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Betsy DeVos and Vital Skills

by Chris Holden - October 22nd, 2020.
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In 2017, President Trump appointed Betsy DeVos to the 11th Office of the US Education Secretary. He believed in her plan for educational choice, which would allow families to choose where students went to school. He also believed that she could turn around violence in schools and implement plans to protect students, as well as teachers.


Since being in office, DeVos has spoken about the benefits of educational choice across the country. She also supports philanthropy for education and has worked with donors like Bill Gates, Sam Walton, and Mark Zuckerberg. DeVos also donated over $35 million to education charities, in addition to $139 million to other charities.


Why does she have such a passion for education reform? DeVos started these programs when she was in college in Michigan and then when she worked on President Gerald R. Ford’s campaign. She believed that it was important to support education reform in America, especially after reports in the 1980s showed that America was far behind other countries globally.


In the last two decades, scores have improved according to statistics. Leslie Stahl even brought up these scores in the “60 Minutes” interview with DeVos in 2018. However, DeVos wasn’t convinced. She has worked with students in all states and knows that families should be able to send their kids to the best school, no matter what.


That’s why school choice was so important. Educational choice is now available in all 50 states, even though it wasn’t that way at the beginning of DeVos’ term in 2017. While it was difficult for DeVos to speak at some schools, she began touring with rapper Pitbull in 2017 and then First Lady Melania Trump in 2019.


These tours supported educational choice, as well as her campus safety reform policies. she wanted to institute a campus guardian program that would make it safer for teachers and students.


There were many issues in education reform when Secretary Betsy DeVos took over the office. She has not said what her next plans would be for education policies, but it’s clear that safety and student choice are her top priorities. She also stated that Florida was the best state for educational choice due to many magnet programs and the tuition-based scholarship.

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