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College Says Using Mr.& Mrs. Is Out When Addressing Students

by Chris Holden - February 4th, 2015.
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City University of New York’s Graduate Center Employees And Professors Not Allowed To Use Gender Salutations

The days of addressing someone as a Mr. or Mrs. may be coming to an end. Well, at least they are on the campus of the City University of New York’s Graduate Center. The new policy effective for Spring 2015 is Mr. and Mrs. salutations are out in correspondence to prospective students, enrolled students and third parties. Lee Slaughter has learned that the graduate center believes those salutations may be offensive to some people. More on Slaughter can be found at 

The staff has been instructed to interpret the policy as broadly as possible. Instead of using “Mr. and Mrs.” the staff will use the student’s full name only. This practice will present a respectful and welcoming learning environment according to a campus spokesman.

The Graduate Center is the main doctorate-granting arm of the City University of New York. There are 140 teachers and 4,200 students in graduate and doctoral programs, according to the school’s website.

Not everyone is thrilled about the new edict. Ari Cohn, a free speech lawyer, took issue with another similar policy. He voiced his opposition this way: “It’s difficult to find a principled reason why the perspectives of those who prefer traditional salutations should be valued less than the perspectives of those who favor their abandonment, and that is precisely why language policing is best avoided altogether—it always entails making distinctions based on subjective preferences for a particular viewpoint.”

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