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Betterworks- Best Practices for Managers to Ensure OKR Program Success

by Chris Holden - June 25th, 2019.
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Betterworks was created to allow for team members to work together in order to work efficiently. It allows for employees to feel connected with each other and understand the impact of each worker. Management is the best key to an OKR programs success.

There are four main practices that can allow for things to run smoother and for the OKR to be successful. The first practice is Set Priorities with your team. There has to be a team strategy that discusses the teams objectives and how they plan to complete that objective together. If everyone is on the same page, the objectives will be achieved.

The next practice is monitoring the progress on priorities. There should be a weekly review that shows the progression of each employee, a sorted list that shows the performance of every employee, and notifications and alerts that shows updated objectives for the company and the progress.

The third practice is effectively checking in to make sure that each individual is doing their job to achieve the goal that was agreed upon. Having one-on-one meetings allows for a better understanding of how each employee feels about their progress and the progress of others.

The final practice in creating a successful program is provide feedback and recognition. Each team member should want to feel motivated and achieve great things long-term and the best way to do that is to by providing feedback if something is not done properly as well as giving recognition if someone did something good.

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