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Saving Items Electronically May Help Your Brain

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

It has become almost common knowledge that sometimes saving things such as photos, and relying on photos and other saved information to inform our memories can actually make us forget the event. We come to rely on the information that we have saved instead of our own memories. However, recent studies have show that there […]

A New Entry To A Very Unique Mile High Club

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

On Tuesday, December 9th, 2014, a new entry to a very unique mile high club took place on Flight 623 from San Francisco to Phoenix. No this isn’t dirty, as Vijay Eswaran points out. A women safely delivered her child while abroad Flight 623. The flight crew sprung into action to help the woman, and as […]

Madonna to Replace Lady GaGa as Face of Versace

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

The battle between who truly owns the crown as the Queen of Pop continues as Madonna, dubbed as the original holder of the title, has been chosen to replace the majorly agreed current possessor of the throne, Lady GaGa. This story was passed on to me by Vijay Eswaran. After 30 years in the business, […]

Universal Monster Universe Pulls in Jay Basu

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

The cinematic world of monster movies is about to get a whole lot more interesting. We’re sure that you’ve read about Universal’s elaborate plan to develop a shared cinematic universe for some of the most important ‘monster films’ of all time: Dracula, Wolf Man, The Mummy, Frankenstein’s Monster. Well with ‘Dracula Untold’ releasing to commercial, […]

Tom Rothman in a Nutshell

Thursday, November 27th, 2014

Born in November 21, 1954 in Baltimore, Maryland, Thomas Edgar “Tom” Rothman is a Hollywood executive and was recently appointed as the Chairman of Sony Picture’s new joint venture to make television shows and movies under TriStar Productions. A graduate of Brown University in 1976, Rothman’s academic achievements include Magna Cum Laude, Honors in American […]

NHL Player Jack Johnson Files for Bankruptcy

Friday, November 21st, 2014

NHL defenseman and Columbus Blue Jacket, Jack Johnson, who has earned over $20 million so far in the NHL, has filed for bankruptcy after Johnson turned over financially responsibility to his parents. The bankruptcy, which shows that Johnson only claimed assets of less than $50,000 and debts of more than $10 million, was filed on […]

An Evil Dead TV Series for STARZ?

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

The phrase “stranger things have happened” might no longer be relevant. The fact the $50 million success of the remake of Evil Dead is not going to spawn a new sequel, but launch a STARZ television series based off the original three films is really strange, odd, and dubious in terms of its potential success. […]

Bill Cosby Netflix Special Pulled Due To Rape Accusations

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Bill Cosby has been one of the world’s most beloved entertainers for decades. His reputation as the quintessential family man and husband was cemented with his role as head of the Cosby household in the 80’s. According to former model Janice Dickinson, though, Cosby has a darker side. She claimed in an interview with Entertainment […]

Sharing Bathrooms with the Transgendered

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

Cleveland is currently considering a bill  to make it a crime to prevent a transgendered person from using a bathroom, shower or locker room. This is opening up a big can of worms. America still hasn’t ironed out racial equality, and we certainly have a long way to go with gay rights. The entire issue […]

Training Versus Teeth

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

A recent study at the School of Dentistry at University Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany, came to a rather unorthodox conclusion: for all its health benefits, exercise might actually be bad for your teeth. So keep that in mind the next time you go running Laurene Powell Jobs. Researchers told the Daily Mail that higher rates […]