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Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Partners With WebMD To Disseminate Critical Information On Cancer Treatment

by Chris Holden - February 22nd, 2018.
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Medical information technology is a broad spectrum that involves an array of machines and designs developed to maintain health care. An excellent example of such a platform is WebMD. The American corporation is known for the online dissemination of health news and well-being. This site provides information regarding drugs, their uses and the value of investing in a healthy lifestyle. To better healthcare system, WebMD partners with foundations that share the mission statement. Recently, it announced its partnership with Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The objective of the partnership is to provide critical information that assists patients and their families in accessing crucial information regarding cancer treatment and therapies.

WebMD’s Contribution

WebMD’s partnership with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America will additionally, provide a platform for cancer patients to share their experiences. These experiences will cover all stages including diagnosis, therapy, cancer support system and their survivorship. Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides treatment therapies through state-of-the-art technologies. The organization was formed to provide advanced options for cancer treatment. Some of the options include chemotherapy, surgery, immunotherapy, and radiation.

The Partnership

The integrative approach that Cancer Treatment Centers of America and WebMD have invested in will assist patients to sustain stamina, strength, and lifestyle. CTCA provides patients with warm, healthy environment, coupled with professional, caregivers who commit to offering comprehensive cancer care. Cancer is an epidemic that claims over 1,000 lives annually. As a leading threat to lives in the healthcare sector, cancer has either affected or infected families and friends in different ways. That is why researchers, donors, and scientists partner to provide the public with updated information.

Seeking Treatment Options from CTCA

For cancer patients, seeking a second outlook could be the only chance to a healthy life. CTCA provides patients with additional treatment options. This depends on the patient’s type of cancer. The company’s mission is to help patients understand various, treatment options so that they are confident during the selection process.

Contribution to Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a proud owner of five affiliated hospitals in America. These hospitals are geographically, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Atlanta, Georgia, and Pennsylvania among others. Every center has professional, cancer experts, modern technology machines and advanced treatment options made to deliver personalized, revolutionary treatment.

Additional Information

CTCA is proud of its ability to approach health issues through evidence-informed platforms. The company provides supportive therapies with the aim of managing cancer-related side health issues.

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