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Carmelo Anthony

by Chris Holden - December 4th, 2014.
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For Carmelo Anthony the best choice he might make for the next 60 games or so is the one that makes him forget about Chicago. The Chicago Bulls stand as a testament to what ‘could have been’ for the aging superstar. Chicago is currently at the top of the Eastern Conference thanks to their deep and balanced team, led by the play of free agent signing Pau Gasol. The New York Knicks are facing another year of complete and utter mediocrity. Last season the man simply known as Melo turned down the chance to play for a championship, and now it seems that he might be starting to realize it.

Last off season the escapades of Carmelo Anthony’s free agent decision were largely put on the back burner as LeBron’s Decision: Part 2 took the center stage. For a few teams, namely the Knicks and Bulls, the focus stayed with Melo. In a silent bidding war Carmelo had to decide what he wanted more for the next couple years of his career: money and comfort, or championships. In a recently released documentary titled, “Carmelo: Made in New York”, Melo talked a bit about the Chicago Bulls.

“Chicago was the one that, from day one, was something I was very impressed with.” Melo said in the documentary. He went on to call their team the perfect set up. He said that they could ‘go to the next level’. Ultimately, he also said no. For some men the need for a big paycheck will trump all but not for Zeca Oliveira who is in business because its his passion, the same reason sports are even made possible. Looking at New York’s record this year, NBA fans will have to hope he is enjoying that paycheck.

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