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Chris Linkas Does Not Invest Like a Retail Investor

by Chris Holden - March 3rd, 2018.
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As a Managing Director in London, and previously a vice president at Goldman Sachs, Chris Linkas has seen a lot in the markets and has also interacted with clients who are curious as to why the markets behave in certain ways. Many individual investors seem to double down on an investment when it loses, or can sometimes be surprised by the news when it will go against the way that they thought it would. For example, with respect to news, there will be some shocks as a stock will go down after reporting good news.


Chris Linkas, The Investor Wizard

Chris Linkas is the head of a 20-person European credit group which oversees credit in European countries such as Italy, Greece, United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, and Ireland, for example. Two types of assets Investments they deal with are corporate loans, asset-backed loans, commercial real estate, and shipping- to name a few. Prior to his work in London, Chris was in New York working with a company as an expert in commercial real estate, opportunistic debt, and equity real estate investments across North America. He has been in London since November of 2012.

Many beginning individual investors tend to buy into rumors of takeovers, but this is not the case for the company. Likewise, many individual investors tend to have an emotional reaction or connection to a particular stock or investment vehicle based on its performance in the past. Chris Linkas and the investment copany take a different perspective and look at everything from an opportunity-based view. Sometimes a good investment at one point in time will come from the same investment vehicle which at another point in time was not a great opportunity. Beginning investors, on the other hand, sometimes do what is known in investment circles as “marrying” the stock. This just means simply that they are too attached to a stock or company, rather than looking at it from a more objective perspective.


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