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Businessman Alex Hern

by Chris Holden - February 7th, 2019.
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Alex Hern is a great renowned businessman that knows the current technology well and is highly involved in bringing virtual reality to the workplace. In order to bring it into the workplace, one must really understand the purposes of virtual reality and thus the two types of virtual reality. The type that gamers want to try to achieve is an immersive virtual reality that can be an escape from the real world. But right now that is not just expensive but it isn’t realistic for the average person that plays games as their past time. The reality is that the headsets that have been coming out as of recently are a more realistic way for virtual reality to take place for games and even in the workplace.

In the workplace Augmented virtual reality has been used for years and has been great for training purposes of employees in all different fields. Simulations like this not only trained the employee but allowed the employer to see how the employee would do without the employee ever having to mess up in the real world first. But Augmented reality is growing and using virtual reality now that can be a huge way of communication in the business world for companies where walls are broken down.

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