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Bhanu Choudhrie A Leading Entrepreneur in Multiple Sectors

by Chris Holden - December 2nd, 2019.
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Bhanu Choudhrie is an Indian – British businessman born in New Delhi in June 1978. He studied International Business and Marketing from the University of Boston and later moved to the United Kingdom for business.

He is the founder of a family-based enterprise known as the C &C Alpha Group, which owes its establishment in 2003. The company deals in investment in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, baking, and hospitality, among others. He is also known for sitting in a various board for many banking organization encompassing Atlantic Cost Financial Corporation and Customer’s Bank in London. View Bhanu Choudhrie’s profile at Linkedin.

He was named as the businessman of the year, which conducted by the Asian vice political and public life award. He is the director of the family-based firm, which is providing an outstanding behind the scene into one of the large family-based businesses in London, Britain. This company is known for serving a group of individual investors who are active in the business of capital funding ventures for three decades.

The company managed by Bhanu Choudhrie has its head office in London has had a global outreach and is primarily focusing on six sectors, including agriculture, real estate, healthcare, among others. Besides, it has a division for consultation, which offers mostly advisory services to private investors.

Bhanu Choudhrie has also been engaged in the liquid asset through water desalination, the firm ins owning and operating Seawater Reserves Osmosis Desalinisation pant. This plant is generating 0.5 million gallons of water made available over a day, having the exclusive rights in supplying desalinated water to the Hamriya Free Trade Zone Authority. He plans to increase the capacity of the pant to 2million per day due to the scorching demand.

Besides, Bhanu Choudhrie has seen the founding of aviation with a particular interest in the UAE. This aviation division of the group is tasked with training pilots for short-haul airlines and supplies most of the pilots to the airlines in the region. The aviation school has increased an exponential growth in tandem with expanding global air traffic. Visit:

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