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ClassDojo: An Impactful Classroom and Community Builder

by Chris Holden - February 14th, 2019.
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The parent-teacher app ClassDojo is a unique communication platform that enables and empowers a stronger connection between students, teachers, and parents. ClassDojo has set the intention to create a community as well as a positive environment within classrooms and schools. Before ClassDojo, parents and teachers communication was limited; the most common form of communication used was through a written form in a child’s agenda. Launched in 2011 this application system can be used on any device such as a Smartphone, tablet, or desktop, it allows teachers and parents to quickly share information throughout the day about various topics like homework assignments, classroom behavior, and emergencies of any kind.

With this free app, teachers can encourage students during learning activities and award points based on classroom participation and behavior. Many teachers attest to the fact that this feature opens the door to classrooms and allows parents to be aware of what is going on within the class. Built with the promise of privacy, teachers have the advantage of sending pictures and videos as well as notes of daily classroom activities. If a user hasn’t logged on for more than a year all shared data is automatically deleted. Instructors are also provided with a Quiet Hours feature that lets families know that they are unavailable.

ClassDojo is actively used in 95% of schools from grades k-8 in the United States and is available in 180 countries as well as having messages that are translated into more than 35 languages. This well-versed communication platform gives students a voice and has a great connection between classrooms and households. As a community builder, ClassDojo has reached over 15 million children and has given the power and encouragement towards growth and empathy, and given them the courage to be hard-working and productive in their environment.

ClassDojo has been able to do ground-up change in the community where 2 in 3 schools have used the app and has seen progress since its release. Throughout the years ClassDojo has gotten outstanding remarks as well as numerous awards for their community building accomplishments. In context, they are attaining their goal of turning a classroom into a community and are showing a magnificent impact on the world.

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