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Boris Ivanov Paths Beyond his Early Career

by Chris Holden - November 15th, 2019.
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From Soviet Union to Overseas Locations

The company started by Boris Ivanov to perform operations of production and exploration of oil is called GPB Global Resources B.V. Boris Ivanov founded GPB Global Resources BV in Moscow, but now has several offices throughout the world. GPB Global Resources BV shows particular success in South American and Africa.

Becoming Major Shareholder

Boris Ivanov was working fro an oil exploration company called Gazprom EP, which in essence, was a part of the larger company called Gazprom, but doing exploration and production in other parts of the world outside of the Russian Federation; in other words, to start new markets overseas. Between 2003-2011 Mr. Ivanov remained the Director-General for Gazprom EP. In 2011 Boris Ivanov was moved from being the Director-General to the Managing Director of GPB Global Resources BV When in 2016, the same company went through a leveraged buyout Boris Ivanov became the majority shareholder.

Path to His Career

Between the years of 1983-1993, for a decade, Mr. Ivanov worked inside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the USSR, directly after he had completed his degree in International Relations. It was in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where Mr. Ivanov gained much practical experience in international diplomacy. During his time at the ministry, he was involved in the US-Soviet relationship. In Washington DC, he was stationed at the Soviet Embassy in the Mid-1980s.

Moving From Politics to Private Sector

While working in the Soviet Embassy, he gained valuable experience in working with many international issues as well as opportunities to broaden his network with essential persons in both the US and Russia. However, in 1991, the Soviet Union experienced collapse and changed, and the Russian economy made new opportunities for business and entrepreneurship. A new market economy was booming in Russia and became the new lifeblood of Russia. At the time, the people had the inspiration and spirit of “can do.” Because of these new opportunities in the private sector Mr. Ivanov decided to leave the political realm and foreign relations and moved into the private sector as a unique expression of his career.


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