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Canada’s most prolific craft beer brewer

by Chris Holden - September 6th, 2017.
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The craft industry, sometimes also referred to as the microbrewery industry, has been undergoing rapid growth, which has seen it grow from 88 craft operations in 2016 to 520 operations by the year 2015. Conventionally, Canadian craft beers were sold in bottles, but over the years, a growing number of corporations have begun selling their beer in aluminum cans and large Growler Jugs.


There is no single definition of the craft brewery in Canada. Most Provincial governments only define the breweries according to the number of hectolitres produced, and that may vary in different provinces. According to the number of hectoliters, a microbrewery may be defined as a small brewery, microbrewery or nano brewery. Most of the breweries, however, are small and locally owned by families.


The demand for craft beer has progressively grown in the whole of Canada, which has consequently led to the increase in sales (YouTube). For example, Ontario, which invested 1.6 million dollars, has experienced a 36 percent sale increase, whereas British Columbia, which invested 10 million in support of craft breweries, has experienced a 35 percent sale increment between the years 2015 and 2016.


Eli Gershkovitch, the Chief Executive Officer of Steamworks Craft Breweries, has been in the craft beer industry for about 21 years and witnessed the growth of the industry over the years. Eli opened Steamworks Brew Pub in 1995 before the industry had taken shape, in Gastown after he discovered that the building his pub brewery is located on had a rare steam heat system.


Eli, who is also an attorney, expanded Steamworks from a brew pub to a brewery in November 2013. The company’s initial floor space boosted about 184 seats and has grown over the years to an impressive 754 count. Under Eli’s ‘controlled growth’ strategy, the company, which initially sold to locals, has expanded its market to various Canadian provinces, 14 American states and in Austria, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland.


Eli, a former attorney, uses a ‘controlled growth’ strategy that is designed to meet the demand in the market. Steamworks uses a blend of traditional and inventive business methods to overthrow adaptable competitors. He also ensures that Steamworks provides its consumers with great craft beers at inexpensive prices, and in turn, this ensures that it is able to maximize its output and maintain its revenue buoyant on short run timelines.


In addition to his brew pub, Eli Gershkovitch has opened a number of bars and restaurants in Vancouver, and all these additional ventures serve Steamworks craft beers. This has increased the popularity of his company’s brand and ensured that the Steamworks brand has been deep-rooted in Vancouver’s culture.

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