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Cassio Audi Role in Corporate Finance

by Chris Holden - September 29th, 2017.
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Cassio Audi is a finance specialist with over two decades experience in managing private and public companies. Cassio has worked in a variety of firms from startups to private equity firms, private and public companies as well as multinational business corporations. Mr. Audi has a proven track record to increase drive growth, streamline business operations, improve profitability and efficiency.

Cassio Audi has a strong knowledge in developing and maintaining the financial processes and controls aimed at attaining change management and increasing the value of company production. Mr. Audi possesses the required communication, leadership and interpersonal relations to create a good rapport between all the employees and management.

Mr. Audi graduated with a bachelor degree in Business Administration in the year 1994. He then proceeded to postgraduate studies where he specialized in Master of Business Administration specializing in Finance. After his graduation, Cassio Audi joined the corporate world and had since accumulated tons of experience from the various firms that he has worked with.

He has worked as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer in some companies. He has been the CEO of the Rossi Commercial Properties. As the CEO, he was responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the enterprise. The primary role was to develop, manage assets as well as raise enough capital from both the foreign and local investors.

Throughout his career, Cassio Audi has been able to perfect the following key competencies. Financial and accounting management, business planning, analysis, and modeling. He has provided various firms with the needed growth strategy to ensure that they are successful.

To achieve these results, Cassio Audi has perfected the effects of resource management on the company growth. Happy and satisfied employees are the key to attaining the much-needed growth in business. For this reason, Cassio Audi has given a very open and straightforward approach to business management.

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