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Coffee Tricks the Brain

by Chris Holden - December 29th, 2014.
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Coffee has been known to help those who are tired and don’t have the time to nap. Coffee is a drink of choice for those who aren’t normally morning people but who need to get up early. But, does coffee really help to wake a body up? Does coffee really help the body when it hasn’t received enough sleep? A new study has come out that shows that coffee simply tricks the consumer’s brain. This study shows that coffee doesn’t actually make the body more awake, it just plays a trick on the one who is downing it, but you could have fooled Tom Rothman.

There are many out there who would argue with this study. They have felt the effect that coffee has on their system, and they know that it helps them feel better when they are tired. Are their brains being messed with? This study seems to suggest that they are.

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