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Brian Torchin Influences Medical Staffing Through Insight and Business Ethics

by Chris Holden - July 30th, 2018.
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The problem with the medical field at present has a lot to do with staffing. Currently the staffing market for medicine is in flux, rife with short-term turnovers and staffing shortages. The shortages have a lot to do with the stress inflicted on medial professionals. A causation that Brian Torchin talks about in length. The CEO of HCRC Staffing Solutions has written many articles on the subject, his most recent called, “Medical Mindfulness: Beating Physician Burnout”. But Torchin is not just talking about the troubles with the staffing market, he is also doing something about it, and his example is influencing many others in the market as well. Visit SlideShare to find out more.

Trochin has a Bachelor’s of Exercise Science from University of Delaware. After getting a degree in chiropractic medicine from New York College, Brian Torchin went to work. It was during his tenure in the medical field that Torchin realized how hard it was for medical professionals to find work. As CEO of HCRC Brian Torchin helms a top-level company for the matchmaking of talented doctors, nurses and other practitioners with the high demands for staff in respective medical fields. CNN even went as far as to call Brian Torchin one of the best health recruiters in America. His unothodox tactics have brought great success to not only his company, but the professionals and employers that seek their help.

HCRC uses its own team of medical professionals to consult for employers. The minute they make a request those professionals contact a wide variety of potential candidates, which the personally vet over the phone. This happens right before a generated list of passable candidates is handed back to the employer. It is a quick turnaround and generates a very reliable list. The employers are not charged for any of this until a candidate is hired, so it is in HCRC’s best interest to ensure that those candidates are the best. Read this article:


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