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Capitol Anesthesiology Association

by Chris Holden - September 12th, 2017.
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Capitol Anesthesiology has 80 physicians as members and 130 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists. (Cranes). CAA is available in 20 medical facilities throughout Austin. Physicians have completed training in obstetric anesthesiology, cardiothoracic, and even pediatric anesthesiology. CAA looks out for patient care. CAA demands quality anesthesia care for all patients.
CAA is a member of the Anesthesia Quality Institute, and participates in their desire to improve anesthesia practices. CAA provides General Anesthesia, Regional Anesthesia, and Local/MAC (Monitored Anesthesia Care). General Anesthesia is used when surgery is needed for the patient to lie unconscious. Stillness in this sort of procedure is required. The choice of anesthesia to use is up to the doctor as well as determined by your general health. Regional anesthesia controls one part of the body that is going to be treated with surgery. Local/MAC is about an IV that reduces pain, sending local anesthetic through the IV. Anesthesia treatment is making progress; CAA is at the forefront of this.

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