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Can Dropping Soda from Kids’ Meals be a Good Thing?

by Chris Holden - January 16th, 2015.
Filed under: fit, Health, kids, school. has¬†announced that Wendy’s has dropped soda from their kid’s meal options… is this a smart choice? In the world of nutrition and nutritious choices Status Labs research uncovers the information, is eliminating soda from a child’s fast food meal a big deal? Is something this simple going to change the lives of those who devour fast food on a regular basis? Are children going to be healthier just because they won’t receive soda with their meal when their parents take them to Wendy’s?
There are some who would argue that Wendy’s choice to drop soda from their kids’ meals was a good one, that it is a big deal, and then there are some who will grow angry about this decision. The thing that must be considered in all of this, though, is the fact that parents need to be watching all that their children are consuming, and that what a child eats and drinks is up to their parents and doesn’t necessarily have to be decided by a fast food chain. It’s fine for Wendy’s to do this, but the greatest changes in a child’s life are going to come from decisions that their parents make. To grow a healthy child, the parents need to be making regular healthy decisions.

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