destruction of a huge arena construction effort decades ago. He wanted to save it by introducing it to an impressive aviation academy in 2010, too. That was the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


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