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Brian Bonar: A man to emulate

by Chris Holden - October 26th, 2015.
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Brian Bonar is the Chairman of the Board Of Directors in Dalrada Financial Corporation where he has been the chairman since 1999 to present. . He has also been director of the Corporation since 1995. Dalrada helps to develop well-funded and protected operations and assist in developing core business practice. He is the CEO of Imaging technologies corporation which develops color management software. He is the CEO and Founder of his own company called Trucept where he also serves as a synergy manager. Brian also has another company known as Bezier Systems which produced SCSI based printers. It is, therefore, very befitting of him to be referred to as the man of many hats.

Mr. Bonar has an impressive resume boasting of a range of positions. Some of his previous positions include Vice president of Sales and Marketing for Ratec Corporation where he worked from 1988-1990. He has also worked as executive director at QMS, Inc. from 1984-1988.

Brian Bonar graduated from the James Watt Technical College with a Technical Engineering degree in 1969. He later went to Stafford University where he studied a Mechanical Engineering Degree from 1973-1985. He began his career at IBM as a procurement manager where he served for 16 years.

He is a strategic manager whose expertise in engineering has brought him success from printing and office solutions to starting his own firm, Trucept (a professional employment organization firm). Trucept is a firm that deals with companies helping them with employee benefits, human resource management and managing their payroll. Bonar has excelled in every leadership role that he has taken on.

Taking up an incredible load of leadership roles, Mr. Brian is an exceptional financial executive who spells immense prosperity. He is a dedicated and hardworking business man who has nothing but success to his story. He has mustered business strategies and managerial skills which have ensured he stays on top of his game. The financial guru has vast knowledge which has allowed him to serve all the companies under his management smoothly. He stays updated on current and emerging changes in the financial industry.

Among his professional achievements is the coveted Cambridge Who’s Who of the Year in Finance 2000 to celebrate his outstanding performance. He also received the Civic Recognition Award which recognizes those who do good to the society. The award is based on the ten values are compassion, courage, forgiveness, generosity, humility, inclusiveness, integrity, kindness, respect and service.

Brian Bonar is a true guru in money management and investment. He has built himself a brand as a CEO and a great leader.

He is not only a career man but a parent and a husband who loves his family

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