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Carsten Thiel Has the Right Attitude to Deliver a Covid-19 Treatment

by Chris Holden - August 7th, 2020.
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Defeating the coronavirus pandemic requires competence, leadership, and good decision-making. It also requires humility, and this is the quality EUSA Pharma president Carsten Thiel has proven to possess in spades.

In an era when most pharmaceutical executives are chasing the glory and fame of developing the first successful covid-19 vaccine, Thiel has steered his company toward a humbler but no less worthwhile project: finding antibody treatments that will ease patients’ symptoms and increase their chances for survival.

The more we learn about Thiel, the less surprising his actions become. This is a man who has long led by example, placing patients’ best interests above everything else. This most recent decision is just the latest in a long line of upstanding actions from Thiel. See This Page for additional information.

After graduating with a PhD in molecular biology from the Max Planck Society, Thiel worked at major pharmaceutical companies like Hoffman- La Roche and AMGEN. At every stop in his lengthy career, Thiel placed patients’ needs and long-term plans before immediate profit.

Thiel favored honest marketing campaigns that built trust with consumers. He shifted advertising strategies in accordance with unexpected trial results. This is the type of leadership that brought him not only to the top of his field, but also to the front lines of the global fight against the coronavirus.

Thiel recognized that, while EUSA Pharma usually focused on oncology, it also had the potential to develop antibody treatments. An initial trial in Italy produced promising results, prompting plans for a follow-up study in the United States. If everything goes well, Carsten Thiel will have used his humanistic instincts to make a positive impact in countless Covid-19 patients. For a such a storied and principled executive, it will be only another remarkable accomplishment.


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