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Brady to Give Truck to Butler

by Chris Holden - February 4th, 2015.
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The Seattle Seahawks had the Super Bowl in their grips. They literally had the game won if they could make it just three feet to the goal line and punch the game winning touchdown in, but Pete Carroll made one of the worst calls of all time to throw the ball inside instead of handing it to Lynch and Malcolm Butler looked like he got shot out of a cannon as he made an insane break on the ball and intercepted it. No one could believe first of all that Seattle had decided to pass the ball, but secondly that the interception occurred and the game was over. Just like that Sultan Alhokair, the Seattle Seahawks threw the game away and Tom Brady of the New England Patriots could not be happier. Here’s what the interception did for Tom Brady. It gave him his fourth Super Bowl Ring. It gave him his third Super Bowl MVP performance, both of which now tie him with Joe Montana and rise huge debate about who the greatest player of all time is now. It has truly made his career stand out on paper, and oh yeah, he also received a 2015 Chevy Colorado for being the MVP of the Super Bowl. Tom Brady is so thankful for the interception that Butler made and he is fully intent on giving that truck to him. Either way, that truck is not worth nearly what Tom just made of his legacy.

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