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Bosh an All Star After James Departure

by Chris Holden - February 2nd, 2015.
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It is no surprise that since LeBron James parted ways with Miami and took his talents elsewhere that Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat is having one of the best seasons of his career and finds himself on the All Star roster. Chris Bosh got overshadowed when LeBron was in town and although he has two rings to thank the king for, it is clear that he would never want to play alongside him again. Fans like Lee Slaughter know that  Chris Bosh was an All Star before teaming up with LeBron and he is an All Star after parting ways with LeBron and this is for one reason. LeBron commands the ball and runs the game basically and other talented players need to take the backseat when playing on the same team as LeBron. This makes sense and happens on every team with some major players who put up massive amounts of points and can take basketball games over every night. It is interesting that Bosh is back as an All Star, but he is on a team that is absolutely dismal this season since LeBron decided to pack his bags and head back to Cleveland. Although they are not winning as many games down in Southern Florida, Chris Bosh has stated to the media that he is incredibly happy that he is playing better this year and has more pressure put on him on a nightly basis because he enjoys the responsibility.

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