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Brian Torchin’s Professional Life

by Chris Holden - July 3rd, 2018.
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Brian Torchin is a successful medical professional who graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in the doctrine of exercise science. Later, Brian enrolled at the New York Chiropractic College where he graduated with a degree in chiropractic. Being a qualified chiropractic practitioner, Brian Torchin started a chiropractic clinic in Philadelphia where he aimed at reducing the pain and suffering of his patients by providing services through his chiropractic knowledge. Having worked as chiropractic for so long, he realized that it was difficult to find a job in the medical field. While he was still working as a chiropractic practitioner, he acquired basic skills in staffing and management and an opening of medical offices. This skills helped him in opening his office known as healthcare recruitment counselors (HCRC) which aimed at bridging the gap between employers and medical professionals. Visit to know more.

Creation of this HCRC staffing company is the most appealing accomplishment he made for he saw the need to supply the service that was on demand and acted on it. Torchin also wanted to give back to the society through creating his company by easing the transition of job seeking by a fellow and future medical practitioners. HCRC staffing company is known for being the best in delivering dedicated and qualified candidates to work in a demanding job position within seventy-two hours. Brian also made a great contribution to the society by writing articles showing ways in which employees damage their reputation in a job and another on guiding the employers on how to deal with toxic employees. Use of Brian’s service is advantageous for it is very first in responding to the community needs.

Through the social media, Brian Torchin has been able to share meaningful information that is meant to uplift the healthcare of the community by allowing himself to be known through releasing a biography and the company’s outlook to the social media platform. Some of the media outlets that have featured Brian Torchin include; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Brand Yourself. Brian is said to be tweeting job vacancies four to five times daily with the job positions and how to apply for the job. View:


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