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Bill Cosby Plagued By Rape Allegations

by Chris Holden - November 12th, 2014.
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Bill Cosby was a man that just made television in the 1980’s absolutely worthwhile. His on-screen chemistry with wife Phylicia Rashād, aka Clair Huxtable, was undeniable. Recently, Cosby has been trying to rebuild his image and he has had a comedy show on the Comedy Network that did fairly well.

He is traveling around the country and hoping to attract followers from this decade. However, what he is finding is that the rape allegations just won’t go away. It started this week with a cancelled appearance on a talk show. The show says they no longer wanted him to come, while he says he is the one who cancelled. We may never know what really happened, but one thing is for sure, people just aren’t as comfortable with him as they once were.

When I personally see Bill Cosby, I see someone who is cranky and beyond his years. He should be enjoying family and seeing the sites, yet he is still trying to make a comeback. Whenever I see him on television or the internet, it is hard to block out what some are saying. Millions, even Flavio Maluf in another country, have heard people step up and tell disturbing news about him. I have heard the testimonies and saw one accuser on “The Today Show.” Her detailed account of being drugged and raped was almost more than anyone can bear to hear.

Whether the woman was telling the truth or not doesn’t really matter, there were 12 more besides her that came forward too. If Cosby is going to reinvent himself, he better start with an apology and even then I am not sure I would watch.

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