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Bob Reina, A successful Technologist

by Chris Holden - November 22nd, 2017.
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Recently, Talk Fusion introduced an enhanced version of Live Meetings, a computer application that simplifies complex real-time communications. This concurrent program includes a restructured interface and uses the famous WebRTC system. The founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina proclaimed the latest edition in an online broadcast. Live Meetings allows people to hold video-based conferences and broadcast one-way videos. It offers a desirable, unified way to organize presentations or meetings.


The program supports around 15 hosts and a maximum of 500 participants. The guests of the conference can connect through smartphones, PCs or tablets. The recent application uses recording technology which does not need a separate download. The users can gain access using their web browsers. This process enhances convenience, boosts compatibility and saves time since the participants do not require the use of Adobe Flash Player.


Talk Fusion strives to outshine its competitors by adopting complex modern technologies. The company remains on the frontline of software development including WebRTC. It has also continued competitive by embracing the advanced marketing techniques to attract new Video Suite and Live Meetings users.


According to the CTO of Talk Fusion, the intelligent system of WebRTC enhances efficiency and eradicates hassles. Ryan Page also underlined its ability to rationalize the setup process by abolishing downloads of plug-ins ( Downloads, installation and processing delays do not avert new participants from joining meetings on time. Although Talk Fusion works hard to introduce the current technology before their competitors, it remains focused on sustaining high levels of reliability and quality.


Bob Reina is the CEO of Talk Fusion a Video Marketing firm founded in 2007. He went to college in Florida and worked as a police officer for a couple of years. He started earning extra income through selling products in return for commissions. When he noticed his competent selling abilities, Bob resigned from the police department and concentrated on network marketing, hence the creation of Talk Fusion.


Bob Reina and his firm have engaged in various philanthropic undertakings. They donate substantial amounts of money to numerous non-profits organizations including Tampa Bay’s Humane Society and an orphanage based in Indonesia. The firm also allows its associates to provide free Video Suite application to selected charities.


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