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Bob Reina’s Inspiring Business Story and His Philanthropic Work

by Chris Holden - February 22nd, 2018.
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Bob Reina began network marketing in the 1990’s when he was working as a part-time network marketer. He developed a passion for it, and this led him to leave his full-time police job to pursue his new interest in network marketing. In 2004, he encountered problems when trying to send an email of a short video of a property he wanted to buy for his mom. Upon consulting AOL, he was told it was impossible. He went to seek help from an information technology expert to work on his disappointment. Together they developed ways of sending videos via email, efforts that led to the founding of Talk Fusion.


Bob is the CEO of Talk Fusion, a company that operates in over 140 countries and offers its products in many languages. Besides network marketing, Bob Reina is a philanthropist, who has made giving back part of Talk Fusion’s corporate culture and has given his time and money to various global and local causes. Talk Fusion is a company with independent associates such as SPCA Florida. Together, they have helped in disaster relief cases such as earthquake victims in Nepal, and tsunami victims in Japan. Bob and Talk Fusion have taken part in giving uniforms to local sporting teams, helping settle medical bills, and monetary donation to orphanages in Indonesia. Bob has the heart for helping people, and it was one of the motivating reasons he joined the police force. He describes his quest to improve and change people’s lives as ‘servant leadership’.


Bob believes that if people are given an avenue to build their passion and be successful, they will find a way to give back to the community and in turn inspire others to better lives. Bob has a soft heart for pets and loves them unconditionally. His unconditional love was seen when he donated $ 1 million to the Tampa Humane Society to assist in creating a low-cost vet services clinic. His donation was the most significant donation ever given to the Society. The funds would go ahead in helping people who cannot afford to have their pets checked regularly, given shots, undergo diagnostic services, and for neuter services.


Bob Reina’s vision is to help ordinary people do extraordinary things, which forms the core of Talk Fusion. From their products to innovations and their global business idea, Bob believes in creating an “Ah-ha” moment like when they combined video and email for the business world. Learn more:


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